September 15, 2011

First Game of the Season!

Well, it's here. The first game of the season. In just a few hours I'll be making my way to the rink to start yet another hockey season.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited. I'm ready. But didn't this just happen?? Even this doesn't seem that long ago.

It's just that there is one little problem. I like to have a beer or two at the game. Or even a glass of wine if available. Who doesn't like to indulge at a sporting event??

I feel like when I bragged and rubbed it in that beers at the German hockey games were only 2 Euro, that karma was just waiting for me. And it has caught up with me here in Finland.

Six euros. That's a big SIX EURO for one glass of wine at the game. If I stick with beer, it would still be five euro. Just converted that to today's exchange rate. Costing me $8.50 for a glass. Might as well be at some fancy concert with that kind of dough flying around.

Ok, its not the end of the world, but still. I go to a lot of hockey games, if that wasn't evident. Kinda have free tickets and all. I know someone, wink, wink. So I guess that makes up for the price of wine.

Still, I'm a cheap ass.

And you want to know what the worst part is? You cannot drink alcohol in your seat. Nope, none at all. At the rink here they are all responsible and shiz. Unlike any hockey rink in Germany where the fans are so drunk and rowdy that it isn't too uncommon for a fight to break out in the cheering section. Love ya, Germany!

But here, or at least in our arena, things are a little more subdued. Still good fans that really love the sport, just not drunk. Or as drunk as they could be.

Which I get it. It's probably a good thing.

So, if you want a beer, wine or mixed drink, you have to make your way up to the closed off bar section. The view from there is actually not too bad. And you can sit at the window with stools and chat it up. OK, it is a pretty neat set up after all.

But have I mentioned that a glass of wine is SIX EURO!?!

I thought all hope was lost, until I remembered a perfect accessory for games here. An invention so trashy, slutty and genius all at the same time.

And I might punch you through the computer if you ask if that is me. (source)

Want one, get it here.

Really, does it get any better than big boobs and free drinks???

Nope :)

Haha, ok, I can just imagine someone from the organization stumbling upon my blog and reading this post. Just kidding guys.

But if it looks like I just had my boobs done, that is exactly what happened. Please ignore that straw sticking out of my armpit. It's a side effect from the surgery.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE HOP THIS WEEKEND! See you all here tomorrow to join in.

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  1. i cannot say anything, i am seeing the wine rack photo... and the caption should read.

    you know your in trouble, when?
    you know you have a drinking problem, when?


  2. part two: is there a male version, and what does that look like? zoinks shaggy!

  3. I guess window seats aren't so bad afterall. Too funny with the wine rack - so is the saying "The Bigger the Rack, The more wine within". ha,ha
    Have a good one and bol to hub ltl Tex

  4. Haha.. I LOVE it! And I actually seriously want one, is that track bucket of me?

  5. Good Luck!! "We" have our first game tmw:))

  6. The winerack....I'm speachless. And then I read iZombie's suggestion about the male version and I practically choked on my tea as a laugh erupted mid-swallow.

  7. That is way too expensive for a drink.

  8. Hahaha. Wine rack, so raunchy, so funny, and so useful! I would like this for everyday use...filled with water.

    If there's water in there would it be seen as less about hydration and more about boosting my self-confidence and that of "the girls?"

  9. PLEASE purchase the wine rack. And take pictures. This will make my life.

  10. Time flies... so fast... I'm getting older... ouch. LOL

    I'm looking forward to watching another hockey game for free via my employer. I hope they change the food inside the suite this time. Sheesh.

    A Ladybug's Life


  11. Best of Luck on the first game and I'm still sitting here laughing at the wine know you want one!!

  12. what is that?? looks funny

    got a new outfitpost, tell me what you think about it!!!


  13. Don't worry, Linds. I have been consuming enough (cheap) German beer for you, me, and Alex! ;)

    Best of luck to Alex, I am sure he will have a fabulous season!

  14. I'd totally wear that just for the big boobs since I'm not exactly blessed in that department!haha!! When I went to the hockey (no team here anymore :-( ) myself and friends would have special coke. We'd pour out some coke, add in a few (6) shots of vodka and we'd have a cheap night ahead of us haha!! Oh the drunken messes we were by the end hahaha!! Put it this way, we cheered the team on pretty spectacularly. Where I'm from though we weren't exactly the only ones lol!! I drink vodka coke and it was like £6 for one hence the 'special coke' which just looked just like coke. Mwahaha!! Enjoy your first game...wich I had some hockey to go to!

