April 25, 2011

I'm Alive!

Wow, I am some how still alive after this weekend. What a party it has been!

I have to give it to these guys though. After the long season, they deserve every little moment to release all the stress that built up during the playoffs. It might take a full week to blow off all the steam.

I can't even pretend that I can keep up with these crazies. But it is sure fun to try!

I think the hubs is drowning. You can't win the cup and not not drink out of the pokal. Wait, did that make sense?!

Real quick, I'll take you back to Thursday evening.

I was actually pretty composed at the game. I think I was too worked up, nervous and stressed out to show much emotion.

It was a do-or-die kind of game. Granted, the team was up 2-0 in the series, so they technically had a little bit of wiggle room. But if they had lost on Thursday, I doubt they could have pulled off another win on the road, and they would up in the 5th game this evening. Not cool. Would not have been cool.

So, they game got underway and it was a back-and-forth, all-over-the-ice kind of game from the moment the puck dropped.

And it didn't seem that luck was on our side. There were so many chances in the first and second period, but somehow the puck was just not bouncing in.

And then other team struck first. Blech. Only 7 minutes into the game, they scored while we had a power play. Big no-no. Schei├če.

The rest of the 1st period and the entire 2nd saw the score stay at 0-1. Not going to lie, both teams had several chances but nothing was happening. It was a true battle out there.

Then, right before the 3rd period, as the guys are making their way out of the dressing room and onto the ice, the hubs catches my eye (I mean, we sit front row, it is almost hard not to make eye contact).

I nod my head at him, in a 'let's go, you can do this' kind of way. He looks at me and mouths "We got this." No ifs, ands or butts about it. Just confident, cool and collected. I say back "I know, I know". And from that point on, I just knew they were going to somehow or another pull out this win.

So, the 3rd period started and I think my heart was in my stomach the whole time. I was trying to will the win as best as I could.

And wouldn't ya freakin' know....they tied the score at 1-1 with less than 6 minutes left in the game!!! Holy cow, makes me excited just typing that.
What a shot! (source)
The whole crowd knew that the boys had at least one more goal left in them. And with 2.5 minutes left, the puck once again found the back of the net and the deal was sealed. They won the game 2-1.

There is something so special about this team. As the hubs put it in words yesterday "It must have just sucked to play our team!". Which has to be true. It didn't matter how the whole game went, they would always eek out a win. Always. Ridiculous.

As you can tell, I am so proud of the hubs and of this team. It was a great season, and even better championship run, and because of all of this, Ravensburg will hold a pretty special place in my heart.

Party it up, Ravi! (source)
Last year for us was a really tough hockey year. Too many details to go into, but trust me when I say that it was not fun. So this year was just what we both needed to restore our faith in hockey abroad.

If you are interested, you can jump to a highlight video of the last game. If you can ignore the German, I think you will have a good idea of what all is going on. 

Oh, and fast forward to about 50 seconds left in the video and you'll see a handsome man kissing on the cup, lol.

Looks like we will be headed back stateside on Saturday (whoohooowhooowhooo, happy dance to the extreme). So until then, we will be packing, partying, and enjoying the last few days in Germany. 

Celebrating on the ice after the win
I should be around this week. I feel I have a lot to catch up with in bloggyland.  

Thanks so much for all your sweet words of congratulations. They really do mean so much to me and the hubs :)
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  1. Wow, what fun and some well-deserved celebrations!

    Enjoy every last party; I'm sure it will be good to get back home!

    Monday Hugs,


  2. This post made me feel so happy :-) What a fab victory and it sounds like your husband has had the luck of playing in a pretty special team this season!

  3. YAY LINDSEY!!! Victory dance. So super excited for your husband's massive victory! I can only imagine that this week will be filled with hot messes, packing and more celebrating! What a way to kickstart the summer, nothing better than a little excitement, a cup and fabulosity :)


  4. That is just so awesome. Congrats to the hubs!!!!

  5. You are so Klassy drinking out of the cup with a straw. *lol* What a fun picture.

    I hope that this week is more relaxing than the past couple weeks. You both deserve a rest!!

