April 23, 2012

Greetings from...

Am I doing this?

Am I actually staging a comeback?

Can you stage a comeback and say that you're staging a comeback yourself?

No excuses, no "I'm sorry I didn't write", no nothing. Well, maybe an "I've missed ya'll!". Which is the real truth.

So, like a giant band-aid, let's rip off all the things I've missed writing about over the last month and a half.
Love this kid's face! (source)

1. We're back in Texas….and have been for over a month now. Yeah, a month. With the spring weather being absolutely perfect, do you blame me for taking a hiatus? I needed the sun after only 4 hours of it each day this past winter.

2. Speaking of Texas, I just spotted my first pair of Truck Nutz. Le sigh. I've missed ya, you nasty, nasty things. And, right after I saw the Truck Nutz, I saw a pair of something else truly….trash-tastic. Apparently these babies are going by the name, Fuzzy Danglers. I've blacked out the nips so that you folks at a work computer won't get into too much trouble.

See, you knew you could count on me coming back and showing a slightly inappropriate photo! (source)

Like a pair of dice, only fleshier, these nice swinging pair were hanging off the rear view mirror of a SUV at the gym. Needless to say, I didn't have my camera with me, or you know I would have gotten a shot of them. I'm thinking that there might need to be an updated Nad Watch 2012, but with these instead. Have ya'll ever seen anything like it before? If so, move cities and run for your life. Sheesh.

3. We're actually headed to the Big Apple this week. Getting to see the hubs' brother and then a quick stop by Canada to see the gramps. Really excited to head up there. Should be a great time! Any 'off the beaten path' suggestions for us in NYC? We did an ah-maz-ing all-day bike tour of the Burrow's last time we were there. And while it might be hard to top something that bizarre, we're game for just about anything. I'm all ears!

4. (Update, because I forgot-ed). I FINALLY got to see the Northern Lights!!! EEEEK! It was our last week in Finland, and the amazingly awesome Megan over at A Suitcase and Stilettos messaged me to say that a big storm was coming through and the Northern Lights were supposed to be great that night. She's in Norway and keeps an eye on these things. So the hubs and I drove out of the city to 'find' them. He about swerved off the highway as they Aurora came into focus and I screamed at the top of my lungs, "THERE THEY ARE!". It was pretty cool. Because of the full moon that night, they weren't as bright as they could have been. But still, they were visible and like nothing I had seen before. And, of course, I don't have a picture. Lost my camera somewhere between Helsinki and Houston in January. Not that the pics would have come out anyways. But for those of you that breeze through the blog (let's be honest, we all do that to some extent), I'll let you think the picture below was them :)

Not quite this spectacular, but nonetheless, this Texas girl was impressed! (source)
5. There may or may not be a new little hockey dude going at the top of the blog, hint, hint, wink, wink. (no, don't mistakenly congratulate me on being pregnant. I'm talking about a new league, a new team and a spankin' new country name jammed into the already over-crowded TGFN). Which I'm really excited for. You see, Finland was awesome. Seriously, if you ever have the slightest chance to visit Finland, I highly recommend doing so. The people are friendly, the country is beautiful and everything is just laid back and easy there. Which left me little to complain about, and felt considerably  less 'foreign' than Germany did at times (still love ya, Deutschland! You were so fun!).

I honestly felt like I just did this for Finland. Where has the time gone?! (source)
But, because it was so easy and North American-like in Finland, I had quite a bit less fuel to feed my bizarro blog fire. When things are 'normal', they often aren't too exciting to write about. But, there's a new country on the horizon. One that you probably don't know much about. And one that I think might be just the thing to kick start my writing back into action. Curious, aren't you?! Well, I'm going to make you sweat it out. (And if you already know, help me keep it a mini-secret, at least for now!)

