February 24, 2011

Under the Grecian Sun, Part 3 (and last)

Before I wrap up my (long winded) story about my adventures in Greece, I want to give you a quick reminder about the "Storytellers Blog Hop" happening this Friday and Saturday (Feb 25th & 26th). 

I've been wanting to host a unique blog hop for some time now, one that caters to blogs that tell stories, and have real content. It doesn't matter whether those stories are fact or fiction, told with words or pictures, consist of ramblings or thought out chapters, are lighthearted or serious. The hop is specialized for these kinds of blogs, and those sites only. No advertising, give away, review or coupon sites. Just real blogs from real people.

There are no rules, no 'follow' musts, just a chance to read some new and interesting blogs. I hope to see you all tomorrow for the hop!

Under the Grecian Sun, Part 3
(Part 1 and Part 2, if you are so inclined:))

I can't come down on all the guests and say that every single one of them were difficult. Some of them were really pleasant and wonderful to be around. They made my job enjoyable. I was lucky to have an easy-going group the first trip and the last trip I directed. It bookended the job in a positive light. But those middle few trips were, well, interesting.

And it doesn't take much time for the one or two bad apples to start spoiling the bunch. Without going into too much detail, because I definitely could, I'll give you a couple of these 'interesting' situations. One group that sailed the high seas were in their 80s. I have nothing against that, but they were definitely not fit to be doing what we were doing. Plus, they liked to talk about their bowel movements, or rather, lack there of. Oh, and the one witch of a lady told me that I cut bananas too loud in the mornings (???) and that maybe one day I would learn to do it correctly. What a sweet woman...

Another larger group (there were actually about 50 from the same group in this one flotilla) were just strange. They thought it was soooo funny to snap their fingers at me. Something that was a joke, but got old real fast. I also had to deal with drunk marital fighting between one of the couples. The husband would just leave, go off for hours alone, and I found the wife crying in restaurant bathrooms a number of times. Didn't know marriage counselor was on my job duties as well. Not judging though, I know fights happen. Just awkward.

Another group, spurred by the bad apple on board, riled themselves up and waited for one of the crew members to come back to the boat that evening. Lucky me, I was first to return. They jumped all over me, furious about something as little as what time we were leaving the next day (a few hours later because of a storm). Like I had anything to do with that! Weirdos.

Another small group, who was chartering their own bare bottom boat, complained about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the moment they got to the Athens harbor. One of the ladies, while trying to board their boat, fell into the water at the Athens harbor. I cannot even describe how disgusting and filthy the water in a big port like that is. I don't want to be as evil as to say it served her right, but.... :) Somehow or another, they ended up being charmed over by the end of the trip.

Nahhh, but even with these groups, they couldn't ruin the beauty of the islands. Here is a quick run down of the all the islands in the two week trip. 

Athens - the start and finish of the trip. Nothing to behold at the harbor, but anyone who has visited Athens will know what an impression the city can make.

Aegina - the first of the islands, and closest to Athens. Aegina is known for its pistachios (so good!) and for the Temple of Aphaia, one of the few temples left with a second story of columns still intact.

Poros - breathtaking harbor to sail into, the hillside of Poros is dotted with colorful houses that shine in the sunset. We would wind our way up hundreds of steps to the clock tower for a view of the whole island and port.

Hydra - my favorite and the most beautiful island in the chain. No cars are allowed on hydra, only donkeys! The scenery looks like its straight from a Disney movie.  I would get 'lost' for hours wandering the island.

Milos/Kleftiko - ever heard of the Venus de Milo?! It was found in the early 1800 by a farmer. The statue was hidden for centuries in a buried cave. And Kleftiko is Greece scenery at its finest. Tall pillars of withered stone raise from shallow, crystal waters, which make for a memorable snorkeling afternoon.

Ios - known for its wild nightlife, with over 100 bars in a single, narrow street, Ios never failed to disappoint the partyers in the group. It is also the alleged birthplace of Homer, the ancient mythological bard. Us crew would get a much needed day off in Ios, and I even found a group of people to regularly play beach volleyball with every week. 

Santorini - from Ios, guests would take a ferry to the absolutely beautiful and iconic island of Santorini. The famous caldera is a sight to behold; it is rumored to be the lost city of Atlantis, ya know! If you just go for the sunsets, you will be impressed. The sun melts into the most beautiful colors, and sinks into the glowing horizon and makes you feel as if you are standing at the edge of the earth. It took my breath away every time.

Paros - sun drenched, hot and known for world class wind surfing. The island of Paros also has the beautiful "Church of 99 Doors" a quiet respite from the other hustle and bustle islands.

Mykonos - I can't tell you how much I love Mykonos. Great beaches, world class shopping and fashion, wild nightlife as well as a hopping gay scene, this island has it all. We rented a 4-Wheeler and scooted around the island easily that way. And be sure to watch out for the gargantuan pink Pelicans and iconic windmills.

Kea - the last stop of the trip and by far the quietest island. We would hike for about an hour up into these ancient farming fields. Every single piece of land here is terraced, some of it new work and some of it thousands of years old. A Petrified Lion awaits you at the end of the hike, and I don't think anyone is still sure why it is there in the middle of no where. 

I guess that just about sums up everything. Greece will always be in my heart (and the thought of the delicious food making my stomach rumble). Thanks to that awesome opportunity, I will never forget the beauty of the Aegean islands.