  6. @Patty - well thanks! We are doing it up right here. And might as well enjoy these last few days we all have together in Germany :)
    @Missy - what an awesome comment! Thank you so much! It really is a special team.
    @Morgan - YAY indeed!!! Thank you for being so sweet. Hot messes doesn't even begin to describe us right now, hahah. Really is the best way to kick start the summer. You are so right!
    @Oilfield - thanks so much!!
    @Bernie - super duper classy! haha. I think it has been so nice for the hubs to just relax. Thanks for all your sweet words Bernie :)

  7. I got chills just reading this - I am so happy for ya'll!!!

  8. Woo hoo, that is freaking intense and awesome! I would totally drink out of it, and take a bath in it, that cup is giant.

  9. YAYYYYY!!! So freakin exciting!! Love it:) Great re-cap, I could just feel your stomach in your throat the whole time!! Lol!! Yay for heading back home too! Enjoy the rest of your time in Germany:)

  10. What an exciting game!!! I never thought to drink out of the trophy but now it only seems appropriate! After Germany, where will you go?

  11. Awesome! Sounds like a really exciting last game! Have fun enjoying the next few days in Germany!

  12. huzzzzaahhh!! whoooo!! sounds like so much fun! love that you guys are drinking out of the cup! enjoy your last few days! maybe some naked trampolining? hahahha!

  13. So SUPA HUGE CONGRATS! Man, I got excited just reading that. Enjoys your last days there and I bet you can't wait to get back to the states!

  14. Big congrats! The Germans have some of the best beer in the world, but they are not so famous for their partying skills! ;-)

    Have fun!


  15. Congratulations! I hope you had a big cup of Margarita. hehe

    A Ladybug's Life

  16. Congrats! I did a happy, victory dance for you over here!

    I'm glad you'll be back in bloggyland, and don't get all creeped out cuz I mean this in a friendly, non-creepy fashion but YOU ARE GORGEOUS! :)

  17. YAAY! I was definitely thinking about you this weekend and how much fun you MUST be having celebrating such a big win!! Glad you're headed back to the states, best wishes and easy travels. Looks like it might be hard to pack that trophy though...hmmmmm

  18. What a great pic of you two. Gosh you look so beautiul! Once again congrad's. Now where are you moving to? Home to Texas or ??????

  19. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR HUSBAND!! I'm glad you are alive, but try not to kill that liver too much!

    Enjoy the rest of your time there, and I'm sure you'll be happy to get back to Texas!

  20. OHMYGOSH, it is so excited just READING it. I cannot imagine how awesome it must have been to BE there!!! :D Wowie, zowie!

    Are you leaving Germany for good, or just a visit, or what?????

  21. I cannot handle my booze. I would have been out like a light just a few sips into that bad boy!

    Looks like fun!!

  22. Pretty cool! Too bad it wasn't a real sport like baseball. Still, that's why they have booze, right?

  23. I don't know how you survived the tension--I get so nervous during games like that!

    So glad he won and enjoy your trip stateside :)

  24. Wow, what an exciting game!! Congrats to the Team on their win!! WooHoo!

  25. EXCITING! I can only imagine how my stomach would be in knots watching! Great pictures - especially the one of you drinking from the cup and the one of two of you. YAY for Stateside!! Again, congrats to hubby!!

  26. HOW AWESOME!!! The photos are fabulous - congrats again to the hubby!! Congrats to you - you won an award over at my blog - go check it out! http://somethingdeepwithin.blogspot.com/2011/04/quite-eventful-post.html

  27. What a great way to end the season!!! Couldnt be better right?:)))) Enjoy it and once again Congratulations!! You sipping fromthe Cup should be framed!!

  28. You should consider a career in sport journalism and I'm not joking, you are really gifted when it comes to explaining the match and the tension.
    Congrats on the winning.

