December 20, 2010

The Funny Things...

I hate to admit it, but I think Germany is turning into our 'home'. I guess I shouldn't say it like that. It comes across negative, but I don't mean it in a bad way really. We are really thankful to have the opportunity to play and live over here. There are significantly less games a season, you are given a car and apartment, most of the time you're treated as a human being and not a commodity, and of course the security that comes with the contracts is really comforting. No wild trades, or loans. The team you sign to play for is the team you get. Oh yeah, and I guess another advantage is that whole 'exploring Europe' thing :)

It is just that anyplace you live in that isn't your home, well, just will never completely feel like home. But that being said, the more time we spend over here, the more normal and homey it feels.

I think after making a foreign place your home, you tend to turn a blind eye to things that originally seemed strange and different. For example, when we go back home to North America for the summer, I tend to freak out the grocery store bag boy when I run to the end of the checkout stand to pack up my own groceries. It has become second nature, it is something that you always do yourself over here. And quickly, I might add. You are likely to get your groceries run over by the items from the person behind you. It is somewhat nerve racking when the store is busy and it is your turn to bag up the groceries. I always get nervous coming up to the end of a checkout line. Feel like I need to do some stretches, lunges, warm up somehow!
Outcha way, bagger boy. I got this!

CC of deb roby on flickr

I had forgotten how funny some of the signs in German can be. Of course there is the aforementioned "Ausfahrt" for exit. Doesn't take a genius to see how those of us with a 3rd Grade sense of humor think that one is funny.

But when my parents came to visit, they brought fresh eyes, and also a sick sense of humor. I was able to see things in a whole new, and completely inappropriate light.

First, there is "Sparkasse", one of the biggest savings bank in Germany. Again, doesn't take much to see why this one is funny. I could make some crude, although hilarious, references to what this term could refer to in English...but I will just steer clear. 

Talk about lighting a fire under your butt!
Another one we found humorous is a sign often found in book stores. It is "Preishits", which literally means "Price Hits" and is used to advertise the best or newly discounted prices in a store. I thought it would be more appropriate if was an adjective, a word describing the feeling you have before you eat Mexican food. I'm awful.
CC Image courtesy of

But the best of the best we have seen so far. And if you have a higher intellect sense of humor, you might just want to stop right here. Still here? Good. Now giggle again at 'Ausfahrt' haha, Ok, we can move on. My husband had a bit of a cough the other day, and he was annoying the heck out of me at night I wanted to get him something that would soothe his scratchy throat. 
Perfect for kids or scratchy throat hockey players
We are never sure what players are allowed to take medicine wise, and since many of the cough medicines contain Codine - over the counter Codine - I thought that a children's herbal cough syrup would not only be delicious (oh yeah right, yum) but also be enough to do the trick. Little did I know I was setting my husband up.
Sorry hon, I didn't mean to feed you it, but I know your throat feels much better now, haha!
Yes, I know it means Thick Extract...but still funny :)
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  1. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love the medicine!

    I love being home but man oh man do I miss Germany. When I think of it, I really only miss fewer games and Kim. Not necessarily German itself.


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