April 18, 2011

Safety First, Naked Trampolining Second

Hey Monday!

Hey Bloggyland :)

(and for those Arrested Development lovers, Hey Brother!)

I am working on a fun post for tomorrow, linking up with The Skinny Scoop for a change of pace. Should be interesting!

But until then, thought I would share some funny German pictures with you. Never a lack of those. Ever.

The family who owns the apartment we live decided it was spring enough to reassemble the trampoline and stick it back in the front yard. Guess it just felt like jumping weather. 

And I thought it would be rude to not try out their craftsmanship. So I decided to go for a quick jump. 

What!? There was no age limit.

But there was this warning....

Zoom in on this madness
I bet you were not aware that jumping on the trampoline in Germany:

A. might leave you decapitated


B. is not allowed to be done naked, at least with a partner.

I mean, that is what I got from this warning.

And I am all for trampoline safety. When I was about 8 or 9 my cousin was pressuring me teaching me to flip on the trampoline. I landed on my head and although nothing turned out to be wrong, I got a fun ambulance ride out of it all. Ahhh, fun family memories.

But maybe a good warning can be conveyed without the use of a severed head.

Or maybe it needs to be there. So if it does, then let's spice it up and really make it noticeable. 

There, that's better. 

You see children, jumping on the trampoline can be fun and absolutely terrifying, all at the same time!

Hey, stay safe out there :)
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  1. brilliant... why would anyone want to be naked, i can only imagine the pain with your clothes on.

  2. You do have to be careful. I think the first warning may be about using other people's trampolines. The second one is about assisted pole vaulting. Good thing they kept the tag on. I wonder what the mattress tag says?

  3. We have a similar warning sign in the elevator at work...that you can get stuck with the head..dont ask me how but obviously It can actually happen! Its horrible if it would happen but the sign looks so funny..lol

  4. Ak, safety first! Off with your head-at least if you did get decapitated it's a more modern approach. How is it that I step away for a weeekend only to find out you are deep on the injured list that is heavier than a trampo warning tab!? I hope you're not feelin' too much pain or anything :( No fun.

    That trampoline is total fair game, if its out in an open yard that is a point of reckoning for stress relievers and active cardio...hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  5. @iZombie - haha, seriously! Plus it might be one of the worst sites ever!
    @Rusk - yes, they totally could be pole vaulting, or at least high jumping. And I wonder what the warning on mattresses might be. That is, if they had regular mattresses here and not rock hard mats. But that is another story, lol
    @Mrs K - Hahaa, I love they have a 'don't decapitate your head' sign there too. How dumb do they think we are?!
    @Morgan - hahah, lots going on here, lots going on, lol. No, no pain. Lots of complaining, but no pain! Seriously, that is what I thought too. Their 8 and 10 year old girls are out of luck!

  6. Hehe! Too funny! It's good to know the Germans are up on their safety. Goodness knows what could get caught when trampolining naked!

    Kate x

  7. Oh well that spoils my fun, I always wanted to try trampolining naked in Germany!

  8. After reading this, I kinda just wanna jump naked now

  9. haha love this! I ALWAYS wanted a trampoline when I was younger but my parents wouldn't give in because they're so dangerous. The naked thing cracks me up. Thanks for stopping by my blog :]

  10. Gotta love how much they care about their country. I bet the decapitated head accidents on a trampoline halved from 2 to 1 after this warning!

  11. Holy crap...I am dying over here! You absolutely crack me up. But see, now I know to cancel my co-ed naked trampoline party, so thank you!

  12. @Kate - ohhhh ouch! Mental image, mental image! haha
    @Marie - don't worry, if you ever come to Germany, and jump on the trampoline naked and don't decapitate yourself, then I won't tell, lol
    @Tanya - kinda sounds freeing in someway, doesn't it! ha
    @Amie - Our neighbors always had one...and I always fell off. Maybe that is why we never got one, lol. Glad you stopped by too!
    @Missy - they are pretty diligent :) SOOO TRUE! haha
    @dweej - co-ed naked trampoline party....and where is my invite?!? I will just console myself and say it got lost in the German post, lol

  13. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that this morning.

