November 3, 2011

11 burning questions and a mind-blowing bonus

In the last couple of posts, ya'll have left some amazing comments. Not only are you guys always upbeat and nice and thoughtful, but you raised some great questions too. And with these, I am hoping to break my bloggyland writers block. So you new readers to the blog, I think you will enjoy this little peek into my world. And for all you old, been-around-for-random-post-after-random-post readers, well, you might just learn a little something new too ;)

Most asked question number 1) Soooo, what do you do all day?

Ha. Any 'hockey wife' or anyone traveling the world for their partner's job will know that this question comes at ya quite frequently. Well, a typical day consists of lounging on the couch, watching Finnish Soap Operas in a lavish, plush robe while eating only the best quality bon-bons. But don't think I am just some bimbo, I can multitask too. For example, I also have to schedule my weekly facial and massage when there is a commercial break. Le sigh.

If only I were as cool as Peggy Bundy! (source)

Ha, oooorrrrrr not. Our day to day life in any country is pretty typical of that for most people back in North the 9-5 job. We get up, the hubs goes to practice and I get to doing a little work online. The internet is amazing, did ya'll know that?! I am able to write and do work for people all over the world all the while still in my PJs. Before I started really getting into freelancing this year, I learned German the first years and then taught English last year. My parents didn't spend oodles of money to send me to a great college for me to just sit around on my bee-hind! :) In the afternoon, I head to the gym, the grocery store and whatever other errand needs to be run. Pretty boring and just as monotonous as anything back at home, really.

2) How is the team doing?

Ya'll are really sweet for asking. I don't usually like to talk about the team much on here. After all, this is MY blog not the hubs' ;) Plus, I've had some intense fans stalk the blog a little too close my comfort in past years. I don't mind if they read, just don't read into my posts and try to guess what my husband is thinking. So let's just put it this way: We love it here, he loves the team, and no matter what, there could always be more wins in a season!


3) Is it dark there all day?

Yes, and there are zombies too.

Brains! And reindeer bratwurst... (source)

What!?! NO! (not yet). Actually, Europe already 'fell-back' this past weekend. The sun is up earlier, but this mega-early sun setting thing already has me feeling wacky. For example, I was sooo confused the other day when I ran to the grocery store. It was pitch dark outside and there were tons of people milling around, walking their dogs and running around the lake. What were they doing there in the middle of the night?! Until I realized it was only 5pm. Really, really weird to me! I guess you do what you normally do, only in the winter you do it in the dark.

4) How much has it snowed there??

Muhahaha! That was my evil laugh if you weren't aware. The weather here has been nothing short of awesome. Well, that may take some explaining. See, when I first got here I kept saying that I was going to die come the cold and dark December. The Finns thought they were soooo funny by telling me I didn't even have to wait that long until winter...think more October. But they were wrong. October was gorgeous here. And the first days of November thus far have been extremely mild. I'm talking high 50s, low 60s. So all you New Englanders and Coloradians (is that right?!) that have been getting dumped on this past week, just know that several latitudes north of you haven't been hit once.

Am I tempting the winter gods by writing this?!

Soon to be picture of our front driveway (source)

5) What do you do all day?

Um, we went over this already. I do what you do, just in a different country. And attend a hockey game from time to time.

6) How long are you allowed to stay?

Guess who is legal to live, WORK AND GO TO SCHOOL (really? Did they forget I don't know Finnish?) in Finland?! Quit guessing. 'Cause it's me! We just got our passports complete with shiny new visas and completely unflattering photos in them. Who's idea was it not to smile in pictures?? That's right, we are good to stay until the end of the season. And the whole allowed to work thing was a very nice surprise! Who knew. Hmmm, you know, I could use a break from the computer now and again!


7) What is the town like?

The town is so nice. It is the perfect size (about 60,000) and we are less than an hour away from two major cities. All of the hubs' games are very close by (no more 12 hour trips on the bus!) and there is lots to see and do around in the area. We live within walking distance of most everything and yes, we realize how lucky we are. I will share more pictures of the town as the season trudges on.

And there is a castle, a lake and ducks.
8) What does your husband do for his 'real' job?

While none of my awesome readers asked this job, it is not an unheard of question. News flash nerds, this is his real job. He makes real money, not Monopoly-like paper money only to be redeemed at the rink's snack stands and gift shop. Sure, h doesn't hold regular hours and he isn't 'employed' in the summer, but there is never down time in hockey. If you are in season, you are working out and preparing for the next. If you aren't at the rink, you are at home, resting and saving your energy for the next game.

