March 10, 2011

"Winning. Duh!"

If there is one thing that I really miss about hockey at home, it is all the wild promotions that minor league hockey teams put on to entice people to the game.

With all the crazy things that usually take place in Germany, or Europe for that matter, they still don't really get the idea of game promotions. I guess in someways that makes sense, though. The team here sells out practically every seat regardless of the incentive of coming to the game. Why spend more money to get the same amount of fans?!

But back in North America, teams, especially those in warmer climates, hmmm like Texas maybe, struggle to get steady attendance throughout the season. So, fun and interactive promotions are often held, with some ending up more ridiculous than successful.

There is the classic "Dog Days" games, where you can bring you pooch to the arena to watch hockey with you. The poor stadium workers who have to clean up after that night. 

Slap Shot nights are popular for just about every team. Fans are encouraged to dress up like the Hanson brothers and they might even have the famous trio there on hand to skate around in warm ups.

BTW, if you don't know Slap Shot you're dead to me you really should rent the movie. You don't have to know anything about hockey, or even like hockey, it is just a sports classic. It also has one great line that I can really, really relate to nowadays. One of the hockey wives is talking about what she does to fill her time when her husband is gone:

"I only drink in the afternoon. Or before a game. Or when Johnny's away."

Yep, sounds about right (ok, ya'll all have to think I am an alcoholic by now. But that really is not the case, I promise!). :)

But I digress. Arenas give out freebies, bobble heads, have two-for-one deals on everything in the rink. There are nights when you can skate with the players after the game, costume contests are popular around Halloween, and promotion teams thrive on the enticement of giveaways. You name it, someone has probably thought of it.
I personally liked the "Rock the Mullet Night", which is held every year by the Manchester Monarchs. Not only were over 3,000 mullet wigs handed out at the gates, but there was also live rock performances, on-ice entertainment, and yes, the hockey players wore mullet wigs during warm ups. Awesome. 

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Maybe its a throw back to Wayner and his sick salad.

There was even a Stripper Night for the East Coast League's team in Las Vegas. They held a how-to demonstration on exotic dancing. Gotta love Vegas!

BUT there is one promotion coming up this weekend that has got to take the cake. The marketing department for this team should get a raise, and if not that, at least a night out on the town.

The Bakersfield Condors, a minor league hockey team in the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) are making March 12th "Charlie Sheen Night". Way to cash in on current events (ewww, are we considering his rant current events...I guess so)!

Some of the rules and perks for then night are unbelievable. If you wear a fedora or dress up like any character Charlie Sheen has ever played, you get an admission ticket for only $2.50 (Get it, two and a half dollar admission?!). The first 1000 fans to enter get a Charlie Sheen mask on a stick to sport the entire game. Also, they will be serving special Tiger Blood Icees. Yum!

If you show up with a copy of a clean drug test (yep, you read that right) you get free admission to the game. They are also trying to get over one million twitter followers, a number that Sheen himself recently accomplished in record time, in under 25 hours and 17 minutes. If they break that record, I cannot believe this, they will let Sheen rename the team. I am thinking he will go with something along the lines of....oh not original, but maybe the Tigers?!? Or how about The Warlocks. He seems to be fond of both.

The best part of all of this, is that the jerseys at the end of the game are being auctioned off for charity. Think about how much money they will raise for a good cause by bringing in so many new fans to the game. They are the ones "Winning, duh." Great idea, Bakersfield!!

If you are in the Bakersfield area and DON'T go to this game, I have a feeling you will be sorry.

So, yeah, I think promotions could work in Europe. How about Lederhosen night, Germany?! All the fans can come in their favorite traditional dress.
(the picture above has nothing to do with anything. I just kept searching for German hockey fans in lederhosen, and he kept showing up. Felt like it was a sign!)

Oh wait, fans already come to the game like that (no joke, some down here in the tradition South really do wear lederhosen daily)

Never mind :)

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  1. I don't want you to hate me, I am downloading the movie right now. And Tiger Blood icees... Wow!!

  2. Why doesn't everyone just ignore him!? I mean I know watching a train wreck is fun and all, but he goes beyond that.

  3. I saw slapshot for the first time two years ago....I am such a bad hockey Wife.

    Somewhere we have a mullet wig from manchester (my husband might have coached a game with the away team that night???)

