April 16, 2011

Texa On The IR List

Beware of the touchpad.

I have never liked the built in mouse on my laptop. You would think after 4 years (oh geez, how has this thing not dead yet?!) of owning my MacBook, I would have remedied that. But no, I have just grown accustomed to using it.

Although while doing so, and especially when I am designing things on the computer, I tend to strain my pointer finger on my right hand and with a heavy press and an awkward wrist position, it somehow does my bidding.

That is until it started to hurt a few weeks ago. I still blame it more on our horrible couch we have here. Not only is it puke orange, but it is also back-breaking uncomfortable. Germany has horribly stiff couches, but that is a topic for another time. 

NOT OUR COUCH, but our couch in Germany makes this couch look pretty (source)

I tend to blame most anything on this couch. Bad weather, then it's the couch's fault. The guys lose a game, it is the couch's fault. But this time, it really is it's fault. It makes me type and hold the computer at a weird angle. 

So, as I blogged and blogged away, I somehow managed to strain my pointer finger and now at the bottom of my finger, where it meets the palm, I have a growing ganglion cyst. First and last time I will use that word, I mean, really, how gross does that sound?! They are sometime referred to as a Bible cyst, because the old-timey remedy was to smash it with a Bible. Yeah, that is not happening.

Ew, literally almost gagged when I googled pictures of it. Don't do it, unless you want to re-taste your lunch.

Basically, it is just a pea sized lump under the skin, can't see it, only feel it. It's mildly annoying, not really painful, but will probably continue to grow and grow, alien style. I am hoping it will just go away. And if not, then, gasp, might have to get it surgically removed. Ouch.

Pretty much exactly what is will turn out to look like. 
Except on my finger. And a 1,000 times smaller.
So yeah. The hubs in busting his butt in playoffs and I am the one on the injured list. But, not to worry my dear readers, I will troop on. Because I am just that tough :)

Stupid couch.

And to something else completely unrelated...for all you pie chart lovers out there :)

So people here stop me all the time on the street and ask me "Hey Lindsey, your blog, how do you do it?! How does it all come together??"

Which I find strange because:

A). the Germans can all of a sudden speak perfect English. 

And B). I don't ever walk around in the streets here.

So OK, it was for sake of this story. No one asks me that, outside of my head at least. But I thought it was worth designing a little graph to show all of you why my blog it somewhat successful. (My words, not yours.)

Well, I don't have a job right now, other than battling Deutsch, which is a doozie in its own right. So it leaves me lots of time to blog, blog hop, blog stalk, and look up any and everything in the universe.
Yep, folks, that is all it takes. So really, if you too want to be successful, I suggest you march into your boss' office first thing Monday morning and tell them you are focusing on more important things in life and can no longer work for them. I think it will go over smoothly. And hey, in 5 or 10 years, you might actually make some money on blogging. Maybe. Probably not though :)

Dang, I should have also included my ability to type with more than 2 fingers and form semi comprehensible sentences.

Ehhh, that isn't really a requirement. Spel Czech is overraited.
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  1. Sorry about the hellish couch. I had one of those a few years back. The only difference is that mine would randomly stab you with a spring coil.

  2. Oh, Mist! ;) That's terrible! Hopefully the cyst will go away...but if not, at least you are in a country with good medical care!

  3. Ha! I have missed not being able to read your blog (lack of internet) Feels good to be back!
    I had a GC once when I was in highschool for about 3 years on the top of my hand by the base of my thumb. I blame it on writing papers by hand. It finally went away but I use to draw a face on it. ya i am odd.


  4. OMG that sounds terrible!! Im only using the built in mouse...did u get it from that thing??? I hope u will not be needing surgery:S

  5. I once had an alien growing in my forehead that required me to immediately get side swept bangs. Turned out to be a spider bite that went away after a day, the bangs are still growing themselves out. Good luck with the alien fetus growing in your hand.

  6. I think I'm going to attach up my usb mouse, I've been noticing that my fingers get tender if I use the touchpad too much, so for the sake of my fingers, and to prevent one of those cysts, I'm reattaching the usb mouse!

  7. I thought that couch in the picture was a pie crust at first glance.

  8. Hahaha!!! I wish I could quit my job! Can't belive your poor finger. I have to say I was clapping the other day (for a legitimate reason and not just randomly because I'm crazy) and I noticed my pointer finger felt a bit odd. Maybe it's the curse?! Oh dear...

  9. haha, love the pie chart. and i loved your comment! that story is so funny/so frustrating!

