March 15, 2011

Moment of Zen

Feeling stressed out lately? Wishing those winter blues would just magically disappear?? Just having one of those days?!

Well have I got the cure for you!

Here is a sample of my daily 'moment of zen'. Courtesy of the Schwarzenbach farms :) Oh, and I tried not talk during the video, but they are just so darn cuuuuuuute I couldn't help it. Plus, you need something to drown out those jealous goaties in the back. They don't like sharing the love!

Plus one ate my hair yesterday. We are NOT on good terms, haha.

Try not swoon as you spot the babies in the background smooching on each other! Eeeeeeee, love them.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

See, I can be sweet and not sarcastic for one day! Don't count on it happening again any time soon :)

I am a busy little bee, working of a few side projects. Plus, first playoff game is tonight and I am really looking forward to seeing the hubs in action! Woohoo, bring it on!!!

Have a great next couple of days, bloggyland!!
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  1. It's nice to be sweet, but I couldn't live without sarcasm hehe.
    Good luck to hubs' team!

  2. I'm with Meri...cannot live without being my typical sarcastic b*tch-self. People would think I turned into some Stepford wife or

    Loved the sweet!

    The best of luck to the hub-man!

  3. Super cute and I needed some Zen, I'm so busy too, eek! Good Luck to the Hubs!!

  4. In agreement with the ladies above me. Sarcasm is a necessity in life. Good luck to your hubs. :)

  5. The Bunnies are adorable!!!! I like you when you're sweet, but I like you better when you're sarcastic :D All the best to Mr.TexaGermaNadian and team!

  6. Little bun-buns! Hope your hubby does well tonight :)

    Have a great day!

  7. @Meri, Slidecutter & Stephanie - haha, ya'll are all too funny. Ok, I will try to add some extra sarcasm and eye rolls in the next post. Thanks for stopping by!!
    @An Irish - good luck getting everything done. And glad I could make you zen out for a moment or two :)
    @Apfel - I know, don't you just want to squeeze them?!?! In a good way, haha.
    KT - thanks girl, hope you are having a good Tuesday too!

  8. Side projects? What ever does that mean???? Whose the bomb? Yous the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Aw Linds they are soo cute! Love them!! You should totally sneak me back one :)

  10. Little balls of fluff, too cute. Have fun busy lady.

  11. haha i love "here comes the big mama"..that's EXACTLY what was going through my head when she came through the door!

  12. Sooooo Cute!! haha..sarcasm is a BIG part of my "life" as you know from reading my boring life would be without it lol! Good Luck to the Playoffs:)

  13. OMgosh so stinkin' cute!!!

    Hiya! Newest follower from The Totally Tuesday Hop-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!


  14. Oh Zen how I've missed you....

    PS: Passed along a blog award to you on my blog -go check it out when you have a chance...even though you have many, you deserved another cause it's a sweet one!!

  15. @KY - Hmmmm, I dunno. I am thinking of starting my own goat milking company. You interested!?!
    @Jessica - I told you!! Ok, you let me know which one you want and its yours. I don't know how Rufus would deal with that though :)
    @Morgan - oh and they were soooo soft too!
    @Mac - I thought so. Germany has some pretty cute bunnies!
    @Hillary - damn... didn't think anyone heard that, haha. She had to fit her booty through the door. And you don't realize how small they are until you see her! haha
    @Mrs. K - you are right, rather boring without it. After today, I will have plenty stocked up, lol. Thanks!
    @Cyn - thanks so much for stopping by, I am headed over to have a peek at your site right now :)
    @Colie - oh yeah!!!! I love awards. Thanks man :) Can't wait to check it oouuuttt!

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm now your newest follower! I've got a new Tuesday Time Out Link Party! Stop on by soon!


    Tuesday Time Out Link Party

  17. soooooooo stinkin' CUTE!!!

    Good luck to Hubs tonight - wait... I'm probably too late? I have no idea what time it is there... Morning? Night? Well regardless - I hope he did well!

  18. Actually I have a guinea pig so I get treated to that every least until she bites me.

  19. Aww, I love little bunnies- so sweet! And your voice is cute- probably you should do a vlog. Yes, I think so;-)

    Good luck to your man!

