October 4, 2011

And it was just slightly over 1000 miles away

Holy schnikes!

I just realized that I missed Oktoberfest this year :( It ended yesterday.

And this mess was on a Monday!
Yes, ended, even though it is just NOW October. All those festivals back at home are fakes and phonies starting up in the 10th month. The real Oktoberfest starts in September. Because anything worth doing German, is worth doing backwards.

They should really trademark that saying :) Love ya, Deutschers!

For three glorious years, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the world's largest fair. I met a lot of fun people, really got a feel for Bavarian culture, experienced worldly and mind provoking things, got shit faced with 6,000 of my closets friends in a massive tent.

Hey, yesterday's post had the words "chubby breasts" in it. I can say "shit faced".

Don't lie, all you pervs who missed yesterdays are jumping back there to see what I am talking about!

Parents, ya'll still reading??
Anyways, good times.

There was that one time that my bad German finagled our way up on stage and and we danced with the band. In front of 4,000 people.

In a barrel.

That rose some odd feet into the air and stayed there for several long German classics.

I did not realize this picture was blurry until the next day....

Another time when I met Vincent Chase. Nah, he doesn't have a real name.

And one instance where I shouted over hundreds of people "TITO'S VODKA!!!" because anyone who went to college in the Lone Star State knows what I'm talkin' 'bout. Its a very cough, reputable, cough, vodka from Texas and someone was wearing a hat with the logo and I just knew we were meant to be life long friends.

Oh, and last year when the flippin' train split into two at a stop - don't worry, it is supposed to do that - and we were on the wrong half and traveled about 100 km in the wrong direction. Oh that was fun....you try sleeping in a train station in a dirndl.

Random post, I know, but I had friends that went this year (and if you reading this, miss :), I would love to see a post on it!) and it made me realize that I never wrote about Oktoberfest. I re-started up my blog last November, so I missed out on recounting all those fun times I don't really, actually remember.

I have no idea who these people are, but thanks for gracing my photo. Sheesh, this is just getting bad.

Looking back, we really did have a good run those three years.  But I fear that I cannot tell any more stories here without hurting my reputation too badly....

...says the girl who writes about truck nuts.

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  1. Where did you live in Germany? We lived in a small town called Hailer back in the day when we only had three kiddos.

  2. It's still October. It's never too late to celebrate it. Cheers!

    A Ladybug's Life


  3. Hey, interested in an Egg McMuffin kit?

  4. Wow! You certainly put the fest in Oktober well you get the idea.

  5. I want to go over to Oktober fest so badly!! Maybe someday.

  6. I've heard my share of authentic German Oktoberfest stories over the years, mostly from drunken friends who were stationed over there. It's on my bucket list fo sho!


  7. you're like my best friend ive never met. i swear.

    only you would find your way up in front of 4,000 people at oktoberfest. too bad i wasnt there because i would have been right there beside you!!! :)

    i would have loved to have celebrated a fake oktoberfest here in norway but would have gone bust in my bank account after two beers. that wouldn't have been fun!!!

    hope you're doing well <3

  8. I'm not sure, but that guy to your right in the picture has some wandering eyes.

  9. @Marie - for two years we were up in Kassel, north of Frankfurt. And last year we were right on the Swiss/Austrian border. Just googled it, you weren't too far from us up north. When you had only 3 kids, too funny!
    @Brownbugz - Haha, well thanks. Cheers to you too!
    @Mollie - I am still confused by your comments to this day. But love that you have stuck your head back here in bloggyland!
    @Copyboy - laaame, but those are my favorite kinds of jokes ;)
    @April - one day, ya'll have to go. Really is fun and can be kid friendly!
    @SD - honestly, I keep saying this, but there really is nothing like it! You gotta get over there one time
    @Megan - haha, of course you are mine too. Anyone brave enough to get on stage in Germany with me is a friend for life! lol. Seriously, feel you on that one. For the price of a bottle of beer here, you could get a liter Maß there. Sad.
    @Joshua - good point. If I had anything for his eyes to wander too, I'd be worried. Actually, he is making sure I don't fall off the table. Really nice guys here to tell the truth :)

  10. haha..so much fun!!! btw I really like the "outfit":)))The guys on the pic looks like they had a few barrels of the Oktoberfest bier..lol

  11. Haha. In response to Mrs. K's comment, it's not just the guys in the photo who may have enjoy das boot! Love the outfit!

    I am heading to NYC this weekend, where I plan on going out to eat some German foods. They will probably be doing something Oktoberfest-y. I am not sure if it's this weekend or what. They seem to milk it all through the month.

  12. Oh...I forgot to say...Brother's don't shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!

  13. You really needn't be worried about destroying your reputation! We know what you're like and love you for it! The blog world would be a lot duller without your fun stories to entertain me :-) Oktoberfest looks awesome by the way!


    - you do yell that in Germany, right?

  15. You are either very tiny or beer mugs there are like beer pitchers over here. Or maybe that guy you don't know is trying to get you drunk. Not really sure about German dating customs.

  16. Hahahaha drunkie mcdrunkerson. At least you were doing it well and doing it right! I love that photo of you with the randos.

  17. soo awesome.. one day i want to celebrate there in germany!

  18. I love it! And what exactly are you wearing and where do I find one? Oktoberfest is sadly over here too as well but I did manage to get a sweet pair of mukluks before it was over. Pretty sure the turnout in Salt Lake City was not the same as it was there.

  19. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the Germans- now you just need to figure out how the Finns do it!

  20. ROFLMBO...Oh to be young again!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  21. We went to Oktoberfest here in DK last Friday-- SEPTEMBER 30... I thought it was odd to go before October, but now I know it was AUTHENTIC! :-) Thanks for the info!

