March 14, 2011

Let My Stomach Do the Blogging

You know how they say you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry?! Well I don't think you should blog about your favorite food items from home when you are hungry either.

Bad idea this morning, bad idea.

You see, we are low on food at home right now.  Actually, not a fair statement. We have plenty of food, just none of it sounds good or is schnacky enough for me right now. I feel like I am this way every Monday morning.  Why? Wait, I haven't mentioned that all stores are closed here on Sunday yet, have I? Well, they are, and it sucks. I think about my old 'routine' at home, before the hockey life and before our wandering abroad, and Sunday was my day to get things done. I went to H.E.B., raided Target and if I was feeling really nasty, headed to WalMart.

But here, Sunday is a day to rest. And I hate it (ok, I get that it is a family day, but geez, just let me spend some money already! lol). It means we are out of good food by Sunday night or Monday morning. I would stock up better, but then again you should the size of our fridge. I had a bigger one in my college dorm room.
Nope, nuffin'! (source)
 So this morning, as I waited for the hubs to get up and for us to share a ride into town. We are cheap good to the environment like that. I started food dreaming; thinking about the foods I really miss from home. All of the goodies I should have had before I left just one. last. time.

So I came up with what would be my ideal 'last meal'. No, not before I am executed on death row, but before I head to the land of sausage and beer for 8 months. (read: the things I am DYING for right now and they don't have in Germany)

It would go a little like this...

I would start off with an extra dirty vodka martini. One served in an ice cold glass, slightly spilling over the rim because it it so full. I tried to order an olive Martini here the first year. The looked at me like I was ape shit crazy. "Warte mal, du willst Olivensaft in den Drink?!! Spinnst du?!" Mmmmm, salty goodness, come to me now!

Me and Don Draper baby! (source)

Then, to start the dinner off, I would scarf down some Tots and a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic. And yes, I will spring for the Route 44. What? My stomach can't even hold 44 ounces? Nonsense, the bigger the better. It's my go to after a workout at home. What!?! At least I worked out first! Ha.
Try NOT the inhale these. You can't not do it. (source 1, 2)

For a second course, I would absolutely KILL for some Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls from Pei Wei. No, scratch that, I would kill for just about anything from Pei Wei. If you have not been there, just imagine P.F. Chang's fast food. I go at least once a week back at home...if not more. 

And healthy too, you can't beat that (source)

Then, I'd have to rearrange my belt or undo a button on the jeans, but I'd still trudge ahead. Bring on the TC's!! For any of ya'll NOT from Texas, TC's is short for Taco Cabana. I usually reserve their queso and tortillas (yes, rolled and dipped into the creamy cheese) for the late night, after-a-few, snack time. But in this case, it would make an excellent third course. The hubs has incessantly talked about stopping there first thing off the plane when we get back to Houston. Good thing there is one of them in the airport!!!

Super 90s neon sign just beaming you in! This Mexican "fast food" is to die for! (Source 1, 2)

And finally, on to the glorious main course. A Gulf Coast staple that I request right away when I get home for a cold German winter. Shrimp Boil! (pronounced "Schre-ump Boy-el"). Jumbo gulf shrimp, cobs of corn, small red potatoes, kielbasa sausage, all boiled up in a spicy Cajun seasoning. Mom, dad, if you are reading this, you know what I want when we return :)
MMMMM, MMMM! Dumped out on the table, on some newspapers like a true Southern meal (source)

To top the whole thing off, I would wash it all down with a Diet Dr. Pepper. Because hey, a lady has got to watch her figure :)

I liked the old cans better! (source)
I still can't start thinking about home juuuuust yet. There is still plenty of time here. And once I get the idea of going home in my head, it is hard to think about anything else.

So, until then I will keep enjoying all the delicious food here, because there is quite a bit of it. And in a few months, it will goodbye Germany and hello fat pants!!

Ok, I have indulged you with my tummy rumblin' ideas. Now, you tell me what your "last meal" would be!
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  1. You hate me, don't you? lol...Thanks for posting all the GOOD stuff for my eyes to catch when we too are out of the "good" foods here, too.

  2. I had forgotten about Taco Cabana. I lived in Texas about 18 years ago (yikes! I'm getting old. and loved TC. I, also, love a good shrimp boil and so do my girls! Now, you've made me hungry with your food fantasies.

  3. Oh man oh man! TC is good, but it ain't got nuthin on Ted's Cafe Escondido! TC for fast food Mex, you are right though.

    I think I'd go to every Hal Smith restaurant (Hal Smith is a big time restauranteur in OK).. Charleston's, Pearl's, Redrock Canyon Grill, Pearl's Crabtown... Can you believe that seafood is not a big deal here? Surprised the heck outta me.

