March 20, 2011

Zombie Sunday 3/20

Haaarroooowww bloggyland! I hope you are all having a great and lazy and zombie-ish Sunday. After your long week and busy weekend, take a break, a deep breath and try to not to be too bored out of your mind while I recap all the things I missed this week :)

*Did anyone else feel like it was slow going in bloggyland this week?! I think the warm weather is starting to steal people away from their computers and force them to be social and go outside and all of that other 'normal' crap :)

*And while I cannot believe that we are more than half way through March, I'm already feeling like Playoffs are draaaaging here in Germany. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that the hubs is on a winning team and he's getting a chance to keep up the great season they've had. But, when I see facebook statuses, one after another, announcing the gorgeous spring Texas is having, I about want to gag.

"So beautiful, think I will have some Sangria outside"
"What a perfect day for the beach!"
"Couldn't ask for a better day"
"Lindsey, you are missing out on all the nice weather, you sucker"

Ok, well, maybe that last one wasn't real. But I felt like the others were screaming that at me. While most of my friends from this team and other teams are heading home already, we are still here for the long run. I'm ok with that, as long as we get sunny weather and I know that the Texas heat will be waiting for me when we return!

*How amazing is this story.

*And how heroic and sad is this one.

*I am glad ya'll liked the "As German as..." post last Thursday. It was fun to research all those things that people think are German but sadly aren't. While snooping around the internet looking for some of those ideas, I can across a plethora of things that I did NOT know were German. 

For example:

The earliest written record of the practice of the Easter Bunny was first recorded in a German publication in the early 17th century.
And if you want to buy this creepy bad boy above, it is only about 1,300 dollars. NBD.

I smell a follow-up post cooking!

*Colie, from The Colie Chronicles passed on an award to me earlier in the week. If you haven't had a chance to see her blog, you have got to stop over there right away. She is hilarious and witty and a joy to read. 

So this really beautiful award, which I am always pleased to get, comes with the 'list random things about yourself' guidelines. I feel like I have done that one too many times now, so I will just share one really random weird thing with you.

1. I think lava would taste delicious. A crunchy burnt outside, kind of like a roasted marshmallow, and an ooey, gooey, warm center. I know, I am weird, maybe it is some form of Pica, although I don't think I would ever act on it. But seriously, if this was candy you would be all over it! Haha.

YUM! I am weird (source)
Enjoy you Sunday and hope to see ya'll back sometime this next week! Have a great one!
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  1. :) Funny post! I have a serious Spring Fever, unfortunatly the snow is not melting fast enough here and I am starting to wonder if I will ever see green grass again. I miss taking my computer outside and sitting on the terrace internett traveling and bathing in the sun all at the same time...Those were the days! Have a great zombie sunday.

  2. Actually, that lava photo reminds me of French Onion Soup and the thick layer of melted cheese that's on the top, hanging its crusty-gooey goodness over the sides of the soup crock.

    Other than that, yes, it's been quiet in b-land this week; everyone's waiting for Spring, getting taxes done (ugh) and so many other things.

    Congrats on your sweet award, it's well-deserved!

    Happy Spring,


  3. I can't believe spring is finally here. The month has seem to fly by. The status updates made me laugh, well the last one. I feel that way sometimes about my friend's updates and home.

  4. Lava would taste wonderful on ice cream. haha. True spring will disrupt the blogosphere. Hey congrats to your hubs!!! BTW...made you blog of the day.

  5. @Siv - haha, well thanks. I am a big fan of taking the computer outside...whether I can actually see the screen or not! :)
    @Slidecutter - thanks ma'am, and congrats to you too. BTW, I have emailed you a few times, have they gotten through? Hope you are having a good Sunday too!
    @Bernie - no kidding, FINALLY. Haha, I am glad that I am not the only one getting teased by all the great weather back at home.
    @Copyboy - YEEESSS!!! Awesome! Thank you, that really means a lot to me. And actually, not going to mind such a break in bloggyland :)

  6. I am hoping that spring has finally sprung for good here in Spain...i, too, am sick of seeing the US weather report and seeing that my beloved TX is sooo much warmer than here...I didn't move to Spain for this crap...Where is my warm weather and mild winter??? oh well, it is more mild than Germany! Hahahaha...I am your latest follower...Glad we could hook up at the linky party and I look forward to checking out more of your blog entries!

  7. I did feel it was quite slow in Bloggyland this week! Oh and important thing, I had no idea what your name was (I am lame) and I used to feel so shy to ask for it! So I am going to call you Lindsey from now on :P If that is okay with you! And if I misread that and made a mockery out of myself, please tell me your name! :) I completely agree with you on the Lava thing! YUM :P

  8. It's so amazing that there are people out there, willing to sacrifice themselves to save the rest of us. Japan needs all our positive energy right now.