  22. AHHHH THIS POST MADE MY DAY! I am still on a high from Oktoberfest and it was 5 days ago that I was there now. I bought "So ein schöner Tag" on iTunes and listen to it frequently. I am so impressed you got on stage with the band. It's fine, I fell in love with a Bavarian boy there. His English is terrible and so is my German, so it makes it all the merrier. Going in I thought twice would be enough for a lifetime, but I was SO wrong. I need to go every year forever.

    One of many posts to come :) http://www.alexbutts.com/2011/10/oktoberfest-in-munich.html

  23. You're awesome!
    And speaking of truck nutz: http://anirishitalianblessing.blogspot.com/2011/10/wordless-wednesday-pinterest-edition.html

    Yeah, I did it again :)

  24. The last photo with the strangers is SOLID GOLD. You should have an Octoberfest if your house on a Friday night?!

  25. You do make me laugh and you should do stand up. Next summer you're going on stage. jdl

  26. Can I just say holy schnikes again...cause I love comments :)
    @Mrs K - so much!! Thanks, I love my dirndl too. Haha, I think they had more than a few.
    @Kyria - Haha, maaaaaaybeeee. So fun! I hope you get a good taste of Oktoberfest then. You will have to blog about it! Brothers hug, haha. That is so me....after a few.
    @Missy - Well thanks girl. You are always so sweet. It is so much fun, worth going one time at least!
    @Kara - YES THEY DO! Like over and over. Actually annoying after a while, lol
    @SFlaGuy - Haha, those are one liter babies. Those Maß weigh so much along, but even more so filled. And I am a tiny little lady, haha, jk.
    @Jordan - me, nooo. Anyone at Oktoberfest, noooo. Thanks girl!
    @Lisa - it really is an experience of a lifetime.
    @Vapid - how did I know you would, lol. Dirndl. Online shop. Ebay maybe. You should probably just wear it every day to work. NBD :) Haha, yeah, I can imagine it would not be there.
    @Meri - I can't even imagine if the Finns had Oktoberfest. People might die.
    @Wendy - haha, well thanks, glad you liked it :)
    @Kelli - You were on the ball and didn't even know it. I bet it was pretty fun up there too!
    @Alex - it really does give you that high, pumped feeling. Adrenaline maybe?? I HAVE THE WHOLE Oktoberfest songs from iTunes too, haha. Great to run to. Haha, oh love at Oktoberfest. I am sure it is going to last with the language thing, haha, jk. I can't wait to read your post!
    @An Irish - you are awesome. That post made my day this morning. Too funny lady!
    @Rachel - will you come to my Oktoberfest party?? We could have fun, haha. I'm just thinking that the next time I go to the bar here, I should wear that thing. Good things happen when I wear it. lol
    @JDL - ahhh, see, parents were still reading it. I tried to not tell everyone that it was you that pointed out the Chubbiest Breasts on the menu...whoops...Haha, well I am better at writing the funnies than saying them. I usually start laughing before I can get through. Don't know how that would go over on stage...

  27. So do you own regular clothes, or do you just like to go everywhere dressed as a bar maid?

  28. Just poppin' in to say Hei :)

    Oktoberfest ain't the same in Finland...just sayin'--but you'll get a foodie day Mondayskies.

  29. Wow! Last couple of posts have taken a slight detour from hockey and interesting international tidbits. Don't get me wrong, I love it!!!

  30. Hay Thare ltl Tex - Once upon a tyme in a far away land there was a Princess, who tried very, very hard to go to Germany in October (maybe September?) to a festival - she was held captive in a tower in London. The Great Septembre Knight,(rather like the giant on the left in your photo) came riding into the tower on a barrel, pushed the Princess inside and wheelied outta thare in a jiff, all the waye to the festival. This great rescue was aboot the end of September and almost into first week or so in October by the tyme the Great Septembre Knight delivered the Princess back to Castle LillyArto. Hence, every year there is a great celebration, known as Oktoberfest.....some celebrate it in Sept and some celebrate in Oct -just a ltl tidbit from my grand banks of olde memories.............ha,ha
    Have a good day ltl Tex and "Swift Ice" to the Hub.

  31. Wow looks like so much! I loved your recollections of it! And that picture - AMAZING.

  32. all comedians start out as writers. Have fun this winter in the land of perpetual road kill and no litter anywhere. Finland is the cleanest place in the world by far. jdl

  33. that's the best picture of an Oktoberfest! Those men were glad to have you...
    and I'm still laughing about the chubby breasts

  34. I missed it too and was totally bummed ;( I guess there is always next year

  35. @A Beer - well, I own regular clothes, but who wants to be all boring like that?? Haha
    @Morgan - look at you with your lingo down and everything. I know, so true, it isn't the same :)
    @Copyboy - haha, yep, I got on a side kick. Writers block. But something fun coming at ya today that is more interesting travel tid bits ;)
    @Saucy - hahaha, I love it!! You are too cute, and too funny. I think that would make a great childrens story. Will pass on the swift ice to the hubs.
    @Diedre - oh well, having fun here too. Thanks! I thought it was funny too!
    @Anon - Thanks for always being encouraging :) And ohhh, you just gave me some writing material!
    @Not - they didn't know what they were getting into when they asked us to join their table. That menu will never get old, haha.
    @Pearl - oh no! Are you in Germany too? Have to go check out your blog now!

  36. HI - Am your Newest Follower via the sat blog hop - nice to meet you!
    Wow - you definitely have to keep on track of where you are - exciting though! Great stories to tell your children and grandchildren one day -

    Have a great weekend!

    Linda (South Florida)
    beachside cottage


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