    Cattleman's. Sonic definitely. The Patio. Coit's (like Sonic only older and trashier).

    Chili cheese tater tots. Root beer. BJ's deep dish pizza and beer tasters.


    Thanks for the heartstomachsickness! I go cry now.

  4. I just asked Teejy the first thing he's going to want to do when we get off the plane - he said "Go to Friendlys and get a 5 scoop peanut butter cup sundae"

    I think we'll be needing fat pants, too.

  5. @proud - haha, why? Because you are back in the states enjoy all the yummy food? In that case, yes :) haha, jk.
    @Miko's - isn't it great! And glad ya'll still enjoy a good shrimp boil. Yes, I got hungry again re-reading the post too, lol
    @Mollie - I have never heard of Ted's Cafe! Must be a northern Texas/OK thing. If it is even better than TC's you have me hooked! Haha, seems like you need a last meal post too. And yes, WTH is up with no good seafood here?!
    @KY - oh yum! PB ice cream sundae sounds delish. Fat pants for everyone! Haha, just kidding. Amazing how much little things we can miss over here

  6. omg, i shouldn't have read this post... hahahaha.. you made me crave SOO much food right now. (an easy thing to happen to a preggy lady).. lol.. i have a huge list like this of things back in the states that i would choose too. hmmm... now what to have RIGHT NOW :)

  7. i'm so hungry right now :( You have a great blog! x

  8. Mmmm. I love Pei Wei. Those rolls are amazing! And I could totally go for a Diet Dr. P. My favorite soda of all time!

  9. You sound like me when I was in basic training for the Army. I would dream about what to eat and think about food on my 10 mile road marches. Everyone of my letters home talks about food.

  10. Well, now we're both having cravings!!! And some of that stuff isn't available up here in the north, so I'm just as deprived ... :(

  11. @Laura - I cannot even imagine being pregnant over here and having those cravings. When that happens, I will have to stock up!
    @Francesca - well thanks! And sorry for the cravings :)
    @Angie - sounds like you have great taste in good!!
    @April - haha, I can only imagine. Maybe I should day dream about food when I am running.
    @Yenta - haha, sorry to make you crave too. But it seems like you have some pretty delicious food there too :)

  12. Oh dear, such Monday morning cravings! Would you like me to overnight you some Corned Beef, Cabbage and my world-famous Colcannon from our club dinner?

    Lemmee see...hmmmm, postage would probably run about $425...cha ching!!!

    I'll just overnight 1's that?

    Have a great Monday...go shopping!


  13. Oh dang, you just made me hungry! And I love the Dirty Martini! w00t!

  14. I would have all you can eat lobster...pre-schucked...with melted butter. A great big Pear Cider. And an ooey gooey warmed chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top.

  15. Those summer rolls looks SOOO good, I love me some vietnamese food!
    I'm also die hard diet dr pepper. So it's a toss up between those too, yum!

  16. @Mac - haha, well Germany does have some awesome food too. But you know how it is, you just miss those things from home you can't have! ALthough I miss bretzels every year back at home. MMmmmmm
    @Patty - Haha, only if you send me back a few items from my list, but I don't think the shrimp would mail well! Maybe I will try to get a good sauerkraut recipe from the rest around the corner and post that. They have the best stuff EVER, and I don't even like it usually.
    @Brownbugz - ohhh girl, you know it! Love me some olives in my drink!
    @Marcy - ohhhh yum, lobster. And warm cookies and ice cream. GREAT choice!
    @Meri - They are to die for! Gotta make your way to a Pei Wei, you would love them. Diet Dr. Pepper really does make the world go round, lol

  17. This makes me think of Homer Simpson...mmm food! Talk about food porn! I hope it quenched your hunger for the day and your fridgers if fully stocked now.

  18. You poor, poor thing!!! NO SONIC in Germany!!! What are those people thinking!! bwahaha! :) Sounds like a good day of eatin' here... My kind of last meal for sure!

  19. HEELLL! Being a l'il ol' Aussie from downunder, I've never even heard of half those foods!! But for my last meal? Nothing beats an Aussie bakery - a cheese pastie and/or potato pie with peas - both with sauce; a honey stick with fresh cream and/or blueberry cheese custard strudel - oh hang on, this is my last meal! So I'd have it ALL!!

    Great. Now I'm salivating ...

  20. That sounds delicious!

    I think everyone should come up with (and eat if possible) a "last meal" before they move because there are always local things (for me right now it's In-N-Out and Jamba Juice) that your new city/country just won't have :)

    P.S. Love the Mad Men reference!

  21. So true!!! Lots of things to put on my "I'm grateful for" list! Not to pour salt on the wound or anything, but they have "happy hour" at Sonic...that diet Cherry limeade is half-price from 2 to 4pm :-). I saw on "Surviving in Germany" that you can get DP...I'm curious--when you made your first trip back to Texas, was there anything you stocked up on to take to Germany with you???