  20. Sooooooooo cute. Linden will love this video. Yeah, I'm with KY. Side projects? Ba ha!

  21. Hey Nadine, i was wondering if you wanted to be a guest blogger on my new blog? I have started a new blog about living in a different country, LDR's, immigration and traveling and just stuff like that and am looking for people to share their experiences. The link is:

  22. @Eason - well you are welcome, and I appreciate you coming over here to check out my site too.
    @HM - aren't they!?!? I can't wait to go say hi to them today :) haha. Thanks they won! It was a good game!
    @Copyboy - too cute. I actually think one of the momma bunnies looks sooo much like a guinea pig. They are pretty adorable...until they draw blood, ha.
    @Shalyn - haha, well thanks. I do need to jump on the bandwagon one day. Maybe I'll do a tour of the farm. And really, that means a lot, I hate my voice hearing it back :)
    @HW - haha, whatever do you mean!? OH, Linden would LOVE it here. He would be in heaven!
    @Ponys - hmmmm, not sure who Nadine is :) does that come from Nadian?! haha. I would love to do a guest spot. I'll be in contact with you soon! Thanks girl

  23. 2 minutes of happiness! Thanks for posting ~ Looking forward to following your blog!!

    come see me:

    ~ Lorna

  24. We all need wit and sarcasm to keep us on our toes and challenge our complacency! But I've gotta admit that the bunnies are just entirely too cute ... :)

  25. They are sooo cute...the goat noises tugged at my heart- for about a second!

    We had goats for several years. Fot rid of them last year so we could start camping.

    I must admit, I loved my goats, but camping is a heck of a lot less work!

    I would love for you to check out The Blogging Buddies...we have a gang of cool bloggers. Some are new and could really use some support in their first days!

    Have a blast in everything you do today!

    Come on home - mom blog
    Working at home advice

  26. Argh! They're soooo fluffy!!!!

  27. Super cute!!

    Also, you'd be so proud, I went to Houston Aeros game last Friday (Aeros vs. Manitoba Moose! -- The Moose won :(

  28. @orna - thanks for stopping by, glad I could give you two minutes of happiness!
    @Yenta Mary - haha, for them I can put away the smartass-ness for one day I guess
    @Carolee - I love the goaties too, but they are a handful. I would love to check out that link. I am headed there right now! Thanks for stopping by:)
    @Aleah - and sooooo soft!
    @TexPat - good for you!!! The games are pretty quiet there, I have been to a few. But glad you went and enjoyed yourself :)

  29. Man! Why do videos never load on my computer?

    Now I get to imagine a video. Let's see... zen, bunnies, sarcasm...

    Done. Oh yeah- that mental-video was awesome!

    ...But why were you wearing a pirate's hat?


  30. We have baby guinea pigs, and boy are they cute. We had two litters 2 weeks a part. Got to love the small babies.

    Oh, also following you back from my site.

  31. That is just too cute!!! you are so lucky.

  32. german bunnies are CUTE! those goats in the background? that is TOTALLY goat-speak for "i wanna eat your hair!"

    good luck at the play-offs! what's your husband's team? i want to root for them!

  33. That is so cute! I love cute but also the sarcastic.

  34. Wow!!!! That Mam bunny is reallly big..or are the babies just tiny? I've seen giant rabbits before when I've taken my class on school trips and they are gigantic!!

    Hope the playoffs work out well :-)

  35. what cutie pies - and what loud goats! Sometimes I think I would like a few little fluffies - the kids would love them XOL

  36. haha omg oops will you forgive me for spelling your name wrong?

  37. @caleb - sorry to hear that. And duh, I was wearing one because I always do. How'd you know!?
    @Wicked - too cute! I love guinea pigs too. I bet they are adorable. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Patti D - just at the times I hate living out in the boonies, the babies bring me back in :) We are pretty lucky.
    @Ali - aren't they, and yes, how did you know goat speak?! Haha, my hair is recovering nicely :) My hubs plays for a team here in Ravensburg called the Towerstars. You might be rooting for the future champs here (knocking on wood now).
    @Debbie - haha, its back today, don't worry
    @Missy - no, not giant rabbits. Maybe a little bigger than normal, but the babies really are that small. Makes 'em that much cuter then :)
    @Tanya - I told you, try not to swoon, haha, thanks!
    @Happy - always loud and demanding goats. They are quite envious at times too. I bet your kiddos would go crazy over the bunnies!
    @Ponys - haha, all is forgiven. I wrote back on one of you posts about the guest blog!

  38. Oh, thanks so much. I really reallly really need baby bunny zen today.

  39. Your blog is so fun! I like your style...and, another reason to look forward to Friday!


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