December 19, 2010

I'm Obsessed

There comes a time in every couples' relationship when they start to think, "What's next for us?" When maybe they begin to realize that the two of them just isn't enough. I have to admit, that some of these emotions have really been toying with my mind the last few months. The longing, the wanting, the dreaming of names and making future plans...

You seriously don't think I am talking about having kids, do you?!?! Yeah right!!! At least not now, too many other things to do and worry about. I am having such a great life with my husband right now, and I plan to enjoy our 'alone' time as long as possible. We will never have this opportunity again, the days just to ourselves. And I am sure that we will eventually catch the seemingly contagious baby bug, but for now, I don't have 'baby fever' I have 'pet fever'. And I have it bad!

Oh its almost sickening to think about. I can't help myself! I see people walking their dogs on the street and I want to pet and cuddle them. I talk to them in the strangest 'puppy' voice. "Ohhhh, yous a guuuuuud dougie, aren't you!?!". Yeah, like the Germans don't think I am crazy enough already. I chase down all the farm cats that live in our area when I go running. I feel obligated to feed treats to the goaties in our front yard (yes, they live right in our front yard). I am sure our landlords really love that.
Even they didn't like celery!

I have even 'adopted' a little European Robin that stops by our porch for breakfast every morning. I feel guilty if I sleep in late and can't feed him his daily smooshed up cracker.

But he is just so cute!

And the kitty, how I love the kitty. He hates me, or maybe just all humans. But that doesn't mean that I didn't construct a warm box for him to sleep in (which he has never used, but I still have hope), or that I don't throw left over meat at him. Yes, throw it at him, or rather to him. He won't come close enough to feed, so I must chuck it past the goat pen and into the open field - much to be chagrin of the goaties.
The elusive kitty stalking his field mouse prey

I have always been a sucker for animals. But as much as we both would love a pet right now, I just can't bring myself to ship it back and forth between Germany, Texas and Canada yearly. Call me inhumane, but I would have no problem doing that to a kid. Well, probably because kids don't ride in the cargo hold below the plane...although I am sure some mom's wouldn't mind that from time to time. And you can explain to a child why you are traveling back and forth between countries. I think a dog or a cat would be helpless to understand and to cope with all the change and travel that comes with the hockey life.

How can you say 'no' to that?

So, all my 'adopted' pets here in Germany are my kind of pet birth control. I think they will calm my urge to take in every stray animal I see. Until we are settled in a permanent place...if that will really ever happen.... I will continue to feed Ritz crackers, leftover turkey, and stale frosted corn flakes to my babies. "Whooose a good buddy?!?"
And just for the record, I am not the only one with the 'pet fever'
Thanks for the kisses Wilbur
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  1. haha, this is great. I totally had pet fever last year and would babysit EVERYONES dogs that I could on the team for road trips! but it wasn't very good pet birth-control... As soon as I was home in march I picked up Wilbur!!!!


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