March 6, 2011

Zombie Sunday 3/6

Happy Zombie Sunday! 

First off, in honor of Zombie Sunday, I have an awesome new picture to share with you. 

Warning, not for the easily scared! :)

Nothing like being a dirndl wearing, brain eating zombie, haha!
Creepy, but awesome isn't it?!? Jeremy from over at izombielover hooked me up with my very own Zombie photo. Something that I thought would be fun to share with you on this lazy day. He is great, and I love how the photos turned out! You'll have to jump over and check out his site. Plus, he is running a couple of specials on his photos, so make sure to have a look at those too. Thanks again Jeremy!

Well, another week has come and gone. Another month come and gone as well. Oh, hello there March, nice to see you. Bring a little warmer weather with you next time you come to Germany :) Ahhh, I can't blame the windy weather of March, I don't know if it ever gets really, really warm enough for my blood over here!

Tomorrow is Rosenmontag, and we are headed down to the parade early in the morning to watch the creepsters in their costumes and masks put on a show that I am sure we will never forget. Want a preview!?

Just jump around this video and you will see how the parade is definitely not lacking in the creepy mask department. I am a little nervous! (And oh no, I gave away my secret location in Germany :) haha)


TODAY IS THE LAST GAME OF THE REGULAR SEASON! I have no idea how it got here so quickly. I am pumped for playoffs! It has been too long since I have gotten to watch the hubs do his thang in a playoff game. 

BTW, speaking of the hubs, he gave me probably one of the best compliments ever the other day. We were just talking about the blog, something along the lines that I hoped people thought what I had to say was interesting and not too rambling. Completely straight faced, he goes, "Well, I'm around you all the time and have to listen to you everyday, and I still think your blog is interesting". Geee, thanks, haha. It was too funny!

As for some possible post topics I am thinking about for this next week: 

*Dorky or Weird TV/Move Characters I Secretly Heart, the hubs always said I had a weird taste in guys...that means him too, ya know! Ha. 

*This month it will be 4 years since my first ever hockey game. Can't wait to tell ya'll about the ridiculous of that night! Ahh, what a young hockey pup I was back then, lol. 

*And thinks we think are German but just aren't. Of course I have already had one of the "American" things in Germany, so I thought it would be fun to go the other way around this time. Poor Canada, it hardly gets any love :)

Much love to ya'll. I really do have some of the best commenters in bloggyland and I am thankful for all the feedback and support I recieve everyday. You know how to make a girl blush. Wish me luck tomorrow in weirdo land, I think I am gonna need it.
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  1. Good luck tomorrow in Weirdo Land...we expect lots of photos on this event...sounds like a lot of fun!

    Nice compliment on the hubs part, very sweet in fact.

    Enjoy your day!


  2. please please please take video or pictures of yourself with a carnie in the background lol. And aren't underhanded/backhanded compliments the greatest? I also checked out Jeremy's site...Perfect gift for the zombie lover friend or family member in one's life.

  3. Don't you just make a sexy Zombie? You go girl. *lol*
    Will you get to come back to the states after playoffs for a bit?

  4. Chugging a bunch of cold medicine before bed makes for some very odd dreams and your three little gnomes were all over mine last night, but I guess that's better than a zombie:)

  5. Haha- I think weirdo land sounds kind of fun. I told my family about your story about the "I just had sex" song when we were watching SNL last night and they laughed so much :)

  6. The parade people were way scarier than any zombie! Then again, I have major carnie issues.

  7. Hello!

    Found you on a blog hop and am your newest follower - Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.

    Check out my "retail therapy" giveaways and enter a few, there are some great products to win. Also - if you do giveaways - join my March Madness Giveaway Hop!

    I also have a fantastic weekly blog hop.


  8. @Patti :) - Thanks, and you better believe lots of photos will be taken. I thought it was sweet too, very typical of him. You enjoy your day too!
    @Mollie - oh, i will be all over that tomorrow. I am sure a little drinky drink in the morning won't hurt, haha. And backhanded compliments are pretty great, lol. Haha, do you have a Zombie lover in the fam?!
    @Bernie - well thanks gal! :) Making my blush. Yes, we will get to come back to Texas for a few months after the season. Cannot wait!!!
    @Cake - Hahahaha, NO WAY!!! How funny is that. I hope they were nice to you at least :) And yes, better than a zombie or one of these scary Carnival men
    @Meri - oh, it will be fun. Weird but fun. Yes!! Well then I like your family then, if they can appreciate that. Too funny girl!
    @Rancher - ewww they are waaay scary I think too. What is up with those masks?!
    @Retail - schpanks :)

  9. Awww that is the sweetest compliment everr! I am so looking forward to your parade visit :D I loved the Zombie pic! And wow your first hockey game, I have never ever played hockey, I used to play Cricket though. Now I am just extremely good at clicking on blogs and procrastinating :D Have an amazing week!!!

  10. You rock the zombie look!! Cannot wait to see pictures from that, umm, parade!! Love the hubs compliment, funny what we consider a compliment from them, eh? Lol! Hope you are having a rockin zombie sunday:)

  11. Some creepy pics indeed! Hope you capture some cool photos to share after tomorrow. Love your blog header--have a great day!

