February 27, 2011

Zombie Sunday 2/27

Happy Zombie Sunday Ya''ll! 

First off, I just want to say thank you one more time to all of you awesome bloggers who linked up with the Storytellers Blog Hop! What a success, and it was all thanks to ya'll. It was a better turn out than I could have ever hoped for. I found some great new reads, and I hope you did too!

I plan on doing the hop on the last weekend of every month. Don't want to over do it, so I think that should be good. So, if you are interested in participating in the next hop, mark your calendars for March 25th and 26th. 

One scheduled at the end of every month!
In the mean time, if you want to check out those blogs that linked up to last hop, have a look at the Storytellers Blog Hop link over in the right had column. You won't be disappointed (or have to close 10 windows because of coupon/giveaway sites :))

Here's a run down of my Zombie Sunday ramblins:

*Looky what I found at the store here!! First time I have ever seen them in Germany. They even had the sour kind, which are my fave. But, I got my hopes up. They were definitely not the same as American Skittles. Should have known better when I saw they were made in the Czech Republic. Blech.

*Why isn't the Blogger Dashboard set up better?? I would love to get a comment 'feed', in a similar fashion to the facebook homepage, of all the responses to comments I have left on mine and other blogs. Wouldn't that do a world of wonder for increased exposure and loyal followers?! Just throwing it out there, blogger!

*Saw another American style product at the grocery store. It's called "Nick's Peanut Butter" and is of course decorated with a stars and stripes motif. Oh, and it has a great motto "The American Way of Life". Yes, I guess PB can really sum up the history and lifestyle the entire population of the U.S. of A. Uh-huh, sure.

Nothing says American Pride like squished peanuts. (source)
*We FINALLY got good internet...nothing like doing so at the end of the season. We had pretty awful internet at the beginning of the season, then O.K. internet, but with very, very small usage limits, and now we finally have a fast connection that will work for us out here in BFE. Seriously, mini computer cele! I mean, I think people in Egypt during the communications blackout had more online access than we did at times. You think I blog stalked then...ya'll get ready :)
I was this happy. But more joyfully so, rather than looking like I was about to blissfully murder the computer. (source)
*Speaking of the end of the season, only three more games left!!!! One this evening, then two next weekend and then the regular season is over. Where did February go?! I am already getting psyched up for playoffs. Bring. It. On!

Probably going with a face painting scheme like this, whatcha think!? It's not too crazy, is it?? :) (source)

Have a fabulous Sunday, bloggyland. Go Zombie for me :)
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  1. We have some type of American PB up here too - but all I taste is SUGAR! It tastes like those chocolate covered buckeye balls that are half peanut butter half powdered sugar. I finally switched over to the REWE natural brand that comes in the fancy glass container hahaha

    I might be more excited for your fast internet connection than you are :D

  2. I love skittles!!! I have to say that I always get disappointed with chocolate when I'm in the states. Being from the UK I am somewhat addicted to Dairy Milk :-)Enjoy your zombie Sunday!

    Just stopping by from FLOB :)

  3. Ah, you don't need to stalk the Egyptians, just become an Ambassador-haha. Get ready to bust out the war paint and your hubby's jersey for playoff season! Thanks so much for hosting the Storytellers Hop, great idea, great peeps. Loved it. Have fun tonight.

  4. Hello, I'm stopping by from FTLOB!

    I also looove skittles, and while we do get them here in South Africa they are nothing compared to the American ones, I think the one's here are made somewhere in the middle east.

    And, YAY for good internet! When we first moved to Johannesburg last January it took (no joke) about four months to get proper internet up and running... and i was SO happy when it finally worked.

    Good luck with the playoffs!


  5. It makes me laugh that the peanut butter has stars and stripes on and it thinks it's summing up the American way of life. Ha! Funny comment. Sorry about your skittles. Do you have people in America send you things over that you miss ever? I would take nerds...when I spent a summer in Africa I just missed tacos...it's all I talked about...

  6. Just don't go with the Anna Nicole Smith look. SO not you.

  7. Hey, I loved the Storyteller Blog Hop. It was like being on A&E.
    Guess what I can't get for love or money, unless some good soul sends it to me transatlanticly? Pretzel M&Ms and mini-Reese's pb cups. Gah!
    Feel free to stalk away. I love me some blogstalking. Just don't get your hopes up with older posts.

  8. @KY - eww, not good. We have always found decent PB. Gotta have it for the hubs and his pregame PB and J sandwiches. He is 8. I KNOW, so excited for good internet :)
    @Missy - its funny what we miss when we are away from home. I definitively miss German chocolates when I am at home in Texas!
    @Morgan - haha no kidding, that should do it. War paint it is, I am ready for some fun times in playoffs. I am glad you enjoyed it! I thought it went really well :)
    @Jenna - aren't you the sweetest. I love sour skittles more than life itself. :) It is on the list of things to eat as soon as I get home. And isn't the internet thing such a pain in the butt at times. Glad to see you got it all figured out, and glad you stopped by!
    @Meghan - no joke, they are stretching with that one. we have a great website that we could order candy/American goodies from (at a reasonable price) but I might just go without them, justto make it that much more awesome when I am home. MMmmm, tacos, now you have me craving those too! haha
    @Rusk - awww man, but I wanted to go with the Anna Nicole look. Thanks for the heads up, I'll steer away from her look then :) Have a great Sunday Rusk!

