June 24, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Guest Post with Missy

Another Friday, another reason to celebrate....
Frackin' Friday is here ya'll (say that like Britney Spears in your head to get the full effect).
We have another batch of English words that I am still not quite sure are English. Where do those Brits come up with this stuff!?!
Take it away, Missy!
I’m Missy from ‘If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.’ I am so pleased to have been allowed to guest post today as Frackin’ Friday is one of my favourite posts of the week to read. It’s always good to learn a new word and then having fun trying to integrate it in to daily use.
I’m from England, the North to be specific. ‘Up here’ we use a range of words that even friends a few hours down the road do not understand or use. I am going to do a kind of yin/yang post and treat you all to a not so nice and nice word...hope you enjoy!! Be ready to make notes!

(Pronounced exactly how it looks)
You’re probably thinking, “Well this is an ok word? How can this be justified to be in a Frackin’ Friday post?!” Don’t worry; I will clarify its place by giving you our meaning of the word.
Synonyms for this word would include; disgusting, awful and yuck to name a few. That’s right, if the word rank is used in your direction...be offended!
I am sure the majority of you are thinking about who or what you could call rank. Here are some ways which it could be used in common everyday life.
“That looks rank...” {Via}

“She looks rank...” {Via}

“He’s proper rank like...” {Via}
So all in all if anything looks, tastes or smells, be it person or object, bad then it can be classed as ‘rank’.
Now for another Northern word:

(Pronounced: Can-ee)
Now this is quite a special one as it can be a compliment or a backhanded compliment of sorts. It basically means ok, good and nice etc. To explain both ways it can be used check below:
“Ooo that’s a canny nice dress like!” {Via}

“Sooo...How was the date?”
“Well, it was canny I suppose.”
“Will you be seeing him again?”
“Err... no...”
See, it this sense, canny is not the word you want to be described as is it? Basically the date was ‘ok’ therefore he was ‘ok’. When someone is described as canny it’s a pretty non-descript word which doesn’t bode well. However, like in the sense of the dress, the word nice was added then it becomes good as canny = very.  Below is another example of this:
It’s canny hot/cold.
{Translate- It’s very hot/cold.}

Now it means very. This illustrates what happens when you put ‘canny’ in front of words. Basically, if you’re described as canny nice then woo!! If you’re described as canny then ...sorry... you’re non-descript!

I hope you have been taken notes on this one:
Rank and Canny
Two very Geordie, but very fun words!

To finalise I want to explain the addition of ‘proper’ and ‘like’.
Proper- In Northern England where I live, we use it to emphasize a word. By using it in front of the person or thing which is ‘rank’ then you are justifying just how bad it is.
Like- This is a specific colloquial term, we put like on the end of a lot of sentences. It really lacks any meaning, it’s just there.

Honestly, the Geordie language can lead to all sorts of faux pars; I hope I’ve been of some help!
Hope you have enjoyed my Frackin Friday guest post- have fun with your new words!!

That was canny good, Missy! Oh, look at me sounding all Geordie....at least I think I used it correctly :)

Have a great Friday, bloggyland. Enjoy every moment of it. I am looking forward to catching up on some blogs (feel like I have been saying that lots lately! lol).

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  1. Very interesting blog!
    Hoping to read more!

  2. um...if i use BOTH of these terms on a regular basis...does that mean im part british?

    i definitely say rank more than canny, but i DEFINITELY use both.


    have a great weekend girl!

  3. Rank I've heard before, but Canny? Never!!! I'm totally going to sound all smart and British-y when I use canny in a conversation with the hubby later today. Thanks for a fun post, Missy! And Happy Frackin' Friday!

  4. Thanks for the lesson Missy! I do love your explanations!

  5. Nice! I actually knew one of these words AND use it properly, lol. Yay for Frackin Friday!

  6. haha..great to add something new to my english vocabulary! Btw Vicky Pollard pic is adorable..lol I just love Little Britain and she is my favourite charachter of them all!!!

  7. I've never quite understood how to use "proper," but I think this should help... and you better believe I've called some people/ things "rank" in my day :)

  8. Yep - you used it correctly!! Thank you for hosting :-) Have a great Friday/weekend!
    @Drizz- Lindsey has a great blog here :-)
    @Megan- I can definitly say that you are not just British but you are a Geordie haha!! Go you!
    @Katie- Glad to introduce you to a new word. Have fun using it (and explaining it haha!)
    @Tri-girl- Thanks :-)
    @Irish- Wooo!!! How clever :-) Top of the class for you!
    @Mrs K- She's hilarious isn't she?! Unfortunately you actually get kids who really ARE like her!!
    @Meri- Keep using rank- it's fab!!! Also, I'm pleased you've learned how to use proper. It's a difficult but great word for subtle changes haha!!

  9. Missy, you are on the ball commenting back, love it!! I will let her do the dirty work today. But glad ya'll are enjoying!!! Have a great weekend, everyone :)

  10. Personally loving the canny-the picture alone reminds me of CARNIES....eek! Lindsey-I should just send you an email update. How is youuuuuuu??? Missin' ya!

  11. I think my basic understanding is ok but it's all the subtle little uses and twists to such terms that if not understood and used correctly could get you into a proper lot of pain.

  12. @Colin- You're an honorary Geordie then :-)
    @Lindsey- You're very welcome!! My thanks for featuring me!!Hope you're having a great weekend!
    @Morgan- Canny is a great and awesome sounding word! Use it away!
    @Simon- Yep, the little words can create some rather awkward situations!! haha!!

  13. YAY- finally some words a recognize!


Whoomp, there it is!