9) Do you have a car?

Yes because they better not expect this Texas butt to be hiking anywhere once the snow falls. I don't play that game. One of the big advantages of coming over to Europe is the fact that they (usually) arrange and pay for an apartment, a car, health insurance and travel costs. That leaves us to cover very little living expenses while abroad. Hockey is never certain, you never know what is right around the corner. So anytime you can save money for the future, you take that opportunity!

10) What do you do all day?

Really? Again? Nothing. I stare at the wall and watch the wallpaper peel....which it is actually doing here right now. Ha.

11) Are you going to show us a picture of your funky hair/Was there Halloween?

So last posts I mentioned that I got funkified at the salon. I didn't ask for it, I am totally not that trendy. Of course you are your own worse critic when things don't go right at the hair dressers. But before I got it somewhat fixed, I had a super bright YELLOW patch on my head about the size of two quarters from bleach leaking out of the foils. Fun times.

It was freezing outside and I am still refusing to wear warm clothes.

So here is a picture of it fixed, and me as an ever-boring masquerade gal. And I was still more in costume than 80% of the people at the bar. It's just not big here.

BONUS: Anything else you'd like to share about Finland??
Why yes there is! Thank you for asking ;) You ready for the most random answer possible?? Of course you are.

DID YOU KNOW that there are NO skunks in Europe?! Like none at all. Ok, maybe in a zoo somewhere, but not in the wild. The stinky creatures are native to North America and have populations in South America and Indonesia. So I guess I never have to worry about skunks here, a perpetual problem at home. Seriously, my parents set traps every night and catch at least one a week. No, we don't have skunk skin hats or black and white fur lined coats.

That leaves me with two burning questions. 1) What do Europeans say when beer goes bad?? I am guessing they certainly don't say it is skunky. (everyone says that, right??)

And the second question. Are you ready, this is going to blow your mind.

If there are no skunks this side of the Atlantic, was Pepe Le Pew French Canadian??

Think about it :)


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  1. Haha! No skunks in OZ either, mate!! And if you've got some RED shots of Finland, you could be the star of Red Alert #2!!

  2. The dreaded 'What do you do all day?' ...I almost punched my sister-in-law once after her facial expression to my answer. Oh man, sorry I live in Europe. Haha, just kidding. Sort of. It's awesome and boring, crazy and it sucks, just like home! Loved reading this. Good luck in the snow. We've had great weather lately too, definitely wasn't expecting it. Enjoy it while you can. The snow will come soon!

  3. hahha! I love number 8...When I met my husband and he told me he was a hockey player, my first comment was " so are you considered a "pro"? He looked at me and said "yes, I make a living playing hockey, so I would be considered a professional" had never occurred to me! Now I tease him because people still ask him what he does when he is not coaching hockey! I think they assume he is a coach for a mite team on weekends! Please enjoy all this great time seeing new places! I am so jealous! You have such a great attitude...almost like you were made to be a Hockey Wife!


  4. Very interesting! Somewhere along the line I missed the fact that your hubby is a hockey player. Hockey is my favorite sport, so this makes you even more awesome in my mind!

  5. Damn, I was totally thinking of making a French joke until I read your last line! Hilarious! Seriously, though, it looks beautiful there and sounds like you guys have got a good thing going. Enjoy the weather while it's nice. We're having similar here in Chicago, and it's a welcome delay before the snow flies. Cheers!


  6. First, to answer your question -
    Pepé Le Pew is a fictional character created by Warner Brothers and was first introduced in 1945. PePe is a French skunk that always strolls around in Paris in the springtime, when everyone's thoughts are of "love". I guess that is French enough for me.
    Great answers to your questions. Really enjoyed this post ltl Tex.
    Aah the weather here is soooo nice and usually we have snow by now - not just a little teaser like last week, but actual snow?
    "Sharp Blades" to the hub and ttys

  7. So when I was in TN last week, I saw a skunk crossing the road. Thank the lucky vacation gods it didn't consider my quickly advancing tires as a hiding place. It actually had the gall to give me the tail up salute as I passed by but I was going too fast for it. Either way I would have had to sell the car so I feel pretty fortunate.

    Unless you photoshopped your hair I would say the surgery was an outstanding success.

    Love this blog. You write the funniest things.

