July 7, 2011

What was my 6th grade self thinking??!?

You might not think that I got a lot done when I was back at home in Texas. I mean, with all the laying out, spending time with friends and frequent trips to Sonic for their awesome ice, I can see how you would think that.

But I did get a thing or two done in Texas, if it was even just tiding up things from my childhood. Organized old pictures and put them in their right place.

And even stumbled across a gem.

My 6th grade diary.

Oh yes, I had a diary (which really, a blog isn't so different!). Actually, I had one in 4th and 5th grade, but written in an oh-so-cool Lisa Frank journal. It had rainbows and a gumball machine. Jealous yet?! (Mollie, I know you are!)

Glitter and Unicorns!!! (source)
So, as I was reading through pages and pages of me sounding a bit too boy crazy and desperately wishing for my first kiss (hey, that should be a blog link up theme, tell the story of your first kiss...so bad), I came across probably the sickest sign off line ever. Ever.

First, let me preface this by saying that I started every entry with "Hi diary readers". Like WTF?! Who did I think took the time to read my diary?!I didn't have any siblings my age and I know my parents had better things to do. Who knows.

But the sign off, my 'signature' go to. Was this baby:

And I am seriously thinking about using it from now on. Heart. Ying Yang. Peace Sign. Every time.

Oh, and just in case you were couldn't read the very embarrassing caption...

"...dance with Micheal. I hope he kissis [sic] me. I hope my mom does not shaperone [sic...and sorry mom, I was 11]!!! Gatta [sic, idiot!] run, see ya!"

Told you, obsessed with this kiss thing. Uggg. Still embarrassing! haha.

Oh, and there was a little of this spiced in there...

Oh yes, that definitely sayings "Thinking of DEVON SAWA". And it wasn't the only time I wrote that as a sign off line.

Just to clarify, this was my boyfriend, Devon Sawa (duh) PRE-Final Destination and Idle Hands (and according to IMDB.com, that is about all he did!). More like the DS in Casper, Little Giants and Now and Then.

Swoon :)

Double swoon. (source)
Still heart him, at least how he was back then. Just a bit.

Who was your 6th grade crush?!


After all, it is what all the cool kids are up to this weekend ;)
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  1. In 6th grade I don't think I had any crushes yet. However, I remember all the girls swooning over JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas).

  2. Oh wow! I saw the picture in my reader and just about had a heart attack and almost screamed LISA M.F. FRANK!! Wanna trade stickers?

  3. I also dreamt of Devon Sawa. haha.*rhythming was unintentional)But my REAL crush was Nick Carter-the Backstreet guy,yo!It was a full blown obsession.Also,round about that time the Harry Potter movies released-and I even had a on Dan Radcliffe(ugh) I had posters,stickers and what nots!ALL.OVER.MY.THINGS.

  4. hahahahaha.. omg, i totally had a Lisa Frank diary too! I was def in love with JTT and Andrew Keagen.. I guess Devon Sawa was too "nice boy" for me. lol. go figure. I love how you wrote "please don't have mom chaperone!" hahaha

  5. OMG. This may be the most awesome blog post ever. I ate that Lisa Frank shit up - especially those plasticky rainbow unicorn stickers. I think during a certain period everyone was throwing peace signs and crap after their signatures - I totally did it. And yeah, my old diaries are so embarrassing I can't even discuss them. You are a brave woman.

  6. This post totally made me laugh out loud.

    Sawa was so dreamy - I thought if I wished hard enough Leo before and circa Romeo and Juliet would come rescue me from a window in school


    It was the hair - swoon!

  7. I also had a diary when I was about 10 and now I am just rolling my eyes over the things I wrote because there is nothing else I can do about it.

  8. excuseeeeeeeeee me you did not steal my 6th grade boyfriend thank you very much. devon sawa and i were VERY tight. so what if he disappeared out of my life all these years later (seriously, what is he up to these days?), but him and i still had a fling for a few years. yall can keep your kissis private ;-)

    hope you're doing well! im starting to finally get settled in here a bit and saw you had a new post...needed some humor in my life which is a guarantee (SP?) when i stop by your blog LOL :)

  9. Kiddo likes the unicorns. I think there should be a narwhal and bacon somewhere with them. Maybe a platypus too.

    My eldest ex-stepsister used to sign off on her notes and diaries with "gotta cruz". Gagh.