  29. @Heather - thanks! We are still celebrating it up today :)
    @Jordan - haha, I could totally take a bath in that cup, what a great idea! lol
    @Sherri - thanks Sherri! Seriously, so nerve racking! We will be home on Saturday and cannot wait! Thanks!
    @Mikos - it sooo was. Really appropriate, haha. We will head home for the summer (Texas and Canada) and then back to the grind come August
    @Meri - well thanks girl! We are trying to make the most out of them, you know, around all this packing going on :)
    @Kimberly - haha, perfect word for it. Huzzaaahh! It was a blast, but maybe not as fun if they hadn't had won. Can't even imagine that right now. Thanks!
    @Paul - haha, well they are doing a pretty good job of it lately. And yes, the best beer in the world doesn't hurt the celebration either!
    @Brownbugz - Yes! A margarita out of that cup would have been awesome! lol
    @Jessi - well thanks! And thanks for that sweet compliment :) Made me smile!
    @An Irish - Haha, oh now you can think about me and wonder how much I will be hurting after all this party. Yowzers! lol. Thanks, I am looking forward to getting back home for sure.
    @Mac - danke, gleichfalls!
    @Marjory - haha, well thanks. You are too sweet :) We will be in Texas for May and June and I can't wait to just sit by the pool and relax!

  30. @Mallori - well thanks girl! Haha, barely alive, but yes, still kicking over here. Lol. Sooo happy to get back home!
    @Dwija - well glad I could convey the excitement! It was such a good game to watch. We will be back home until August, and then get to do it all over again :)
    @Hannah - haha, too funny! It has been fun for sure
    @Caleb - well, not going to lie, love me some baseball. At least hockey guys are in shape :)
    @KT - my hands literally hurt by the end of the game because I was clapping so hard! haha. Thanks girl!
    @Wendy - it sure was. Thanks so much!
    @Meg - butterflies and knots and feeling nauseous. Don't have to worry about that for a while at least! Thanks! We are actually excited to be packing up and heading home :)
    @Kristina - Well thanks! That is really sweet of ya :) I will check it out right now!!
    @Mrs k - seriously, well worth every moment we have been here. Trying to soak it all in :) Thanks so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me!!
    @Patti - wow, thanks Patti! What a compliment! Hey, now that would be a fun job :)

  31. Whatta nail biter!! Congratulations all around. You must be thrilled to be heading home!

  32. @No 7 - well thanks! I kept saying that the championship was exciting, but going home is that much more :)
    @Marcy - sure was!!!
    @Mary - Thanks! :)

  33. HURRAY! That game sounds super exciting (and scary at the same time)- thanks for sharing. What exactly were you drinking out of the cup! Must be delicious. Oh, it must be so fun to be married to a hockey player! :D

  34. Congrats to hubs and team. Looks like a good time!!

  35. Hi!
    I'm following from The Juici Life.
    <3 your blog!

  36. I had to wait out the congratulatory rushers, because that's how I roll.

    WOOOOHOOOO! Fistpump!

    Okay, so I know this much is true about me... I get pissy about people leaving or when I'm leaving. So, I guess, yeah...I'm effin' ecstatic you're heading home. I'd give my left ovary to do that this Saturday.

    I'll send you toasted teacakes to your new domicile when you are ready to receive them. Worldwide Welcome Wagon, that's me.

    And Mary <3 Mur is a scam.

  37. Wow! Felt like I was watching the game with you sooo exciting!

  38. That is SO, SO cool!!! A great big huge Mazal Tov!!!

  39. BTW...I also made you blog of the day.

  40. @Sarah - oh you know, some delicious prosecco! haha. Talk about spreading germies!
    @Ada - thanks so much, it has been a blast!
    @Cori - well thanks for letting me know, and thanks! :)
    @Mollie - haha, well thanks for the scam info. I can't believe all the people out there who have 'fake' blogs. Ridic! I am flying through London. Meet me at the airport and I will smuggle you in my bag :) Thanks for the fist pump action though! haha
    @Copyboy - it really was, and thank you so much for making me blog of the day. What an honor!! :)
    @Yenta - Haha, well thanks girl!

  41. This was such an exciting play by play. Can't tell you how excited I am for you and your hubby! And now you get to come home...whooo! Enjoy your celebrations and last few days in Germany!!!

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