December 18, 2010

Back Again

About dang time, dontcha think? :) Two years later, our third season in Germany, I think it is fair to say that things have changed since that non-German speaking girl started up this blog. My intention was never to broadcast to the world my every waking action. It was more so an outlet to send a kind of 'virtual postcard' to family and friends. A way to include them in my adventures abroad.

Two seasons in one city was long enough for us. Oh, and not to mention that we didn't even get all of our paycheck last year. Yeah, that might have had something to do with us wanting to get the heck outta Dodge. Sadly, that team doesn't exist anymore. Corruption and poor money management left some great hockey players and fans stranded in a town without a team.
So, this season, clean slate. New team, new city, new friends and experiences. New apartment, new rink, and new attitude. The perpetual smile on my face is proof that we are having a great time this year.
Really, the goatie that lives in our front yard wanted to make his online debut!

Why did I come back to my beloved, albeit somewhat abandoned TexaGermaNadian? Why now, when I actually have a work schedule and things to do for a change? I am not really the kind of person to display my entire private life online. Not one of those people who think that the facebook crowd is dying to know what they did all day. Everyone has at least one friend who is a 'status-slut'. Without talking to this person for 5 years, you know their details of how long they were stuck in traffic, what wrong order they got at Starbucks, how much they are in love with their boyfriend, their intricate dinner preparation and clean-up. Don't get me wrong, when bored online, I love those people. New News feed is never bad feed!

But this isn't about facebook. Although, the number of times I check it a day, I think I could write a rather informative blog about it alone. But rather, I came across a few things the other day. Some things that really made me mad. Like sick to my stomach uneasy. I stumbled on a few articles written by fellow people in the hockey world. Their complaining and ill-natured references to teams, owners, coaches, living situations, and fellow hockey friends blew my mind and really left me fuming. People will read those articles; they will get this image in their head about the hockey world. They will associate those experiences and attitude with MY situation. And I didn't feel like I could just let that happen. Believe you me, I totally think anyone and everyone is free to write whatever they want to write. I get ranting and raving about issues that truly need a voice (political or health issues, things that will bring prosperity to others).

But really, what I wanted to do was to show a different side of the story. And also, to say that I don't think it is alright or even normal to pick on hockey associates publicly. Maybe these people have forgotten what it is like to come to a new team, to not know anyone, and put yourself in a potentially vulnerable situation. Maybe they forgot that not everyday is a perfect day, regardless if you are living in Europe with your hockey playing husband, or lead a 'normal' 9-5 job in your hometown.

Contrary to what some might lead you to believe, not all hockey wives and girlfriends are backbiting and immature. In fact, I have met some of the most amazing people while living the hockey life. In North America and in Europe, you feel so lucky to run into these amazing women. Families that you would have never known existed had you not been so blessed to be on the same team. And you get to share a very intimate part of your life with them. While living the hockey life, you have a lot of time to yourself and to your family. More so than you would ever have in the 'normal' daily world. This time allows you to grow relationships and friendship deeper and stronger than you could imagine. An old, ridiculously corny, but oh so true in this light, sorority quote comes to mind:
"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it; From the inside looking out, you can't explain it..."
Shout out!

Anyone who has gone through a growth or change in their life will understand this. It doesn't matter where you are from, or what you do in life, I think the idea behind this is true. I'll end it with that I don't think I am a saint, nor am I trying to preach. I'm jumping off my soap box, and don't plan on stepping back up there anytime soon. I said my peace, now onto other things.

What, you really think I am going to detail you in on my day to day German activities?!?! As bored as you might be, seeing that you are already here to read my blog :), I don't think regaling my technique for making my own brown sugar in a country that has no brown sugar for sale is really going to keep you interested. (Actually, scratch that, my homemade brown sugar makes the softest and most delicious cookies. Definitely an upcoming entry for all the fellow North Americans in Europe).
Unfortunately, not an every day experience over here :(

So, what am I going to write about then? If I can actually manage to keep this thing somewhat current, I would love to share my daily funny and sometimes weird European experiences. While my daily life is definitely not interesting, I think some of the things that me and my husband run into are quite amusing. Sure, there will be stories about our 'hockey life' from time to time. But really, if I take out the word hockey, they aren't any different than anyone else's daily experiences.

If you decide to follow, I hope you enjoy. And I hope I can bring some humor to the not always easy or funny task of living in a foreign country. I mean, there are only so many wienerschnitzel jokes I can make! :)
Haha, "Exit" is Ass Fart! Wait...maybe we are immature :)
CC Image courtesy of 'wyzik' on Flickr
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  1. I'm so glad you're back! Man oh man, what a disaster our first German experience was! Brilliant idea to start fresh somewhere else - if only we could have foreseen the future! Ah well ... what's done is done, right? Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new 'home'!


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