January 26, 2011

Compliment Sandys for Everyone

I can pretend it's spring already, right?! I am longing for a day without a heavy winter coat, a day without Deutsch, a day at home by the pool. The dog days of January are upon us at the moment. What we like to call Groundhog day. The hubs gets up, he goes to practice, I have class, we mindless watch horrible television, I hop around bloggyland. I don't enjoy the winter. I am not one of those sassy Germans that gets all bundled up and cross country skis across our front lawn like it is the most beautiful day they have ever seen. Nuh-uh, no way. I live in my blanket, lounge in my robe and hibernate like a good little bear until the first signs of spring emerge. 

Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today.

But, even though the weather outside is effing depressing frightful, that doesn't mean I can't start springing things up inside. Inside my apartment and inside my head. Time to toss those wintery thoughts and bring on new buds of ideas and ideals. Does that mean I will be a chipper little forest creature the rest of this blog?? You bet you ass there is no way that will happen. That's not in my nature.

But maybe it can mean that I can vent a bit, let some things off my chest, and then also give a word of praise or two in the meantime. Clear my head, clean up the cobwebs in my mind and get ready for the spring. Inspired by the great ladies over at FTLOB, I am ready to clean out my closet!

Instead of being a totally negative Nelly, I think I will use the "Compliment Sandwich Technique", where you sandwich one bad point between two good points. For instance, I really like sandwiches, but I really, really hate the term "Compliment Sandwich Technique", although it was pretty helpful for me to get ideas for this post. See, wasn't that easy??

Good: Hey facebook you've been doing a really great job lately for a lot of people out there. I wanted to thank you for keeping me in touch with my close friends scattered throughout the United States. For a sometimes homesick Texan in Germany, it is a life saver!
Bad: Well, I think we might have to part ways soon. Its not you, its some of your loser users. I don't care what the shit you did all day long, what dumb indie band you are sooo into right now, or that you can recite song lyrics and pass them off as your own words in your status. (said much better here). Also, I want to punch (think positively) am slightly annoyed by the Mommybookers out there. Don't get me wrong Moms, I love seeing pictures of your kids. Your son and daughter really are precious. But when I have to log onto facebook and see that your kid is running a fever, has a dirty diaper, learned to wear big girl panties, or that your doctor told you it could be any day now because your freakin' cervix is getting soft I want to defriend you immediately.
Good: And on that note, thank you facebook for the hide button. That too is a life saver!

Good: I love my generation. We don't quite have the middle-management aspirations of Generation X and we aren't exactly the Hannah Montana crazers of the younger ones. We were born in the middle of a technological boom, torn between writing notes in high school and sending emails in college. We don't take no for an answer, we want things our way, and we are all pretty dang creative.
Bad: But let's be honest. In this whole texting, emailing, chatting lifestyle, we are losing the ability to have real relationships face to face. Many struggle to be sociable at live functions, and for the extreme, some have a hard time living outside their video game avatar. Quit resolving your problems through text messaging, have you noticed it doesn't work? Don't ignore emails, just don't. It is rude, it is happening more and more often because it is too easy to do. And please, for goodness sake, quit airing your dirty laundry on facebook. Divorces are bitter, we get that. Take the high road and leave the internet name calling and bullying behind.
Good: Ummmm, well it felt pretty good to get that off my chest, does that count as the bottom loaf in my sandwich??

I am blessed that I get to travel around the world as such a young age. I am free to discover and immerse myself in different cultures, to learn new languages, and to meet people that I would have never had the honor to meet before. I think some hockey wives (not any of the lovely in bloggyland) will argue that this kind of hockey life closes more doors that opens. I strongly disagree. I am not 'putting all my hope and dreams on hold' while we live abroad. I am building new paths in life and growing my dreams to even bigger sizes than before.
Bad: I am scared for the day that I go back home, and it won't feel like home anymore. We always plan to live in Texas when this traveling is all said and done, but in the hockey world, nothing is a constant. What if I will never live in Texas again? Now that frightens me (see, I can do vulnerability without being a wiseass!)
Good:  This lifestyle has made me and the hubs closer than we could have ever imagined. And it is only the beginning. I guess as long as I am with him, I will always have a home.

