March 8, 2011

Karneval Kicked (our) Ass!

Holy Cow. Or my new favorite saying Cheese and Rice! That was a party!!! 

We had a great spot in the parade's route
Karneval gobbled us up, took us on a wild ride, spit us out on the streets of the town and left us scratching our heads, leaving us feeling entertained, fired up, a little frightened but so glad we were there to witness it first hand. I will give it to them, the Germans really know how to throw a party.

And the parade killed! A three hour march of witches, monsters, unidentifiable creatures, bands, candy thrower, confetti stuffers and just plain old wild ass people. What a blur! Almost stimulation overload...almost. 

Kept saying this one looked like the hubs when he has had a few. One eye open and messy hair. Ha!

For those of us that weren't in the parade, costumes were still expected. I went as a cowgirl, because I pretty much had everything for the outfit. And the hubs went in his adult sized onesie (yes, he had one on hand) and a pirate hat. Strangely enough, he didn't even stand out!

The masks were creepy, but so cool to see up close. I can't even imagine how much money went into this ordeal. Every little town in the area has it's own theme and costume. They work all year getting together the necessary items to scare the begeebus out of people like me. 

Most groups were some kind of costume and mask. 
Creepy, but kinda lovable

Some groups play instruments. 

Green Day was the band's of choice songs this year. Weird, but good.

Some groups smash confetti in your face. Hard.

No mercy!
 Some groups put on mini shows and stunts, like this pole vaulting one. 

And others are there to capture you and take you away. Think I am kidding?!? Chalk it up to one more thing that would never fly in the U.S.

Get man-handled much!?
I got picked up, spun around, thrown in a push cart with two other ladies, then the witches proceeded to rub my face with a glove (um, can you say germies!) for about a minute straight. I finally escaped. Only for it to happen to me a few more times that afternoon. Wow. Just wow. 

Great photos though, glad we got it on film!

I feel like I really can't find the right words to describe everything yesterday. There was just something in the air; a feeling of partying, community, and, oh yeah, drunkenness. Hahaha. But honestly, I don't know how you could handle all of this without a drink or two in you.

After the parade wrapped up around 1:00pm, everyone rushed to the nearest bar to continue the party. We didn't stay too late, but I am sure the celebration went on well into the night.

So, as I still recover, and try to piece together what really happened yesterday (not because of alcohol, but just because there was sooo much to take in), I am so happy we made it out to Karneval. And even happier it happens only once a year. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go pick out some more confetti from my hair :)

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  1. haha looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. Wow...I'll agree, that was some party!!

    Pic of hubs in his jammies, well...just too funny; the pirate hat, haha...the man knows how to accessorize, for sure!

    Glad you had fun and survived, except for the confetti.


  3. These characters are so creepy but you look like you had a great time!

  4. hahahaha that's AWESOME!!!! :) what a party!!! and how hilarious.. they really took you?? lol.. for how long??? i def think the outfits of the people in the parade were super creepy.. but, as long as it "goes..." then hell, party it uP!!! :)

  5. Crazy fun!!! And the sun is shining! It's funny how, after living in the UK for awhile, you always notice the sun...whether it's peeking through your window, on pictures, notice it! :) Good times in Germany! I've heard that it's a great country to live in!! Glad you're enjoying your time there!

  6. @Ponys - oh man, that was a wild ride!
    @Slidecutter - haha, well thanks. And yes, we will be finding confetti all over the place for days!
    @Tanya - very creepy. I expect to have some crazy dreams this week.
    @Laura - oh yeah, took me a couple of times. Some girls were not happy about it, I just went with the flow! haha, exactly the right attitude to have. Just go with it all!
    @MNUK - the weather was beautiful! I forgot to comment on that. We did have a good time, it was a lot of fun :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We have had sun yesterday AND today! Yay for sunny northern Europe! And where does 'Cheese and Rice' come from? SO weird, I LOVE IT! Excellent photo essaying.

  8. BAHAHAHAHA. Totally awesome. That is all!

  9. ur sooo cute! luv ... "Karneval gobbled us up, took us on a wild ride, spit us out on the streets of the town and left us scratching our heads ..." looks like a BA-last * throw a piece of confetti in the air for me ;)

  10. @Mollie - I know, right! Bring on the sunshine :) It was a beautiful day. And I am so ready for spring. Cheese and Rice is from my friend over at a day in the life of a hockey wife. Not sure where she got it from, but isn't it awesome!
    @Morgan - morgan, I think you would have really REALLY loved it too :)
    @B.Lee - Well thanks :) I think we still have a peice of confetti or two to throw around for ya.
    @Mac - Vielen Dank! Und danke für Ihren Besuch! :)

  11. that looks so awesome! our parades here are so stuffy...