Other than that, things have been going great here. Time is flying by, which it always does when we're back. But, we're really trying our best to make the most out of it. Seeing friends, traveling, doing lots in Houston and taking in every single second at home. Which, as you can imagine, is why I have been a little MIA.

I'm thinking the 'big reveal' will be next week. Something like I did for Finland. You get a history/geography lesson AND get to learn where we are headed for next season. You lucky, lucky dogs, you :)
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  1. However long away, it's always good to stop by and visit - I inevitably get a smile out of it ... :)

  2. Welcome Back to:

    1) Blogging
    2) US of A
    3) Texas
    4) Whataburger (the most important)

    Enjoy your time in the states and eat lots of great food you most definitely missed in Finland. (I know if I'm missing them in New Orleans you must be missing them!)


  4. Now we just need some Fuzzy Nutz and everything will be right with the world. And by "right" I mean ready for apocalypse.

  5. Hay There Ltl Tex??? - Am so excited to have you back. Hey honey, everyone needs a break; we all take em and then we kinda just get back out there and send out a post or two or three or........
    Glad to hear you have another bright horizon to venture into. Am so happy to have you back, silly girl and snappy blades to hub on new ice as the season draws near, wherever the heck that might be. Thanks a bunch for your sweet note. Take care and looking forward to NEW SEASON :)

  6. Welcome back!

    about the new one on this blog.. damn, I am so eager to know, haha *put a ´number one stalker´ hashtag here*

    oh, and enjoy Texas and the summer and everything that comes hand in hand with it!

  7. Can't wait to see where y'all go next! And I think there's actually been quite a few people MIA lately, myself included!

  8. You're back!!!! You're Back!!!! Like a beautiful bright and rare Aurora that you may or may not have taken a picture of (yes I read every word). I couldn't be happier if the screen was full of areolas which would be as exciting and inappropriate as clicking on your other photo (should have read a bit more while at work). As you know, I had a candle burning for you - in my mouth. If you wind up in another cold climate - be sure to call me to send you warm thoughts. Yes Tex Fans - I am as crazy as she is.. ;~)

  9. Glad your back. Can't wait to see where the next adventure takes you!

  10. YOU TEASEE!!!! Dying to know where you will be next, but so excited you are back and enjoying the warm weather in Texas becasue we are having a bipolar-yet-mostly-cloudy-rainy-chilly April right now in Germany while everyone in Texas is swimming. Have a great time in New York and Canada. You have no idea how glad I was to see you in my RSS feeds again :)

    And beyond jealous of the northern lights - may hit Finland in the fall, have a friend doing ERASMUS there

  11. @Yenta - Well hi! Really good to hear from you :) Hope you have been well. I'm so behind, I need to stop by and see what you've been up to.
    @Betty - haha, no kidding. Oh man, Whataburger (and Sonic) are the best when we're back. OH! We are actually headed to New Orleans in May for a wedding. What are the must stops on our eating extravaganza while there??
    @KY - can I just say that I love ya :) Thanks Kym, I know, about time, right?!
    @Joshua - Hi! Haha, there are signs of the impending apocalypse everywhere. It truly is scary ;)
    @Lisa - Thanks Lisa!
    @Saucy - Hey Lilly, once again, good to hear from ya. Well thanks so much, that really means a lot to both of us. Yes, I believe another silly adventure is in the works ;)
    @Susanne - Thanks! yes, you can for sure be my hashtag number one stalker. I'd be honored, lol. Well, it's nice now….ask me again how I like the weather in August, haha
    @Mallori - Hey girl! How are you? I hope you have been well. Thanks Mal!
    @SFlaGuy - hahaha, finally, right?? Aw, you really did. Thanks for that, not many people do, lol. Hahaha, why didn't I think of THAT segment from topic to topic! Too funny, genius.
    @Kyria - Well thanks, Kyria. I really appreciate it!
    @Alex - I know, I know. I need to post. I just did on Facebook (my own, not on TGN's….not that I even have one, haha). I was too excited to wait. But I promise to 'reveal' next week ;) You should definitely hit up Finland. I think you would love it (and fit right in!). You're too sweet Alex, really appreciate it. It was good catching up on your blog too!