Three, extremely random, things I can try to leave in the past, place them in my mind's Goodwill box, and not linger over. I have never been one to dwell too long on the bad. I consider myself a good adapter, a good 'living in the moment' kind of gal. Even if that moment right now I want to drop kick the weather for dumping another healthy amount of snow :( 

Here's to your spring, I hope it finds you ready and blossoming with new ideas!

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  1. Excellent attitude, immersing yourself in new adventures as you travel rather than wallowing and missing what was familiar ... :)

  2. Facebook and text messaging are the scourge of modern civilization. Only an observer of the former I'm nonetheless glad to see we are in the 16th minute. The same was probably said of the telephone the letter, and the stone tablet. Nothing beats real contact.

  3. Very nicely done my friend! I had TJ change my password last week so I couldn't get on Facebook. I honestly didn't miss it and was 100% more productive..I considered just deleting it but especially right now Facebook is one of my main ways to communicate with friends back home. I admit to too many status updates a day but they are normally funny (at least to me) and are just little updates to let my family know I haven't jumped off the roof yet here in depressing Deutschland!

  4. The secret word is "ignore." I just ignore the stuff that I don't want to see or read on Facebook. Who knows, my friends might have some stuff they don't want to read or see from me either. It takes two to tango. But let's face it, there will come a point in time that you have to be in contact with someone and that someone is in Facebook. It's just like MySpace. I deleted my account there. Now I'm lost coz there were friends of mine who were there and I don't know where to find their contact numbers. Sigh. I just don't want to do the same mistake.


  5. i love that you did this! The sandwich technique is great (and makes me quite hungry:-))

    I feel like we have the same, mundane routine right now as well. The problem is, I don't know id I would rather have this routine, or the craziness that starts for us next week!

    I love that you have gotten to travel so much- I am blessed to have been able to do that as well but I want to live in a different country! Your goign to have great things to tell your kiddos! Have a great day, lady!

  6. @ Yenta - thanks! It is hard to keep that attitude at times, but I try :)

    @Rusk - no kidding, I am about ready to unplug it all. You're so right, nothing beats real contact.

    @KY - haha, I think it is too funny that you had to get TJ to change your password for you. Didn't trust yourself, did ya?!? I am slowly starting weening, but like you said, it is so good for friends at home

    @Brownbugz - ignore, ignore, ignore! Can't tell you enough I do this on facebook. And you're totally right, I don't want to erase or burn any bridges. So like you, I am stuck

    @Shalyn - well thanks girl! What is all this talk about excitement next week?? I am intrigued. And hope you are having a great day too. Loved your post today!

  7. I just LOL'd at "when i see that... it could be any day now because your freakin' cervix is getting soft I want to defriend you immediately."

    "it felt pretty good to get that off my chest, does that count as the bottom loaf in my sandwich??" LOVE it.

    "as long as I am with him, I will always have a home." beautifully said and i couldn't agree more. (but, with MY husband, not YOURS ;)

    you may be in a bad wintry mood, but you just made my day brighter, texagermanadian! here's to spring being here before you know it!

  8. a few minutes after reading this post i was checking an email from a freind and had this converstation in my head:

    ooh yay! like! where's the like button? oh wait, this is email. damn, i actually have to write her back!

    and then i was deeply ashamed of my facebook addiction! (btw the email i was reading was a short note saying she was mailing me a valentine. yay!)

  9. @Ali - Well thanks! Since you have made me laugh on more than one occasion, I'm glad to return the favor :)

    @lorn - that is just sad :) haha, jk. I go on kicks where I feel like I can't live without fb and then other times when I absolutely hate it. Guess which kick I am on now?!? And nice about your friend sending you a valentine! I see you are in Czech, and snail mail is always great while you are out of the country


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