July 15, 2011

Frackin' Friday - By SaucyKodz

Have another great guest post for you. In honor (should I use honour?!) of our time up north, I have a great Frackin' Friday from SaucyKodz, a blogger out in small town Atlantic Canada. 

Hope ya'll enjoy!! Take it away, Lilly!

Everyone in their own little corner of the world, city or town use slang words – kinda makes words less formal, eh. Slang relaxes the mouth and allows for a more comfortable speaking process...breaking down or creating your own words, does take away from “speaking proper english”, however, who’s to say “our slang” isn’t “proper english”, or whatever language another might create slang words in, right?

I figure it’s all proper, no matter how you use it, and I would have to learn an awful lot of slang, if I were to visit you all, right. Adding “right” or “eh” at the end of your sentence is a wee bit of Canadian slang – instead of saying “Isn’t that right”, all you have to do, is add “right or eh” at the end of your sentence, right! 

Slang also allows for more of an identity of a person or place, when speaking, right. You can personalize slang and talk how you want to talk, as opposed to following standard English protocol. 

I really enjoy “Frackin’ Friday” and have some good giggles, and have taken some time to write down a few of ours. Hope you enjoy them.

From SaucyKodz 

"She’s a hard pill to swallow" 
Meaning: Rough looking girl 

"Givener wide open tonight boys"
Meaning: getting very drunk lol 
(love this one! haha)

"Uglier then a brush wire fence"
Meaning: Real Ugly 

"Shack Wacky" 
Meaning: Cabin Fever

Meaning: You are about to hear a great secret 

"Great day to set a hen" 
Meaning: It is a nice day out

And – just to add some colour, "So hungry could eat the arse off a skunk" 

Haha, I have heard "So hungry I could eat a horse" but nothing ever about a skunk. Ya'll must get real hungry up there! Thanks for the guest post, Lillly!

Real quick, don't forget about the FTLOB Giveaway I am hosting THIS Sunday, July 17th! It's my super, fun birthday and I'm giving away a Texas/German/Canadian goodie bag to die for! See you on Sunday, you are not going to want to miss this!!
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  1. I definitely will most likely use "she's a hard pill to swallow". Happy birthday Lindsey. Did I ever tell you that you have the same birthday as Kiddo?

  2. did that, done that... all done.
    quote of my year, so if some asks where or how the job is going.
    happy "f" friday.

  3. Haha, love Saucy's blog and now these great sayings! Don't think I could beat the skunk one downunder - but I'll see what I can come up with!

    Happy birthday!!

  4. This frackin friday is a really good one- good guest post choice! Each one is perhaps better than the next today- although I think "shack wacky" might be my favorite :)

  5. Our upstairs neighbor and friend is Canadian--I'll have to see if he uses any of these when we see him next :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. @Mollie - no way! 7/17, best birthday day ever!
    @iZombie - haha, well that is one way to look at Fridays :)
    @Red - isn't it great! And I really liked the skunk one too. Thanks ma'am!
    @Heather - so many funny sayings in this English language of ours!
    @Meri - I know right, she did a great job with these. I had a serious case of Shack Wacky yesterday, haha
    @KT - see what part of Canada he is from. My husband is from the West and I'm not sure he knows these, lol

  7. @Oilfield - aren't they great?! And almost Texas sounding in a way :)

  8. Haha..loving it!Haha..loving it!

  9. Great guest post!!! Some of those sayings nearly sound Southern. I like "great day to set a hen." And I definitely plan to use it sometime.

    Can't wait for your giveaway, Texa!! :)

  10. How 'bout" "Uglier than a hat fulla a**holes"?
    I will say this, the South has the best slang expressions.
    Although, I love it when Canadians say "oot and aboot."

  11. How about this:
    He's got a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle.

  12. great day to set a hen!? LOL i love it!!!! :) and im still working on getting some funny norwegian words for ya L!

    PS...LOVE your new layout (well, the new things added on the page haha!!). its looking FINNNNNNISHED. no pun intended (ok...im hungover). have a great weekend girl!!

  13. @MrsK - well thanks!
    @myjoy - pretty great words, huh?!
    @Katie - they really do to me too! Haha, you should deffo use it :) I am looking forward to it too!!
    @Al Penwasser - Wow! Ok, that one takes the cake for sure! They really do, but the ooout and aboouuut is pretty funny too.
    @Tony - hahaha, ok maybe that one takes the cake! Where do ya'll come up with these!?
    @Megan - of course you would notice, glad you likey! I have had waaay too much time on my hands lately, lol. Can't wait for those Norwegian ones!
    @Lisa - glad you like it!

  14. I was oot n aboot today and we chugged r way to a "Flea Market" - no, not "Fleas" :), just some people selling stuff by the side of the road in the country.
    Thankyou Mollie, Sarah, iZombie, "Red", Heather, Meri, KT, Oilfield Trash, Mrs. K, Myjoyproject, Katie@chickennoodlegravy, Al, Tony, Megan and Lisa for all your kind words and comments.
    It was a "Great day to set a hen here" today,there was some quiet talkin' down by da gatepost, ran into a couple of "Hard Looking Tickets", down by the river, on an early morning run with PJ.
    A Fella passed by me at the lights who was uglier than a brush wire fence - couple of fellas at Timmies looked like they giver wide open last night and NO, I DID NOT EAT THE ARSE OFF THE SKUNK, but we did have home made PIZZA and the "Hungry enough to eat" was indeed there :)
    Smiles n chuckles everyone
    From Atlantic Canada


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