May 6, 2011

Hey! Happy Friday!

I am being lazy and late posting this afternoon. And no, it is not because of the margaritas from Cinco de Mayo. Someone had to be responsible last night, and I drew the short straw. Man, I hate being a grown up and being all "rational". Sucky.


So, it is Friday and you know what that means...Frackin' Friday!!!

But before I rattle of some good German cuss word, I want to extend an invitation to any and all of my readers. Do you think you have a good foreign or funny curse word that you would like to share??? I figured that I could
somewhat keep up with the German ones while I am back at home, but I also want to hear if you have any juicy, secret bad words. 

Come on, show me what you got!!
If you are interested in submitted your word and being featured on Frackin' Friday, shoot me an email at: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

Come on, you know you have at least one up your sleeve! lol

So, onto the word o' the day.

I heard this one a lot in the last few weeks we were in Germany. And I heard it quite often, so I know it is used  regularly. But I was around those foul-mouthed hockey boys, so what do I really know?! :)
Verpiss dich!
(Ver-piss deechk, a little hard on that -chk sound on the end)

It means "Eff off", "Piss off" or "Screw you". I guess it could be pretty vulgar if used correctly, but most of the time it is used between friends when they are ragging on you or getting on your nerves. 


Ummmmmm, how in the world did I miss this awesome, mid-90's, all girl German rap group!??! That CD looks awesome. Might have to see if I can pick me up a copy. And you know that they are just badass, I mean the name of their album says it all! Haha

You are lucky that I love you all and none of you are deserving of a verpiss dich today :) Have a great rest of the day, enjoy it up nicely. And I hope that you don't have to use today's Frackin' Friday word. But if you do, you are armed and ready to go!!!

Hey, and make sure to check back this weekend for another post on my fabulous German goodies give away. I am excited for it, and I think you might like it too!
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  1. Now this is one I can use! Woo hoo! You know me, fan of the F word.

  2. lol, doesn't that band look like Salt & Peppa? I totally thought it was them at first glance but they're no where close to being that bad ass. I only remember a few things from German class "Ich Hasse Dich" and I think I've learned more from your blog than I remember from 3 years of German lessons.

  3. That sounds vicious! I could def get used to saying that.

  4. LOL...I have a few Tex-mex words but I only know how to say them and not spell them, lol...and they don't have translation programs for tex-mex ;o)

  5. I'm going to have to add your site to my post on "learning German" sites--I think I am more likely to remember the words I learn here than on the others! I'm with Irish-Italian Blessing...totally reminds me of Salt-n-Pepa, except I think S-n-P didn't have that "Verpiss dich" look on their faces.

  6. @Oilfield - you too!! :)
    @HW - haha, oh yeah, this one will definitely come in handy, lol
    @An Irish - I thought that too! lol. Haha, 'I hate you" good one! Isn't it funny how you always remember the bad words :)
    @Lesley - haha, it does kind of sound bad, but like I said, they use it softly. Glad you like!
    @Wendy - I would LOVE to hear your Tex-Mex words, that would be hilarious. Well, if you reconsider, email me!
    @Jan - haha, awesome. But it might get you in trouble for sure! They do look awful verpisst off, don't they!

  7. That's the first thing I thought when I saw that album..."oh my god, she should totally buy that!!!" :D

  8. I try very hard to not curse, but my fall back is to call someone a turd instead of an a**hole. It's pretty descriptive. And when I am really mad, I use Yosemite Sam type exclamations like "dabnabit" or "confoundit." I've been known to say, "Rats," too and that gets my kids' attention. (I teach 4th.)

    Quite the potty mouth, eh?

  9. I love that "piss" is in the swear.

  10. I'm with hockey wife! In fact, I might just have to throw it around a few times tomorrow night at her birthday party! ;)

  11. These always crack me up! Can't wait to see what others come up with as well!

  12. Hi there, I've received this award Kreativ Blogger and now I'm passing it along to you! You can find it on my blog..

    Have a great day!

  13. LOVE Frackin' Friday!!

    The English translations are some of my favorite "curses," so I'm going to have to start using the German version just for a little variety. Can't wait to see what curses people submit...this should be interesting!

  14. I do love this!!! I love a good cuss word every now and again!! Hope you're enjoying home!!

  15. That album is quite a find! I might have to google them to sample their little ditties :) I mean really, how often do you hear female German rappers?

    As usual, I love the German lesson ;)

  16. this post was too funny! stopped by from FTLOB! your name stood out to me. My hubby calls me his teximexicanadian. Since my mom is mexican & dad is canadian and when we got married I moved to san antonio. glad to have found you and read your story...

  17. Happy Friday (but, on Sunday) I can tell from your site you love life, I love that you are filled with joy :)
    btw-how cute that you consider Texas its own country! It is a different place than the rest of the US!

  18. German swear words always sound great! Something about the German accent does it! Plus they brought all their Anglo-Saxon cuss words to England!


  19. I had to use it... I used it when I dropped my frackin' bed on my FOOT! Ugh... that darn thing is huge. I was moving it because I am finally getting RID of it thank goodness - but they call the darn thing a "Paul Bunyan Bed" for a reason! Good riddance! It had to leave me with one last bruise however...

  20. @Dwija - haha, I should order it online for sure. I will have to let you know how I like that album!
    @Ellen - I like turd better too! Haha, that is pretty cute :) I bet the 4th graders love it!
    @Meri - oh yeah, first Mist, then piss. What is my blog coming to!?
    @SIF - haha, too fun!! I hope ya'll had a great time. Between the two of you, I can only imagine that you did :)
    @SHalyn - I have had some great emails, so I think it should be good ;)
    @Purple - well thanks Cindy! I saw it earlier today and was really honored. Thank you!
    @Katie - Haha, glad to bring it to you then :) You are right, just a little variety here and there. Plus you will look super cultured! haha
    @Missy - Well thanks! ANd yes, a good ol time at home. Enjoying every minute :)
    @TriGirl - I might have to see if I can find some on youtube. Why didn't I think to include that in the post?! Glad you liked it!!
    @the little things - well thanks! haha, no way!! That is pretty funny. Too cool. Can't wait to check out your blog too :)
    @Jackie - oh yeah, a little late to posting something else this weekend, lol. Well thanks, I am glad that gets across on the blog. Haha, well, that is pretty typical Texan for me to do, lol. Really glad you stopped by!
    @Paul - they do have some good ummph to them, don't they!? No kidding, well there ya go! lol
    @Heather - OUCH! Hopefully you are ok, at least now. I bet that did hurt, but glad I could give you some good verbal relief :) Good riddance indeed!

  21. I can send you words in Pig Latin, does that count?

  22. Love it, I'll begin using that today in fact! Always an excuse to toss out German cuss words when you drive in Boston ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, you've got a great blog too, how cool is FTLOB??? Yea for hockey!

  23. I'm from Germany and back when I still lived with my roommate (about a year and a half ago) we would say "verpiss dich" when we were really surprised by something. You know, as in GTFO!

    Now that I'm living in the States all I ever hear is "F++k" and although I love to say it, I feel like there's a lack of good cussing words in the English language. Hmpf.


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