May 3, 2011

Until the fall...

If you weren't able to tell from the 801 posts I wrote about my excitement to go home that I was pretty dang ecstatic to get back to Texas, then you are a dummy :)

No, but what I really mean, is that I think it was quite obvious that I couldn't wait to get back to my home state. Along with seeing my family and friends (and my kitty), I get sunshine, warm, scratch that, flippin' hot weather, American restaurants, stores open on Sunday, and yes, of course Nordstrom's.

Although, I really do enjoy my time in Germany as well. It has somehow or another become our second home. The language barrier is slowly fading. We find ourselves enjoying a long, drawn out dinner, and gasp!, maybe even an afternoon cappuccino at a local cafe. Maybe.

Believe it or not, I do actually miss some things from Germany when we are back in North America. I did a list on my favorite German things some time ago, but here is another go on what I think Germany really does right....IMHO

Beer, duh!

Get it in ya!! (source)

Come on, you think of Germany, you think of beer. And man oh man is it good there!

Friends back at home ask us what kind of beer we drink in Germany, and we rattle off 3 or 4 brands that they have never heard of (and probably never will). That is because Germany is the meister of local breweries. Every little town and region is dotted with its own make of beer. Sure, you can get favorites like Beck's and Krombacher everywhere, but most people stick to the beer that they can get locally. Which is nice, because it is pretty much guaranteed to be super fresh from the brewery. 

Here is one of the local favorites from this year (source)

And on the subject of beer....
Beer and liquor prices

Man, is the booze cheap in Germany. At least to my standards, and especially to Canadian standards. With those prices up north, I would find myself becoming a teetotaler. 

And the cheap beer in Germany is actually GOOD, not skunky like this Freshman year of college go-to. Sick! (source)

For example, our favorite bottles of wine range between 3-5 Euro (about 4-7 dollars). And if we are feeling a little extra special, we might just spring for the oh so delicious 8 Euro (about 10.5 dollars) bottle of sparkling wine. But it has to really be a special occasion to spend that much on a drink.

Need more proof. Beers at the hockey games are 2 Euro. BAM! Blew your mind, didn't it. Not to worry, we feel like even bigger fools when we suck back an 8+ dollars beer at the Astros game.

Excuse me sir, but does that overpriced beer also come in a gold-plated cup?! (source)


Oh my, if I put on any weight in Germany, I know it is because of these bad boys (and surprisingly not because of the beer). These soft-on-the-inside, chewy/crunchy-on-the-outside baked babies are absolutely delicious. You'd be hard pressed to find a really good pretzel like this back at home (and no way, jose, Auntie Anne's or any of those breadish mall pretzels don't count). I really prefer mine with plain ol' yellow mustard. Too bad that is hard to come by in Germany. Minus one for you, dudes. 

Great, two days back and I am already craving one! (source)

Bieggers (small, local restaurants)

The little mom-and-pop restaurant that was within walking distance from our apartment. Not only did it have the most delicious German food I had ever had (or technically the first German food I had ever liked!) but the people who ran the restaurant were as nice and as charming as their location was. When we went over to tell the owner and our favorite waitress goodbye, I detected a tear or two welling up in her eyes. Really, what more could you ask for?! :)

Plus it literally had the best salad on earth.

Good Drivers

Ok, let's be honest. Drivers in America just aren't that good. And Houston is known for it's notoriously bad drivers. The swerve over 4 lanes to exit, they speed in one lane and drive too slow in the next, they act like the road is theirs and only theirs. 

We got to see a really bad one on the way home from the airport, nice 'welcome home' Houston! (source)

Germany, on the other hand, as a whole, has some great and respectful drivers. They follow the rules, almost to a fault. They use their blinker and move to the right hand lane to let others pass. I think they would rather die than do an illegal U-Turn. And guess what, there are far fewer accidents and I am sure fewer instances of road rage. Makes for a pleasant journey!

So those are just a few things that I will miss this summer. And can't forget the goaties :( I keep asking the hubs if he thinks they miss me too. He will really be annoyed with that question at the end of the summer, lol. 

But really, do you think they miss me!??! 

Desperate much? :)
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  1. You got my attention with cheap beer. And you are right about the prices at Astros games. Except they are around 9 bucks now.

  2. 2Euros for beer????!!! I'm in Ireland and we'd easily pay 4.50euros for a pint. And beer is probably the cheapest alcoholic drink you can get in a pub here, so I should really start developing a taste!

    I still wouldn't move to Germany though :) can't speak the language and I don't like the food!