    You should check the following out: http://angryalien.com/amys_diary.html

  10. Oh, and my crush was Fred Savage. I think I'm a bit older than you. But ja, Devon Sawa. Cute kid. Too bad.

  11. hahaha..omg so cute!! I had a diary as well..that pink one with a small lock! Those heartbreaking crushes on guys and the best thing is when I see them today and I feel soooo relieved that my wishes didnt come true..LOL

  12. I adored Devon Sawa!!! And did just about this same exact thing when I returned home this year. Oh the dirty little secrets you discover about your 5th grade self. Like how you secretly loathed your best friend. Or was that just me? Probably just me. I think the whole link up to your first kiss post would be amazing. I could spend a whole day on the world wide web for that one!!

  13. lol!! when i was cleaning my apartment before moving to nyc i found my 8th grade diary and pretty much every entry was about how much i loved the BSB and Nick Carter & my's age difference wouldn't be a big deal when I was 25 and he was 31 (consequently, it's NOT a big deal!). hahah! now i want to go find old diaries and upload pics!

  14. I can't tell you how much I love this!!! A) Your Lisa Frank diary is AMAZING. B) I definiely used to write that yin yang and peace sign everywhere. C) Devon Sawa was my ultimate crush! I may or may not have had a giant Teen Beat poster of him in my room. Of course, pre Final Destination. Loved him for his two minutes in Casper and Now and Then. Whatever happened to him?

  15. I am loving this times a million! Unicorns and glitter...bubble letters (we all totally wrote like that!)...dreaming big. Devon Sawa BIG!! Loves. What a major gem to have found...big laughs! Happy Thursday to yous :)

  16. Oh, Devon Sawa!! I'm pretty sure there were notes about him in my diary too!

  17. Ah my 6th grade journal has some treasures too. I was obsessed with Dawson's Creek at the time and loved relating my personal struggles (aka crushes) with the show. For example, I wrote an entire entry about 2 boys I had a crush on and how I was torn between the two of them like Dawson with Joey and Jen. Nice, huh?

  18. I can't remember 6th grade too much.

  19. OMG Lindsey! You never let me down.

    I was obsessed with Lisa Frank stuff and I hadn't thought about that since elementary school! I loved her kitty stuff, not so much the unicorns.

    And my crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (you might remember him as JTT). OBSESSED. He was just so cute on Home Improvement! I met him once when I was in fourth or fifth grade and I will never forget him being like, "yeah ... so ... okay ... nice to meet you." Embarassing!

  20. Dear diary (or blog) readers? I think you were ahead of your time. Who wasn't obsessed with kissing?

  21. Ya'lls comments are cracking me up!
    @Shanimals - hey girl! JTT, he really does seem to be a favorite on here! Too cute
    @Jordan - of course, I should have known you would be obsessed with it too. I was always too afraid to use any stickers I got when I got one of her sets. They were just too pretty!
    @Sweta - YES! haha, gotta love the DS. Oh, loved me some Nick Carter too. Good choice on that one :) We should still have stickers all over things, don't ya think?!
    @Laura - don't lie, Laura, you still have one, don't you!? haha, jk. Get some for Olivia, she would love it in 10 years :) Like I said, I was 11, my mom worked at the school and it was a legitimate fear, lol.
    @CN - haha, well thanks! Lisa Frank was awesome. I should come up with a blog background with all LF stuff. It would sell like hot cakes, haha. Peace signs were soooo cool...not. I totally thought I was a hippie or something. Oh, I can't even talk about most entries, those were the ones I felt comfortable enough to share....barely, lol
    @Expatriate - So super dreamy, what a good adjective for him. OHhhh, totally forgot about Leo in Romeo and Juliet. Loved him. Wanted a bf just like him :)
    @Susanne - haha, you should share too, then!!
    @Megan - them are fighting words, haha. He is not looking nearly as cute as he did back them. Bummer. I guess we had him at his best :)You are too sweet, hope that everything is going good and you are on schedule there! Hopefully see you around with a great welcome to Norway post!!!
    @Mollie - NARWHAL!! So sure I had something with one on there. Ridic! Gotta cruz, might have to steal that one. Pretty awesome, haha. I have to go see that now...and Fred Savage, great choice. I LOVED the Wonder Years. Those were the good ol' days :)