  10. @oilfield - haha, no, the couch doesn't have springs, just hard boards, so we don't have to worry about those. But sounds painful!
    @Jan - haha, awesome usage Jan! Exactly, but does kind of suck we are leaving in 2 weeks. But maybe not, maybe it can get all nice and big before we come back and then I will really get my money's worth with the German healthcare :)
    @Little - haha, too funny. I legit read 'interest' at first and though hey! Ok, good to know that they do and can just go away. Might have to start drawing little smileys :)
    @Mrs K - it isn't that bad, I am just making it sound worse. Just the built in mouse, yep. I am telling you, it is the couch's fault!
    @Jordan - Holy cow! A spider bite, yikes! I would have totally gotten the bangs to cover it up too. Thanks, I will send your good wishes to my alien baby :)
    @Maria - haha, horror stories, sorry to scare! But glad I could spread the awareness, lol
    @Tony - at second glance, it really does look like pie crust! haha
    @Missy - the blogger curse. I think we should rename it the Blogging Cyst. It might sound dorky, but not as gross. And I love your random clapping, ha
    @Jenni - well thanks! And yes, so frustrating. But then again, we are lucky to have one over here without a bit of frustration :) And I wouldn't have it any other way!

  11. haha wow, I thought my couch was bad. We have a slipcover that is the color of poo, and it never stays in place so it always looks saggy and messy and gross. But it's really soft so, you know, I just lie on it and enjoy its gentle embrace and try not to look at it.

    And I'm interested to see what happens once I start work on Monday...either I will go into hyper blog mode or hyper hibernation. Want to just come take over my blog and make it awesome like yours?

  12. oh man!! that sounds like a crazy injury i'd have! although its funny i love the track pad, but i realized when i was reading this i use my middle and ring fingers together to scroll around, never ever my pointer finger! dont know why, and i would never have realized it except that you posted this!!! hope it heels up quick!!

  13. *Excellent* pie chart but definitely a little skewed. There should be a lot more of the other sections, and less red! btw, i have those things too, though i never heard of whacking them with a bible! i've had two since i was a teenager (we'll just say about 20 years). They bug me from time to time but i've never gotten to the point where i needed surgery. I would think you could just ignore it like i did :)

  14. So now I'm gonna have to go google that....

  15. oh em geeeeeeeee... I did - I threw up a lil in my mouth...

  16. I Googled it, yes I did. Fortunately, all I had for lunch was one Rice Cake which wasn't terribly yuckky to clean up.

    Nah...I didn't upchuck; did do the Google thing and remembered my best friend having the same thing on his wrist. Sorry to hear you have one and hope you get it taken care of if necessary.

    That alien couch? Definite upchuck material; there's plenty I could blame on it too...stay away from it!

    Keeping good thoughts,

  17. Haha- I need a scapegoat like your couch. I suppose I blame a lot of things on the weather. "I can't meet up with you today, its 42 degrees.... I can't get groceries, there's a lot of pollen..."

  18. You are hilarious! Fun blog. I am in- your newest follower.


  19. I'm a popper...do it..do it!
    okay, so my mom and sisters and I spend our time together picking each others skin-and my mom and sister each have these sebaceous cysts on their legs that we fight over popping...I know...but I can't help it...
    do it! and video it, so I can watch

  20. I got teed off at the touch pad on my laptop, (it kept messing up my drawings) so I hooked up my usb mouse. If I use it on the couch, thank god not a bad one, I use a tray so I have room for the mouse pad. Sorry about the cyst you have. I hope it just goes away with out surgery.

    Pamela Jo

  21. Oh, I hate the touch pad. The touch pad is evil...obviously...just look at your finger. I really enjoyed your "tutorial" on making a blog successful. Although I think you give yourself too little credit. You can definitely credit your success to posts like these and basically all of your other posts. You're just a darn good writer and blogger...that's all there is to it.

  22. Germany makes uncomfortable couches? WAT.

    I'll admit i'm extremely ignorant to the state of furniture around the world, but it seems like germany would have good couch.. maker, people.

  23. 1) Yes. The touch pad is the devil incarnate. If you look at it long enough its eyes will turn red! Why have you not hooked up a mouse to that thing, woman???? You should get a prize for being able to design without one, that is for dang sure.

    2) I am *also* jobless. We have so much in common!