If you are interested in learning more about this fabulous trip, visit Poseidon Charters for further details! You won't be disappointed.
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  1. Wow, what a perfect way to end the 3 part series, I am definitely keeping this post bookmarked for whenever I visit Greece! The pictures are beautiful :) I hate it when anyone snaps their fingers at me in reality and if a bunch of people ever did that to me, I would not think twice before using my Martial Arts skills :) Sure they are the customers, but we're not their servants. And not even servants deserve to be snapped fingers at. But on the other hand most of your trip was beautiful which really matters :) Lovely post!!!

  2. Heh. Cutting bananas loudly. That's a new one on me. I cut cheese loudly. Heh.

    What about shells on Mykonos? Because I saw My Big Fat Greek wedding...that's where the family is from and the aunt used shells from Mykonos to decorate everything. Classy.

  3. Hydra sounds so amazing-it definitely sounds worth it to visit those beautiful islands...even though you had to deal with some crazies;-)

  4. How does one possibly make sound while cutting a banana? You poor thing haha.
    I can't wait for your blog hop!

  5. Greek Islands are so beautiful havent been to Santorini but I would really like too!! Me and the hubs first dinnerdate was at a Greek restaurant in Stockholm so Greece and Greek food is forever in our hearts:)))

  6. Maybe "cutting a banana" is like "cutting cheese"? No you di'int! (Argh, I just went through your comments so far and saw that Mollie said the same thing. I'm still keeping it. Great minds think alike. And, unfortunately, great minds think like mine)

    As I mentioned when you first mentioned the Storytellers Blog Hop, I am so excited to get my words on! I've lost so much contest in my posts because of focusing on fashion too much. I know you also addressed free-for-all blog hops and what did I do? I still did a couple of Sunday ones and long story (which won't be part of this storytellers blog hop), I regret it. Soooo glad my children weren't behind me as I opened that post . . .

    Thinking of my first story. I jumping around.

  7. So excited to read all of this -- I am in full planning mode for Greece: Summer of 2012. I will be tapping into your knowledge then for sure!!

  8. Thank you for the armchair trip of Greece; keep re-reading each chapter to enjoy it even more.

    Looking forward to the Storytellers Blog Hop, hope I have something worthwhile and entertaining to submit; sadly, nothing will be as wonderful as your world travels.


  9. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog. Your blog is so awesome! Would love to have you in my blog directory at http://theblogentourage.blogspot.com!

  10. @Apfel - again, you are great :) No kidding, the snapping fingers are so annoying. Not funny. Thanks ma'am!
    @Mollie - haha, nice! Who knows, she was just a bitter, bitchy old lady. I don't have the shells, but I have lots of those greek eyes. Classy!
    @Shalyn - you would love Hydra, anyone would. So beautiful.
    @Meri - thanks girl! I guess I made noise, who knows, lol
    @Mrs. k - too cool! I love greek food, miss the 'real deal' from time to time. I love that ya'll 'love' it too
    @Jen - haha, your comments crack me up. I love the comment, and the more is better :)Looking forward to having you link up tomorrow!
    @SB - bring it on! That is exciting!
    @Slidecutter - what a great compliment :) Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed. Looking forward to tomorrow's 'adventures' as well
    @Christina - well I am glad you stopped by too! Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  11. I love Greek mythology and I've been yearning to make a trip to Greece from before I can remember. Thanks for the islands summary and link! Santorini and Hydra (commute on a donkes? so environment friendly!) sound amazing. I fervently hope to visit someday.
    It makes one wonder how people can be crabby when around such beauty. Weirdos should stay at home parked in front of the tv :-/
    Your hubby is so sweet :)
    The storytellers bloghop is truly a novel idea! It will encourage bloggers to post more interesting and personal content. Would love to participate if I come up with something decent.
    Will be back to

  12. There are some great pictures there...always fancied Greece but never got around to it

  13. @ Purple Moonbeam - I hope you get to too! I really can't express how much I love Greece. Don't worry about coming up with anything special, just link up to your blog :)
    @G - thanks! If you ever get a chance...

  14. Oh my gosh Mykonos! My friend goes there every year to break from London and sends the tackiest/ugliest postcards from there and they are plastered on the refridge! Pink pelicans.

    ...I am geekishly excited for the storyteller hop!

  15. I've been wanting to go to Greece for a long time :), great story! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  16. wow! Thank you so much for sharing! I've always wanted to visit Greece, and a cruise that highlights all of the beautiful islads might be just what I need in the near future!

  17. I'm from Boost My Friday and your blog name caught my eye. You must be leading an exciting adventurous life hopping on 3 different places :) Following you now and I hope you choose to do the same.

  18. wow this trip sounds amazing. my fiance and i are in the process of planning our honeymoon now and greece is definitely a thought : )

    happy weekend!

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is sooo interesting! I love it!

  20. Someday I hope to be old enough to exclusively talk about my BMs.

    Not really.

    Greece looks amazing.

  21. I started reading Mary Stewart when I was about 14, and have wanted to go to Greece ever since. Since I don't really like bananas, I'm thinking I should be OK.

  22. Greece is a place I never been to and that I would love to visit!

    Thank you for sharing :-)


  23. Hey, TGN! This sounds like an AWESOME adventure!! Maybe I've just been in OZ too long, but some of those pix wouldn't be out of place on the Yorke Peninsula in South OZ!!

    Thanx so much for playing!! Hope you can play again next time - if there is one!!


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