March 23, 2011

My First Hockey Game

Today, at least if I can remember correctly, marks the 4 year anniversary of my first ever hockey game.

You see, this little Texas girl didn't know squat about hockey. Sure, we dabbled in street hockey from time to time, but that didn't mean we knew the rules. I could have probably named you one hockey player (Wayner) but then again, who didn't/doesn't know him!?

I remember my dad trying to get me to watch a game of hockey on T.V. one time when I was younger. He had spent some time in Canada and knew a bit about the sport. I had questions like "Ridiculous, why do they have to cross that line at once?" and "Where is the puck? Is there even a puck!?"

Or, I could have waited until they came out with the ridiculousness of FoxTrax! (source)
Needless to say, it was the first and last time, at least up until 4 years ago, that I even had the thought of hockey on my mind.

So, when I met the pre-hubs and he told me he was a hockey player, I didn't swoon or sigh like some good puck bunny. To be honest with you, I acted mildly impressed as I struggled to remember, that yes, there was a pro hockey team in San Antonio. 

All you had to say was "Ice skating bull named T-Bone" and I would have been hooked! (source)
After less than 2 weeks of knowing each other, he invited me and a few friends to one of his home games. The pre-hubs hooked me up with four tickets, and with three friends in tow we headed down to the rink to see what all this hockey biznaz was about. 

I don't give him enough credit for being one clever of a guy. 

As we are walking in, both teams are on the ice and the announcer is naming off some award for one of the players. My friends, which at this point were already giggling (we may or may not have pre-partied :)), asking "Which one is he, which one is he??"

I search the boys, until I saw him standing there, mid-ice, receiving an award for player of the week. Smart cookie. He knew he was getting that award and purposely had us come to the game to see his shining moment. 

I searched his name and 'player of the week' and somehow or another this is what came up. His face is pasted over David Spade's. How could I not include this!?

Pretty smooth, and I can't lie, I was pretty impressed.

We found our seats as the game started, and it was clear that all the high healed, perfectly manicured, blond girls in front of us were the girlfriends and wives of the players. So my friends start whispering "OMG, it's your new best friends."

Enjoying taking pictures the game.
Aren't they just the sweetest! Ha. Sad that I had no idea what my life would turn out, but I do remember thinking "nooooo, never!". For the record, they were a very sweet group of girls.

None of us knew the rules. The pre-hubs got a few goals. I didn't realize that that doesn't happen every game. Was it a big deal?!? I didn't even know, I thought it happened all the time. Turns out it was one of his best games all year.

Me, on the other hand, I remember him scoring, us laughing, and the over priced arena beer going down so smooth. Oh, and meeting up with some friends who had a box reserved at the game...

and doing this:

Sorry Chels! For the record, it was inside joke, but really, why explain. I'll let the picture do the talking.
It was necessary that we did that, OK?! You can't blame me, I was excited to see the pre-hubs play, excited to show him off to my friends....

and apparently really excited about those blow up, noise makers. 

You would think that we had never left the house before!
Whoops, guess I didn't really do my best to pay attention. I think something in my gut was telling me that I would be attending 16 million other hockey games, so if I miss things here and there, it wouldn't be the end of the world :)

I still have the ticket stub to that first game. I guess it did mean something special after all. And it is still clear in my mind like it was just last week. Who would have thought we would be over in Germany for hockey just a few short years later!?

Still, I want some more of those blow up noise makers. The could come in handy at games over here.

(P.S. Don't forget about the Storytellers Blog Hop this Friday and Saturday, March 25th and 26th!! Hope to see you there!)
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  1. strange things take us to strange places. yours is hockey, mine was... well i'm not sure but it took me from dc to amsterdam to australia.

    nice story. i'll be participating in your blog hop this weekend. thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you around again soon!

  2. Awwww, how sweet that you still have the ticket stub! Sometimes we just *know* it when it's happening! :)

  3. so adorable! luv the pics * cheerz to 4 yrs. of hockey/hubs games :D

  4. The only thing more exciting than hockey are the girls who like hockey! Thanks for your comment on you forgot to follow me tho :)

  5. lol! <3 it!! i used to go to my high school's hockey games and growing up in florida i really enjoyed any sport that was inside w/air conditioning! lol! so crazy where life takes us!

  6. @Yasmeen - seriously, some of the best things can take you all over the world. Sooo glad you will be linking up!!
    @Apfel - haha, I am sometimes sweet like that :)
    @b.lee - thanks! I am hoping for about 10 just the same!
    @Andy - haha, too funny. I think my hubs would agree. Glad you stopped over here too!
    @Kimberly - in florida, no kidding. They are fun to watch in person!

