February 28, 2011

This one's for my Sonic lovers

So, I have a fun treat for ya'll tomorrow. I really enjoyed making the Canada Quiz about a month ago, and I think ya'll enjoyed it too. Right now I am compiling a quiz/weird info sheet about good ol' Tex-Ass. Because, you know, us Texans aren't annoying enough with our "Everything is bigger and better in Texas" attitude. :) So you will have to look out for that tomorrow!

I wanted to write super quick to say that I just saw that my bloggyland friend Mollie over at OK in UK passed on, what she likes to call, some "Internet Herpes". Haha, I can feel some of you cringe after that one. I really love getting awards, I love that someone took the time to think of me and TexaGermaNadian, but Mollie and I both agree that these dumb rules that go with the awards are just a bit much. No one wants to really know 7 random things about me, for the 18th time. 

Best New Award. For those of you who know who Moltar is, you are sooo jealous.

So Mollie came up with her own rules. And for that, I felt obliged to participate. Since there are no Sonic Drive-In's here in Germany (and it seems that Mollie might be the only person in the world missing Sonic more than I am), I had to get my main man Bruno to step in for me. 

OK in UK, this one's for you! 

WTF?!? (And it's not that it is particularly funny video, just fits the rules!)

Sorry, I think he might drop an F bomb. And if ya'll didn't already know I was weird, now ya do :)
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  1. They have been playing Sonic commercials in Chicago for years, but I have yet to ever see one! I would definitely miss my American fast food if I went to live overseas.

  2. Am I weird because I drop Fbombs?

    Look at you with this unlimited internet access, now posting late night blog posts. How scandalous!!!!!!

  3. @Andrea - I am not lying, it will be the first stop after I get off the plane. I LOVE me some sonic :)
    @KY - yes. Haha, no, no, I was just warning about the F bombs, I think I have some sensitive eared readers. I am just weird outside of saying cuss words, haha

  4. I love Sonic...they just started popping up by me. If I'm having a crappy day I get a cherry limeade AND a shake...oh well.

  5. I've been making my own rules about blog awards since the very first one I got- I think acknowledging the blogger who gave it to you is the one that's nice to stick to, other than that who cares?
    However, I do find it interesting to read about other bloggers too, so who knows :)

  6. @Jessi - YES! Next time go with a cherry limeade and tots. Yum yum :)
    @Meri - agreed! Good and bad things about both

  7. Ohhhhhhh....Sonic!! I just got instant brain freeze thinking about my fav...Cranberry-Limeade Slush.

    Hot damn...now I have a craving and I'm not even preggers...thank goodness.

  8. You are too funny. I totally forgot to tag 5 people in the post I did yesterday so I wrote a post to fix that and you were totally on that list- ha! No worries, I will put you out of your misery:-) In my tag posts' defense though, this one was 4 lies and a truth so it was a little different;-)

  9. I am a F bomber :| Big one at that! I need to try it!!! Is it like a Slurpee?

  10. first off, how the heck did I forget to comment on this? that dog had me cracking up.

    and second, you're incorrect...let me explain.
    I got to apply to Baylor March of my junior year, Oklahoma State June after my junior year. OU August of senior year. I never heard from them. So during Christmas break, I freaked out and filled out about 10-15 applications. I heard from them at the end of February. I was disappointed that I wasted so much time and money!

    It's the Dr. Pepper one. Seriously. I used to be a Mountain Dew addict, but it got old to me. Love me those 23 flavors! ha ha

  11. This is happies. The East (or are you in the West?) German judge gave me a 8.1! Wo0T!!!!!1!

    This was an excellent example of equivalent alternative. And really, who cares about curse words?

    Maybe if you get the Chef Moltar Award, you have to answer questions, like: What's your favorite curse word, a la Craig Kilborn? Right? Right?

  12. at Mollie - haha, the dog is quite funny, or rather that strange man is. I bet he is from Oklahoma, haha. Just kidding! I LOVE SONIC DIET D.P.'s. Aw man, just knew I would be right, lol.
    at Mollie - YES! Awesome. West Germany, haha. No one cares, just wanted to make sure. Isn't the favorite cuss word thing from Inside the Actor's studio with James Lipton. Love me some of that crzy kook. Actually, that would be a great rule to the award. And I realize I didn't recieve the cool award, just had to repost it anyways. How is that for breaking the rules!

  13. I definitely worked at Sonic for 3 years when I was in high school. Best job ever for a teenager (I made BANK!) Also, it was definitely the last thing I ate in the States before I came back to Prague after Xmas.
    Yummmmm, Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and Cheddar Peppers!

  14. ive never been to a sonic! theres none around here


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