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  13. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - The Gorgeous Gourmet! Great to hear from you :)

  14. Whew! That looks like TOO MUCH fun!!! I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures ... :)

  15. ohhh my goodness, that definitely does look a little scary (to say the least) but like LOTS of FUN! Definitely would never fly in the U.S.... can you imagine people's reactions (and the lawsuits that followed...)? haha. Oh boy. Definitely can't say you didn't experience the German culture! :)

  16. So, was this a Mardi Gras thing? When I hear Karnival/Carnival, I automatically think Mardi Gras. Was it some kind of other celebration?

  17. Oh wow, that looks insane! I can't believe the witches actually carried you away. I would've freaked!

  18. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day! I'm following you now :)

    Meara at Not Twenty-Seven Yet

  19. Wow! Just wow!! That is the craziest, most fun looking parade I have ever seen. Looks like you had a blast!! love that you & the hubs dressed up! Happy recovering:)!

  20. @Not a Perfect - haha, this one was deffo NOT stuffy :)
    @Olavo - thanks so much, I am glad you stopped by!
    @Candice - of course, it really did look great! I am glad you stopped over here too.
    @Mary - I will definitely need a full year to recover!!
    @CMD - I am getting my fair share of German culture that is for sure! Maybe it will all come in handy one day?!?! :)
    @April - yeah, along the same lines for sure. Just they have their big party on Monday not Tuesday.
    @Heather - it really was, and a blur. Any other day when I was in a bad mood, would have not been happy about being carried away. :)
    @Meara - thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy your blog as well :)
    @Sherri - Haha, thanks. We are really not feeling too bad. It was just stimulation overload. Like I said, I am glad it only happens once a year!

  21. Noooooooooooooooo I am so late :( I was out too :P But I was thinking of you this time last evening that you would be going to have a great time yesterday! SO glad you guys had fun, the pictures are adorable and some of them pretty... interesting. I was like whoaa when I saw the pic of you being man-handled. I would love to visit during this festival once in my life!

  22. Looks amazing! And you guys looked great in your costumes :)

  23. Looks like so much fun!!
    Any chance to dress up!

  24. Wow FANTASTIC! Those germans really DO know how to party. Hope you got all the germy germs off your face, lol!

  25. hahaha..omg It looks like u had LOTS OF FUN!!! Germans know how to Party! Hmm wonder If my hubby would like a OnePiece like

  26. Looks like you had a FABULOUS time!

  27. oh my goodness... what a party!! You are a braver woman than I am!

  28. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing! Wish there's carnival where I am right now, but it's raining. Sigh.

  29. That looks UNREAL! Remind me to convince Jordan to play in Germany next year...I could probably use Karneval as a good bargaining tool haha

  30. @Apfel - haha I know, you are usually one of the first! :) We did have a great time. It was one for the books! Interesting is the PERFECT word for it all.
    @lindsey - haha, thanks! A little ridiculous, but yes, the dressing up was fun.
    @Little beaches - no kidding, I am always down to sport a costume.
    @An Irish - They sure do! I am still sanitizing my face, with a wire brush, haha.
    @Mrs K - We really did have a great time. Haha, I knew I always liked them for some reason. I have the website if you wanna order ;)
    @mskanorado - well thanks, we of course did!
    @Alida - haha, I think I had liquid courage.
    @Brownbugz - Sorry about the rain. It needs to clear up and bring spring for ya.
    @Hillary - Seriously, at least for the festivals, ya'll won't be disappointed. Haha, I love that that would be the deciding factor.

  31. Wow, that is crazy! Some of those masks look like scary versions of Brothers Grimm stories--like that new Amanda Seyfried movie they have been advertising like crazy here in the States:

  32. This is so awesome!!! Love that you went as a cowgirl! :) Cute hat!!! Must've been a cute costume for you to have been "kidnapped" so many times! haha!!!

  33. woo hooo what a blast!! I don't think I would have had enough energy to have that much fun. I'm pretty mellow...mostly because I have to be...and because people wake me up @ 6:30 every...single...morning! Have some fun (read: a drink) for me!!

  34. CHEESE AND RICE! I love it!

    You and Alex always have the best 'costumes'. I was telling my in-laws about your mountie outfit from last year. ADORABLE! And now that I think of it, I think Linden might have those jammies Alex is wearing ;)

  35. Wow you are a cut cowgirl. Looks like it was a fun time!!!

  36. Also loving Cheese and Rice.

    And my German friend told me about Karneval once, I didn't believe it until now. What a party!