  3. If you need a break from the heat this summer, you should take a little trip to Michigan! Just like Germany...ecxept for the driving. And the Beiggers. Oh, and the pretzels. Fine, just the beer and liquor stuff and the weather, but that's better than nothing, right???


  4. Ahhhh yes, the goaties are missing you terribly. They sit looking, and waiting, you. They're downright depressed, hardly eating and thinking of running away.

    Maybe you'd better write them.

    Feel better now?

    p.s. - Houston cannot possibly have worse drivers than in Connecticut. Every day on my commute here in NY, I avoid near-disaster from Connecticut cars that don't come equipped with turn signals; most cars from that state are driven by people in a semi-comatose condition.

    Evil Hugs,


  5. Good post! Now, what are your favorite things about Houston?

  6. Of course the goaties miss you!!! I would miss 2 Euro beers too, that's awesome!

  7. Yep. Yep. Yep. Good beer (and prices), pretzels and good drivers (cough, Kym, cough). ;)

    I was so bummed when things fell apart for us in the fall because I had JUST learned how to drive like a German!

  8. Cheap beer and good pretzels. My ass is moving to Germany. I mean, what more does a girl need?

  9. I begin to drool just looking at the picture of a pretzel.
    I dont drink but my bro always says how he could go broke from drinking it. Maybe he should move there! He would be a happy boy!


  10. I was just telling Matt yesterday how much I missed European drivers. People over here suck. No wonder I've totaled 2 cars. (I SWEAR neither were my fault! I got settlement $, that means it was their fault!!! haha)

  11. This is a really cool post, one that has made me very hungry and thirsty!

    I've never been to Germany but I really want to visit, especially after this post :)

    Oh and I bet the goats miss you...who else takes pictures of them and brings them treats?

  12. You'll have to let me know your favorite wines!

    Welcome back to the bipolar Texas weather! What was with that cold front yesterday?

  13. Yep- alcohol prices in the states are crazy!!! I paid as much as $20 for a cocktail and was paying like $10 in places for vodka and coke!! Here in the UK you can get decent doubles for like £4!! I like that when I come home...then I end up on the same street as the binge drinkers and miss the pricey booze hahah!!! Glad to see you're enjoying home!!! I'm sure you're loving the sun!!

  14. I too salivate for some excellent pretzel twistyness.

    But HOUSTON? Couldn't you be northern Texan? Ah well.

    And drivers here are champion too!

  15. @Missy... £4 is like $10. Really.

  16. I want a pretzel. And, I don't even like beer. But, I think I want a beer, too. And, to go to a restaurant. American or German - don't care. Anyway. I think your blog is making me fat.

  17. I guess the saying "It always looks greener on the other side", is true. One you're here, you miss there, when you're there you miss Texas. Go figure. LOL

  18. I've never even had a German/ Bavarian real pretzel, and I'm craving it haha! I bet they are delicious. I really want to visit Germany some day!

  19. Ohhhh I would die without Nordstrom! Although good drivers would be a very nice change. Hope you're enjoying your time home! :)

  20. Of course your goaties miss you. What a silly question. They are probably chewing the hell out of something just so they can roam to find you.
    I'm a huge pretzel whore, the ones you describe sound amazing. I want one NOW!

  21. Awesome list... and sooooo true!

  22. hnnnng, i was driving home on 59 a few hours ago, i know the feeling :(
    The roads here are terrible too so that doesn't really make things any better

  23. @Oilfield - dang it, I knew the price would most likely go up. Welp, looks like I am sneaking in my own booze. Hey, don't judge me...or you can, that is pretty ghetto, haha
    @Marie - so cheap, huh?! I can't speak the language in Ireland either, lol ;)
    @Sildecutter - That is what the hubs said after reading the post too, haha. I hope so, ehh, they were pretty dumb, probably not! haha. I SHOULD write them! haha. Is it bad there too?! Yikes, ok, then just an American thing.
    @Hannah - oh heck yes! I could go for one right now...or always, lol
    @Miko's - thanks! You are so right, definitely need to do a post about Houston, thanks for the idea!
    @An Irish - haha, thanks for reassuring me, lol. They are awesome!
    @HW - haha, whatever, I think Kym would have made a good driver! haha. I think you would fit in just nicely there Jenner :)
    @Jordan - Honestly?!? Let's open a German beer and pretzel stand. But I don't think we would make any money, we would just eat and drink it all! haha
    @Little Beaches - haha, don't they look great!?! It really does cost an arm and a leg. Haha, maybe he should.
    @Erin - They are just so much better there, I don't know what it is. Maybe the 1000 it cost to get a license deters those bad drivers. Yikes! Well as long as you are ok, and totally their fault, lol
    @KT - well thanks! I am glad I could convince you how cool some of that stuff can be :) and the answer to your one! haha
    @Ifs - For Sure!! Seriously, it is actually chilly in May, no way, no way.