  12. I've totally been thinking about you!!!! About a month ago I saw my first IN PERSON TruckNutz...on a Volvo station wagon!!!!! Of course I took a picture :)

    Welcome back :)

  13. welcome back!! so excited to hear what the next country is!! :)

  14. So glad you're back and can't WAIT for your announcement :D

  15. great to see your back... and you are seeing the world aren't you now... we are going to have to get together for virtual tea... you bring the tea and i will bring the matrix...

  16. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!! I don't think "shouting it once was enough. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! I've missed you. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

  17. wow- I can't believe Finland is here and gone so quickly! I can't wait to hear what the next addition to the saga is! Welcome back to blogville sistah :)

  18. Ooohhh, I'm going to guess...Russia! Or the Ukraine! Or Croatia! Or Serbia! Hungary?? (No idea where the league actually has teams).

  19. Good to see you writing again! I was wondering if you'd exhausted all your material for topics in Finland! :-)

  20. HI there!!! Glad to see you're back!!! :) A new country??? I'm sensing a longer blog title is on the horizon..... haha

  21. How awesome that you get to go to another country! Can't wait to find out.

  22. Welcome back :) How exciting that you might have a whole new country to look forward to! Until then, enjoy being back home. isn't it hot here in Texas already? Feels like summer rather than spring.

  23. How bout a contest to see who guesses your next destination? The winner gets...Uh, I dunno, a mental high five?

    Anyhoo...my vote is Estonia! Cause I like how it sounds. No idea if they actually play hockey there but whatev's.

  24. Woop! **donning welcome back kotter theme song** Hope you had a blast in the big apple...you won't find naugty car accessories there :)

  25. I am SO happy you are back, but am not happy about having to wait to find out where you guys are going! I bet waiting to find out for you guys is equally as exciting!

  26. My vote for your next stop is...Italy. I know, I know...not exactly a center for Hockey but maybe it's just time to renovate the ol' Coliseum and turn it into a rink. Yes?

    Think about it. Lotsa potential!

    Then...I would book a flight and come over and hang-out, do lunch in the Amalfi Coast.

    Sound like a plan?

    Missed you lots and am happier than a pig in *#it that you're baaaaaack!

  27. Welcome back into Blog Land!! I too am trying some kinda comeback. Unfortunately I have had bad family news since the start of the year so an unintended break. However, I've hit a stable period so hopefully I can work my way back into things. I can not wait to hear where you're going to be AND I am very pleased that you're gonna be sorted for a team so soon! woo!!!

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  30. No, not owner.. just a fan from the former team.. :-)

  31. Truck nuts are disgusting and if I see them in Colorado when I move back, I may just move back to Morocco!

  32. Can't wait to read about the new country! And welcome back to the USA where fuzzy dangling breasts and truck nutz rule :)

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. OK, so the suspense is killing me. But I'm guessing it's not Australia:) Looking forward to more Frackin' Fridays ...

    PS Maybe the person who wrote the above comment googled 'Truck Nutz' by mistake??

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Hi remember me? I remember you....Where did my friend go?!! You are seriously missed my dear. COME BACK :)

  37. I'm the worst, and LOVE all the comments and miss all of you dearly!!!! I'll be back soon, promise ;)

  38. Still waiting for that comeback! Brandon waits by his computer every single day, and asks me, Bryan, is she back yet? And I say no, not yet, Brandon, but soon...

    Don't disappoint Brandon.

  39. we want new post! we want new post ! ;-)

  40. Wow, seeing the Northern Lights must've been phenomenal!

  41. Haha, love ya'll. Thanks Brandon and Bryan. Anon, your wish has come true. And yes, D, they were awesome. Like nothing I had seen before!


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