  37. @KT - I have not seen the trailer for that movie, but I am curious! They were kinda disturbing! :)
    @Kassi - haha, well, I already had everything for the costume except for the straw hat. Plus,had to represent me some Texas! :)
    @Crystal - it was fun, but you are right, exhausting. Too long of a day and too much excitement for me as well!
    @HW - haha, that was for YOU! I thought you would like that :) We tend to have good costumes because we have no shame, lol. Him and Linden would totally rock it out together!
    @Copyboy - well thanks! It really, really was.
    @Nicole - haha, isn't it great?! It really is real! lol

  38. Isn't it obvious the whole thing is organised specifically as an excuse for drinking?? There's no other explanation that makes sense!!

    Cheese & Rice to you too!!

  39. A) Please tell me hubs' pj's have a poop flap. That. Would. Be. AWESOME!

    B) I would FLIP if people picked me up and did strange things to me. ACK!

    C) Sounds like FUN!!!

  40. @Red - haha, you caught them. That is totally what it is!! You don't have to drink to have to fun, but I think you have to drink to stand it all!
    @Yotes - No poop flap, haha, that would have been awesome though! I was in a good mood, they got lucky :) And it was a blast. Just put your button up!

  41. What a party! Loved your nod to Texas with the pink hat! Cute!

  42. Love the pictures :) This is my first time on your blog, but it's funny that just by the costumes in the pics I can tell that you must be somewhere in the South of Germany... They have much more traditional costumes with witches, monsters, etc. than further up in the North. I'm still sad I missed yet another Karneval in Cologne...

  43. Wow! I've never been to a carnival before - who knew Germany had a vibrant one?

  44. Wow ~ scary fun!!

    Hat's off to the Hubs ~ not many men would attend a parade in a onesie ;-)

  45. you know, it's really not a party until you are taken somewhere against your will. ;)

    "Some groups smash confetti in your face. Hard." made me LOL.

    and... your husband. footie pajamas because "he had one on hand." i love him and i fear him. all at the same time.

  46. @Mambo - of course had to give the shoutout to Texas!! Wouldn't be a true Texans if I didn't
    Sabrina - you guessed it, good for you knowing that. I can only imagine what the parade in Koln is like. Crazy I imagine.Thanks for stopping by!
    @UK - seriously. And great use of vibrant for this event!
    Donna - haha, yeah, it takes a fool, I mean a brave man to do that! lol
    @Ali - ummm, no kidding. I don't know how I was not pissed. There was definitely some tears shed from other people, and I don't blame them. And yes, always handy to have a onsie on hand. Shhh, don't tell anyone, I have one too! ha

  47. good to hear u r having a good time in germany! btw, carneval in Germany goes back to the middle ages and has a religious background, christians are allowed to break all taboos during carnival week (this includes drinking alcohol, partying, being a good citizen, acting stupid etc.Towns went crazy) Depending if the German state you live in is more catholic or protestant carneval is celebrated differently, the catholic one is usually more intense :)

    if you are interested how other nations celebrate Carnival, check out my posting about Australian Mardi Gras which has nothing to do with christianity:

  48. Omg how funnn! You are a crack up!! Thanks for stopping by and for your advice on how to turn my total craft fail into a success! Following you back!

    Mrs H

  49. What an AMAZING experience!!! I would have LOVED to have been there!! Drunk by One!! (There's a sying! Only in Germany! I bet they have some GREAT cider over there!


  50. Nice! I didn't even know they had this in Germany Thought it was just Brazil that had these crazy carnivals :) Thanks for sharing! Following you so I can keep up on your fun trips.


  51. OK, seriously?!? That looks like so much fun!!

  52. @franzi - Thanks for the historical background. Hope you had fun at the Australian Mardi Gras. I can imagine they party hard too!
    @Mrs. H - hey, no problem! I am glad you stopped by too :)
    @Marcy -Haha, I should translate that into German and use it! lol. It was a really fun time for sure.
    @iDelish - they are crazy about it over here. And I can't even imagine how much time or money went into it all! Thanks for stopping by, so glad you did!
    @SIF - Out.Of.Control! :) But yes, too much fun.

  53. Oh my gosh! What a fun time. I didn't do bupkiss for Mardi Gras.

  54. Never knew Karneval was such a big celebration in Germany! I'm glad you took us along to the party.

  55. Hopping in from Norway as a new follower :) Carnival looks fun, but hey for a great time Oktober fest is the way to go!


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