  8. I'm sorry, what did you say you do during the day? Outrageousness. Newsflash, you are as cool as Peg Bundy :) Love this and loving you in this post--and Finland is loving you back. I am waiting for the day that you take part of the zombie madness at 6:30pm and are running around the lake too!

  9. So the real question is... just what do you do all day? :)

    Great insight into the life of a hockey wife. As a lifelong hockey fan (it's a sin to NOT be a hockey fan here in Minnesota) I can totally appreciate it.


  10. that was very informative and very interesting... my big question is what is the top ten; music, movie, tv show, news story, magazine [who is on the cover], pastime, beer, soda, food... and is there any good pizza places.... you should be a roaming reporter armed with a pen and a camera with ample security of course.

    all smiles!

  11. Well maybe it's because of how big (or not) hockey is where people live, but if someone is an adult and says he's a hockey player I just assume that's what he does for a living. Interesting.

    We don't seem to have skunks in the pacific northwest either, which is odd. In texas we had to deal with our dog getting sprayed in the face so many times! (She's sweet but doesn't always make the best choices).

  12. OH man! I HATE it whenit gets dark so early. In NYC in the winters its dark by 430. Ughh, then I begin suffering from SAD.

    I'm glad the weather is so nice there! It SNOWED like crazy here on Saturday, I was like, But, back to the 50s/60s today!

  13. I love it how almost every other question was "what do you do all day?" You're so funny! I get that too. After I explain what I do, and I'm very enthusiastic about my jewelry and writing, I still get blank stares from people. After about 10 long seconds of silence, I just smile and say, "What do you do all day?"

  14. Great questions and great answers, I'm still laughing and learning!! You are so going to get nailed when the snow gods see that your snickering about Colorado and the East Coast getting slammed by snow storms and your still living the good life with nice weather, ekk. And yes pepe la pew was French Canadian (I think?) ~Wendy~

  15. Well then... Glad to know you have something to do during the day. Bahaha. Really? It got asked that many times? Oh well, now they know!
    Random skunk fact!?! I had no idea.
    Hmm.... So the hubs took beer brewing a few years ago in college (I know, classic!) and the prof swore there was no such thing as a skunked beer. Obvi he's never drank a week old beer from the ice has melted days ago ice chest... hehehe

  16. You crack me up! I'm glad you're having a good time in Finland, and btw LOVE the brown purse you have in the 1st picture! {You'll have to let me know where to get one!}

  17. @Red - I saw that, so weird. I can't imagine a place without them. Hey! I will have a look and see if I can enter something
    @Erin - haha, such a brutal question. I had a feeling I would at least have one of ya'll on here getting it. Thanks girl! Glad it has been nice there too.
    @Tales - I LOVE that you said that too him! Actually, surprised that I didn't say that to my hubs too. Hilarious. People just don't get it. Well thanks, what a great compliment, made me smile ;)
    @Angela - haha, that's ok. Glad you are a fan. You can stay ;)
    @A Beer - It is still confusing me. Why make him a skunk in Paris if he clearly isn't French. Man, that is nice weather for ChiTown, enjoy it!
    @Saucy - you are too funny! I know who he is, but why is he French?! lol. I guess if he can talk, why should I even worry about what country he is from?! Thanks, I will pass on the sharp blades to him.
    @SFlaGuy - I meant to mention something about how running over them is the worst! So glad you didn't hit him, stink-eee! Well thanks, it isn't as bad now as it was. You always leave great comments, thanks again!
    @Morgan - haha, can I just say that when I see that you've commented I already start laughing. Love it. If the weather stays nice, I might Zombie it up!
    @Simple - ha. ha. :) No, but really, people LOVE that question. Oh well, it could be worse. Glad you liked. Go Wild! You are right, it is a sin to not be a fan up there.
    @iZombie - Haha, mini little run down on it all. Might just have to do that. Thanks for the idea. I thought you would like the zombie shout out today too!
    @TriGirl - Yeah, that is what I (now) think too. But I guess people just think we are living in Finland for shiz and gigs. Go figure. Poor doggie and poor you for having to clean her up after. Sheesh!
    @Kimberly - hey lady! I hope that doesn't happen here, the SAD thing. Might have to buy one of those lights. I can't believe the weather there, crazy! Stay warm and safe.
    @Amanda - Haha, thank you! You understand too. I guess if we aren't sitting in an office 9 hours a day some people just get confused. :)
    @Wendy - well thank lady! Seriously, I think I angered them already. I will make sure to take pictures then. I think he has to be, right?!
    @Kassi - Hey Kassi :) Not just readers, well not really readers, just anyone else that is curious and has no filter. It's Fun! lol. Ewww, he never went to college then, haha. Interesting to know though!
    @Summer- we really are having a great time. It is Micheal Kors! I love it, and can fit everything in it...too much, really.

