November 9, 2011

Love November Breaks!

Have you ever heard of this show called Knitty Gritty. No, that's not a joke, it is for real.
And apparently the number one show here in Finland. I get up in the morning and like to have my coffee with the TV on, and this random ass program from the DIY Network back at home is always on.

I get it that you like to knit, Finland, I do from time to time as well. But seriously, how many close ups on the "Knitty Cam" (no joke, that is the name) of a slip stitch or cast off can I freakin' watch?!

 I don't know what it is about your face, but I just wanna deliver one of these right in your suck hole. ....anyone, anyone? (source)

Plus I love to hate the host of the show, pictured on the cover of all-time best seller above! She is the smuggest knitter of all time. All time. And that's hard to do.

I'm so mean today! Ya'll really care, right?!

But you might care about this...

The league is on one of their many national team breaks and the hubs has the entire weekend free from games and practices. So, we are taking advantage of the break and are headed to Riga, Latvia!! Eeee, I know, I'm excited! And bonus if you can correctly point it out on a unlabeled map, haha.

So pretty! I can't wait to see it all (source)

I don't really know jack about the country or the city, but we can learn together, right!? I've heard only good things about the place (like cheap beer, great bars and clubs and beautiful women, all of which are on my priority list....?). Know anything about Riga you'd like to share??

So I will at least have something of value to report on next week. I mean, of course, other than annoying knitting shows.

Also, I think we are due for a Storytellers Blog Hop. Maybe next weekend?? I'll see if I can at least keep up with blogging until then :)
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  1. Good Morning Ltl Tex.
    Have a wonderful weekend - ENJOY - hey, a break is so wonderful and you both have time together to explore something new. Perhaps an adventure will arise out of this weekend break you'll just have to share with us.
    Have fun and discover it all........

  2. Wow. I didn't realize how big knitting was outside of retirement homes. That show sounds worse than Painting with Bob Ross (which I secretly love).

  3. Boy, I can hear the anger in your words... I have to see this show for their daring camera angles on knitting...knitting. The redhead host looks to be wearing one of her knitted pieces on her head or maybe rendered a muppet to the the ground. Okay that wasn't very nice, I sure is a nice lady wearing Elmo on her head... Crud I did it again.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  4. You are spending a little too much time indoors aren't you. It will do you good to get out and explore a new town. I, on the other hand, need to pick and choose events here in South Florida for my blog as there are just too many to attend.

    Can't wait to see pictures of these so called "beautiful woman". I'm sure you will raise the bar a bit just getting out of the car, or train.... or jumping off the back of the ox cart or however they get around over there.

  5. Ah yay I bet you're so excited to venture out of Finland for a bit! Should be a blast, I love exploring places I know nothing about. Maybe take a tour, because I often leave still knowing nothing besides that I had a great time ;)

  6. How cool! Can't wait to see your pics/hear the stories of Latvia.

    A knitting show . . . really?

  7. Have a great trip and Enjoy the break!!!

  8. Isn't smug knitter an oxymoron? haha

  9. There's really nothing worse than a smug knitter.

    Can't wait for the next Storyteller hop :)

  10. Something must be said about that crazy person where all you can think about is slapping them across the face and feeling good about it...knitting be damned! And even the nicest person has their moments--so go get your mean on! Or just throw a piece of toast at the tv ;)Enjoy the rare week off out and about exploring Riga.

  11. You know..if you're still looking for a fabulous hair style, the woman in that picture has a fantastic style you might wanna try? It might make you feel more Finnish :) Have fun in Latvia!

  12. I would like to see that woman on Fear Factor or Survivor or something, sobbing. Also I cannot believe you get to go to Riga, so exciting!!! I've always wanted to go there because RyanAir is always selling like 5.00 flights there from everywhere else. Can't wait to see your posts!

  13. I agree with you, there's something about that face. :-) I just read a really good book set in Lithuania, but it's really sad too. It's called _Between Shades of Gray_. Also, funny enough because of the book and a few other things, I can at least find Lithuania on an unmarked map. I think/hope.

