March 13, 2011

Zombie Sunday 3/13

Ohhhhweeeee, what a beautiful week of weather we have had here. I hope that the sunshine is also finding you wherever you may be! Almost makes me want to have a sunshine Zombie Sunday :)

Mr. Sun says "Well golly kids, it's too nice to be a zombie inside!"
There, how's that?

Last week I featured a really awesome photo of me as a zombie done by Jeremy over at iZombieLover. I rocked the 'hungry for brains' look, not gonna lie. If you want to check out some of his other creations over at iZombieLover, just have a look over to the left hand column and click on the button. His stuff is great!

Here are some random ramblings from this week:

**Although I feature "Zombie Sundays", it is more to describe the feeling of the lazy, veg-out kinda Sunday, and not because I have some strong love for Zombies. Don't get me wrong, I don't not like them. After all, they are better than, well, let's say vampires or werewolves. Whoops, just lost half my readers :) Haha, I'm just kidding. Please come back twihards!

I don't watch too many zombie movies, although I liked Zombieland, Dead Snow (about Nazi Zombies in modern day backwoods Sweden!), and Evil Dead...or wait, was that about demons, not zombies??

Anyways, that is about my extent of knowledge on them. Although, I did have one creepy ass dream last night about zombies. I was blowing them away with a big shot gun, so that was pretty fun! Hmmm, maybe I do have them on the brain :)

**A few weeks ago I was contacted by HGTV regarding House Hunters International. A rep from the show found my blog and wanted to see if I was interested in being featured! Eeeeek, cue: jumping around the apartment like a bunny rabbit on speed!!! I was pumped, and ready for my television debut. 

There was just once eensy weensy, tiny detail missing. We don't own a house. Turns out that is a deal breakers for House Hunters International. Weird. Darn.

Their loss, I would have made for great reality TV. (source)

**I am really, really happy ya'll liked "Frackin' Friday"! How fun is it to learn naughty words in a foreign language!? haha. I know I have a few German speaking readers out there, and I am all ears to any of your favorite cuss words. If you would like yours to be featured, give me a shout at texagermanadian (at) gmail (dot) com. Ya'll will all be cussing up a German storm in no time!

Learn you German cuss words, otherwise Merkel will NOT be impressed (source)
**And happy spring forward to all you North Americans. We don't observe the time change for another two weeks. The East Coast is now only 5 hours behind us. I like to think of it like I time traveled

So that's how the DeLorean works. DST! (source)

**Last but not least, a big shoutout to some great bloggyland peeps for featuring/linking me up on their site this past week. 

Joni over at The Beachs

Ya'll rock, and thanks for the support!

Tell them I sent you, and get a prize out of it! (no, not really, but you should do it anyways to confuse them:))

Ok bloggyland. Have a wonderful Sunday. I'll see you tomorrow. Tschüss!

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  1. wow, thanks for the banner and shout out... and happy zombie sunday. i was wondering what you might do and there it is, you are creative one. respectfully you make for a pretty zombie girl, i hope there are more "z-dazzles" in your future.

    thanks again,
    jeremy [iZombie]

  2. ahhhh, I LOVE House Hunters! guess I could see where that "not owning a house" thing would be a bit of a problem though... darn :(

  3. I love your blog - new follower. I meant to visit last week but somehow the days got away from me as usual. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Swearing in other languages is fun! It doesn't count if you only sort of know what it means, right?

    Visiting from FTLOB :)

  4. I am back and can't wait to catch up on your blog! I can't believe House Hunters contacted you- that is my favorite show on HGTV- how fun! Couldn't you just buy a house real quick so you could be on there? Geeze!;-)

  5. @Jeremy - well you are welcome! I am more than happy to do it. Haha, can't wait to get z dazzled soon!
    @CMD - seriously, one little glitch there
    @ixy - thanks for stopping by! No problem, and you are right, totally doesn't count. So cuss away, lol.
    @Shalyn - HI!!!! We missed you :) I know, one of my favorites too :( Maybe some other time down the road when we actually own a house, haha. I seriously almost thought about doing that. Is that wrong?!

  6. Rule #26 A little sunscreen never hurt anybody-love zombieland. Ya done good. World class tutoring session of ze deutsch this week was classic. You could have totally pulled the wild card with HGTV and said it was your 'condo'....maybe...soak up some sunshine :)

  7. Wow..House Hunters!!How cool wouldnt that have been!! Awesome! Just wait Im sure there will be others contacting you..looking forward to your TV-debut:)))

  8. I wish I could go travelling now since the time difference is one hour less between Norway and the West Coast of USA. My mom however sounds like she things we have the same time right now for a while. Totally confused here.
    Have a great week.
    Found you at Eisy Morgan.

