January 23, 2011

Zombie Sunday 1/23

Run for your lives, It's baaaaack! 

Sit back, relax and munch on some human brains as you zone out - I heard they're good for hangovers - and enjoy your own Zombie Sunday.

I've decided on a hodgepodge of pictures today that I saw/discovered/found amusing. Just call me The Chive Knockoff. I don't care, I'm off to the hockey game to down a few Glühweins, chat with friends, oh and to cheer on the hubs :)

I need to do a whole post about things that Germany thinks are "American" or "Texan" but seem to miss the mark. Consider this picture a just a sample of the upcoming post. Yes, German McDonald's connoisseurs, us Texans are soooo crazy, that we put nacho chips on our burgers. Mmmmmm, I can almost feel those sharp tortilla chip corners scraping the top of my mouth as I take a big bite. ¡Deliciouso!

I saw a lady at the gym this week rocking the 80's style leotard THONG over her bright blue neon leggings. I about died. And unfortunately I don't carry a camera with me on the treadmill, weird, I know. So you will just have to imagine this below, at a German gym, on a 50 year old. You're welcome.

Found out that there is a junior hockey team named the Lindsay Muskies. Great way to honor my name (spelled wrong, but still) and my smell I guess. Haha, just kidding, I smell like roses and you know it

This guy. THIS guy. He got this tattoo because he was a big fan of the hubs' team in Arizona. Did I mention he got it before they had actually won the championship? No pressure.

The hubs managed to get a slight fracture in his clavicle towards the beginning of the season. He was completely fine, just a little pain. But he wanted to find something online that could tell him how to properly treat the fracture so it would heal quicker. He typed in "How to treat a hairline clavicle fracture" and this is what he got (check out the highlighted answer):

And last but not least, I have to share this mini-story with ya'll. Another funny thing about our time in Arizona, it really was never dull. After the guys won the championship, the team held a big pep rally. The whole area was invited to come down to the rink and meet the players, take pictures with the guys and hold the cup. I am not one to hate on fans or anything like that. Yes, some can be a bit much at times, and others downright rude, but for the most part, anyone who supports the hubs is a friend of mine. That being said, there are some really trashy fans out there. 

This mother with her three daughters walks into the arena. They were decked out in these new T-Shirts they had made in honor of the guys' championship season. Nice, I thought at first, until I actually saw them up close. The mom's and the two oldest daughters' shirts read "Arizona Sundogs Hockey Ho". The daughters were probably all of 17 and 15. And then the little one, maybe around 10 or 11 years old, well she appropriately had added "In Training" to the bottom of her shirt. I mean, let's not be vulgar or trashy or anything ladies. Way to keep it classy!

(I really, REALLY pride myself in facebook prowling and I just knew I would find a real picture of this and not have to mock one up. Sadly I could not find these people or a picture of their infamous T-Shirts.)

I also want to give another quick thanks to Ms. Mal over at Aikuli Because Life is Beautiful. She is such a sweetie and linked me up with her Versatile Blogger Award. Mal, I don't know how you do it, blogging while in college. I don't think I could have managed it with all the classes, studying, partying, skipping classes, mixers, etc., etc. Heck, I could barely manage to change out of my pajamas for class and I thought last night's makeup was totally suitable for the next day's class. Who was I!?!

I am honored that you thought of me. Thanks again!!
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  1. Hockey Ho In Training. Classic..Classy..I mean.. WTF?

  2. hahaha... Hockey Ho in training? Really? classy lady alert.. And i totally agree with you about college. lol.. i could barely change out of my pj's for class either.. let alone keep up with a blog.. i was busy facebooking anyway (when time allowed)

  3. haha..Those Tee´are priceless:))

  4. hahah oh my goodness.. pure class. my hubby's junior hockey team had a similar crew- the mom, 2 daughters (prob 12 & 15) and 2 friends. pretty sure the mom took pride in the fact that her 15 year old daughter had slept with half the team. ew. Like... where is their father?

    I also get amused by the "American" stuff over here. here they have some sort of sauce that is apparently "American hamburger sauce"... pretty sure I've never seen or used anything but ketchup or mustard, or bbq/ranch if I'm feeling really crazy. And "American Dip" for veggies and stuff. Nope, pretty sure most Americans prefer a big ol' tub of ranch with that.

    oh, and the thong thing made me laugh out loud. hahahha... ew!

  5. I giggled at all of your pictures. Hockey Ho? whaaaaat? So tacky.

    Anyways, I don't really know how I do it either, other than I don't have too challenging of a schedule this semester. And I guess it's kind of my outlet. I enjoy getting to write about my day at the end of it all!

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Love the T-shirts! What a very straight-forward expression! Teehee!


  7. I gotta tell you how happy I am you found my blog so I could find this little fem- so FUNNY and I love the randomness that is this post. My favorite blogging style, indeed. I can't wait to read about all the places you have lived!

  8. @KY - lets put an order in for a pair of these, we could totally rock them in Germany

    @Laura - seriously, who are these college bloggers :)

    @Mrs K. - glad you liked them, I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them.

    @CMD - You made me so hungry just mentioning a tub of ranch. Yum! And I also like the "Cool American" Doritos for the Cool Ranch flavor.

    @Mallori - Well you still are pretty amazing juggling it all!

    @Brownbugz - no joke, straight forward I'd say!

    @Shalyn - Thank Shalyn, what a nice compliment! Zombie Sundays are my favorite too :)

  9. Lol at this post---I've got my own zombie sunday going..I literally feel like a Zombie--guess I had too many drinks last nite :/

  10. @Jet Set - glad you enjoyed your zombie Sunday! I think I might have a zombie Monday too :)

  11. OMG, u weren't joking about the hockey ho shirts!!!lol!!! Love it!! I'll pay ya 10 dollars if u wear one to your hubby's next game!?! Hahaha

  12. I love the tattoo. That is hilarious!


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