February 12, 2011

Postasaurus Rex

Happy Weekend! What a great week it has been and tonight the hubs and I are doing a little something special. I will have to share with ya'll tomorrow (no, nothing like that, get your head outta the gutter :))

But I do feel like I have been a bit of a Postasaurus lately. There is such a fine line between posting the right amount of fun and interesting content, and boring your readers to death with over posting. I know some other single-author blogs that churn out 4 or 5 posts a day, and I have to be honest with you, I don't read anything past the first post. It's just kind of annoying to me.

I mean, it is hard work being so dang funny and clever everyday :) And while I wouldn't consider myself long winded, my posts are, at times, longer than planned.

So, I will call myself out for acting like a Postasaurus Rex lately, and will spare you my novel-esque writing....well, at least for today. Instead, I will share with you some great hockey jersey's that I have either seen over the years, or have stumbled across online. According to yesterday's post (about not writing about hockey), I am really eating my words.

Have a great weekend, and see you tomorrow for Zombie Sunday (Mollie, I know, I owe you a post!).

Fugly Hockey Jerseys

So anyone who has watched even a little bit of hockey will know that there are some great jerseys and some downright ug-lee jerseys in every league.

There are jerseys that had absolute no chance from the beginning, because their logos were just plain awful:

Awful Coyotes Jerseys. Even the NHL isn't safe. (source)

Really, the Austin Ice Bats?! And sad to say, I have seen one of their games. (source)
There are jerseys that are so bad, they're awesome:

Don Cherry Tribute! (source)

AWESOME Lederhosen Jerseys from Germany. These rock! (source)

European hockey jerseys covered in advertisements:

Hey, as long as it pays our bills, I don't care what they put on the jerseys (source)

Then there are the unthinkable:

From a defunct team in Texas. What were they thinking? (source)

Ronald McDonald has some mad skills (source)
Copyright or not, I'll risk it. This was too great not to share! "But I don't want to be a pirate!"

And of course the hockey jerseys themed for any and every holiday possible:

Another from Texas. Didn't really think ice hockey and Mexico would be a good pair.... (source)

From the hubs' team years ago. They were made to look like Santa suits...I actually really liked them

 An oh-so-scary Halloween jersey (source)

And in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, I have a special jersey to share with ya'll.  Puck Daddy from Yahoo! Sports posted this last picture just days ago. I honestly laughed out loud, A. Because they are so ridiculous and B. This was the hubs' old team. I would have paid good money to see him play in one of these. 

So sweet, its giving me a tooth ache (source)

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  1. Ok...Love the pirate one. Looks like the Seinfield "Puffy Shirt"...

    Thank god the Aces are so far away, those are some crazy pink sweaters! I know a team one year that refused to wear the pink jersey for the game, and only would go out in them for the warm-up.

    I want the Don Cherry Jersey!!!

    Great post!

  2. Postasaurus Rex!! I lol'd at the title itself :P But I love reading your posts!! And I have never seen you post more than once a day :P

    I'm a fan of the unthinkable series and I am now craving a Burger since I saw Ronald McDonald with his mad skills!! The V day Jersey is epic!

    Happy Weekend :)

  3. Loving the Don Cherry jersey...sweet! Have a fun night out with your hubby : )

  4. @ HW - haha, that is hilarious that the team refused to go out on the ice. I think I would have to side with them, they are hideous. I showed it to the hubs and he said they were always wearing crazy stuff like that there. And yes, if I could get my hands on a Don Cherry jersey, I'd be wearing it every game!!
    @Apfel - awww, well thanks girl! Its not so much that I post multiple a day, I just tend to write too much. But thanks for the compliment. And yes, the unthinkable jerseys are great!
    @Morgan - yeah! Another Don Cherry fan. Gotta love it. You have a great weekend too!

  5. Im with Tales on this one! That Pirate Jersey is just priceless!!! I think it would be awesome to wear that if you wanna avoid having hockeyfights..cause seriously everybody would just be laughing:)))

  6. 3 or 4 posts a day?! I wonder why that is. I think most people tend to read the first one and occasionally the previous one too but churning out all them everyday seems a bit pointless. I usually publish one post every other day. Sometimes I don't bother at weekends.

    CJ xx

  7. I want a hockey jersey with Three Wolf Moon on it.

  8. I'm so glad you posted this year's Alaska Valentine jersey. That thing made Yahoo news headlines! Oh, poor Alex and his Santa Suit. They come up with some doosies, don't they? Justin Bourne commented on the Alaska jersey and said, "I don't know if I could take the game seriously, let alone myself or my team."