    Won't rub it in, but it's been 90 here in Phoenix this week. You'll be laughing at me later when it's 115!

  9. ummm... Tex? STEP AWAY FROM THE HOT LAVA!!! It will burn you, ok? ;) Maybe you should invent lava candy - rock candy type coating - or maybe something even better than rock candy - gooey on they inside when you bite into it. Then go live by a volcano and you'll make a fortune! haha! But seriously though... congrats on the award Tex!!!


  10. wow, those stories from Japan are incredible. I keep hearing new stories everyday, and fortunately, most of them are good ones about survival or heroism or people coming together to help each other.

    And plz don't eat the lava...unless you can find a way to eat it, survive, and continue blogging unharmed. In that case, I expect an awesome post detailing the whole thing.

  11. I'm a born and raised AZ girl. So after moving here to the Pacific Northwest I so understand what you are going through. When and if the sun does come out, my eyes actually HURT. I'm not kidding. It's in the 90's right now in AZ, and we are still barely 50, plus add the wind and rain, it does not feel like spring to me.

  12. Yes i definitely feel like the warm weather has bloggers away from their computers and out enjoying the sun in the fun! I know I can't wait to hit up the beach! That easter bunny is really creepy! lol actually i think giant stuff animals with people on the inside are EXTRA creepy!

  13. Lava: the Earth's marshmallow creme filling.

    Hey, did you intentionally make Sundays "zombie Sundays" because of Easter?

  14. I think giant rock "elemental" monster things would totally eat lava. They'd probably use it as a hot tub or warm spring too. Freaking rock monsters and their ability to get really really hot without dying. I play too many video games.

  15. @Ashleigh - haha, rub it in! I can only imagine how nice Spain is at times. I hope it starts warming up even more for you. Glad you stopped by too. This crazy little bloggyland :)
    @Apfel - haha, you are too cute. Yes, you can refer to me as my name, I will allow that ;). You are not lame at all. I hope you had a good holiday weekend!
    @Marcy - Isn't that an inspiring story. It brought tears to my eyes. And thanks A LOT for rubbing it in. Lay out in the sun for me a bit!
    @HM - hahahah, ok, I guess on your concern I won't act on it. Too funny. I should invent rock candy lava. Million dollar idea!! Thanks!
    @Jackie - They truly are amazing, aren't they. It is amazing what people do for others in times of need. And don't worry, I won't eat the lava :)
    @Marjory - I need my heat just like you do! Haha, I love that your eyes aren't even adjusted. Too funny. I will hope for some heat your way too.
    @Jet - good, I am glad it wasn't just me then. I am sooooo ready for some beach. Or at least just a cold drink by the pool. Haha, and love your fear of the easter bunny!
    @Mollie - Perfect Advertising. You are hired! And no, I didn't name it for that, but after I did, I was waiting for one person to say something. How did I know it was going to be you!?
    @Jordan - haha, ohhh, I could go for a lava snack and hot tub right now, lol. Rock monsters really do have all the fun :)

  16. Hahaha I love how you started this post off. My husband and I answer the phone with "Ah, harrrooow preeze?" when we call each other.

  17. Lave?!? Seriously?!? You crack me up lady!

    And if it makes you feel any better - I feel like all my friends from San Diego have been teasing me like that about 8 months out of every year since I have moved here!

  18. And... let's go ahead and make that lava! Ha! Apparently it's time for me to go to bed! ;)

  19. No way, Easter bunny german? amazing!!
    I've always been also attracted to lava, it looks so...appealing somehow.

  20. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. Loving the word 'zicke' information - one of my close friends is German and I can't wait to 'get' her with that!
    I know all about hearing about the warmth from afar - so wishing you lots of sunshine - Melissa :)

  21. @Jamie - haha, that literally made me laugh out loud, love it!
    @SIF - lol, I hope you got some good rest, And I totally knew you were talking about lava, duh :) haha. Oh, San Diego has got to be beautiful. Us and our awful friends :)
    @Patti - YES! I always love that I can teach you, queen of trivia (your new title, btw) something. I have to get on this post for sure!
    @Melissa - haha, I hope she will like it too! Thank you Melissa for the sunshine wishes. It seemed to work, the sun is out this morning!

  22. I think that may the most random/weirdest thing I have ever learned about anyone which is exactly why you deserved the sweet award!!!

    Strangely, you've made lava sound I want some!!!


  23. @Mac - thanks, you are always too sweet
    @Colie - seeeeee doesn't it sounds deliciouso!! Haha, thanks again for the great award :)

  24. HA- hilarious. I never thought of lava that way and I am a HUUUGGEEE fan of marshmellows- you should create the candy. I would buy it!

  25. Oh, thought of you.


Whoomp, there it is!