February 15, 2011

Sealed With A Kiss

I've never really been too into Valentine's Day. I guess it is nice to do something sweet for your loved ones on a special Hallmark day, but my thought is, why save it up for just one day when you can spread it over the whole year?

But that being said, I also have never really had a bad or lacking Valentine's Day. In school, the day was always marked with candy and cards. High school might have brought a flower or two. And then college I honestly don't remember, but I am sure we rang in the holiday with a party or two. And then the hubs cam along. So yeah, they always seemed to be pleasant enough, or at least not a total let down. 

The hubs and I try, at the very least, to go out to eat at a favorite spot for most of our special dates (birthdays, anniversaries, so on). Since we like to take advantage of having an excuse to go out, Valentine's Day is usually celebrated with a nice dinner as well.

Good food, wine and perfect company; what more could I ask for?? Nothing really tops that....well, except for maybe the time the hubs got kissed by a man on Valentine's Day. Best. Valentine's. Ever.

A few years ago, the two of us were enjoying a very delicious dinner at our favorite spot in the previous German town we lived in. It was such a romantic place with intimate seating, quiet corners and candle light. Waaaay to romantic for us knuckleheads, but we were there for the Michelin Rated food. 

Get the theme of kissing yet?
 When we were seated at the restaurant, I remember the table next to us was already finished with their meals and they were already downing after-dinner cocktails. Now, anyone who has ever had dinner in Europe knows that it is never a quick in and out kind of deal. The Europeans enjoy taking their time serving and allow you to really experience the whole evening. I love it this way, it makes it so much more special.

So this Valentine's Day, we nibbled (who am I kidding, gobbled) our way through dinner, sipped through carafes of wine and around 3 hours later were feeling full and happy. That's when the table next to us started chatting it up. We have never lived in a really big German city, so anytime someone hears us talking English they always stare want to know where we are from. I was still fairly new at German, and wanted to practice, so the hubs and I carried on small talk with this nice gentleman and his, count them, 2 cougar dates. 

Aw, we are so cute it is making me sick
And boy oh boy were they hammered. Think about it, they had been sitting there for over 3 hours, just drinking. But they were really nice, and really funny. Kept asking what our astrological signs were and saying we were a good match. Haha, thanks.

Another hour passed and we decided that we had made the staff wait on us long enough. Besides, there was no way we were driving anywhere and the last train was coming soon. So, we get up from the table to say our goodbyes to our new found German friends (the hubs doesn't always like that I make new 'friends' everywhere, but this time didn't seem to mind).

The man stands up to shake my hand and goes in for the double cheek European kiss. Something that I am still really awkward at to this day. Then he shakes the hubs' hand and also goes in for the double cheek European kiss. The hubs is secure with his sexuality. He's ok with that...although I am sure the wine didn't hurt.

One kiss on the left cheek, one on the right. And then, wouldn't ya know, the man goes in for the real deal. Yep, planted a big ol' smoochero on the hubs' lips. Everyone is dying laughing, and thank goodness the hubs has a good sense of humor. The man was obviously drunk and just doing it as a joke (something I can tell you would NEVER fly in Texas). 

Yes! Best picture ever. Getting a kiss from a Beluga Whale

It still brings us to tears telling the story, and I have to say, it was probably my best Valentine's Day ever. And definitely one that we will never forget :)

Hope everyone doesn't have too bad of Valentine's Day hangover today. Anything crazy happen to ya'll?!
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  1. Very funny! You never know what is going to happen with drunk people!!!

  2. Oh, those crazy Germans! What will they do next?

  3. Hahaha!! Oh lord.. The man does seem to have exotic tastes. 2 cougar dates and then using the drunk pass to kiss a man :P just kidding!! It was hilarious lol, and definitely an experience to remember forever. It has happened with me too, I got kissed by a girl in a bar 3 years ago! I was so hammered that I happily obliged! :P

  4. @ Leetid - oh yeah, never a boring moment around the drunkies!
    @Mollie - let's hope not invade Poland...

