February 11, 2011

It's National WHAT!?! Day

Oh geez, like we need another reason for people to hate us.... :)

Today is national 'Pro Sports Wives Day'. Yep, someone took the time to declare February 11th as a reason to presumptuously worship all PSWs. Or, as one clever website put it, "Happy Pro Sports Wives Day, it's a tough gig, but someone has to spend the money."

For the few other 'pro sports wives' (or really, just pro hockey wives) that browse the blog from time to time, I am not trying to step on anyone's toes. I, too, am a pro sport wife, I get it. I feel for us at times. We go through a lot during the season. There's the constant packing up and moving, the roller coaster of ups and downs, the ever changing team and city. It's a little tricky to explain what we go through to someone on the 'outside'.

A quick glance into our 'world' and you can find spoiled brats that don't, or even downright refuse, to work. Girls that have never been to college and married for nothing more than a free ride. I have met a few of these bitches girls over the years. But it is certainly not the norm, nor the accepted. 

What it really boils down to, is that it can be a difficult and frustrating, but never boring! :), life at times. (But then again, whose life isn't?!?) It's hard to find work when living this lifestyle, but not impossible. It's hard to find good, lasting friendships, but not impossible. It's hard to live in a foreign country, but once again, not impossible. 

It's not like the Germans already don't know who we are, they have to sit us all front row!
But declaring this a 'holiday' just solidifies the idea that all pro sport wives are just that; pro sport wives, and nothing more. Notice that I don't write about hockey all that much. Its because it doesn't define me. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey. I love watching the hubs play, I love keeping up with the league, I am pretty into it. But it doesn't have to consume my whole being. And for that matter it doesn't really even define my husband. We are individuals outside the sport as much as we are in.

Luckily, it doesn't look like many have gotten wind of this holiday....I guess until now.

But I can just imagine what some people will conjure up when they see that today is 'Pro Sports Wives Day'. If you will, envision a very busy mom. Her husband isn't a pro athlete, but he does his job just as well. Her kids keep her super busy, just like any other set of kids in the world. She cooks, cleans, works, parents, teaches, disciplines, and lives in practically the same means as anyone else. Then, on one weary Friday in February, she sees that it isn't 'National Celebrate Because You Made it Through Another Week Of Life Day', but the very smug 'Pro Sports Wives Day'.

My guess is that her reaction might be something like "Go %&@# yourself, Gisele Bundchen"

*note: I have nothing against Mrs. Tom Brady, her awesome hair or her beautiful body :)

So, in honor of all the strong sports wives (A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife, Travel Babbles, Mrs. K, Tales of a Hockey Wife to name just a few) and to celebrate every loving, faithful and devoted wife out there, pro sports husband or not, I make a motion to change today to 'National Pro Wife Day'. Why? Well, because in some way or another we are all 'pro' wives...and we are damn good at our job :)

And if it was that easy to get 'approval' for PSW day, I think we can rally up a good movement for 'National Pro Wife Day'. Doncha think?!
Even if we never really look this cute :) (source)
And just for the record, not only is it Pro Sports Wives Day, but also National Peppermint Patty Day, National Inventor's Day, the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, and of course the day Dick Cheney put a whole lotta buck shot into his pal Harry Whittington.

Which, by the way, happened practically next door (ranch terms of next door) to my grandparents' land. How are we still not making fun of this?!

WTF is wrong with us?! (source)
Happy Friday friends :) Hope ya'll had a great week. And be sure to check out the Friday Feature over at MOHTH. That face might look familiar!
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  1. Good on ya mate, for the feature. You know, I would never say you were Stepfordish, BUT, I'm pretty dang sure the boys don't pick ugly wimmin. Maybe ugly-charactered, some of them, sure! Not you though. You're a damn honest to goodness style guru.

  2. Dang it...I forgot: It's also National White Tee Shirt Day and Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.

  3. @ Apfel - gee thanks :)
    @ Mollie - thanks Mol! Oh yeah, how did I forget those too, haha. I know you would love any kind of 'national day' post

  4. Shoot, I guess the 9th was Read in the Bath tub Day and I missed it. Darnit

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  5. Hi Texa...this post made my day!