  14. @Saucy - good morning, now night to you too! :) I know, they are rare so we take advantage of them. Thanks so much!
    @Joshua - haha, yeah, they love it here, at least on TV. Bob Ross ruled! lol
    @iZombie - Haha, but she is sooo annoying and there are like 10 channels to choose from and that's the only without infomercials at that time. I love it, good insult.
    @SFlaGuy - Must be nice to have so many things going on! Well thanks for the sweet compliment. I will let you know how it all goes!
    @Alex - isn't that the best way to go into a trip!? You get to see anything you want then, an open itinerary. Thanks! I think we will enjoy a few days out of Finland!
    @April - For serious. I hope we have a great time, heck, I know we will :)
    @Mrs K - thanks girl!
    @Copyboy - my thoughts exactly, haha
    @TriGirl - lol, so true. Yeah! I know, it's about time, right?!
    @Morgan - I will at least just give her the evil eye through the Tv. That works, right?! We will for sure!
    @Irish - hahaha, what is up with that?! Yeah, it is Euro in a lot of ways, that is for sure.
    @Jackie - THEY PLAY FEAR FACTOR HERE ALL THE TIME TOO! haha, that is funny you said that. I think in some programming they are a tinsy bit behind.
    @ramblinbess - Well they are close, you could for sure find it. Hmm, maybe I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip

  15. Gosh, did you ever think in a million years you would be able to visit LATVIA? So random...and amazing. Cannot wait to see pictures!

  16. I have actually heard of Riga, but only enough to know its the capital :) Have a great time!

  17. I don't know anything about Riga; I do know where Latvia is.

    I hate that knitting lady's hair. There, I said it. Woman Mullet, beware!

  18. Knitting TV, eh? My grandma would probably freak out if they had such a thing here stateside. Have fun on the vacation!

  19. I can think of no better way to spend a Friday night than some needles and Knitty Gritty. :)

  20. @Shalyn - I know! It is really random. Parts of this world hockey has allowed me to see, it's not too shabby!
    @Meri - Haha, well that is a good start. I'm guessing many people didn't even know that.
    @Kyria - Nice! You are well versed on your Baltic states, lol. So bad, right?!
    @Erin - thanks girl! We are looking forward to some time off
    @A Beer - get her signed up for that DIY network then! Haha, it is brutal. Thanks!
    @Hannah - you and me both! Man, we are just too exciting, lol

  21. How sad is it that I've never even heard of that country. :( I obviously need to go back to fifth grade geography.

    Have a fun weekend!!

  22. Latvia right between Estonia and Lithuania. Nice little country. I think the EU is going to trade Greece and maybe Italy for them. Have fun but remember a DUI in Europe might mean execution by firing squad. Not there is an idea for a post. What happens if they pull you over in Finland and you blow over the limit. Pretty severe I think. jdl

  23. Mid-November break? Must be nice! I don't get a break except for Thanksgiving! I know a lot of people who have traveled to Riga before - after all it isn't that far from Germany - and they all said it was beautiful! I am sure you will have a great time!

    Btw, I moved to :)

  24. Riga looks beautiful!

    Surely all countries have cheap alcohol when compared with Scandanavia? ;-)

  25. I have a good friend from Riga... and she says it is beautiful! So enjoy! And try the beer...she has brought some back to us and it is pretty yummy....

  26. That is awesome! I would love to do that. Lavar gets one week a year and it's at Christmas. We have dedicated that time to see a new place, but one week!?? Such a bummer!

  27. Oh man, I'd love to see an episode of Knitty Gritty. Anything from DIY or HGTV for that matter! The local channel in SA repeat soap operas twice a day. OMG.

  28. OH CRAP!!!! HAHAHAHA! I snorted out loud in a totally not lady like way.
    I hate Vickie... you have no idea how good it feels to say that out loud!

    I am learning to knit..
    but NOT FROM Vickie and her damn knitty cam!
    I want to punch her in the head. I turn off the TV if she is on.

    Okay thank you for the format to express this feeling I've carried around for years.
    We are going to be the dearest of friends, I just know it. :)

    I shall go practice my knitting now.
    XOX Tracie


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