  7. hockey i dont know bout
    but the girls, not bad :3

  8. Oh bummer your married! My next request was going to see if you'd model one of my macvswild t-shirts as I've been looking for a Texan German model. Those are my two favorite countries ;)Well if you know of a single (non-married) Texan German who'd be willing to help me out with this I'd be happy to send her a free t-shirt!!! :O

  9. Sweet story : D My daughter was a big hockey fan when she was in her teens - not for the game but for the guys!

    Following you back from Mid Week Mingle - thanks for visiting WynnieBee. Very cute banner - I like : D

  10. Aww, that's a cute story! Congrats to this anniversary.
    I'll tell you something, I don't know one tiny detail about hockey, I even don't know any player. Haha. :)

    Glad you've found my blog and I hope we'll stay in contact. xo.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Nothing like the first hockey lead to a marriage and life as one of the wives in the "wives section"! Whenever I go to any sport's event...I always look for the wives section....drives my husband nuts.


  12. Aww, celebrations in order. Way too cute that you kept the ticket stub. Maybe you could introduce some noise makers to your fellow german attendees...:)

  13. I enjoyed this post. As a child we never watched hockey but I can remember my very first hockey game too. I wasn't dating a player, a friend had tickets and so we went. The tickets were about 4 rows off the glass and I found I had a lot of testosterone in my that I wasn't aware of! They were the best seats and I love the fights! :) IMO hockey is much better in person.

  14. Ohhh this brings me back to remembering my first game as well:))Great memories;)

  15. Great post. I was laughing along at your noise makers and the pictures you took. You kept it real. Well done. Well done. Happy anniversary! ;)

  16. love the pics of ya acting goofy, way to be yourself! (: met my hubby of 9 years now while he was on a hockey scholarship in college..what is it about men in uniform??

    glad ya followed us so we could follow back. happy wednesday!

  17. What a fun story!!! Sounds like me and team roping... (my guy's thing!) Fun times!

  18. What a great story, happy hockey game anniversary!! I know NOTHING about hockey, I feel like I learn more just from reading your blog : ) Love the pics though, glad to see you were paying attention, lol.

  19. Your hubs is smooth. I mean, I wish I or anyone I knew was that smooth. It's impressive. That's a cute story. I don't know anything about hockey really, it's not a big thing in Oregon. If you want to talk about being a tree hugging hippie though, I know all about that.

  20. Despite being Canadian, I have yet to go to a hockey game! Haha, I think I'm the 1% minority here that prefers soccer above all sports :P

  21. @Mac - haha, nice.
    @Andy - sorry! If I find any, I will let ya know :)
    @Wynnie - sounds like your daughter had good taste in men :) Thanks for stopping by!
    @Nadine - I won't hold it against ya :) Thanks!
    @Tale - no kidding! I always try to find the wives section to!!!! haha, too funny.
    @Morgan - I think I should bring them over, I could make a killing over here!
    @Debbie - WAAAAY better in person, you are so right, Glad you liked the game!
    @Mrs. K - memories :)
    @Rachel - haha, kept it real (ridiculous?!) lol. Thanks!
    @Lolly - thanks for coming over here too :) Too cool that is where you met your hubs! Yes, there really is something about those guys in uniforms
    @Kassi - haha, there is always something, right!?
    @An Irish - well thanks! haha, glad I could still teach something. Yes, paying reaaal close attention :)
    @Jordan - I know, I don't nearly give him enough credit at times. Although, his 'smooth' moments are getting thinner and thinner, ha.
    @Michelle - You probably are in the last 1% there to not have seen one. They are nuts for it up there :)
    @Moob - well thanks!

  22. Looks like you had a great time!!! To fun!!

  23. Hey There! Great story!! I LOVE watching Hockey, I've only been to one game though!

    I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award!!! I love reading your blog on a daily basis. If you want to except the award and forward it on to another blogger, visit me and grab it!!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  24. Aw, the dreaded "thundersticks". They drive me CRAZY!! I'll keep Kanin's the next time the Blues hand them out and I will mail them to you. LOL


  25. This blog hop is such a great idea. I love a good story. I will try to join in one day.
    I've never been to a hockey game myself, well one played on a field, not on ice. Sounds exciting. Do you worry about safety? I'm a real worrier.

  26. Wow! You really get a lot out of a hockey game. I feel asleep at one. Love the thundersticks!

  27. Fun post Lindsey! I find your usage of "puck bunny" much more diplomatic than other not so nice terms I've heard (boyfriend is from a hockey playing family, as they all are here in MN haha)
    Cute pictures, too

  28. @Cori - haha, thanks!
    @Marcy - you are too sweet! THank you so much! :) I will hop over there right away!!
    @April - haha, why ever do you dread these things, lol?!?! I can only imagine how annoying they get.
    @Kat - thanks! I hope you join in this time, it is only once a month. Nah, there aren't too many fights over here, and some 'scary' things happen every once in a while, but I can't think about those.
    @Copyboy - haha, I think now, after seeing so many, I am more on the verge of sleeping, lol. Nah, don't know how the hubs would like that if he saw me front row snoozing!
    @Meri - well, I was being nice :) Plus, growing up without hockey, I didn't know how bad they could be until we were married. Then it is too late, puck bunnies! We had a bunch of guys on the team last year from MN, great people!