  24. @Missy - they are even more crazy in Canada, believe it or not! YIKES 20 dollars, insane. That isn't too bad there at all! Maybe have to visit you there then, lol
    @Mollie - Haha, sorry about that. That is as north as we get, lol. And awesome use of the word champion. Wait, did I just say that word twice there technically. I am confused. Haha, like your other comment too!
    @Ali - Sorry, but it is making me fat too. And if I have to be there, then all of you are going down with me :) Haha, hey, for that price, anyone might start drinking! lol
    @Marjory - Seriously, there is always something. Hey, I will just say that I am lucky to have good things in both areas :)
    @Meri - they are sooo good, I think you would love them! There is your reason to visit now
    @Andrea - OH YOU KNOW IT!! I cannot wait to go. Also, Nordstrom's Rack. Love it! haha. I was waiting for someone to say something about Nordstrom's :)
    @Bernie - well thanks! They have to be missing their daily apple scraps :) Maybe I will try to find a good recipe and test it out. They really are sooo good. You pretzel whore you, haha
    @XLMIC - well thanks! Glad you agree :)
    @Colin - ohhh, and they are probably the WORST out on 59. Traffic and drivers always sucked out there. Sorry about that, lol.

  25. Does Germany pay you for these awesome travel tips?

  26. SHOULD NOT HAVE READ THIS WHILE HUNGRY. Next time you're there you should do a giveaway on the blog for those pretzels!!


    And man, I miss 2 euro beer more than life. Actually, I miss ONE euro beer on the metro more than life. The Germans really have it right.

  27. heh, at least you had Milwaukee's Best! We drink Keystone! 3.2 Keystone at that!

    I love mom and pop places, no matter where I go. It always seems to be a little tastier!

    ahahahaha. those silly goaties. I miss cheap beer :( Now you make me want to go back!!

    As far as your comment on my post, I didn't and still don't know how to react. But I'm glad you are excited about TtWT!

  28. @Copyboy - well thanks, and agreed. Hmmm, I am emailing Ms. Merkel right now to see if I can have a job :)
    @Jackie - haha, a lot of people have said that! I should give away some pretzels...or just eat them all myself, lol. They definitely do have that right!
    @Mallori - Ewww, both are so bad. Don't miss that! They do do it better, don't they. :)

  29. Glad to read you had a great time there, are you going back there any time soon?

  30. Yep, $8 for a 14oz bottle of Bud Light at Busch last night. We were watching Cards/Astros last week and we saw that they sell tall boy cans down there. Craziness. How much are they?

    I definitely miss the beer and the pretzels, too.

  31. This post made me want to go to Germany (and give your goats a hug for you!)...I'm sure they miss you!

    Those pretzels look amazing. Pretzels and beer?! That's my kind of country. :)

  32. The Germans DEFINITELY do beer SO MUCH BETTER. I love it!

    I still don't peg you as a sorority girl. I feel like your life is too cool for it. ha ha, but I'm hoping you're getting to re-live a few memories vicariously!

  33. Beer, cheap alcohol, goaties, and good drivers. What more could you ask for? You make Germany sound like heaven. Of course, I love the US, especially the South...but this is a great list of things Germany definitely does better.

    Nice post!

  34. @Patti - I did! We should be headed back there in August. Hockey training camp starts then, and then we do the whole thing over again! :) So I don't have to wait too long, lol
    @April - yikes! Man, I am glad Lance is doing pretty dang good there! Happy for him,.....maybe not so much for the Cardinals, haha, jk. I think the Tall Boys cost the same, but I will check for ya :)
    @Jessi - haha, well glad it came across so good. If you do go, know that the big one loves a good neck scratch, lol.
    @Mallori - So much better! haha. Well, we had all local sororities, so it was a little different than national ones. And what the heck are you talking about, you are cool and in one! haha.
    @Katie - I know! lol. It is pretty nice, and I have to keep all the good things in mind :) But yes, nothing beats the South, and never will. Thanks!

  35. Yep- I have heard Canada is pretty steep with drinks prices!! You can get even cheaper here if you're willing to drink the cheap stuff. As a student I did but I like to think I'm a bit more refined now I'm 25 haha!! I think you'd love a night out where I am! The city has a reputation for great nights out!

  36. Visiting from comment love. I am headed to Germany for the first time this summer and will for sure be checking out the pretzels after reading your post!


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