  18. I really loved reading this! I love that you included pictures of the town- can't wait to see more!

    So, what is it you do all day?;-)

  19. fun post! and I always forget to comment and tell you that I think the whole situation you guys have from the league (help with apartment/ car/ visas or whatever) is so awesome! Lucky lady!

  20. Hahaha! So I guess I don't completely understand what you do all day. It sounds like you are having fun! Do you think that since you got the visa you will try to work? Or is the language a barrier at all? I know they all speak English, better than me, in fact.

  21. Haha! The skunks! I had to move to Texas how find out how skunks stink :) Now, I recognize the smell every time we do a road trip because there's always a few dead ones on the sides of the highways. Yikes!

  22. You mean he doesn't get paid in Chucky Cheese tokens? Well that shots my whole theory about what he gets paid and his job. *sigh*

  23. Hey! I've just found you through OK in UK. What an interesting blog! I lived in Suomi a very short time when I was dating a Finnish guy who lived just outside of Helsinki. He was also a hockey player (we met at university in Minnesota). Have you visited the blog Note from Lapland? Heather is British married to a Finnish guy and living in (guess!) Lapland.

    I've met a lot of expats, but none who are overseas with their husband's sport! How cool! :)

  24. Hahahahahahaha....French Canadian Pepe Le Pew!Your hair looks amazing...I really wouldn't worry about it too much :-) I think one day you really should just lie on the sofa one day just to have an 'in your face' moment to those who still think you do nothing haha!!!

  25. I CAN'T believe someone asked you what your husband's real job is... and people assume you sit around all day? Sheesh that would make my blood boil. Glad you have a sense of humor about it!

  26. LOL No skunks in DK and this is from another Texas butt that is NOT going to be walking in the snow! :-)

  27. First of all, the weather gods are going to fuck your shit up now for calling them out. And secondly, Pepe le pew, french canadian, french, or whatever he may be, I'm pretty sure is a rapist. Creepiest skunk ever. Glad you're enjoying yourself over there!

  28. No skunks...too funny! What about bugs? It seems to me in Germany there are fewer bugs--my guess is the lower temps!

  29. I totally get that question ALL the time! I hate feeling lame, saying "I go to the gym, I do housework,......and I blog!" I would never ask a housewife/stay at home mom that!

  30. This was informative in the best way. . . wacky questions from the interweb. I laughed out loud a few times. "His real job" hah! That is great!

  31. @Shalyn - well thanks dear! I know, I need to start posting more about it. Haha, very. funny. :)
    @Meri - it is really awesome, and makes life over here actually work. Otherwise, I wouldn't know where to start!
    @Kyria - We are having fun, that's for sure! Well all I could do is maybe teach english, but like you said, they already rock at it. We will see!!
    @Sabrina - so bad, right?! And so many in TX! Haha, always on the side of the road.
    @Bernie - I mean, that would be pretty cool too, but nope :) lol Too funny!
    @Michelloui - Hi!! Thanks for stopping by. Very cool! Just like all Canadians, I think all Finns play hockey too :) No, I haven't but thanks for pointing it out.
    @Missy - well thanks my love. It is getting better, fading a bit. Haha, yeah, that would SHOW them! lol
    @Kristin - yep, that is kind of common at times. Haha, it used to. Now it doesn't so much!
    @Kelli - YES! I knew you would appreciate that, lol
    @Jordan - haha, wow, yes, yes they are, aren't they! You are in a funny mood, Jordan, I love it! He is such a raper.
    @Jan - Oh, for sure no bugs, At least not like back in TX!
    @Lovely - seriously, but most people just don't get it. Thanks for having my back!
    @Rachel - haha, aren't they always the best?? So true though. Glad you liked it :)

  32. The skunk just blew my mind AND might have scarred me for life. I'm going to have to reassess everything now.

    Great answers to some burning questions! But what I'm really wondering is: What do you do all day? ;) HA!

  33. I love all of these. I can relate to every single one! And just because hubs is a basketball player doesn't mean he doesn't work hard or long hours. Sometimes it feels like more than a regular job!


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