September 5, 2011

Quit asking me to update my blogger interface!

Which has nothing to do with the post...just annoying.

I'm tired, I'm worn out. Finland, you are kicking my butt! Ok, in a good way. How ever an ass kicking might be done in a good way. No such thing?? Well, not really. But you know what I mean. I don't mind being tired from so many fun and new things to do.

Here is what has been going on in September thus far.

- Still 2 more freakin' weeks until regular season. Ready for this show on the road!

- Friday night was supposed to be a chill night, no such thing here. Not that we have some crazy party life in town, but more so that we aren't good at controlling ourselves when a bunch of us get together.

- We are already late night regulars at the Kebab place. Super.

Why is this appetizing after a night out?! Ew. (source)

- Saturday was another team sponsored function. While other countries and organizations might have stuffy, formal affairs, the hubs' team hosted a great party with food, drinks and a totally awesome cover band that rocked to the likes of Bon Jovi and Van Halen. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

- Oh, and the hubs was 'initiated' into the team by eating an entire raw egg, including the shell, and then followed up with a warm vodka shot. Blech, still makes me gag thinking about it.

- With gorgeous weather this past weekend, we golfed on Sunday. The course is a member of the PGA European Tour Courses Group, and was one of the most beautiful places we have played.

And it really did look just like this yesterday (source)

- Finland is a wee bit more strict on Visas than Germany was. It should still be no problem for the hubs and I, but the waiting time could take up to a few months. Which means that I might not be able to work for some time either. Looks like I will be searching online for somethin' to do!

- And if all goes as planned at the Visa office and they don't have to take our passports, there is a good chance we might take a mini vacay over to Estonia this weekend. It is the last weekend the guys have free, so might as well take advantage of it. And why Estonia?? Why the heck not!! Or, if we are 'stranded' in Finland, maybe just a quick get away to Helsinki.

Looks neat, right!? Any suggestions on what to do?? (source)

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, that is, if you got a long weekend. I'm off to savor the last bit of 'warm' weather this fall has to offer. I don't think it is here to stay.

I promise a more heartfelt post later this week. I have lots of funny Finnish stuff up my sleeve!

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  1. Kabob, great music, golfing and popping over to Estonia................aah the life before Mother Nature inflicts her cruelty and blasts you with her wrath. Get out yer knickers and toque and have them on standby. Fall weather here in Atlantic Canada is cool, warm afternoons and refreshing. Leaves have just started to change colour this weekend - love the fall. Have a great day ltl Tex. Cheers, Lilly :)

  2. ummmm kabobs. we were camping in our backyard this long weekend...also catching the last bit of warm weather before school starts tomorrow.
    it rained.
    every night.
    rain drops are REALLY loud falling on a tarp and don't lull children to sleep as fast as one might think :(
    and we woke up cold in the Mother Nature sent us a little bitch slap "idiot, this is Canada, what were you thinkin?" LOL
    course, the kids thought it was a blast.
    enjoy your last bit of hurrah!

  3. I had not tried Kebap until June and am obsessed. Why did I ever try that? A big hunk of twirling meet should to be that delicious.

    And you have to go to Estonia - it looks like a real life Department 56 Snow Village but without snow.

  4. DOOOONERS!!! Haha I actually never had one when we were living in Germany. Did you call them Dooners? Or Kebabs? Estonia, why the hell not is right!!! Ew, hubbys initiation is making me gag too!!!!

  5. that is the grossest initiation I've ever heard of...ewww....
    and Estonia? haha, reminds me of that old Pauly Shore movie...

  6. Aww sounds like you're totally loving it but feeling the pain the next day at the moment haha!!! It sounds like a pretty cool pre-season over there in Finland!! Good to see you're making the most of it! Hopefully you'll get your little trip.

  7. Ooops, forgot to mention the hub's initiation YUCK, YUCK, YUCK but not worse than Newfoundlander initiation - ya get to smooch with a fish - h-m-m-m let me see Egg or Fish.....think I will take the fish. ha,ha :)

  8. ICKLES! I'm not sure which is grosser, the raw egg or the warm vodka. I have issues with warm liquor... urrrgh. Maybe a really good scotch or whiskey, I could gag down...

  9. I would love to be exhausted from partying in Finland. Instead I'm exhausted from raising and travelling with 4 kids in Morocco. Hey, do you wanna switch for a week? Damn! I thought I'd give it a shot...

  10. Saucy - haha, whatever. I am afraid for winter, heck, even fall. And it is coming fast!!
    @Rory - Oh no, what crappy weather. Haha, but you are right, typically Canadian 'summer'. I am glad the kiddos still had fun. Thanks, we will!
    @Alex - so good, and so gross at the same time. It should not, you are right. I have no idea what that is!?? Google it!
    @KY - haha, seriously. No, the Canadians always called them Donairs. I call them Kebabs or Gyros. So gross huh?? Yuck, makes me sick just thinking about it
    @Lucy - yeppers, the whole, salmonila thing.
    @Not - and the whole team, coaches, GMs, sponsors were there. Like it is accepted and what not! Haha, great, now I am totally going to think of that too. Too funny!
    @Missy - seriously, too much fun at times ;) The pre season has been amazing. Never before like this. Thanks girl!
    @Saucy - nasty, right?! Haha, that is pretty bad too. But you are right, would gladly take the fish
    @Meri - actually, he said the vodka was worse. Gagging as I type right now.
    @Marie - haha, I know, sad story right now. How fun though! Much better weather there I imagine. Haha. Too funny.

  11. Oooooooh!! Estonia! That looks gorgeous! I want to go.

    It sounds like you guys are having a blast! Except for that egg thing. I don't even like runny yolk on my COOKED eggs. Barf-o-la, man!

    That golf course looks amazing. I wish I golfed just so I could hang out there.

  12. That picture of ... food ... is kind of grossing me out!

  13. Wow, with a view like that, I might even consider starting to play golf myself. Or maybe I'll just hang out at the pro club bar. Either ay, I can't wait for hockey season. Cheers!

  14. An entire egg....BARF, blech, eww, and yucky. Hope he's feeling ok.
    Oh and the updated blogger interface makes me wanna run away from blogging cuz "me no understand" :)

  15. Hazing in Finland Hockey land? I never would've guessed. haha

  16. Wow! Looks like things are going great! It looks absolutely beautiful there. That golf course looks like it's to die for.

  17. I really enjoyed this post - thank you! I feel the same about Sweden sometimes, I want to love it but sometimes it kicks my ass a little bit! I hope you settle in soon...

  18. You found Doener (i.e., Kebab) in Finland! :) Yeah for Turkish fast food all over the world. Whenever I visit Germany a MUST is to have a good Doener. Never knew they had them in Finland also.

  19. Oh man, I love kebabs. They are delicious! I was there were more kebab places in the 'States!

  20. Those kebab things are ALL OVER Istanbul, but I had no idea they had them in Finland. How cool!

  21. Your pictures look wonderful! It is hard to adjust- you're lucky that you had a team to help welcome you and be social with! We knew almost no one, so it has been slow for us...Did you get to Estonia?

  22. I wanted to write back about botulism but I didn't want to put it on the plane crash post...INAPPROPRIATE. Anyway, there was only 1 botulism related death last year in America, or at least, that is what I have heard. I guess it's not very common and it's stressed so much to wash your jars in hot water and be sure to process them for the correct amount of time that it actually only occurs very rarely. That is all. Hope you have a good weekend, and I hope it's in Estonia so you can tell us what the heck Estonia is all about.


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