    Stripper night? Although I am not a stripper, and I don't refer to my brass beauty as a "stripper pole"...I would have rocked that night!! :)

    Charlie Sheen night....Hope he doesn't name the team The Bakersfield Goddesses.

    Last but not least...nothing says MANLY like Lederhosen spread out on an economy car!


  4. how bout naming the team
    "The Sheens"
    would be awesome

  5. ok... i'm a bad hockey wife too.. lol.. i haven't seen it. I take that back.. i've seen bits and pieces of it.. oops. guess i'll be download that today :) hehehe

  6. @Apfel - haha, well I could never hate you anyways. But i Hope you enjoy
    @Kristen - train wreck indeed. But I am happy they are making some charity money off of this!
    @Tales - haha, I had seen it a long time ago, but after joining this oh so great lifestyle I had to watch it again. The mullet is awesome, I wanna see it! You would have dominated pole night..but wonder if it happened on the ice. Slippery. And yes, teh Goddesses. I thought about that one too! haha
    @Mac - The Sheens! I like it, actually has a good ring to it :)

  7. @Laura - haha, you might find a new appreciation for it like I did. Hope you enjoy! It is dated, but good :)

  8. I have heard about the movie, Slap Shot, and I want so bad to watch it :)

  9. I also miss hockey, here in UK all they care about is soccer, at least my co-workers.

  10. Thank you creative PR teams and all that spirit! To rock the mullet on ice, would have to be a sight-outside of the 80's for sure. It simply could not and would not be a Vegas team without some kind of innuendo thrown in to the mix, loves the pole. And the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, free admission for clean drug tests is just priceless. Expect mayhem in Bakersfield. Go Team Go!!

  11. Wow! I wonder how many folks have drug tests just hanging around they can bring to the came. A cool promotion. I think that more folks would be focused on the fans than the game at this one. This is funny as heck!

  12. So, I have a question. Since you're married to a Canadian -- have you seen Men With Brooms? (Since we're talking sports movies here..)

  13. @Susanne - go for it, I don't think you will be disappointed :) Thanks for stopping by!
    @Patti - so true, they love them some soccer over in Europe. I still don't get the obsession!
    @Morgan - seriously! Hats off to the creative teams out there. Pretty fun that they get to run with their ideas!
    @Bernie - haha, no kidding. That is pretty sad if a lot of people show up with them.
    @TexPat - NO! I have not seen the movie. Is it good/worth watching?!

  14. Hello, I am a new follower from the hop. Please visit and follow me back at Happy Thirsty Thursday!

  15. Woah! That's hilarious and very creative--Charlie Sheen scares me though. I can't watch any clips from his drug or whatever he's on induced rages without shuddering...

    Happy Thursday!

  16. haha..I love that they had a "stripper class" and the Mullet is a real ICON especially for Czechs and Slovaks:)

  17. I should pass this on to the Coyotes marketing department... perhaps they could attract more fans out to the games if they had a Charlie Sheen night... LOL

  18. You're lucky I peed before I read this post or TJ would've stoned you ;)

    I agree with you, the #1 thing I miss the most about North American hockey is all of the fun promos, plus the family atmosphere and our National Anthem being sang before the games.

    I just saw my first Lederhosen man - last weekend actually. Head turner, for sure, we don't get much of that up here!

  19. @Val - thanks for stopping by
    @KT - I would NEVER want to be left alone in a room with him! He is a loose cannon for sure :)
    @Mrs K - haha, well then they should have this promotion then. It would go over well.
    @Yotes - haha, for sure! I would go!
    @KY - haha, well thanks lady. I really do miss that part of the craziness too. And congrats on your Lederhosen sighting. You should keep a tally. And yes, they are everywhere here! The man who owns our places wears them almost everyday, kid you not!

  20. Hahaahaha. I miss minor league hockey games. They were by far the best. And I would've loved to see some of these promos with all the crazies in Alaska! :D

  21. Winning!!!! Your blog is awesome. I'm returning the follow. You're the bestest!!!

  22. "Maybe its a throw back to Wayner and his sick salad." Seriously, this is my favorite line I have read in a blog, ever!! I swear, our humor has to be the same. Lol!

    Ha. Seriously, scared to know what Charlie would name the team....considering he listed his profession as unemployed winner!!

    The only promotion I have heard of at hockey game is $1 beer! and that sure brings in the crowds!!Lol!!

