May 5, 2011

Cinco de...

...Ma-yo-my, I might be hung ditty tomorrow ;)

For any one south of the Mason Dixon line (where is that?!) I don't have to remind you that today is Cinco de Mayo!!

Ohh, pretty! (source)

For those of you who are a little less familiar with the holiday, here is a quick run down:

Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) is a day to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely win over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It has evolved into a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.

Little more background (thanks Wikipedia!), the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla also helped expedite the Union's ultimate win in the American Civil War!

Apparently, Napoleon and the French army were supplying troops to the confederate rebel forces. They were doing so as a sort of ruse to eventually make their way back into the states. So after their defeat, it kept the French army from helping the South, thus insuring that the United States would build a strong army that would crush the confederate soldiers.
Heck yes, Mexico! (source)

Hmm, very interesting!

So no, it's not Mexican Independence Day, just so ya know.

Hey, I love the Mexican culture in Texas, so I will help them commemorate this day and thank them for not letting the French army back into the U.S.

Now, back to the celebrating!

It will be our first outing for Mexican food. Somehow or another we have been able to hold off the last couple of days, but I can assure that we will really make it count today.

The restaurant we are headed to tonight actually has 'Skinny Margs' on the menu. I haven't been to a place that has them available, but then again, I don't get out much :) Oh, and not to mention we don't really eat at too many Mexican food joints in Germany. You probably couldn't pay me enough to eat Mexican food while overseas. Sorry, Leute, not one of your fortes.

But for those of you wanting to celebrate a bit tonight, in low(er) calorie form, here is my own personal, fail proof recipe for 'Skinny Margs'.

But I think that name might be copyrighted by some Housewife. So I will call mine...

The You-Won't-Feel-Too-Bad-About-Yourself-In-The-Morning Marg
(hey, nice ring to that!)

Yep, you will definitely need a glass at least this big (source)

Here is what you will need:

- 1 1/2 oz. tequila (more or less, depending on your braveness)
- Club Soda
- Juice of one lime, or a good squeeze from the lime bottle
- Splash of Pineapple Juice (or Orange if you have it handy)
- 1 or 2 Splenda packs
- Ice
- Salt, cause you can't have a good marg without swelling your fingers :)

In a large cup, combine the tequila, lime juice, pineapple juice and Splenda packs. Add enough soda water to give a good base to your drink. I'd say around a cup and a half should do. Then, using another glass, line the rim with salt, add ice, and pour that puppy right in there. Sombrero and broken Spanish optional. No, they aren't optional. Sorry, that is a must.
This guy says it is a must (source)

So get a couple of these in you today, and let loose for Cinco de Mayo. Arrriba!

And don't forget the oh-so-greasy-and-good Mexican food.

Bring it on fajitas, you've got nothin' on me today!
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  1. I am an el ed teacher in Illinois, and this also being teacher appreciation week, we are being served with a Mexican lunch by the PTO today. I hear there will be virgin Margaritas, and believe it or not, that's pretty appealing to me!

    Welcome back to the U.S. just in time to celebrate Mexico!

  2. Like they say..."One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...Floor!"

    Enjoy the day and, hopefully, with no hangover!

    Cinco Hugs,


  3. Have a great Cinco de Mayo day:))))

  4. Ha! Skinny Margs?? What's the point?? Call me crazy, but if you're going to max out on Mex, a few extra calories aren't going to make that much difference!!

    And if you're anything like me, you'll sneak a couple extra margs because they're 'skinny' ... thereby undoing all that good work!

  5. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm that last photo of Juan Fredrico is muy scary, thanks for tonights nightmares. I love your posts and always look forward to some good 'ole LL education.

  6. So you're saying it's okay for me to have one of these with lunch, then? You know...during the day? With the toddlers? Please tell me that's what you're saying!!!

  7. Okay....I am seriously on your brainwave this morning! Here I am responding to you from yesterday (because that's how I roll)talking about hitting up el mexicano today. I should have just turned to this first. This totally makes me crave a margarita at 8:20am! Hopefully they'll christen your mexican adventure out with some beads or mini sombreros tonight! Have fun.

  8. Yay for Cinco de Mayo! It seems to really be a Texas thing. Where are you going to celebrate? I'll definitely be at Chuy's for lunch :) :)

  9. I love those hair bows! It's fun having a little girl because I can dress her up in stuff like that, where people will say she looks cute, not crazy (like if I tried to wear those ribbons to work, say).

  10. Never heard of this holiday, thanks for the information. Enjoy the greasy food, Mexican food is a personal favourite of mine, along with Indian.

  11. Started with fajitas at Lupe's Tortillas last night--I may have to have my second helping today. Can't beat the Mexican food in Texas!

  12. @Ellen - well that is pretty cool they are doing that today!! Even with the virgin margs, it is a cool way to switch it all up :) THanks! And I am just getting your last line, now that is pretty funny!
    @Slidecutter - haha, well I don't know if I will be having that many. Cinco hugs right back at ya! :)
    @Mrs K - hey, since you are over in the states, you too!!
    @Red - haha, well that may be true, but it is whatever helps you sleep at night, right?! Actually, I prefer these to taste, less sugary overload, which can get pretty bad with the margs.
    @KY - I got it from your facebook albums, just assumed it was your boyfriend on the side. Should I cite you?!?! Haha, so creepy. Thanks girl!
    @Dwija - I think I should rename them Have-Them-At-Lunch-To-Tolerate-Your-Toddlers margs. Does that work for you!?!? lol
    @Morgan - YES! haha, totally should have just turned to it first. Haha, well, 8:20am, I won't tell if you won't, lol. Wow, can you imagine all the things we would not get done in the day if that were to happen. Well thanks!
    @Meg O - haha, Yeah oh for Mayo! Really, it must be. Or just an excuse to go out for some good ol' Mexican food. Hey, I'll take it! I think we are headed over to the Washington area this evening, have some friends that live over there.
    @Ixy - haha, they are pretty frilly. I think you should wear that whole outfit to work, just to show those people who might say something, lol
    @Tony - really? Well glad I could spread the word. Hey, anything for a holiday that likes good food, right?!
    @A Tale - oh yeah!! I am glad you are celebrating it up while you are back in Texas (right?) too!! Only way to do it, and yes, the best Mexican food north of the border :)