  9. @ Mollie - best review of the SBH ever! Haha, still laughing. Ohhh, I had my mom send over 3 big packages of Reeces PB cups at Christmas. Those didn't last long. I am really REALLY sad I will miss the Easter PB eggs. Sooo good :( I'll hop over to blog stalk right now.

  10. Oh I missed the blog hop but I will be looking out for the next one:)) Nice with only a couple more games...i think Finland is the only country that has soooo many games left..at least it feels that way!!

  11. The internet connection over here where I live in Japan was being pretty dumpy for a while there. Im right with you stalkin them blogs girl!hehe

    Don't you think its hilarious in countries when they try to add an American twist. This has given me an idea for a future post. You should see the Japanese shirts trying to sound American!


  12. @Mrs. K - you will just have to join us next time then! It is weird how the leagues can vary so much. Hope the time passes quickly as least!
    @Kelly - haha, nice! I am glad I am not the only one. I would LOVE to see the Japanese shirts. Definitely do a post on that!

  13. my oldest is deathly allergic to peanut butter...sigh...I miss it so badly...every once in a while I'll stuff a peanut cup in my mouth that I bought after he goes to sleep and cram the wrapper far down into the trash...

  14. i agree with you about the blogger dashboard - it's not easy to follow a number of blogs and track the comments on them

  15. Can I just say, I love that you use "y'all" :)

    Just so you know, I don't think you're a loser for having laid-back Saturdays! When I'm healthy, I typically use all day Saturday to do nothing before going out on Saturday nights...no loser judgement from me!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  16. Definitely agree on the Blogger dash thingy; could use some refinement.

    Skittle-sadness...reminds me of when someone tells you "it tastes just like Chicken"...honey, if it's not the real thing...it tastes like yuck! Ain't nuttin' like the real thing!

    Oddly, even here in the states, one would think that a food item available in one state can be found in all...not so! My Grandson loooooves McCain's "Smiley Fries"...little round potato patties with a smile in the middle. I have to overnight ship them to him in Florida from New York; McCain's doesn't sell in the Sunshine State for some unreasonable reason. Go figure..

    Enjoy your week-end and when I pass by the real Skittles, I'll think of y'all!!


  17. @Not a Perfect Mom - oh sad, I love pb! You're a good mom for doing that, lol.
    @G - good I am glad someone else agrees. I like it, I just think it could be sooo much more
    @Mal - haha, well thanks. I like my loser Saturdays too. We always have them, since the hubs usually has a game on Friday and Sunday. Looks like you are having a better Sunday than last!! :)
    @@Slidecutter - smiley fries are all over the place here. I would send you a pack, but I think they would melt. Never tried them though...wonder if they are worth it! :)

  18. Hi! Congrats on getting your new internet service. It's soooooo much more pleasant to have a fast and reliable connection.
    Thanks for visiting "Mrs. No-No Knows"! I am now following you back! :) Hope you will stop back often and put in your two cents.
    Carla aka Mrs. No-No
    Mrs. No-No Knows

  19. OH MY GOSH, NO SKITTLES? Or, only imitation skittles? That is AWFUL!Please tell me they have Reeses PB cups. Please.

  20. @ Mrs NoNo - no joke, I am still celebrating it :) I am glad you stopped by!
    @ Shalyn - you would not do over here if you feel that way...no PB cups either. How about you and me go into the import business to bring both of these over!

  21. Thank for the kind words you left over at my blog. I aim to please and entertain!

    Jumping over to your blog brought back many memories, as I went to high school in Germany. We lived in Kaiserslautern (Dad was in the Army). I hope you're enjoying your adventure in Deutschland. I remember the thing I missed most while over there was Wonder Bread. I know that sound silly, with all the amazing bread they have, but it was like a slice of home, ya know?

  22. dude, true story about the comment feed. That would make life so much easier/more fun. We should write them a letter!

  23. Great comment tag!

    I am a skittle lover too, is it still true the red coloring is made from worms blood or is that an urban myth?

    I will definitely beback to have a deeper delve into your blog, I am your newest follower. Feel free to drop over and see our child friendly blog!


  24. Hey, thanx so much for hosting the storyteller thing - I'm still working my way through all the great links ...

    And now, because you deserve it, here's a little reward (not a coupon). Head on over to my blog for a chance to join in a 'round the world' adventure!!

    Have a great day!!

  25. @MotleySu - The BEST Bread over here!!! You are so right (and may have given me a good post subject!) Thanks for stopping by :)
    @Jackie D - no kidding, maybe we could start a petition or something...but I hate would hate to make those elusive people at blogger mad! lol
    @Jill -WHAT!?! Haha, never heard that one. Going to go with urban myth. Thanks so much for stopping by!
    @Red Nomad - ha! I already did before reading this. Love the idea!!

  26. The blog hop was awesome! I have set up a reminder in my iPhone calendar for next month - because if I do not set myself up a remind in my iPhone it does not exist... What on earth did I do before I had that thing?!?!


    So - what's the difference in taste between American Skittles and Czech Republic Skittles??? Inquiring minds need to know! ;)

  27. Thank you for stopping by Friday with the blog love! I'm here returning it! :)

    And I agree with your "Feed" request of Blogger. I always e-mail back my commenters or go to their pages if I don't know their blog and I rarely see when people comment me back on their blog because I don't think about checking that post again for that. It would be nice if they fancied that up!

  28. @Yotes - I dunno how to describe it, they just aren't the same. Is Czechy an adjective without sounds racist?! Probably not. Just Euro I guess :)
    @Ashley - well thanks for stopping by! I agree, it deffo needs a fancy up!


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