January 12, 2011

Just By Chance

Little strings of fate and kismet seem to weave their way through our lives. They criss and cross between friends, lovers, enemies, complete strangers, building up up a beautiful and tangled web of connections and chances.

Some people call this a work of God, others chalk it up to complete coincidence. I think it is all how you look at it.

I feel like my life is full of these kismet moments. What if the hubs hadn't gotten last minute transfer to San Antonio? What if I had decided to go to college in another city? What if he hadn't won that final game and we didn't get married in Vegas? What if...what if...what if... you can infinitely push forward into the future and go back to the beginning of your life with this question.

Some of these random encounters in life are very meaningful. They blossom into connections and relationships that you now couldn't imagine being without. Some of the chance meetings are nothing more than just random, adventitious occurrences. They give you a brief glimpse into another's life and then their gone along their way. Like a curtain being drawn back just long enough to get a peek at a beautiful masterpiece.

Now, I am not trying to get all psychological, spiritual or preachy. It's just something that I find very neat. A 'force', if you will, in life that makes it all so exciting. If we can't be amused by life itself, than we are doomed to constantly dwell on the sad and serious.

So, on a lighter note, I got a random little surprise yesterday. Skype had sent me an email saying that I had a voice mail on my online number. Since our internet is so crappy this year, we hardly ever get anyone calling our Skype . So, I am always a bit excited to see who has left a message, albeit this time I did not recognize the number.

I pushed play and a very proper British gentleman's voice came over the recording. It sounded so smooth and melodic, I thought it was a pre-recorded sales pitch hawking some fabulous and exotic cruise I had just 'won'. But I soon enough realized that is was a very sweet man, leaving the most endearing and heartfelt message to his mother traveling back home to England after a visit with him and his wife (in Houston, I supposed).

Maybe it was just because I am always a little homesick and miss my parents and friends at home, or maybe it was the absolutely sincere and lovely message that he left his mum while she was somewhere in the air over the Atlantic. It made me smile and tear up and the same time...and I don't even know this person. And if you really knew me, you would know I am far off from that weepy kind of girl. So it really did touch me.

I phoned the number back to let them know that the message had been recorded on the wrong line. I thought that it was such a great message, the person who it was intended for needed to hear it. The man's wife answered the phone, and she was just as sweet as he sounded. She confirmed what I had already thought, that the man's mother had visited them in Houston and was already back in the UK. We spoke briefly. She thanked me for letting them know the message didn't get through, and I reiterated to her how charming the message was, and that anyone to get a message like that must be pretty special.

And that was it, a quick open and shutting of a life. A curt glance into these loving people's life. A reassurance that there are genuinely good people out there, and that there always will be.

I am not trying to get all sugary with ya'll, I just thought it was neat enough to share. I have embedded the recording below, so if you want, you can hear the message too. It might not mean anything to those that have never been far from home, without your family. But I have a feeling that those of you out there that know what I am talking about, it will tug a bit on your heart strings.

Makes me want to call my parents and tell them how much they mean to me....although they might not like the 4 a.m. wake up call right at this moment :)

Audio of the voice mail:

Copy of the recording:

"Well, good afternoon, I want to be one of the first to welcome you home. I hope the flight was comfortable and spacious and that you at least managed to get some rest. Got lovely a email from Patrick saying he'd be there for you, and I am sure he was. Oh It's horrible, we miss you already. The dog was going "wimper wimper" looking around the empty bed. So this is not good. You are going to have to make your way back here as soon as you can. Or we can always come visit you. We will figure something out. We love you so much and had a phenomenal time. We were just commenting on all the things we did. It was a multi-facited trip. And all the better for it, we loved it. Alright, well listen, call us when you're in. And thinking about you. And we will speak to you shortly. Love you mom, and welcome home. Bye."

Angels deliver Fate to our doorstep - and anywhere else it is needed.  ~ Jessi Lane Adams
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  1. Wow, what a touching guy! I am not a big Bible pusher either, but maybe this was *Gods* way of sending YOU a little message to keep your chin up cupcake!! Check my blog later for a lovely homesick post, boy oh boy it's been a long time coming!!!

  2. What a lovely message...instantly made me homesick as I am half British.

  3. There are a lot of surprises in every corner of our lives to bring us little bundles of happiness. It can be a wrong phonecall sometimes. :-)

    Have a nice day!


  4. It really was too cool and sweet, I am glad ya'll think so too! :)

  5. Adorable! I love that you were able to share it with us.

  6. Wouldn't it be great if everybody did thoughtful things every day? What a nice reminder of how sweet life can be :)

  7. Ah, yes! That little extra touch that means so much.

    Thank for sharing this...you old softie you.

  8. @HW - it really did make me want to call my mom right then and there, this man sounded so sweet

    @Meri - so true it a nice reminder of how sweet life can be, well put!

    @ Moannie - oh, you know, that is just me :) lol, I am glad you enjoyed it!

  9. what a great message! The world needs more people like him :)


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