  22. OMG I so love me some real dirty martini :D Everything sounds to delicious! My last meal would probably be a Cheesecake, or maybe a Hamburger, or maybe a Nacho Salad. Or maybe a Shawarma. I wanna have everything right. now.

  23. @Morgan - haha totally food porn! It is fully stocked and I am once again somewhat happy. Still missing these foods from home! :) mmmm food!
    @Kassi - haha, I know, its cruel! Want to help me open a franchise here?!?
    @Red - hahah, yeah, I think they are more southern US kinds of foods. Yuuummmm, yours sounds pretty dang awesome too! haha, sorry for the salivation :)
    @KT - I have actually never had an In and Out. I have to remedy that one day. And yes, I would reference Mad Men any day for Don :)
    @Jan - YES!! I was going to ask in the blog if that was still going on!! No salt in the wound, just that much more excited to come back home to a Route 44, haha. AS for bringing here...a few cake mixes, at first I brought brown sugar...but really, they have most everything here. Or you can at least order online. Have a look at my "Surviving Germany" Page up top! That should help, and feel free to email me if you need!
    @Apfel - haha, yes, soo yummy! I love me some cheesecake too. And Nacho Salad is never a bad choice! I am not sure I know what a Shawarma is though :)

  24. Oooh...Yummy! I know, when I am traveling I ALWAYS crave things I can't have...and sometimes I try to get them, like pizza for instance, but it is NEVER as good as what I was hoping for!!!

    I miss Mexican food and endless cups of coffee!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting... I love yours. Us travelers have to stick together!! ;)

  25. those salad chicken rolls and shrimp boil looks crazy good. its so early, I shouldnt be craving this

  26. Well I'm definitely regretting reading this in the morning before I've I'm craving Taco Cabana and Pei Wei! Not at the same time...well...maybe :-P

    I'm from Houston too! Go figure!

  27. Hahaha, you're making me sad for all the food I'm going to miss in London. Sonic. Cheese. Tater. Tots. Hell yeah.

  28. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE DIET DR. PEPPER?!?!? *faints*

    What kind of primitive society are you living in??? Pack your things IMMEDIATELY! I'm coming to get you! Armed with lots of Diet Dr. Pepper!:D

  29. Kyria - no kidding, how can you not crave goodies from home while traveling. I am really glad you stopped by here too. And yes, us nomads must stick together :)
    @Jacqui - haha, well they are both not so bad for you. Crave away, and even indulge :)
    @Christine - awesome!! Well, stop by TC's this morning and eat a breakfast taco (or a 100) for me! haha, thanks for stopping by!
    @TexPat - Oh, well put. Hell yeah!
    @HM - I know, go figure. You can find the hard stuff (reg DP) at soooome stores, but for my Diet DP fix, must order online. Haha, primitve indeed, haha. I'm laughing now!

  30. the 4th image down looks kinda odd since i dont like cucumbers, but the other things looks so gud

  31. I haven't had Sonics in fooooorrreeevvverrr! Lol I might just have to go and eat some for both me & you! i could use dirty martini too!

  32. Love it! Olive juice? *giggle* btw... That shrimp boil looks amazing right now!

  33. @Poetry - haha, well you can pick those out :)
    @Jet Setting - will you please do that. And please have a dirty martini too while you are at it!
    @Mry - haha, I get it :) Gotta get messy to have some of that goodness!

  34. Mmmmm...shrimp boil! My family does something very similar, but called a "low country boil." I've thought about recreating that here...but then I realize that one of the best things about it is that someone else always makes it! :P

  35. i JUST ate. but, now i'm hungry. damn you. ;)

  36. love it! Reminds me of the time my oldest daughter told her friend "we never have any thing to eat", and yet the pantry was stocked. It just wasn't stocked with things she wanted. haha

  37. I saw your picture of tator tots and now that's ALL I can think about!
    It's a week of giveaways on A Taste of T

  38. @Ami - that is the same thing! So good!! Haha, true, it is always better when someone else makes it!
    @Ali - haha, I'm sorry. Everytime I re-read the post I get the craving all over again!
    @Debbie - haha, I have those days lots over here. They just don't do junk food like they do at home :)
    @Tanya - haha, sorry to make you crave. But at least you have a sonic there to make it go away. Have a large tot for me!

  39. Mmm! There are so many great things about Texas food! You really have me craving TC now, but living in the boonies as I do the nearest one is two hours away. Road trip anyone? haha Nothing beats a good shrimp boil, unless it's a crawfish boil. Diet cherry limeades are my favorite. I do believe I have found a new foodie friend!


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