  13. The margarita sounds great! Tonight I'll be having lots of chips,salsa, guacamole- the whole shebang! It's only right to celebrate the right way :)

  14. Tonight, the fam and I are having a Fiesta (mini Fiesta, Fiest-ita?). Virgin strawberry margaritas for the girls, real one for me, beef tacos, jicama slaw, and Churros for dinner. Thank you, Southern Living for the recipes! It's a weird food week - as we will be eating Hot Browns this weekend for the Derby. And, then more celebratory food on Mother's Day. My French NATO friend finds it funny that Americans will celebrate anything, Dr. Seuss's birthday, ST. Paddy's, .... Thanks for the history lesson to bring why we drink margaritas today home!

  15. Happy Cinco de Mayo from West Texas! I'm sure the celebrations up here have nothing on yours down there in the South, but I will go out after work and indulge in some good ol' Tex Mex :) I'll substitute the Margarita for a Corona though since I cannot stand Tequila (don't ask - bad memories). But fajitas sound great! But so do nachos, or chips with guacamole, or a nice big burrito... ooooh, the choices :) Enjoy!

  16. El Cinco de Mayo!! I learned about it when I lived in Austin, but it is still a pretty big deal in the pacific northwest because we have a large Hispanic population. We had Chipotle last night, but I am soooo jealous of Meg O's trip to CHUY'S! I miss that place!!!

    May your espanol improve with every margarita you drink today!

  17. @Ashley - ohhh, now you have me craving guacamole!! Have a fun time celebrating too!
    @Miko's - Yesh! How fun! That is too cool that ya'll are doing that :) Seriously, all the different foods for this week. Might have to keep some tums handy! Haha.
    @Sabrina - well thanks, same to you! Nice, only the best :) Hey, Corona works good too, right? Have fun!
    @TriGirl - haha. Nice, good to see the tradition is spreading :) So true, Chuy's is soooo good. Love their jalapeno ranch stuff they have going on. Yum! Oh, and you better believe my spanish gets real good after a few, haha

  18. You know, everytime I'm preggo (well, all two times) ALL I crave are margaritas and Corona's. It's so bizarre because normally I would choose some other type of frosty beverage but my pregger cravings are secretly telling me I want to be Mexican I guess!

  19. Mmm, I like Margaritas if they are very tart and not very sweet, but to be honest... I really would prefer a really nice tequila to sip!

  20. Cinco de Mayo is one of my FAVORITE holidays EVER.

    Probably doesn't help that tequila is one of my favorite liquors ever...

  21. The last time I celebrated Cinco de Mayo involved WAY too many tequila shots, vomit, and a 3 day hangover. I now stick to eating a couple tacos and calling it good. Enjoy your Mexican food and skinny margs!!

  22. I had no idea the connection between Cinco de Mayo and the Civil War--very interesting! Guess we Americans should celebrate it more vigorously too since it helped keep the Union together, huh?

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  23. Ole'! I'll bet your Mexican food is a heck of a lot better than ours. *lol*

  24. @An Irish - how funny! I wonder if it is the salty or the electrolytes in the beer. How funny, your little ones are already craving Mexican food in the womb, love it!
    @Meri - I don't like the sweet ones either! For sure, that would really be the best!
    @Mallori - YES! I knew you would love it too, lol. Haha, me too! Have fun celebrating tonight!!
    @Jordan - haha, bad memories?! Sorry to hear that, pretty bad. I will enjoy for you then :)
    @KT - I didn't either, I thought that was really interesting too! Haha, I think you are on to something, we will help spread the word. Have a good one too!
    @Bernie - haha, Ole to you too! I bet it might be a little better ;)

  25. Great post.

    I took my kids to Galveston today for their school field trip. And it included lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

  26. I have so missed your little tidbits of history on this here blog! Love it! and definitely thought this was Independence day!

  27. I'm going to have to make that margarita! Tonight, though, mine came from Chuy's :-)

  28. My Mom and I were discussing the fact the fact that we had no idea what Cinco de Mayo was actually celebrating last night. Now, through your incredible knowledge and wisdom, I can share with her the true meaning behind this excuse to drink a, holiday. :) And yum! Sounds like a great margarita.

  29. @Olfield - nice field trip then! My mom is actually on one today for her school. Maybe she will get some Mexican food too, lol.
    @Shalyn - hey girl!!! :) Haha, well thanks! Glad i could spread the good word, lol
    @Jan - ohhhh, like said above, Chuys is sooo good. We went to Cyclones and it was really good and fun!
    @Katie - haha, can I quote you on that 'incredible knowledge and wisdom' part, lol. Well thanks Katie, that is really sweet of you to say! Might as well be called drinko de mayo, huh!? :) Hope you had a good one!

  30. Happy Cinco de Mayo (late). Ok, the Skinny Margaritas . . . I am a Real Housewives watcher so I was eager to try it. Ordered one out at a bar: 1 1/2oz Patron, 1/2 oz Cointreau and the juice of 4 limes. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them. Had tons of them. Came home and tried to make it myself and about fell down drunk on the spot. It was disgusting at home. I tried so many times that Scott finally yelled at me for wasting the Patron because I kept dumping it down the sink (gasp!). LOL


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