January 27, 2011

Even if it is 'sooo cute'

Thanks to my Yahoo! homepage, I have today's post. And as much as I am an animal lover, some things are just plain silly. I realize I might be alienating some of my readers with this one, but it cannot go unsaid....

No, no they effing don't.

(Or said even more eloquently by Dale Sturtevant "...keep in mind, you're a f--king dog!")

and if you don't know who Dale Sturtevant is, be sure to google him and watch his 'training' videos :)
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  2. hahahaha... our pup is NOT a fan of the sweater I put on her to go outside in the winter, but I would just feel it would be cruel NOT having her wear it. When she has her hair cut short + frigid Finland temperatures, I don't really care how silly she looks (and by the time she's outside and shaking, I don't think she cares either) Big dogs that are meant to be outdoor/cold climate dogs wearing "coats" or dressing dogs up in multiple outfits for fun, now that's a whole different story... to each, his own I guess :)

  3. To both you lovely ladies, I did not mean to offend :) And I am sure the tiny little pups could use a parka or too. But I am entitled to still think they look a little nutty. And come on, I had friends in Texas that would dress their dogs in sweaters if the temperature dropped into the 60s. That really is ridiculous. Poor sweaty doggies, lol

  4. I am with you TexaGermaNadian!! My mother's dog has more sweaters, coats, carriers etc. I recall growing up my mom always said we only needed "ONE" coat...anything more was ridiculous. 25 years later, Her dog has eight!!!

  5. Thanks so much for coming over to check out my blog from the hop! I truly appreciate it! I hope you'll come back by soon! BJ

  6. This is pretty genius, nobody here puts their dogs in sweaters even when it's freezing yet in SF they were always in sweaters and rhinestones!

  7. @THW- haha, isn't funny how parents spoil pets after we leave the nest. Glad to see your 'sister' doggie is nice and cozy with her 8 coats :)

    @Bobbi - well you are welcome, and thanks back to you for also stopping by!

    @Morgan - YES! You GET it! That is what I am talking about, the rhinestones and costumes people dress their pets up in. Re-dic.

  8. Haha - I love it! You're totally not offending me with this.

    Thanks for the follow - following back!

  9. My daughter put her old halloween
    costume on our Lab. The lab looked
    totally embarrased. LOL!
    Thanks for following!
    I'm following back.
    Mika (www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com)

  10. @ Texas Mom - well thanks for stopping by and following, and glad you are not offended :) I think some people were not happy about this post, buy hey, what can ya do?!

    @Mika - no joke, I feel that most of the dogs that people dress up just look embarrassed that their owner did that it them, haha. Poor dooogies.

  11. You know, there are tons of little boys out there dreaming of the day when they can loosen the shackles of society and start their career designing froufrou frocks for pooches... and then you go and shat on their dreams.

    well played, good lady.

  12. Ha! I know it's slightly ridiculous, but my parents' border terrier looks soooo cute in his collection (yes, collection, multiple!) jackets and sweaters! hehe.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I really appreciate it.

  13. Ha- you said effing. Thats funny. I agree- coats are not necessary!

    You know what, though? Its really cold in our house because we have no insulation and all tile and we have a teacup yorkie that just got shaved and now shakes ALL THE TIME because she is cold. Maybe I should invest in one?

  14. Also, I have something for you.

  15. @Mollie - you are so right, I just shattered the dreams of closeted little boys everywhere! Maybe they can just stick to designing the 'beautiful' pageant gowns that toddlers wear. haha. And something for ME!? I am very curious now :)

    @Vannessa - As soon as I posted this, the hubs was like, oh you just wait until we have a dog, you will dress it everyday. So maybe I am unforeseen the pot calling the kettle black. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Shalyn - haha, poor little yorkie. She must be cold. I think I might have to call the SPCA.... :)


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