  9. Happy Sunday!

    Have to thank you again for the German profanity lessons, keep em' coming! Came in handy last night at my hub's club and the victim was German which made it perfect. This jerk is a major long-time club member who is nothing short of a piglet when it comes to our dinner, or gatherings where food is served. He likes to get 20X his dollar's worth. Anyone who knows me and how I coordinate events, and cook, no one ever goes away hungry.

    I practiced and it came out perfectly with just a hint of spit; feel dayum good today!

    Have a great day!


  10. Dead Snow was awesome. I watched the original version with english subtitles. When they're chainsawing off their zombie infected bits, pure gold.

  11. You should try out Shaun of the Dead. I'm with you on Zombieland but I gotta draw the line at ALL Scandanavian films.

    Thanks for explaining the rationale behind today's theme. I had no idea. (straight face)

    HGTV is the devil. It sucks me in with promises of organized, clean living but in reality never delivers.

  12. @Morgan - haha, I always do on my face :) I am glad ze deutsch war sehr gut! :) Totally, I should have. I choked, ha
    @Mrs K - maybe, hopefully wishing one day. But then again, I can't even imagine that. Sounds fun, but probably isn't so much!
    @Marianne - one less hour is HUGE! hahha, it always does seem to cause mass confusion!
    @Slidecutter - I look forward to your comments every time :) I will deffo keep them coming then! YESSSS!!! You seriously made me so happy. And you are too funny. I will have to come up with something good next week.
    @Poetry - good! We are in need of it :)
    @Jordan - we watched the subtitled version too, I thought it rocked! So gross, but so good. And love the ending!
    @Mollie - I have heard it is good!! I will have to rent. Love Hot Fuzz. Haha, true HGTV will do that. Maybe they really are the devil, tricking me and all :( Wait, are you going Zombie on me?!? RUNNN! haha

  13. we had a rainy day here in bavaria

  14. Mr. Sun says "Well golly kids, it's too nice to be a zombie inside!"

    And to wrote this post before the champagne. hahahahahaha =)

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your kind words! Your blog is cracking me up with the German cuss words. I've been freezing in Indiana all day. Enjoy your German Spring!

  16. You're such a hoot!! BTW- I love house hunters international. Hubby and I always say once the boys move out we are going to live internationally...seems like you can get more house for your money! Haha!! HOpe you are having a great weekend. We are loving our extra hour of sun!! Bring on spring soccer!

  17. Screw those House Hunter people, whoever they are. You would have rocked a reality show! :)

  18. I always feel like a zombie on sunday! And right now I'm trying to babysit and its not working! I have a love/hate relationship with house hunters international--i love to see all the cool places people are living but I hate the fact that it's not me! lol too bad you couldn't be on it. I def didnt look forward to the time change either!

  19. Hi there. I awarded you a "Merry Meri." The only way to really describe that is to read my post today haha.

  20. I love Twilight ... so that's it, not following you anymore. ;)

  21. Such a fun & witty blog! Returning a follow..looking forward in keeping up with your posts!


  22. So sorry about the HGTV gig, what a bummer.

  23. @Mac - booo, hope today is sunnier!
    @KY - haha, I like to think I have a perpetual champagne high
    @Devonay - well I am glad you stopped by too. I hope it warms up for you there!
    @Crystal - They do always seem to get great deals abroad, don't they! Hope you had a good weekend too, and you are right, lets keep the sun here!
    @Krissy - haha, well it was just a pipe dream, can't really blame them if I don't actually own a house. Well thanks!
    @Jet Set - haha, glad you can relate! Haha, that is my love hate with them too!
    @Meri - I just saw it, thank you so much!
    @HW - good riddance :) haha, nOOOOOO come back!
    @Celeste - well thanks and thanks for stopping by, I am glad you did!!
    @Patti - ahhh, what can you do. But thanks for the condolences, lol

  24. I love the idea of zombie Sundays--I totally feel that way about Sundays.

  25. What a bummer about HGTV. I love House Hunters! Send them my way...our house is for sale and we're looking for a new one!!!

    Course, we aren't International, but TEXAS is awesome too!

  26. I read that about House Hunters International on another expat blog a few weeks ago... I really used to like that show, but finding out that people already own their house and all the visits to "possible houses" are staged really disappointed me. I don't actually watch it anymore...


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