  9. OMG, the ice bats cracked me up! Really? Does it have to be dark when they play?

  10. Hilarity!! For real, the Don Cherry jersey, & I love the Ronald Mcdonald comment:)!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend & I have an award for you!! Hope you can stop by & pick it up:)!!

  11. Congrats on your Feature! What an interesting life you fell into when you met your hubby...not that it wasn't interesting before then but it sounds like you are having all kinds of new experiences! Enjoy! Sandra

  12. My daughter just loves to go to hockey games... I guess you get to go to MANY .. LOL.

    New follower, thanks for stopping over.

  13. I like it when people post daily. I don't forget about them that way.

  14. These are great! I can't believe the one in tribute of Don Cherry! You gotta be kidding me. Great post!

  15. I am discerning about which long posts I will read- but I tend to enjoy yours and read them all the way through. Some bloggers- not so much :)
    I also personally have a hard time writing short posts, once I start I type for 5 minutes straight, look up and there is like 3 pages there haha!
    Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  16. I totally agree with the "over posting" thing, but I can tell you that yours NEVER get old, I love your sense of humor;-)

    Those jerseys are awful! What were they thinking?

  17. @ Mrs. K - totally would be laughed at in a fight!! Haha
    @Crystal - I think people think it will bring more traffic or hits on ads. Who knows really
    @Mollie - that would be an AWESOME jersey. Definitely under the 'so bad they're great' category
    @ HW - haha, I figured you might like that as well! Seriously, I don't blame that guy for saying that at all.
    @ Wild Child - not to mention they playing in one of the worst pro rinks I have ever seen!
    @Sheri - thanks lady! I will be hopping over there right now...

  18. AND ...
    @Real Life - well thanks so much, and thanks for stopping by, I am glad you did :)
    @Terry - thanks to you too for stopping by. Over in Europe it isn't too many, but back at home was a whole 'nother story!
    @Mal - I like daily posting too. I don't like 5 times daily posting :)
    @Gabby - haha, seriously!
    @Ross - haha, I know right! Thanks, I am glad you liked it
    @Meri - well thanks girl. I just don't want to be overly long winded. Like I said, fine line.
    @ Shalyn - well thanks to you too! Ya'll are great

  19. I have been that..Posta thing.Except that yours have class,and mine fall flat on my face.I have NO idea about hockey(coming from a country where hockey is our national sport)-but some of these jerseys *hoot hoot* lol My personal favourite is the pirate one.BWAHAHA.McD is close behind.

  20. Thanks for joining Say Hi Sunday and following! I'm now following you as well :)

    I know how you feel about posting. I don't even like to post everyday. And then there's keeping the balance between personal posts and review/giveaway/product posts. Can get difficult.

    I love the jerseys, hilarious!

  21. I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, http://toesthattwinkle.blogspot.com/ I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!

  22. Thank you so much for linking up for Swingin' By Sunday! I'm your newest follower and I would love if you would follow me back if you get a chance! :)Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  23. Here from the bloghop.
    I follow you on GFC. I'd love for you to follow me back
    Tiffypoot @ (aol.com)

  24. @ Sweta - haha your comment made me laugh :)Everyone seems to love the pirate one! lol
    @Tara - hey, thank you for stopping by too. You're right, the balance is tricky. I took a day off today :)
    @ Toes - thanks so much for stopping by, will have to go have a look at yours
    @Kim- hey! Thanks to you too for stopping by. Love the name of your blog and your little man on the icon :)
    @ Tiffany - glad you got a chance to stop by, will have to go have a look at your site too!

  25. Why do we even gave hockey teams in Texas? I bet 95% of us have never been on ice before. In fact, I didn't see real snow until I was like 20. Hockey is such a weird foreign thing down here (no offense :))

  26. Awww...the Austin Ice Bats...I really miss them!!! Those jerseys were awful though.

  27. LOLOL! I LOVE this ;)

    I'm following from the hop.


  28. @Johnny (I know super old) - seriously, the first game I went to was the hubs, and I had noooo idea.
    @SB - haha, they were fun to watch. But awful jerseys
    @Elisabeth - glad you stopped by and enjoyed it!!

  29. awww dang... why you gotta bring up old *ish... That jersey is NOT a proud moment in Coyotes history...


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