  12. @Apfel - haha, almost :) Thanks! And no, I don't play the hockey, that is the hubs' job. Hope you are having a good weekend!
    @Sherri - I'll take what I can get :) lol. I am excited to see the parade too! You have a rocking zombie sunday as well
    @Sandbox Gems - thanks for stopping by, and the compliment :)

  13. Awww, poor Canada. Here's some love from Sweet T...."ya'll's side of Niagara Falls is better than ours!" {{hugs}}
    Ok, hopefully Canada feels better now. ;)

  14. I love Canada! But I'm afraid of Zombies, even if it's fake :(
    Hope you had a good time!

  15. That's not a passport photo, is it??!!

    Tried to leave a comment on your 'classy' drinking rhyme the other night, but my internet crashed at the wrong moment ... as a reward, or perhaps a punishment, I've had the rhyme as a brainworm ever since ... thank you so much!!!

  16. Haha I love that he reads your blog!

    Nice pictures, btw ;)

    Come by my blog, I have a little something for you :)

  17. haha that was too funny and sweet what your hubs said: "Well, I'm around you all the time and have to listen to you everyday, and I still think your blog is interesting"
    :) I can only hope I get so lucky!

    ps. I think your blog is very interesting.. and you have 322 followers who do not think you ramble too much! :) happy blogging!

  18. Oh dear Zombies, wish you well.

  19. and that zombie scares me..visiting you back...:-)

  20. I hope you enjoy Rosenmontag! We celebrated on Thursday and Saturday and that was enough fastnacht for the year :) but always fun nevertheless! Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures.

  21. So glad to have stumbled upon your lovely blog. Interesting too :)

    I'd love you to join my Expat Linky Blog on March 19th.

  22. Haha, I woke up laughing thanks to ya'll!
    @Sweet T - haha, yes, Canada must feel better now. How could you not with those better falls :)
    @KellyAnn - well sorry to frighten ya. I will hopefully post pics later today!
    @Red Nomad - no, my passport photo is worse,lol. Hahaha, I cannot believe you have that stuck in your head! Too funny. You will just have to use it one day now :)
    @Rebecca - I love surprises, can't wait to go check it out!
    @Marjorie - haha, well if you like sarcasm, than yes, this kind of guy is for you :) jk. Thank you for the sweet compliment. I wasn't fishing for them, but thank you anyways :)
    @Greenearth - no zombies today, just creepy creepy masked Germans, haha
    @Genny - sorry to scare, thanks for stopping by though!
    @Ashley - wow, two times, ya'll are hardcore, haha. I think this will be it for us. Thanks, I am really looking forward to it too!
    @Happy - absolutely!!! I will have to mark my calendar. Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Ahh i just left you the longest comment ever and now its gone before i could even post it. Im your 324th follower :) I came across your page from Beccas blog.
    Have a great day today!! We have been celebrating since Friday and today im just to tired lol. In the town my parents live in we dig up the hoppesaeck and get free bockwurst on Friday and then Saturday they do a big party at the school and yetsrday we went to the carneval parade in town. Im gutted i never made it to koeln this year but it was still fun.

  24. whooo.....nice blog!!! thanks for stopping at my blog. I'm your newest follower... Can't wait for your new articles..

  25. That video is crazy!!!

    I too am in my 4th year of watching hockey - awww we had the same rookie seasons :)

  26. Sex-zay! That photo set is pretty dang awesome. Gotsta love the zombies. And it proves that you can pull off the creepy. Your husband is right, your ramblings are hilarious Lindsey, have a crazy good time at the parade.

  27. Nice pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. Please come back again soon. Have a nice day!

  28. wow, death Girl at Photo!

    Follow My Blog ^^

  29. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love this weekend! Love those zombie pics! :)

  30. LOVE the zombie pics, so neat! And I am jealous- I love a good parade! Not sure how I feel about some of those masks, though!

  31. Have a bloody good time at Rosenmontag! BTW...I'm a fan of iZombie's work too.

  32. you rock the zombie look! Awesome Post. Leep it up!

  33. It looks like a fun parade, btw, the zombie picture doesn't seem to work, or it's just me :(

  34. Ahhhh, this is what I get for slacking yesterday :) Love your comments ya'll, Love them!
    @Pony's - oh too cool! I am glad you stopped by. Really looking forward to hopping over to your site and having a look around. I'll tell you what, don't the Germans know how to party or what?!
    @Travel - thanks so much, glad you came over too.
    @Yotes - that is the real deal or what?! haha, nice.
    @Morgan - thanks girl! I am not really that into Zombies, it just kinda grew out of Zombie Sundays, but I think they turned out great too! You are too sweet
    @Palatable - well I am glad you stopped by too :)
    @Seven - haha, nice.
    @Ashley - well you are welcome, and thanks!
    @Shalyn - hey Shalyn! I am glad you like them. Oh, the parade was WILD (and yes, creepy). Can't wait to tell about it!
    Copyboy - Thanks, we did...too good of a time. I know, isn't his stuff cool?!
    @Amanda - haha, thanks so much!


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