January 14, 2011

It's Buc-ee Time!

Anyone who is from Texas, road-tripped through Texas, or has a soft heart for all things hickish will be familiar with this little dude...

Yep, that is Buc-ee the Beaver, famed and beloved mascot of the Texas-wide Buc-ee's Truck Stops. Why, you might ask, does a 'truck stop' need a bucktoothed beaver to represent them? It isn't a place you would usually associate with having a furry mascot. And I can't be 100% sure, but I don't even think there are beavers in Texas (*Wikipedia confirms, there are beavers in Texas, my bad). The short answer could be, that its because everything is bigger and better in Texas, but that might alienate some of my lovely readers from the other 49 and around the world. It's just a saying, Texas, not necessarily a way of life. Almost hurt writing that.

But really, Buc-ee the Beaver is a genius marketing strategy. Every major Interstate in Texas is dotted with huge, clever and funny billboards advertising Buc-ee's. Sayings such as "It's only 262 miles to Buc-ee's, you can hold it" or "OMG It's a Beaver, lol" and "Restrooms so clean, we leave mints in the urinals"are unique to the Beaver's sense of humor. It goes beyond the typical "Eat here and get gas" gags. Buc-ee's has carved a nitch into Texas memorabilia.

So, if the goofy looking beaver and clever signs get cars rolling into Buc-ee's what makes the weary traveler stick around?  Well, first off, the term 'truck stop' really doesn't do this place justice. If you can imagine in your head for a second, a gas station, a local BBQ joint, a Texas gift shop, a small grocery store with local 'delicacies', the nicest public restrooms you have ever seen, and a feed shop (yes, a place where you get feed for animals) all in one place and all on steroids, then you might have somewhat of an idea of what all Buc-ee's entails. 

 Like it's welcoming you home...or tractor-beaming you in

Their soda fountains are about 25 flavors deep, the sliced beef sandwiches are freshly made right in front of you, and taste better than any other road food out there. They have the cutest Texas decorations and arts and crafts and the most delicious 'homemade' Texas treats you can find. My mouth is just watering thinking about all the flavors of salsa, the pecan butter, and my favorite, jellied jalapenos. Open those babies up and serve over a hunk of cream cheese. Your tongue will be burning for more! 

  Unbelievable delicious and so southern
And then of course there are the Beaver Nuggets. So indescribably good, mostly because who knows what are in these little suckers! Actually, I looked it up, and shocking, the ingredients list starts off "Sugar, Corn Meal, Corn Syrup, Canola Oil, Molasses, etc." They are a mix between the cereal Corn Puffs and Kettle Corn, with the melt in your mouth consistency -not taste- of cheese puffs. It is physically impossible to put these nuggets down once you have opened a bag. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are laced with crack. And best of all, they don't fill you up and are loaded with calories. Mmmmm-mmmm, tastes like home :)
They never have a chance to make it home!

Buc-ee's gas stations aren't usually found in large cities, but rather strategically placed along busy highways veining between larger cities. And they really have become destinations in themselves. "I didn't necessarily plan on going to San Antonio, but there was a Buc-ee's on the way, so why the heck not".

If you ever get a chance to drive through Texas and see Buc-ee the Beaver flagging you down on the interstate, I highly suggest you take any route possible to stop by one of these marvels. You will experience true Texas culture, neatly wrapped up in the guise of a gas station. 

And it's ok to think its gaudy, you know us Texans do too. But that's one thing that is great about our state. We are over the top, sometimes in your face, but I'd put money on the fact that we are some of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Even if we are absurdly amused by these (in your best Texas draw) gosh-darned, pretty little, all-in-one, truck stops.

And BTW, why my sudden urge to profess my love for Buc-ee's? The hubs and I got a matching pair of these suckers in the mail, and I just had to show them off. Thanks again mom!
We are styling...first thing in the morning. White trash, or beyond class. You be the judge!

You name it, you can get Buc-ee the Beaver on it. Shirts, hats, aprons, mugs, and yes, sweatpants. Represent!