  5. @Apfel - haha, maybe it was all just a cover to get to the hubs! Too funny, yep, alcohol sure brings out the best in all of us! :)

  6. Great post!
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    See you soon!

  7. Love it! I wish people enjoyed dinner the way the Europeans do. You so make me want to go to Germany.

  8. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That story was EPIC!

    No hysterical Valentine's Day stories in my past come to mind immediately. But yesterday we did a "Girl's Night Out" at the Coyotes game and I have to say - I had an absolute BLAST! The whole night was perfect. It may become a tradition...

  9. @ Kristen - thanks for stopping by, glad you did!
    @April - sorry I keep making you want to come here. But yes, the long dinners are great. We always feel so rushed in and out of places when we come back home.
    @Yotes - Haha, glad you liked it too! Fun Girls Night out! I bet ya'll did have a great time :) Definitely make that a tradition!

  10. HAAAAA!!!!!!!!! OMG I'm giggling over my thoughts of TJs face if a German guy kissed him on the lips. Your guy is a trooper for not loosing his lid and causing a scene because I think that's the route Teejypants would take lol

  11. Love it! Just returning the follow from the blog hop. Looking forward to following you! LOVE the title of your blog!

  12. HAHAHAHA! Hilarious! And BTW, maybe a really dumb question, but do they celebrate Valentine's Day in Germany?

  13. Cute :) Thanks so much for stopping by from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. I am following your blog as well.

  14. Laughing like a banshee here. Thanks for sharing that.


  15. Haha thats a Valetnines Day I'm sure you'll never forget! What a great story thanks for sharing. Deff brightened my Valentines Day blues :o)

  16. Hi! You guys are so cute! Following from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you'd follow me back too! :)

    Lots of reviews and giveaways, and a hand made event coming up! Please check it out! :)

    ~The Reynolds Mom~

  17. @ KY - seriously, Germans out of control. Well I am glad it didn't happen to TJ then!
    @ Lora - well thanks for stopping by too, really glad you did
    @Andrea - yeah, the celebrate it, but it isn't nearly as big as it is in the states...nothing really is :)
    @ Mrs. K - glad you liked it!
    @The White Whimsies - well you are welcome. Thanks again for hosting
    @Brownbugs - haha, I love that term you use, too cute
    @HM - sorry you have V Day blues, but hopefully the weirdo funny story helped :)
    @Ashley - thanks for stopping by! I will be headed over to your site to check it out :)

  18. haha I bet that wouldnt fly in Texas! How funny. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog xx

  19. Thank you so much for not leaving me in suspense about the hubs' kiss from a guy on Vday. As soon as I read it I had to hear the story and you didn't disappoint! What a fun memory.

    Love your blog title by the way and I totally call my husband hubs too : )

  20. @ Siany - no kidding :) Thanks for stopping by too!
    @Irish Blessing - no, I could never do that! Haha, I am glad you liked the story. And yes, the hubs is the best nickname for him on the blog. Thanks to you for stopping by!

  21. That is way too funny, never a dull moment! In TX that man would have had a warrant put out on him for sure!

  22. Hahaha, that is HILARIOUS!!! Love it:)

  23. <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:

  24. haha... that's awesome.. and definitely a v-day i wouldn't have forgotten either :) ...

  25. @ Jenn- well thanks for stopping by :)
    @ Morgan - hahah, no kidding. He would still be in jail or something ridiculous like that!
    @ Sherri - I wish I had a video or picture or something, it really was hilarious
    @ Stacey - well thanks! I am glad you stopped by :)
    @Laura - no kidding, nothing like a little man on man action, haha. Gross, can't believe I just wrote that about the hubs, haha

  26. You make me want to be in Germany now! I will be there with my husband in September. K~Town :] Lovely blog my sweet friend!


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