  24. Oh my god. I HATE my couch, too. Although it doesn't look as bad as the orange one pictured. I know someone who bible thumped their ganglion cyst and got rid of it. Werid. Sick. Gross. I-cant-believe-it-worked-but-it-did. I hope yours doesn't bug you too bad, surgery would be the pits. How would we enjoy your posts if your wrist was out of commission? :)

  25. Ugh, I've had one of those on my wrist since I was 13. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can't, depending on whether it's moved under a tendon or not, according to my doctor. *Gag* Even the name is revolting! I'm not going to bible thump it though - I'd probably break my wrist in the process and it's really not noticeable most of the time. Hopefully yours will just go away, unlike mine :(

  26. Have they tried to drain it?I had one and all they did was stick a needle in and drain. It was the best relife ever. I hope you get to feeling better. I am with you on the German furinture. We had "loaner" when we first got here. The bed barley fit my husband let alone both of us. The couch was awful. I am not looking forward to pcsing and getting that back.

    Always amazes me when they all of the sudden speak english perfectly becasue they want to know something.

    have a great weekend =)

  27. Oh my! That couch and cyst sound SERIOUS!!! Comin to ya from FTLOB!!! Been around here before! Glad to see you are still doin well!!!


  28. @Jackie - haha, slip cover colored poo, nice description! haha. I am sure you are going to love your new job, it sounds awesome. And I have a feeling it will just give you that much more to write about :)
    @Kimberly - haha, well your pointer finger is safe then :) Thanks! I am sure it will just go away...or hatch, lol
    @Tri - haha, thanks. I still think it is perfect like it is, but whatever, lol. Good to know! I am good at just ignoring medical stuff and hoping it will go away. It isn't painful, so I think I will live :)
    @A Belle - haha I TOLD YOU!!! PS watched the game last night. Got pretty exciting, but they just couldn't come back. Will be crossing my fingers for you for game 3!
    @Slidecutter - you are sadistic, haha. Well good to hear. Like I said, just more annoying than anything. Thanks for the good thoughts anyways Patty!
    @Meri - I have a feeling my couch is doing that to you all the way from here. Seriously it is one powerful and uncomfortable couch, ha
    @Simple - well thanks! I am glad you stopped by and let me know your site too :)
    @Not - haha, no WAY, I don't think you understand. Not like a pimple popping, haha. Way deeper than that. But thanks for your funny story! haha
    @Theres - Hey Pamela, thanks for wishing it to go away too. I really need to hook up a USB mouse, and get a cool lap holder like you have. Thanks for the tip!!
    @Katie - I think it is evil too. Maybe it joined forces with the couch. Aw, well thanks Katie! I wasn't fishing for compliments, but I will always take them :)
    @Colin - notoriously bad, we have never had a good one. That is one reason I am so freakin' excited to get home and sit in a lazy boy! haha
    @dweej - I KNEW IT! I will get one when we get home. Until then, I will suffer, ha. So much in common!! Lol. I think you have enough jobs around your place though. Mine consists of sweeping an apartment the size of my bedroom back home, ha.
    @Rachel - Don't bad couches suck?! Very underrated piece of furniture :) And I don't think I am brave enough to thump it. Maybe I should get one of those voice recognition typers. Now that would be super dorky! ha
    @ixy - that is what I read, if you use it less it goes away and the more you move it, the more it comes back. I am hoping that both of ours will go away. Glad I am not the only who has one!
    @Ms. Sarah - Well I am glad you told me that that worked for you. I read a lot online that said that wouldn't work. So that sounds way better than surgery. What is it with couches here?! I am telling, let's open a lazy boy store, ha. Lol, oh yeah. You have a great weekend too!

  29. You crack me up :) I love the pie chart!

    Your injury sounds dreadful, stupid couch :/ I hope it clears up/disappears for you soon!

    The next time something bad happens, i'm blaming the ugly german couch :P

  30. Ya'll snuck in there!
    @Jess - haha, no not serious. Serious drama queen, but that is about it. But thanks for the well wishes anyways, and for stopping by :)
    @fancyflea - haha, well thanks! I am hoping for the disappearing act too. Yes, let's all blame the couch!!

    And to everyone else, thanks again for the well wishes. I can assure you that it is way more dramatized for the blog than anything. But just the same, ya'll are too sweet :)

  31. quite basically love this post! I feel rather similarly about our couch. hope all is well.

  32. I don't know what you're talking about lady... I would KILL for a couch like that!

    And when I think about the blog content I could put out if I didn't have a job!

    Ha! I love you lady... you seriously always crack me up!

  33. Maybe we could rename it after us and that would sound even better!!! Like we've discoverd a new (but really old) problem! Anything would sound better than orginally. Do you think that when we're old we're gonna be as bad as the kids with their claw hands from playing on the PSP's etc. I always judge those kids and maybe I'm just as bad?! :-O

  34. Not having a job gives you more time to blog... but this does not always mean you blogger *better* !! I just think you're really funny, which is why people (or at least me!) read what you've got to say! (oh, and besides, because you're in Germany and anything you write reminds of my time there...).
    I hope you get better soon!

