February 16, 2011

Heels and Parkas

I'm not a big girly girl, nor a big label hog, but I never mind a good excuse to get all fancied up for a night out.

That used to be the case for hockey games. Back in North America, in the land of heated hockey arenas, I would love getting dolled up for the hubs' game. I didn't wear dresses or anything crazy like that, but a nice pair of jeans, a cute top, and high heels was my go-to. 

Haha, ok maybe not this extreme at games... yeah not even close. (source)

That was back in the good ol' days when I didn't have to worry about getting frost bite...indoors. The hockey rinks in Europe are notoriously cold. And this Texan does not do well in freezing weather (picked the wrong sport to marry into, I'd say!!)

When the hubs was looking into teams at the end of last year, I had only one request: Please sign with a team with an indoor hockey rink! Because yes, some teams in this league have half open rinks. What do they do when it snows?? Why just brush off the ice during intermission. I can't even imagine the quality of ice during August and April. Sounds fun!

For real, that's outdoors (source)
The rink here isn't so bad, it is nice and new, but then again nothing special. It isn't open, but still pretty dang frigid on those extra cold days. I don't even know why I bother wearing anything cute to the games; it inevitably gets covered up with 16 layers and a big fluffy parka. And don't think I am afraid to bring a blanket to the game, 'cause I'm not!

Muffled cheering is the best! (source)
But now, as the weather is starting to warm up, I can actually wear somewhat normal clothes again. I try not to over do it here in Germany. Us North American wives stick out like a sore thumb as it is. We walk around and you can hear the Germans whisper "Spielerfrau, Spielerfrau" (player wife, player wife). I wore high heels to one of the games at the beginning of the season and people about lost it. "How could she wear those to a game??" Um, because I was watching, not playing, dummies :)

So, as if we don't get enough 'attention' for looking and dressing different from the German fans, I had a nice little wardrobe malfunction last week. The team puts all the families in the front row, not my ideal spot, but whatever. We have to sit behind this little metal bar fence thing. While trying to squeeze my way through the row to the walkway, my favorite pair of everyday jeans caught on a screw on the fence and riiiippppp. It didn't just make a small tear,  but freakin' ripped a good sized hole in my jeans. Not to mention I was wearing these purple warming tights underneath. Looking good. And of course it didn't happen at the end of the game, but during the first intermission. Awesome.

Ok, not the end of the world...but still!

And that's how hockey ruined my life pants. Lol, just kidding babe.

Think I could get the team to pay for these?! Ha.

Hey, if anything, maybe they will think it is some kind of new American fashion. If I see Germans rocking this look at next game, I am totally taking credit.
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  1. Maybe time to get some flannel-lined jeans from L.L. Bean (www.llbean.de)!

  2. Flannel lined jeans sound DELIGHTFUL! I love flannel.

  3. Haha, ya'll are too funny. I will have to look into those. They sound farmer-rific!

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog Reflections! My husband is from Edmonton (as yours) though I'm originally from Vancouver. We've been in Malta now for one year, wow! crazy how time flies! Are you still lovin' Germany?

  5. Oh yes I know all about freeeezing my ass off watching hockey!!! The arenas that I have been to in Finland is really cold as well..:(

  6. Awwww :( for the favorite pair of jeans.
    And cute top and jeans with high heels look super sexy! It's like you're not over doing it, but not under-doing it either :)

  7. Amazing how we are able to adapt from place to place. Currently, located in Oklahoma (last place I thought I would be)...next move is Canada or London.

    New follower from "where in the world"

  8. Spielerfrau! Somehow when I went out with Josee and Kim to a club, the guys knew we were player wives. It actually freaked me out a bit. I was maybe a little fancier than most but I wasn't wearing a sign on my back! I get how they might know at the games - but out at night? How on earth?

    I ended up wearing either a peacoat or my long North Face quilted down jacket to the games in Italy. It was closed but still VERY cold. They had a room for us, that was heated, and they provided wine and snacks. Great for the kids ... but when we'd lose, they'd close the room for the next game as some sort of punishment. 'You don't win, your wives and children will freeze!'

  9. Boy, looks like things got a little rough!! Hopefully you can salvage the jeans in some way! ;-)

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by for a GIVEAWAY today!!

  10. I ADORE your writing. I love your humor, it's exactly what I enjoy on a blog. Sorry about the nasty tear in your pants, maybe you can patch it with the hubs' team logo, lol. How's that for team spirit!

  11. Wardrobe malfunctions are never fun. I think I'd lose it if my jeans had that kind of malfunction as the store where I bought them no longer has them. Nothing like finally finding a great fitting pair of jeans and no longer having a way to get more.

