May 1, 2011

God Bless Texas!


Well howdy there, ain't it guuud to see ya'll back here. 

Wait, sorry, the Texan slang is already creeping it's way back in. It only takes about a week until the full blown accent is back and the hubs can't understand a dang thing I'm saying, haha.

So, as you can tell made it back home safe and sound! Already unpacked and settled in. Trying to shake a little bit of this jet-lag, but really it isn't too bad. Nothing a little R&R won't cure. 

And the hubs is already well on that R&R!

Less than 24 hours of being home, and he is already moved right into his usual spot. 

Here, have a look. 

As pointed out in this ridiculous picture, he is equipped with an ice cold beer, a comfy float, a remote in a plastic bags and he is securely strapped onto the side of the pool. But why??? Why does he need to stay put right there and not float away. 

I'm almost embarrassed to show ya'll this, but here is why...

Yep, he can lay in the pool WHILE watching the TV that is hooked up in the outdoor kitchen. And since the remote is in a oh-so-inventive waterproof, plastic baggy, he doesn't even have to leave his float to change the channel

Life is hard, right hubs?! For reals, give me a break. 

But I guess after the long and hard season he deserves it. 

Oh, and don't you doubt for a second that I am getting right back in there with him as soon as this post goes out. Haha. 

I have a LOT of catching up to do in bloggyland. So many great reads in the Storytellers Blog Hop!! I promise to get to those this evening. 

For those of you that linked up to the hop, a big THANK YOU for taking part. And I hope you found some fun new reads. It was another successful hop!
Ya'll rock! Really, you do :)

Some of you have asked if I am going to continue to post regularly while back in Texas. Well, you better bet your bottom that I am!! Coming back home after 9 months of being away, we get just as much 'culture shock' as we do back in Germany. So plenty of post material. 

Plus, I already wrote a few posts on the plane. Yes, I am just that on top of things. Or actually, probably according to the random guy who sat next to me, I am just that weird. Lol. 

So, looking forward to getting back on track with checking on all my favorite blogs. I really do miss reading them when I take a day off or two!

Until then, I hope ya'll had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Ya'll come back now, ya here! :) (Whoops, that accent is already making it's way back in! haha)
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  1. it would be really bad to be swimming around a wide sea.. eh, i mean swimming pool

  2. Glad you made it home safe to Texas.

    And after winning the cup, I think your man deserves the lazy R&R he is taking in.

  3. I wish i had that pool right now ;_;

  4. Welcome home! Are you alright with the 20-30 degree temp difference? (Your husband seems to be adjusting well!)

  5. @Susanne - haha, no joke, he might be a little lost with that out there
    @Oilfield - me too! True true, let's see how long he can use that excuse, haha
    @Colin - sorry Colin! You are welcome to come use ours, haha
    @Jan - thanks girl!! It isn't so bad today, the wind is keeping us cool. But holy, when we got out of the plane yesterday, I think he thought he was going to die! lol

  6. That photo made me laugh. Still laughing. He is clearly a man who know what he wants and how to get it!


  7. Welcome Back!!! I love those pool shots... I am chuckling pretty hard about those ropes :P

    How does jet-lag go for you usually? Do you find it worse coming back to North America or going over to Europe?

  8. I love it! he just has his perfect spot, doesn't he? i am glad you made it back safe and sound. i am not sure i missed it, but are you back for good? or is this only a vacay? enjoy the relaxing break and sunny weather!

  9. Yay Welcome back!! I'm so glad you're gonna keep posting, I don't know what I would do without you!!!

  10. Wow, I completly forgot to sign up for the hop again, even though you were kind enough to remind my silly self! Next time I make a better effort... good lord...

    I'm pretty jealous of the hubs' set up. Its about 42 degrees here today and I am not pleased. It's May for crying out loud!
    Welcome home, can't wait to read more texas posts :)

  11. I wish it was warm enough to use a pool here!

    That looks pretty nice. The whole rope thing I could totally see my boyfriend doing. Men! ;)

  12. Welcome Home!!!

    Pic of the hubs is just toooooo funny! Frankly, I would have waited until he dozed-off and cut those ropes; just because.

