September 14, 2011

Maybe Kelly Kapowski Will Answer

It's been waaay too long since one of these...

So, this weekend the Storytellers Blog Hop returns, with a vengeance. Well maybe not a vengeance, but a pretty strong return.

New to the blog?? Then you gotta click on the button above and see what it's all about. And make sure to join in this weekend! The blog hop runs from Friday to Sunday.

What the heck is going on with my GFC list??? Can any of ya'll see it? It has been annoyingly absent the last couple of days. It should be at the top left of the screen under "The Best People on the Internet", 'cause you are ;)

Any suggestions or solutions?? I've tried different browsers. I've tried removing some of the extras on the page, but still no luck. Blech.

And speaking of problems, has the 'not able to comment' problem been fixed yet? Why is blogger messing with me?!

Moving on, with or without, blogger. Ok, with you, because I really don't want to switch to any other host. So let's just agree to get along, K?

Finland, why have you been holding out on these bad boys??

Saw these in a window front while walking around town.

A) How do I get one?

B) I don't care if I have to sign up for a 20 year contract, I want to relive the Zack Morris days.

C) People will be so impressed when I pull one of these 2 pound bad boys out of my purse. It could even double as a dumb bell and I can jack up the guns.

No internet connection? No problem. No texting? I don't care. Don't lie, you want one too.

Last but not least for this random day. Just wanted to give a little shout out to a new blog that is trying to make a start out in bloggyland. It is called The Little Blog of Blogs, and the author is trying to build a blog data base. If you want, jump over and give her a visit. What's the worst that could happen? Blog exposure. Oh darn, no, we don't want that ;)

The Little Blog of Blogs

Have a good Wednesday, Hump Day, Keskiviikko...whatever you want to call it, make it count!
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  1. I can see your followers list. Those phones are sexay, and you're right, I do want one.

  2. getttt me one. i cant believe the land of nokio would produce such a phenomenal product.

  3. I still have my first bag phone. Remember thinking it was the shit when I sat at the beach club and made calls; of course, the battery life was good for about a 3 hour run back then.

    And the calls? The first $600 bill wasn't met with great glee by the hubs.

    I can see your GFC list...they have big smiles and are waving, lolol

  4. Is that a phone or is it some sort of future time altering device, which might transport you to the future or past life? ha,ha WOW, haven't seen that for many, many years . Nice blog at "Little Blog of Blogs" ltl Tex. Ya'll have a nice day now. Cheers, Lilly

  5. That phone could also double as a weapon. If that was in your purse you could knock someone out!

  6. I want to be Zack Morris! I want one. Just think about how good you'd look walking down the street with one of those. Sexay! Haha.

    Thanks for the shout out!!! If anyone wants to join just give drop me a call on one of those amazing mobile phones...or an email will do.

  7. My GFC list keeps disappearing too.. it'll reappear if you refresh the page.. i don't know, it makes no sense to me but I was able to see yours once I refreshed..

  8. Squee!!!! I love your hop!!

    I dunno what's up with Blogger lately. I get to see my GFC about 50% of the time. But I'm with you; i don't want to change platforms either.

    I will go check out that site. I'm picky about who I follow so if you're endorsing it i'm excited!

    Hey, when you buy one of those phones give us all your number so we can call you!!

    P.S. Don't think we didn't all notice the new Finnish word you threw out there ;)

  9. Taking everyone to tha gun sho! Trendsetter. that is the word for the day girl. Next thing you know, you'll be seeing old boomboxes and rolled up sleeves in the streets. Pure awesomeness.

  10. Oh Zack Morris... Miss those days! ;) My GFC thing has been MIA too! Bah! If you figure it out, do share! ;)

  11. i need to get one of these bad boys, for real

  12. @Jordan - ok, well it must just be me then. Sexay is the PERFECT adjective to describe them, haha.
    @Megan - I knew they were holding out on me. So awesome.
    @Patty - haha, you were the shit. Still are. Even more so if you still own it. Haha, too funny. $600! Insane. Why was it always so expensive back then?
    @Saucy - of course, how could I not see that. It IS a time traveling device. Now I really need one, haha. Cheers to you too, Lilly!
    @Alex - haha, talk about an anti assault kit and phone in one.
    @Cherry - I want to be Kelly, haha. So hot, right?! Glad to do it!
    @Alyssa - who knows what is going on. I don't have any answer for it. Weird, I wll keep trying to fix it. Thanks for letting me know!
    @TriGirl - Yeah!! I am excited for it too. It has been like 3 months. Too long! Well, I hope you like that new site. She is just getting going. Try it out anyways. Oh, I'm sneaky like that. Now just try pronouncing it, haha.
    @Morgan - thank you. I try to live every day like a trendsetter, so glad you recognize. Haha, yeah. right. Too funny. Boomboxes! Maybe I can tape one to a new chunky phone!
    @Kassi - those really were the days. I will share if I figure it out!
    @Littlejohn - maybe I could start exporting them...hmmmm.... :)

  13. Those phones take "dumbPhone" to a whole new level...

  14. 20 year contract? Count me in!!!

  15. I can see the GFC list...I feel very special haha!! Thos mobiles are like the best thing in the world. I swear we'd get on so well in 'real likfe', evry once in a while myself and friends chat about the Zack Moriss mobile. I can't believe they were all in the window!! I was told a random fact once that the 'ariels' that stick out of the mobiles (and on some of the more recent older ones - that an oxymoron?) that they were useless but put there so people wouldn't be all like, "They can't work! They have no ariel."
    Anyway useless fact (and possibly even more useless if it's worng) given, job done!! haha!!

  16. Dude... we HAVE one of those... with the owners manual. For real.

  17. OMG you'd need a ginormous bag to carry one of those bad boys!

  18. @Iris - haha, I love dumb phones.
    @Copyboy - that is a good deal, right?? The hockey contract is only for a year, but it should all work out.
    @Missy - yeah! Sometimes it decides to show up. Haha, that is a random fact. Maybe I should get one and see if it works or not without it. Test out your thoery, lol
    @XLMIC - I have never been so jealous in my life. Get your plan with that thing!
    @Barb - haha, or a really tiny one with the whole thing just hanging out.


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