    Hopping over from the Where in the World hop. Thanks for stopping by my blog (daybydayinourworld.blogspot.com)

  12. When it's that cold you need not to just bring a blanket but get a portable space heater..Have a great Wednesday!


  13. @Angela - yeah, I still love Germany (at times) but cannot wait to venture home in the summer!! I am glad I found your blog too, will enjoy following you canadians abroad :)
    @Mrs K - I have a feeling the arenas in Germany have nothing on those in Finland. Stay warm up there!
    @ Apfel - thanks! I think it is a good middle ground too!
    @hippie - no kidding! I can't wait to go have a look at your blog and see your adventure!
    @HW - haha, oh my gosh, I am literally laughing right now. "Win or your kids get it!" haha
    @Jen - thanks for stopping by. And yes, I plan to make cute shorts out of them, lol
    @ Irish - thank you so much :) That is a really sweet comment. Haha, the logo, so perfect. I will let you know how that turns out
    @Laura - thanks for stopping by, glad you did!

  14. Too funny, my ONE request to Teej for next year is a closed rink! I can't believe they have you right behind the glass lol - in Hannover we're assigned seats but it's basically first come first serve...and one of the girls said last year they had a sell out and the wives/children had to give up their seats for the 'paying' customers. Whatta Joke!

  15. @ Mary - no joke! I wonder if I could find an extension cord long enough to plug in my electric blanket. TOasty!

  16. Haha, you could really up the ante by wearing some obnoxious bedazzled american flag minidress and then complain about the cold the whole time, see how long it takes for people to lose it haha!
    Sorry about your pants! Bummer!

  17. While I think a hockey game outside, every now and then, is cool (think Winter Classic), I would HATE if it were all of the time. Kanin's team plays/practices in 2 different rinks. One is a city sports complex and one is a college practice rink. OMG that college rink is FREEZING! I mean icicle cold. I always put hats, sweaters, and gloves on the two babies and me while Kanin and Scott (hubby) are out on the ice. I bring extra blankets, buy hot chocolate, and even put those little hand warmer things in my boots last game. I can't imagine doing it every game!

  18. @ KY - I have a feeling they do that to us here too. But I ain't afraid?! And yes, there is no hiding when sitting front and center
    @Meri - haha, that is a GREAT idea. Gotta get to sewing it up now, lol.
    @April - Yeah, I agree, the winter classic is neat to watch too. Ohh, I forgot about the handwarmers, great idea!

  19. Oh NO! Ruining "everday day" jeans is the worst! I have 2 pairs of those that I keep on rotation atleast 4 times a week haha. Looks like you've got a good excuse to go shopping now :o)

  20. 90% of the reason I don't go to the games is because I cannot bother to get out of my sweats in time to leave.

    So sorry about the jeans....such a bummer. I did that last year...but in the butt of my jeans. I was trying to fasten a seat belt on my son and my jeans caught something on my car....

    I would not like outdoor rinks...I never knew they existed. I will be sure to tell hubby to look for a job in an indoor rink if he ever treks over the ocean!!


  21. @HM - hmmm you're right, it does make for a good excuse to go shopping! Can't wait to get back home to do some real damage at Nordstroms!
    @Tales - haha, no kidding. Yeah, I think (hope) I will live :) And yes, opt for the indoor!

  22. LoL, you're too funny! Glad you popped by my blog for a follow; I'll be happy to read along. We moved back to SK from Edmonton just over a year ago to be closer to family and build our dream home. It's pretty much the same climate both places which is COLD and I was born here, Texan or not, I'm not sure you ever really get used to the winter weather. Hubs played hockey, traveled the farm teams for awhile before he decided to move onto a career which took him to Russia, Iran and several other places for work. Another friend of mine was drafted to the St. Louis Blues and found it hard when traded to the Chicago Blackhawks...crazy life, not sure I'd enjoy it but you look so in love and happy. You two are too cute; so nice to see a genuinely happy couple. Sorry about your jeans. Looking forward to following your blog. :)

  23. hahaha i luvd the ending... whats funny is over here that IS a fashion.. so hey.. you might be on to something.. ;)
    New follower from the around the world hop!

  24. Moment of silence for the cute jeans......

    I cannot believe hockey rinks are sometimes outdoor- they are always so freezing! Hope you are having a warm and beautiful day:-)

  25. Just found you on Thirsty Thursday and now I'm following! Stop by and say HI sometime!

  26. @ Lil Piglet - I can't believe all the crazy places your husband played. That is wild. Germany is definitely the most 'north american' place over here, so we aren't too far out. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Shalyn - thanks for mourning for me :) You are always so sweet!
    @Kenzie - well thanks for stopping by! I am going to have to check out your site now for sure

  27. I will definitely have to bookmark this site for my cousin- she lives in Colorado and LOVES to go to the hockey games there.

    My cuz is going to get with the times, learn how to turn on the computer and getting a Facebook....

    I'll have her blogging in no time... tee-hee!

    I have a few blogs:

    Blogging Biz Mom


    Come on home

    Have a great day and keep warm!


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