    A. Because I think/agree women in general who support their husbands and families deserve their own "awknowlege that I work hard to support your ass" day whether they live the pro athelete lifestyle or not haha.

    B. I just shot my fiance a quick email to let him know that this day exists....teasing ofcourse...but I can't wait to hear the crafty remark that I'm sure he'll shoot back with.

  6. @ Tanya - oh man, can't believe I missed that one too! :)
    @ HM - Hey! I didn't realize you were following, I am glad you are! Thanks for the nice comment, like I said, I didn't want to make anyone mad, just my observation on things. And hey, if you can get a present or two out of the day, then go for it! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. LOL!!! Good read! Yes we need a pro wives day and I'll even throw in a vote for a pro husband's day. And well I could use another reason or day even to pamper myself and get a manicure! ;)

  8. Wow. I'm learning lots of things for today. Happy PSW Day to you! There should be a Marching-Band-Member's-Wife-Day... well... soon-to-be here... LOL


  9. Well, here in NY, tomorrow is National Watch a Bridge Rust Day and I plan on celebrating....zzzzzzzzzz.

    Happy PSW Day to you....Enjoy!!!


  10. I'm all for pro wife day. either way!

    about my post: I think you should probably know by now that I tend to get a little silly when it comes to things that are slightly upsetting, but not worth wasting energy over. I wrote that last night while I was very sleepy as well, so it came out a lot more silly than intended. I read through it after I saw everyone's comments and realized I should probably refrain from posting silly things when I'm sleepy.

    But it made you giggle when you read it, right? :)

  11. Loved Mollie's comment!!! Yay I am falling in love with days

  12. What a great post and so true!!Happy Pro Wife Day!!!

  13. Wow, I never knew there was a pro sports wives day! I too am in favor of taking the sports out of the day! There should be a designated day for us woman just for having the ability and willingness to take on a husband!


  14. @ Heather - you're right, there should also be a hubby day. Glad you liked, and thanks again for everything :)
    @Brownbugz - always entertaining...sometimes boring, haha. I think there should be a soon-to-be-marching-band-wives-day. You pick the date, and we will set it!
    @Slidecutter - haha, omg. I have enough of those days here too. Hope something comes along to spice up your evening!
    @Mal - too funny, of course it made me laugh. It was just funny seeing the title and then the content. Well done I thought!
    @Apfel - yes! jump on that Days bandwagon :)
    @Mrs K - and love your post to missy!!
    @THW - haha, I literally laughed out loud. Just a day to celebrate all of our tolerances, fo sho

  15. Happy PWD! And PHD. Wait a minute...why does the husband get such a fancy title?

  16. Oh Lindsey! You never fail to make me laugh so hard I worry I'll pee my pants (yeah, it's a common occurrence over here!). Pro Sports Wives Day? Seriously? That's embarrassing.

    I started my blog about my life within the hockey world a long while ago ... and I try to keep it focused on hockey, but I think I've made it clear that I'm a whole lot more than SoAndSo's Wife.

    It angers and offends me that we have a day. We aren't anything special. I appreciate a 'thank you' from my husband now and again but that's all I need. Can you imagine what military wives go through? They deserve 365 days in a row. And they're probably going, "What the fuck? Who do these chicks think they are?"

  17. @ Wild Child Mama - haha, no kidding, why do they?! Happy, hmmm, I'll keep it simple, Weekend to you too. For me, that is enough to celebrate :)
    @ HW - I LOVE your comment. So right about the Military families. I mean, I like being recognized by my husband for things I do around the house, but no one else needs to celebrate this redic holiday. And I love your hockey based blog :) You gotta know that!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Feature Friday post ... :) An adventure that no one could make up, no matter how potent the drugs!

  19. Hi! I discovered your blog a while back and I'm pretty sure I bookmarked it on my phone--all sometime before my phone went berserk and needed to be restored. Easy fix: I'm a new follower! Rediscovered you on For the Love of Blogs.

    So nice of you to want to include the wives/moms/full-time workers/cat feeders! I'm just as happy without one special day set aside--I'll take the whole year :D

    Come join the Fashion Blog Flash Mob! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  20. Oh my gosh. There is so much on your blog. Can't wait to read more!


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