  22. @MrsK - haha, my Lisa Frank one had a lock too! haha, who were we keeping out?! No kidding, can you imagine some of those 'wishes' actually being true now. Eeeewww.
    @Erin - I knew you would too, lol. I love looking at all the old notes and diary stuff, too funny. Haha, no, I think we all had a love/hate relationship with our besties. She was, after all, your biggest competition! lol
    @Kimberly - YES! I loved me some BSB too! You got to go to the concert not long ago, right?! I get some of my bloggyland friend confused, lol. You totally should! Would love to see them :)
    @Andrea - well thanks girl. Why were Yin Yings and Peace signs so cool back then?!? We should have them make a come back! Yes, poster in room. You win, for sure. haha. Like I said above, he is not looking so cute these days. But then again, when you are a dream boat like that, how can you get any better?!
    @Morgan - it is all bringing you back, isn't it?! haha, those were the days :) Happy Thursday to you too!
    @Heather - only the cool kids did, lol
    @KT - oh my gosh, I think that came out when I was in 8th grade and I thought I was so adult for watching it. Haha, wtf. Way to compare your life to Joey and Jen. Totally know what you are talking about, btw, haha.
    @Oilfield - don't lie, you loved Devon Sawa too! lol, just kidding :)
    @Hockey - haha, well thanks! I loved all the kitty stuff too! She was great. Think they are still selling her stuff??? JTT, always a favorite of mine too. And pretty jealous that you got to meet him. Please tell me you never washed your hand after touching him. That would be the ultimate, lol
    @Copyboy - see! That is what I thought too. haha. Gaww, I was so obsessed with it. I mean, I don't remember being, but that is all I wrote about. Guess it wasn't too out of the ordinary :)

  23. lol I love this! You are brave for reading your stuff.. I tossed mine! I did keep my Lisa Frank trapper keeper, though. And everyone knows the only good part of Casper was the whole 30 seconds of Sawa! However, JTT had my heart... And then Justin Timberlake lol.. wow. Just remembering these things is embarrassing!

  24. Oh I love this!! I was tidying at the start of the year and found my diary from 6th form so I was a little older.I too sounded boy crazy (what's new) and lamenting dramatically about my life (again what's new?). I also began with a hi either just hi or hi diary. Aswell, I would apologise if I'd not 'written to it in a while' hahaha!! We were just pre-empting our blog life! Oh and my crush qwas Nick Carter and Kian Egan(Westlife). I had many a ILOVENICK (IDEMT).The part in brackets was for 'of destroyed even more true'. So cool eh? HAHAHA

  25. Oh the Nick and Kian stuff was from my earlier diaries not when I was 18 haha!!!

  26. Lindsey, you are so freaking hilarious! Hmmmm, well I don't know how old I was, but I did love me some Kirk Cameron. And then Chris O'Donnell. I was pretty much sure that if we met, we'd get married. NO LIE! I was for serious.

    Okay, "gatta" go...love, ying yang, peace!!!!

  27. Reading this, I felt like I was reading a story about myself. SAME journal. SAME content. SAME strange obsession with peace signs and ying yangs.

    When I saw Devon Sawa I almost spit out my almond milk.

    I loved him and J.T.T. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)

  28. I wish I had kept a diary, I would have interested to know what was going through my brain at the time.

  29. DEVON SAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was such a babe and I still think he is lol (where did he go by the way???!) - you better believe that I still watch Casper every time it's on TV!!!!!