  14. That is hilarious!

    We had a trampoline when I was growing up and my brother did get stitches on his head once but that was because he fell off and landed on an above ground sprinkler--ouch!

  15. you've probably mentioned my two favorite things in the world in the post: arrested development & giant trampolines!! huzzahhhh!!! my parents would not allow me to have a trampoline as a child bc my mom thought i would kill myself on it ... i cant imagine why, im sooo coordinated!! hahah! have fun jumping! ..just make sure youre clothed or you might die!! ;)

  16. Oh, I think that we've all got a crazy trampoline story out there...but never once has it crossed my mind to do it naked. Silly me...

  17. How do you find this stuff?! Naked trampolining (is that a word) does sound pretty dangerous, it definitely deserves a warning label.

  18. @Oilfield - well you are welcome then! :)
    @KT - ouchies indeed! Yikes. They should have put this warning on your trampoline then, haha
    @Kimberly - awesome. You just became that much cooler in my book, lol. Haha, no kidding. Clothes stay on!
    @Little - haha, your head just wasn't in the gutter enough :)
    @Adventures - tricks are what a whore does for money, Micheal hahaha

  19. @An Irish - its called weirdo living in Germany, haha. Naked trampolining should not only be a word, but also an olympic sport! ha

  20. Oh gosh, I love warning signs. My favorite are the stickers that they put on the lids of those plastic storage totes. They show you not to store your baby in the tote. Shocking revelation! :)

  21. Really no naked jumping on a trampoline but it is ok for them to run in the buff through the park with the geese?? True story saw it this weekend and my son such the american had to laugh point it out and more.I thought about catching up with him on the 3rd corner of the pond and telling him about shaving...

    Great translating...

  22. @Amanda - hahha, that one is awesome. I love seeing those. How dumb do they think we are?!
    @Ms Sarah - ummm, no way! Haha, awesome. You can take the boy out of America but not the American out of the boy :) Too funny.

  23. Head separating from body. That is a problem. Just not one I thought would be associated with trampolines. Now woodchippers, there's a head hazard!

    *And that's why you leave a note!

  24. I read the post title and all I could think was "ouch, that would hurt" lol.

  25. Is trampoline jumping naked REALLY all that bad? I mean, sure, it's kind of gross and probably unsanitary, but if the naked Germans want to jump naked on their trampoline possibly risking horrible naked injury and decapitation, why can't we let them? Do we really need to post a warning label forbidding such liberating behavior?

    HA! This was SO great. Thank you so much for the laugh. I needed it!

  26. ...but that's what's so fun about trampolines--the adrenaline rush from not knowing whether or not your head will get cut off.

  27. I love your interpretations of the warnings. I always loved trampolines as a kid, I'm lucky I never broke my neck...

  28. Can you hold a pair of scissors on the trampoline? How about eat hot soup?

  29. @mollie - um, seriously, knew I could count on you for a good AD quote. What a show. Yeah, seriously, I think they switched the label from the woodchipper (which they have) to the trampoline. easy mistake, lol
    @Sarah - haha, seriously, not comfortable
    @Katie - hey, you are right, there are much worse things in life than jumping on the trampoline naked. I might go marker out the sign...but only right before we leave. I don't want to see any of that! haha
    @Shanimals - agreed. I mean really, what is a little fun without the risk of death, haha
    @Meri - I am glad you didn't break your neck either! I always loved them, until my cousins always hurt me on them, lol
    @Jen - Both are surprisingly ok. But not naked. Haha, too funny Jen.

  30. No loss of head or ambulance ride for me, but I do have a scar that causes my left eyebrow to grow upward at the end.. Boo!

  31. you do know that Lauren above this comment is the same Lauren that is your prize package sistah.

  32. @Lauren - yikes! That is pretty bad then. And too cool we are prize package sistah! haha. Thanks for the heads up Mollie. Oh and Lauren, if you don't finish your teacakes, send them my way :)

  33. I was just saying to the husband, "You know there is not enough naked trampolining in this world" Now I know why.

  34. Wwww man! No naked jumping??? What kind of country is that? Boooooo....


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