  29. I've never been to a hockey game, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I should check it out :D

  30. FYI your button is exposed on my latest post!

  31. I love your header and your writing style. So fun! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading lots more:)

  32. @JB - Haha, it is a lot of fun. Fast paced, hard hitting, and fights. What more could you want?!
    @Andy - you might just get a golden star for best new follower, haha. Thanks! I just checked it out, looks guuud :)
    @Knees - well thank you so much, that was really sweet of you to say. Looking forward to having you as a reader!

  33. You both looked to be having a great time - must admit to disliking all sports? Just not my bag - although looking at sports men is quite a different 'sport' to which I can find myself salivating now and then ;D

    Here from FLOB's hop - so going to link up on weekend - if you fancy it - I do a weekend hop too - to show off peoples creations. No pressure ;D

    Oh and I put your blog hop button on my directories page and I'm following - Phew! ;D

    Have a great weekend = Shah - XX

  34. I've still never been to a hockey game! Although if I went I'd probably just take fun photos. LOL!

  35. This post is so sweet! look at you, super hockey wife! ha ha :)

    I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and commenting as often as you did! I know my posting has been super sporadic lately, and unfortunately I don't think there is relief from that in the next couple of weeks. School got super crazy after spring break! But I will post when I can, and I promise I'm still reading everything, even if I don't get to comment.

    have a great rest of the week!

  36. I liked this post (not that I don't like them all, mind you)'s so sweet!

    Have been to one Hockey game, ever! NY Islanders; think I have more respect for the guys playing this sport than any other. Well, in all fairness, I'd rank Hockey #1, Football #2; these players all take a beating and deserve what they earn. Baseball? Bunch of overpaid prissy-men, lolol
    (Boy, I'm probably in trouble with someone for saying that!)

    Have a great Thursday, will catch-up with you soon, have been thinking, and thinking...


  37. love the story, your writing style is great.

    "the over priced arena beer going down so smooth" ... I don't think I've ever come away from a hockey game without a 2 day hangover...but no I am not one of the crazy drunk fans, I'm a very very shy person.

  38. @Shah - haha, too funny. That is a sport all its own! Thanks for telling me about your hop, sounds like a great idea!
    @Andrea - was by far the best part of the game :)
    @Mallori - well of course! I need to stop by and see all your great photos from the trip. I am still so jealous. And when you return to 'full time' blogging, I'll be here waiting!
    @Slidecutter - Hey Patty! Haha, well thanks for the compliment to hockey boys, I will pass it on to my husband. And as much of a die hard he is for baseball, he feels the same way. Looking forward to hearing from ya!
    @Chris - thanks so much, Chris, glad you stopped by :) Haha, aren't they just so much better with a beer or 8?! Lol, too funny!

  39. Looks like fun!

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I'm following back! :)

    A Helicopter Mom

  40. Great story! Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog :) I'm now following you back! Have a great weekend!

  41. Hello there, found your blog through Having Fun Blog Hop, I am now your follower. Would you please follow me too?

    My blog is Kids e-Connection. Thank you!

  42. Wow, what a great "date" or at least a great girls night out. Ya'll seem to have had a great time. And I love that you called him pre-hubs...makes perfect sense but I've never heard that word before. :)

    Thanks for visiting Carrigan's Joy, and have a great weekend!!


  43. Hahaha I went to my first hockey game last October and I was surprised to say that I actually enjoyed myself! What's not to love about dollar dog and dollar soda night, lol? Loved this post, and I am definitely following :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  44. I love this- I cannot believe its only been 4 years, that is crazy! You have probably been to more games now than most Americans in their entire lives, though!

  45. @A Heli - thanks for stopping by
    @Ms Little Donkey - Thanks for stopping over, I do appreciate that.
    @Toni - haha, it did seem like the perfect word for him :) Thanks for coming over to the blog!
    @lacherie - Best night to go!!! Thanks for the sweet comment, those are few and far between for new followers. Really glad you stopped by.
    @Shalyn - I KNOW! I still feel like such a 'newbie' haha. WAAAAY more game. Come on, you know you want to be a stand in for me for some of the games. We are both blond, no one would know :)

  46. Hahaha what a fun post, my one and only experience at a hockey game was in Edinburgh at a British league game (not the greatest standard) however they could fight.

  47. This was a great post! Looks like a good time was had by all at the game! Hockey is such a great game!!

  48. What a sweet story! Happy anniversary of hockey!

  49. So cute Linds! I love that story ... and the pictures. I am SO glad you shared those. ;)


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