  30. @Lauren - yes, traper keepers were the bomb! haha. Totally the best 30 seconds :) Aww, I still heart Justin Timberlake, what a babe.
    @Missy - I DID THAT TOO! Always apologizing when I took a diary break off, haha. That is hilarious. Whatever, that love for those two boy band boys was when you were 18. Don't lie :)
    @Dwija - Oh, sweet Kirk Cameron. Mike Siever, love it, haha. You are too much, please sign off every comment like that from now on :)
    @Hannah - What was wrong with all of us?!? haha. You were back in love with him when you saw him, weren't you!? JTT, gotta say that is the fave around here.
    @Tony - It was actually really fun to see it all. And to re-remember a lot of funny little things that had happened!
    @KY - such a babe! I would kill for a dvd of casper right now. That movie could get me through a lot of hard times, lol.

  31. Oh my gosh, how cute were you? Love the Anne Frank diary and super cheesy taglines- I will NOT be digging up my diaries, ha!

    Devin Sawa in Little Giants...whoa! Loved him!

  32. You have more guts than I have TexaGerma. Just looking at my old writing from childhood would make me cringe. You put your stuff online! I take my (metaphorical) hat off to you! But I won't reveal my crushes from childhood, as my wife would kill me for sure!


  33. I still read my old diaries from time to time - only a few entries before it becomes too mortifying to continue reading. I had quite a liking for Donnie Walhberg - it was all about New Kids on the Block back in the day and I liked how he was "edgier" than the other guys (cue questionable taste in guys for the next several years).

  34. YES! Lisa Frank! Loves it.

    I totally have some real boy crazy, embarassing journal entries from back in the day... too funny to go back and read them now! :)

  35. OBSESSED with Devon Sawa in little giants. love, love, loved that one :)

  36. OH MY GOSH! Lisa Frank is the shiz!!!! Peace love and yin yangs is the way to go, baby! I can't stop giggling - this is way too funny!

  37. I have to go back and see if that was who you submitted for my "crush" post this past winter. I know he made it on the list, as I had never heard of him...so I assume it was you. Or there were more than one bloggers with a crush on him. As for your kiss link up....I say DO IT!!! What a great idea!!!

  38. I agree--brave of you to put your 6th grade heart online....I still have my diaries from 4th to highschool-taped up in a box so mu daughter cannot use it aginst me LOL
    My 6th grade cruch was the whole cast of The Outsiders and most of them are still pretty yummy =)

  39. HA!!!! I think you've inspired me to dig out my old diary...but I don't think I'll have the guts to share. I love it! And I had a huge crush on Devon Sawa, too. Although when I was in 6th grade JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was the shiz...never liked him that much. Too short. ;)

  40. Sssshhhhhhhh.....I wasn't 18!! hahaha!!! No I think I had moved onto to David Boreanaz (thanks to BUffy and Angel) by then. He's still hot! haha!Why do you think I started watching Bones? Obviously I love the show in it's own right now, thanks to him!

  41. hahahaha... I def had Devon Sawa pictures from J-14 and Teen Bop hanging on my bedroom walls. And Lisa Frank stuff? Yup.... I see your diary and raise you a trapper-keeper. Sooooooo cool.

  42. Haha, my 6th grade diary was an 'American Girl Doll' diary. I'm not sure if it's more or less cool than Lisa Frank, hahahaha.

  43. Oh my gosh. I love this post!!! MORE PLEASE!!

    I used to write these ridiculously angst-ridden posts in my diary about boys or parents...I mean stuff like "he'll never love me" blah blah -- and then! THEN! I'd sign off almost every post with "Oh well"

    He hates me. Oh well. My life is horrible without him. Oh well. WTF?! Anyway, love this!!

  44. I loved Devon Sawa! I made my mom take me to the movies to see Little Giants twice. And then begged for it on VHS when it came out.

    I used to write out what boy I danced with and the song we danced to (ex. Chase - Truly Madly Deeply) in my diary. I want to re-read my diaries now!

  45. Just started reading your blog.... I had a total Devon Sawa crush too! I was too cool, I had one of those electronic diaries, even though I never remembered writing any entries on it.

  46. I was born in '95 but I watched Casper and Little Giants so many times with my older sisters I knew every line. I think my love for blonde guys originates from Devon Sawa. I recently re-watched Casper, as it was on TV and I couldn't resist. I recorded it so I could watch him say, "Can I keep you?" over and over and over...hahaha. I have like five diaries. All are horrifying.


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