(And be sure to check out the Buc-ee's website! Pictures not credited are from the Buc-ee website. Worth the visit!!!)
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  1. Thanks for giving me a little "taste" of Texas! It'd be pretty neat for other bloggers to give the 411 on their home state :)...maybe I'll get around to letting "ya'll" know a little more about Massachusetts!

    I've had red pepper jelly over cream cheese with crackers, MMM you just made my belly grumble!

  2. haha! Love it! Did you tell your moving-to-Texas student about this? Then she might REALLY be scared.. haha.

    You should work for their marketing department, because this post definitely made me want to go there! If I'm ever in Texas you bet your booty I'm stopping at Buc-ee's!

    I agree with KY about the home state posts, I'll have to do the same, Wisco-style sometime soon :)

  3. KY and CMD - ya'll should totally do a post about your state. It would be really fun if we could gather bloggers from all 50 and link up. Neat idea! And maybe I will just send this link over to Buc-ee's. If they use it, and I can get a free drink mug out of it, then its a deal :)

  4. hahah is it bad that i'm from Texas (born and raised) and have never seen this Beaver fellow? I totally didn't realize he was the mascot of a truck stop.

  5. @ bethani - ok, next time you are driving on I-10, I-40 35 or 59, (and many more, I think they tend to me more south in Texas, but not sure) be on the look out for the beav. You won't be disappointing! haha, Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. hahaha :) i love the pajama pants! I've flown through Texas and been in the airport, but never have been there... you'd think i would have since my dad grew up there.. but nope. :) I think every city/state has something silly like this :) definitely agree with sending this over to Buc-ee's... maybe you can get a little compensation.. haha.. another pair of pj pants?! maybe even a matching shirt :-D

  7. Who left the cut up onion out where it could make my eyes tingle?! *sniff, sniff* {looking up and blinking}

    OK has Love's. Is basically Buc-ee's, only smaller. But I sure did love going in every other Friday with my dad and picking out our 'trail food'... deep fried burritos... beef jerky, not the packaged kind mind you. The REAL deal, in the glass jar and weighed out.

    Rad post. Now...do one for Germany.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I love Buc-ee's!! We stop everytime we're heading to Victoria!

  9. wow you are truly the spokesperson for this Beaver-thing and I really live the pajama pants:)))

  10. You crack me up Linds.... and she speaks the truth, folks. I know people who refuse to stop anywhere between Houston and San Antonio EXCEPT Buckee's. Fabulous rocking chairs, fresh sandwiches, homemade fudge, tacky Texas decor, and the best travel bathrooms everrrr. Love and miss you!

  11. One day, I'll go to Texas and find that Beaver!!

  12. Hahah @ Mrs. K's comment -- TexaGermaNadian, Official Spokesperson of Buc-ee the Beaver.

    I like it ;)

  13. @ Mrs. K - who doesn't love sweatpants?!?!
    @ Kristin - thanks girl!!! I miss ya too, and glad you stopped by. And I totally forgot about the rocking chairs, you are so right!
    @Kim - I had no idea you had a blog as well, and literally can't wait to check it out. Thanks for sharing your site with me, looking forward to following yours!
    @ Laura - like I said to bethani, you have to go if you are ever in Texas. Its a must :)
    @ Mollie - I have to admit, I had a hard time leaving Love's for Buc-ee's. It also has a special place in my heart, lol
    @ burr - I don't know what you are meaning, haha, but awesome. THanks for stopping by!

  14. Oh, and I forgot one, @ My Muñoz Family, I saw your post and I am glad someone loved Buc-ee's as much as I do. Thanks again for the shout out and I also hate you for making my crave Rudy's. I'll just keep telling myself "Only 3 more months, only 3 more months" lol

  15. Why are you two so cute? Adorable pants photo.

  16. Haha, thanks HW! I think we both look more sleepy-eyed than cute, but whatever :)

  17. My brother is a manager at Bucc-ees, which sounds totally weird but in reality, is totally fucking awesome. Who gets fudge and beef jerky fo' free?

    This girl does.


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