  15. i think the idea is confidence: you start with larger breasts, and feel more confident, by the time you are buzzed, your breasts are shrinking but you feel invincible

  16. This just cracked me up. Especially the threat under the picture. I nearly died when I had to pay $9.50 for a glass of Chardonnay that I usually buy by the bottle for $17. Guess that makes me a cheap ass too. Perhaps it's time for me to switch to boxed wine.

  17. @iZombie - Haha, that really should be the caption. YES! There is a guy version. Not as naughty as you would think. It i called a Beer Belly, and yep, makes the guys look like they have a big beer belly.
    @Saucy - Not too bad, really. Haha, buzzed and instant cleavage. Awesome, haha. Thanks! It was a great game :)
    @Carpe - No way, not trashy, awesome. We can start a trend with hockey wives. At least all the cool ones ;)
    @MrsK - good luck to your hubs too! Have a good time visiting him!
    @Kara - Haha, too funny right?!? Like I said, the mens ones isn't as dirty as you think, but I guess it could be.
    @Oilfield - hey! Good to see you back in bloggyland. Yes, waaay to expensive. Especially when I am used to cheap Houston drinks.
    @Hannah - so useful. We were even thinking to fill it with hot cocoa when winter came, haha. It would be seen as a dual purpose accessory for sure.
    @Meg - I am really thinking about it. Even for just a gag gift. I will see what I can do for you!
    @Brownbugz - uggg, so jealous of you. I remember those pics from last year. It was so nice at the game. You are right, they better step up and spoil ya'll again, haha
    @Wendy - well thanks, Wendy. They won! It was a fun game. I sooo want one.
    @Lady-Pa - a Winerack. Or a life changer, however you look at it.
    @HW - jealous! You are mean, haha. No, glad you are enjoying it. Will pass on the good luck to him. Looking forward to this season getting going!
    @Missy - can I just say that I always love your long comments?! :) Special coke is the best, I was considering that too. But then again I don't need to be falling over my seat at the end of the game. Or do I?? You are genius, haha. Too funny.
    @Littlejohn - haha, your comment is killing me. So true. You need to contact the company and try to sell them that slogan!
    @Vapid Vixen - Like I was just waiting for someone to ask or comment on how I looked. haha. Seriously, I am not ok with waaay overpriced wine. Yes, join the cheap ass club, its fun :)

  18. And here I thought he Fins were so progressive. NOT! I would so bring my own flask and drink my cheap ass wine in my damn seat.

  19. Totally get a flask. And to show off the Texas in you, get one made out of those truck balls. Customizing might cost a bit more... but it'd be worth it ;-)

  20. If you work out your shot tolerance you will have no falling, just warm and happy haha!!! I will have you know that I have never fell over :-) Although one time I did start talking to oppossition fans and ask if I cold join them on their bus home hahaha!! Luckily myself and friend decided against it. The player I dated liked it and found it hilarious as I would get more audiable as the game went on in my cheering of the team hahah!!Team spirit? I had it! haha!!
    Oh and glad you like my long comments- I am incapable of being succint in talk and clearly in writing too!

  21. Love the wine rack! At least you CAN drink. I went to a soccer game in Argentina -- no booze was allowed IN the stadium OR within a certain distance (aka there were no bars you could pop into right before the game).

  22. That is the only thing that puts me off about Scandanavia, the price of the booze!

    I used to know a customer at a place I worked in the 1980s, he was an old Pole who smuggled alcohol to Scandanavia after WWII, booze is traditionally cheap in Poland and expensive in Scandanavia.

    Still, a pair of blow up boobs isn't too dear, though, I guess... ;-)

  23. I wonder if I can get away with wearing that at work? I'll it with some Strongbow. Or Red Bull. Or vodka.

  24. I cannot even stand how funny that wine rack is- so they must get smaller as you drink more? Too funny.

  25. Seriously, how do you find this stuff? The liquor bags for men to wear under their shirts were nifty... but this - taking it too far girlfriends. GREAT gag gift though.

  26. "And here I thought he Fins were so progressive."

    Well, it's just that we can't be trusted with alcohol.


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