January 24, 2011

I'm Feeling Generous!

So, looks like my Zombie Sunday successfully turned into a Zombie Monday. We stayed up way too late last night, which definitely accounts for my sleepy expression today. I better get my butt into gear before my 6pm class! It was a pretty entertaining evening, though. The hubs' team won last night, whohoo! Football was on, waaaay too late I might add, but hey, anything for a taste of home, right!?? And I might have had one too many glasses of wine. We was partyin'!

Last week in general was a really great week for me in bloggyland. I was featured on FTLOB, met a lot of really fun and funny new bloggers, got to take part in Product of Silence over at Wait in the Van, and I feel that a lot of doors are opening because of TexaGermaNadian. I couldn't be more pleased with things right now. I have met so many amazing people in this strange little world, it has been awesome.

Maybe it is the fact that I have had a good ol' blogging time this month, or the fact that January is almost over (mini celebratory dance!), or maybe its just that I am so dang sweet. Whatever it is, it is making me feel quite generous. I want to give back a bit. So, TexaGermaNadian is hosting a give away!!!

What, pray tell, will I be offering to one lucky winner. Well...are you ready for this...are you sure...are you sitting down??? The winner of TexaGermaNadians very first give away will be a custom designed header and blog button! I dabble in graphic designing, and I am not too shabby, if I do say so myself. (I have designed many-a-things, like most of the stuff you find on this blog), and if you are the lucky reader chosen, we will collaborate and get you that new header and button you have just been dying for! Here are the very simple, very easy to follow rules:

1. Entries will be chosen at random early on February 1st, 2011, Monday, January 31st. 

2. To obtain an entry, I would prefer if you were a public follower and leave a nice little (or mean, I'm ok with that) comment below. One comment will get you one entry. A hundred comments will get you blocked from my blog. Please only one comment below, if you can contain yourself.

3. BUT if you wanted to obtain another entry, you could mention something about this give away in a post on your blog between now and January 30th, and link back to this entry. That will count as 2 entries.

4. AND if you grab the give-away button above and embed it into you site, you will get an EXTRA TWO ENTRIES. (for numbers 3 and 4, please leave me a comment saying you did so, or I may never know!)

So, if I am counting correctly, the most entries you can have is 4 total. If you are the lucky winner, we will correspond through email about your new visions for a header and accompanying blog button and I should get the final product to you in a week.

So, I hope this is successful, and I hope someone really deserving wins a mini make-over for their blog. If you know anyone else who would be interested, please spread the love and the word :)

Happy Monday ya'll!
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  1. I could use a neat facelift. One not too recognizable, say, like by Dr. Rey. Even though he's good looking.

  2. Oh I could really need some help with my blog cause its a mess right now!!! Hilfe Hilfe:)

  3. Oh please, please, let me win this one. As you know, I'm a follower of your charming blog, and as much as I enjoy blogging myself, I seem to have a deficit in blog design/ html.

    (sitting here crossing my fingers...)


  4. Oh man, have you seen my blog header?! It could use some help from YOU! Pick me! I do follow:-)

  5. Happy to be a new follower and to leave a nice comment ... :)

  6. Just put the gorgeous pink button on my blog ....

  7. Repeating the last one, since it counts for 2 entries ....

  8. I would LOVE for you to help me make over my blog - I lack all skills to do so myself and would be forever grateful!! Also, if you can make over my post-baby body while you are at it, I would love you forever! Okay, okay, 3 years post baby but who's counting?

    Love the blog!!

  9. You guys rock! Ok, I am keeping track. I am really looking forward to this. I feel like I am winning something too. I love having projects, and getting to design a new blog header will be really fun. Ok, I am officially a huge nerd :)

  10. I'd love to have a blog makeover because Valentine's near because last Christmas I had some snows falling all over my blog.

    I'm a new GFC follower -- avatarlady.

    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  11. Blogged about it


    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  12. Your little header guys are super cute. I was telling my husband about your skills yday when he was checking out your page. I'd love to get pimped by you :)

    I follow on GFC as Tiffany @ NOH
    tiffany @ noordinaryhomestead.com


  13. Whoo hoo! I am a new follower and would love help on the whole blog page stuff. I am terrible at it and takes me forever to figure it out. I am thinking that chasing after 3 wee ones may contribute to it taking forever to accomplish what seems to be simple tasks these days. :)

  14. I'm a follower:) A new header would be great!

  15. I follow on Google and we are just starting up. A facelift would be great!

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  16. oh to have such a cool and stylish header as u have would be sooo great! i am starting to become tired of my header and the boring "travel" template. help help and pick me!!*jump jump*

    Respaced Girl

  17. I could use a face lift! suelee1998 @ gmail.com


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