  35. @MelissaJoy - a bad couch can ruin a good day! lol. Thanks!
    @SIF - I am sure you can find one just like it...for free...on the side of the road. So gross! And you would kill us all with your no job blog content, haha. Thanks for a really sweet comment :)
    @Missy - TOTALLY! We could be famous...for a cyst, haha. I think we are just as bad, but I won't admit that to them!
    @Katherina - Well thanks Katherina. You are right, I guess I could be jobless and boring, lol. You are too sweet. Thanks for the well wishes!

  36. I grew up hating the visits to my German grandparents house for many reasons, but the couch was part of it. Seriously.
    I have an out of work nurse friend who posts videos of cyst popping/lancing on FB. You are utilizing your downtime in a much more responsible and entertaining manner!! You make me laugh :)

  37. Hilarious! Yes, not having a job helps! (And I should know! lol)


  38. Stupid couch! If you won't smash thing thing with a Bible, how about an encyclopedia? I'm just trying to give you options here. I'm a helper bee like that.
    Your graph is amazing. I feel as if I have learned so much in that short pic. Quit my job, once I win the lottery I shall do that. Until they I will try to plod along. *lol*

  39. eeeek! girl!! I hope you get that thing (the GC- i won't say the word either haha) taken care of! You def don't want it to get worse!! And i totally agree, it's the no job thing that helps. hehe BUt sometimes I just have a lack of ideas coming from my brain.. maybe it's because I don't have a job to stimulate different ideas. lol. who knows :)

  40. I had a cyst on the back of my forearm once. It was accidentally smashed by a grocery cart in a store while shopping. It hurt like a deckins. A few chosen words came out. Some words where even taken from the Bible! And I don't even have a couch to blame.

  41. Hey! Our lives are kinda similar! I live between three countries as well, France, Bahamas, and US. Where are you in Germany? And boy do I know about tryin to tackle another language. French is tough! But I don't know if I would even want to try with german! lol

  42. @No 7 - seriously, what is up with them and bad couches?! HA. Ewww, that is so gross. I am deffo doing more productive things, haha.
    @Paul - seriously, right?!
    @Bernie - Hmmm, maybe I will choose the S or T one, those seem to be larger than the rest. Let's win the lottery together, and team up to form the sickest blog on the block, haha. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya!
    @Laura - good point, I feel a full time job would give me lots of ideas. But then again, living in a foreign country gives us both plenty of ideas as it is! Haha. I am hoping this little thing will just go away. Wishful thinking?!
    @Marjory - haha, I bet that would hurt! haha, Ouch!
    @Natalia - That is too cool! I am down south in Germany, by Lake Constance. No kidding, always a battle, huh?! Can't wait to check out your site!

  43. Hi! I have awarded your blog with the Versatile Blogger Award.
    To claim your award, go to my blog leave a comment accepting and claim your award.


  44. I get those on my ring fingers...right at the joint where it meets my palm. They hurt...I actually went to a dr. to get it removed, but the day before my operation, it disappeared. They'll do that, but you can also help it along my massaging them with your finger tip...it hurts but works (over a few days/weeks)...sigh..

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  45. I love you. I'll email you to explain why, because I'm sure you don't know.

  46. I sense some irony in this post? ... ;)

  47. Thanks Tex - the guys need all the good vibes they can get for tomorrow's game. I hope the home crowd brings the noise! I don't wanna have to do it all by myself! ;)

  48. It is an ugly couch! The color is really well, it's hard to find the words when I see that color!!

  49. @Madison - Well thanks! I am headed over there right now :)
    @Marcy - how weird it just went away! I am hoping my will do the same. just keep massaging then :)
    @HW - awww, well thanks! :) I can't wait for my email! Love you too!
    @KY - hahah nooooo, lol.
    @A belle - haha, no kidding. Tell them to get fired up!
    @Ross - so nasty huh. And ours is just about the same color. gross!

  50. I thought the couches here in India were ugly. I was wrong. I hope the pea size cyst does not grow a lot, I am afraid of googling it to be honest (just had my lunch)!

  51. Ok, that was super gross, I googled that and it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Like, yeah, don't do it... very smooth.
    Also, that couch needs to be burned right now.

  52. @Apfel - i think they could have a head to head competition for sure! haha. Thanks, yeah, don't google.
    @Patti - warned ya!!! Haha, too funny. Let's burn our couches together!

  53. ugh - ganglion cyst. Such an ugly word.lol.
    my son had one on his wrist once. I read about the book smashing remedy. Were these people crazy?? Love the pie graph - very funny.


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