    Just because I'm a bitch and do bitchy things...:))))

    Glad you're back on U.S. and Texas soil!!


  13. Now that is my idea of lounging around!! I love the length he went to to watch TV!

  14. YAY! So happy that you're back and safe! And is that your TX house??? BC I love that backyard! And, the hubs is hilarious. A man will do what he needs to do to get to that TV. ;)

  15. Welcome Home, Texas girl!!! And I have to say how impressed I am with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of your hubby. Pretty smart guy!!

    The hop was great...thanks so much for hosting it. I discovered a couple of great new blogs to follow, and I'm so pleased :)

  16. Oh holy crap... Hubs just gave me an idea for a new and improved television viewing spot in my pool. HA!

    Glad you made it home safe and sound Tex, here's hoping you both have a mahvelous summer!

  17. lol! love it!! do you and the hubs go back to germany for him to play with the same team next season or is it something that you don't know until it gets closer to that time? must feel so good to be back home! glad your back in bloggyland! and thanks for hosting the hop! :)

  18. Oh how I love this! Life is soooo very hard. I seriously hope you have prune fingers! Welcome home.

  19. lol too funny!! Welcome back home! Though, I prefer the state directly North :)

  20. I am sitting here chuckling while staring at the photos of your husband, that is just too funny! I will not be showing these photos to my husband it would give him too many ideas!! Not that we have a pool, wish we did! Hmm maybe if I did show him the photos we'd get a pool, that's an idea! So glad your back home and can't wait to see the posts for Texas!

  21. @Paul - ohhh you know it! haha. I appreciate his go-get 'em attitude!
    @XLMIC - Thanks! Oh, those ropes came in handy :) I have to say it is worse coming back to America than going to Europe. But the hubs swears it is the other way around!
    @Rebecca - I don't think he will move from that spot for a while now. Well thanks! I did miss home. We are here for 2 months, so a nice long vacay :)
    @An Irish - thanks girl! For sure, haha. Well that is too sweet for you to say.
    @Meri - haha, no worries. I saw your post today and could not believe it was that cold, yikes! I will send some warm weather your way :)
    @Jessi - Haha, I will send you some warm weather too! Men! Perfect way to put it, lol
    @Patty - thanks thanks thanks!! Ohhh, great idea, haha. Love it.
    @Lesley - gotta admit, it is pretty nice :) And yes, anything for the TV, haha
    @Meg - yes, well, it is my parents house. Can't lie. They do have a great backyard. And we enjoy every minute of it! haha. Especially the TV, lol.
    Katie - well thanks! Such ingenuity...if only he could apply it other places too, haha. I am so glad you liked it! Awesome, glad you found some good new reads
    @Heather - yes!! glad I could help, haha. We are (obviously) having a great start to it, that is for sure.
    @kimberly - We don't know just yet, but Germany is the plan. We should hopefully find out soon here though. I like to at least get mentality prepared! You are welcome, you rocked in the hop, visiting all those blogs :)
    @Morgan - oooohh sooo hard, haha. He really does have it tough. Thanks girl!
    @Lauren - thanks!! I like that state too, lol
    @Wendy - he has his funny moments, haha. Now that is funny, don't spread the word. Not a good one to pass on, lol. Wait, just read all your comment, yes, spread the word and get a pool! haha. Thanks, looking forward to my Texas posts too :)

  22. Glad you made it back safely! I miss the TX weather and our pool but NOT the constant maintenance that went with it!!
    p.s. Thx again for hosting the hop-- I still have more sites to see!

  23. Little jealous! That will be me in 8 days! But who's counting, right?? And I don't blame your hubby at all. Mine does nothing as well on off season! I do remind him, you know you play a sport for your job. I mean, really? Living the dream!

  24. Dang and yay. I think, all things considered, that a remote in a plastic bag is the height of intelligence.

  25. Found you on the hop. The picture of your husband was classic! Like to know more about the storytellers hop. Glad you made it home safely.

    facebook: claytonpaulthomas

  26. Whooo Whoo! You are home. Grab a coke and boiled peanuts. I'm from the north so I assume that is what you all drink.
    Are you staying with your folks while you are home?