  23. @Angie - they are great, aren't they :)
    @Miso - haha, glad you like. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Sherri - haha, you know it is! And you also know it is a sick salad ;) He is a nut case. He would probably come if they had one dollar beers for sure!!

  24. Two Words:

    Where can I get one of those? Seriously, that's too awesome for words. LOLOL

  25. Minor league promotions from any sport are the bomb!!! They are so grassroots. It's awesome!

  26. I love Slapshot - "don't you EVER touch my puck!". Great post
    Patti D - I promise you are not alone in the UK with the ice hockey thing, but it feels that way sometimes! I love it, but think its glory days of big arena hockey have been and gone here. Be thankful for ESPN and their NHL fix!

  27. Jesus, this is a winning post. I almost thought you were kidding with the Charlie Sheen bit. Then there were too many details to make up. I'm impressed beyond belief! Have you watched his new "Funny or die" video? Bat-shit-crazy!

  28. Ahhh Yes the mullet! There were a few hockey players that had some great mullets. One of those that I think ranks up there as one of the best was Jagre of th Penguins!! You have a great site.

  29. @Irish - me and you both, lets not settle for the wig. Lets do it up big and grow our own, haha. Stylin!
    @Copyboy - I could have also included all the crazy ones that AA baseball has too. Those are my favorite also. Great description, grassroots :)
    @Joanna - YES! You can stay, haha, jk. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Rachel - Oh no, not kidding. This thing is real. And hilarious. I need to go watch it. Although he really does frighten me!
    @Ross - oh, sooo many hockey players that let their locks flow. Ewww, so gross, haha. I will ask my husband about Jagre. I am sure he will agree. And thanks Ross, that really means a lot :)

  30. How about combining the slap shot night and the Charlie sheen night. Strap him into goal and people get to shoot at him for $5 a go to see if they can make him look like your Hanson brothers pic? I think this a winning idea!

  31. Hi! Thanks for popping over from Eisy Morgan! I LOVE your blogs name :D
    I'm currently in Texas by way of Louisana :D

  32. How I love a mullet! Too funny:)

  33. I'm your newest follower from the Happy Hump Day Blog Hop. If you get a minute please drop by and follow back.
    Have a super week!

  34. Oh my goodness this is so hilarious, I had no idea they had theme nights! That is awesome..clean drug test for Charlie Sheen night, bah! They should sell Tiger's Blood drinks! Thanks for linking up girl!

  35. Nothing like a Bayer in Lederhosen, right? Greetings from a Bavarian Ex-pat in the States.

  36. My husband and I got such a kick out of this Charlie Sheen night. :) My family used to go to hockey games a lot when I was growing up back in SA (Iguanas, Dragons, and then Rampage). I always liked the silly promos they would do. I don't remember any quite as great as Charlie Sheen night, though!

  37. @Simon - ohhh, great idea! I think some minor league teams might be fighting for that one. I would love to take part, haha. winning, duh!
    @Brooke - I am so glad you did! I need to head back to her hop. And can't wait to check out your site!
    @Debbie - oh you got some good taste, gurl, ha
    @Ellie - Happy Hump Day (on a Friday :)) to you too. I'll definitely have to stop over.
    @Ashley - Haha I know right, redic! Of course, I really enjoyed the new reads on your hop! Great idea :)
    @Simone - oh yeah, they love it down here. haha. We are close there at least. On the border to Bavaria. But it still counts.
    @Amanda - SA!!! That is where I met my husband. They always did great promos there. Although this one has got to take the cake. Glad ya'll liked it. And thanks for stopping by :)

  38. I love Slapshot too!! A favourite of mine! The promotions in the minor leagues in America are fantastic!! There are definitly so well thought out ones and not so well thought out ones (I too feel sorry for cleaners aftr bring your dog to the game). I def agree that the Charlie Sheen one is fab- I read about it the other day and weas just in hysterics!! Hahahaha- what an image to come coming up when looking google for pictures!So funny!

  39. Oh my gosh, I love this- mullet day has got to be the best idea ever! HA!

  40. Yeah, it's sort of a Canadian rite of passage to see Men with Brooms. Being a non-Canadian, I don't think I appreciate it as much as the natives, but it's pretty darn good and it's about...wait for it...Curling. Just sayin', it's worth a watch.

  41. Giving a Hanson an A on the chest?
    Not a good idea!


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