  27. Your pool, outdoor kitchen set up complete with tether is a total man cave (albeit not enclosed). Welcome back!

  28. That's my kind of relaxing - Texas style!!

  29. Welcome back to Texas! If I had a pool like that I'd be LIVING in it :) Where in Texas are you guys?

  30. That looks like the life!

    I have a thing with accents: if I am around people with them for any length of time (24 hours or so) I start talking like them. It can get embarrassing :)

  31. Welcome back to the great ole U.S. of A!!!! I think you should have a his and her's raft and you both can enjoy the T.V.

    Your blog just keeps me smiling.

  32. Ha! There's a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go get it. Welcome home!!

  33. Wow!! That is just ingenious!! He really worked hard on that little project haha!!

    Glad ya'll ( is catching!) having fun :-) Looking forward to your Texas theme posts!! I too wrote blog on a plane lo!! Since I am not a sleeper it gives me something to do haha!

  34. UGGGG, blogger, don't erase my comments again, K thanks :)
    @TriGirl - Oh, I know what you mean! My dad is the one busting his butt on our pool. And we are thankful for all his hard work! Thanks!
    @Natalie - umm, never too early to start a countdown! My hubs said the same thing yesterday! I am glad they appreciate them being pretty lucky in life :)
    @Mollie - haha, well you know, there is a reason we are intelligent beings, lol.
    @Clayton - well hey there! Glad you stopped by, and thanks for letting me know where you came from and your site too :)
    @Bernie - yeaaahhhh!! So excited still :) Haha, well that is more of a deep south snack, but it still sounds pretty good! Yep, we stay with my parents when we are back at home. Just makes sense for us only being home for a few months. Plus we get to see them the whole time then!
    @Mikos - seriously, that is exactly what it is. Man heaven, lol
    @Little - well that is the best way to relax, right?! ha
    @Sabrina - thanks!! We are really taking advantage of it for sure. We are just outside of Houston.
    @KT - hmmm, yep, really can't complain, lol. ME TOO!! I am the same way with accents, pick them up all over the place. And yes, the Texan one is already back, haha
    @Marjory - Thanks ma'am! Haha, I have one too, just wasn't as desperate to see the TV, lol. What a really nice thing to say, thank you Margie!
    @Ada - haha, well that is one way to put it :) Thanks!
    @Missy - when we wants to be, yep! (or when he really wants to see the TV, lol). I don't know how anyone sleeps on the plane! So uncomfortable. And I am glad I am not the only one writing up a storm :)

    How nice....isn't it funny the difference in men and women...I would have been floating and sleeping in the middle of the pool...hopefully where no one could get to me without getting soaked too.
    So glad I found your blog....I am headed to read about you now and can't wait to read more posts.....I'm a Texan too....and that accent is ever present no matter where I may be...doesn't help I was born in Alabama, I've got no hope.

  36. HAHA! I would TOTALLY do that if I had a TV outside! I do however like the waves the fountain makes in my pool when I'm on my raft...Usually I just park a foot on one of the rocks to keep me in front of the fountain, but now I'm thinking ropes! Using a leg takes too much muscular effort...Welcome BACK!

  37. Welcome back to Texas! The weather has been crazy in the last 24 hours but hopefully your husband will have more pool days ahead of him. I showed my husband his roped in pic and he thought it was awesome he's adding it to his list of musts in our next house.

  38. @green - haha, I prefer to 'free float' too! Haha, well I am glad you found my blog too. And I bet your accent is awesome :)
    @Marcy - Oh, I like that idea too!! I could go for a bit of a wave pool. Good technique, lol. Thanks!
    @Ellen - oh yeah, those Canadians are known for their tans! haah
    @Texas - well thanks! No kidding, it has been weird! Haha, glad it is a must :)

  39. ah yes, the comforts of home! glad to hear you had a safe trip back. settle in and enjoy it!

    also glad to hear you'll be keeping up with us while home. culture shock is SO relative, isn't it?

  40. @Carol - it is hard to beat that! :)
    @Yasmeen - haha, isn't it always nice coming home?! It really is, what a good way to put that :)


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