February 3, 2011

Oh Canada! We hardly know thee

Ok kiddos, this is the day you have been waiting for, or at least since I announced it yesterday. The Canada Quiz is ready to blow you away!

As I explained here yesterday, I realized that I write a lot about Germany and gush about Texas, but Canada often gets left by the wayside. So, in honor of the hubs' homeland, I bring you fun facts, trivia, and a very do-able, yes even for us Texans, Canada Quiz.

Answers can be found in your smart little brains or at the bottom of the post. But try your best before you look, you cheaters. Remember, there are no losers, but I will probably make fun of you for a while if you can't even get one answer right. No pressure!

Canada Quiz
Test your smarts, eh!

1. Toss up question, to make you dummies feel good about yourself...What Canadian city hosted the last Olympic Winter Games?

2. Getting a little more difficult, but not really, what symbol is on the Canadian flag?

3. By what name are the Royal Canadian Police better known by?

4. What day does Canada celebrate Canada Day?

5. What is the slang for a one dollar coin and a two dollar coin?

6. How many provinces does Canada have (not counting territories)?

7. Can you name them all? Can you name four? Can you name one?

8. Who is the prime minister (yes, they have a PM, not president) of Canada?

9. In what year did Canada become a country?

BONUS: Can you sing the first few lines of the Canadian Anthem? (Guess what, they can all sing the American one!)
Now, just for fun, because who doesn't love learning, here are some fun Canada facts (that at least I find interesting)

The Canadian Football League, or the CFL is quite different from the NFL. There are only 3 downs, 12 players on the field, and a point awarded if the football is kicked through the end zone (called a Rouge, why, I don't know). It is awesome! If you ever get a chance to watch a live game, you got to go!

• Many American cities (and whole states) are further north than parts of Canada, namely the Toronto area. It may sound weird, but the next time you look at the map, have a look at Detroit, it is actually ABOVE a part of Canada.

• Canada is the world's second largest country in area (behind the Ruskies)

• Canada is a federation that is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

• The term Cougar, slang for an attractive and aggressive older women, comes from Canada. It is legendarily said to have originated in the Canucks locker room. Atta boys.

Famous Canadians:

Alexander Graham Bell - scientist, inventor, he invented the telephone in Canada
James Naismith - inventor of basketball
Don Cherry - least qualified, best sports announcer...ever (gotta do a whole post on him!)
Terry Fox - true hero and humanitarian. Watch his 30 for 30 and try not to shed a tear.
Wayne Gretzky - duh
Many Hollywood Actors such as:
William Shatner
Michael Cera
Ryan Renolds
Seth Rogan
 Sources: 1, 2, and 3

Words that the hubs and I argue over everyday 
(What they say in Canada vs. What is right, jk)

Duotang - like a Trapper Keeper or a brad folder. Weird.
Tuque - a beanie, knitted winter hat
Pylon - what they call all orange cones
Poutine - a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy. Sounds like a great hangover cure!
Gitch - Underwear. This might solely be a Western Canadian kid thing.
Serviette - Napkin
Garburator - Garbage Disposal
Chocolate Bar - Candy Bar
Washroom - Restroom
TimBits - Donut Holes. I think the hubs will argue to the death that you cannot physically eat a donut 'hole'. Once again, he is wrong.
Kraft Dinner - MAC AND CHEESE, get it right. 

It's a wonder how we even stay together.

Source 1, 2

Finally, now that you know more about Canada than you ever wanted to (welcome to my world), here are the answers to the quiz:

Quiz Answers:

1. The Olympic Games were held in Vancouver. If you got this one wrong, just stop now :)
2. The Maple Leaf is featured on the Canadian flag.
3.  They are more commonly known as Mounties
4. Canada Day is July 1st
5. The Loonie and the Toonie are the names of the one dollar and two dollar coin.
6. There are 10 Provinces (13 if you count territories)
7. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, while the three territories are Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.
8. The PM is Stephen Harper
9. Canada officially became a country in 1867 (sorry, even the hubs didn't know that one!)
O Canada!
Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Source 1, 2
See, even us Texans can show our Canadian love.
And I have no idea who that is standing next to me!

Soooo, how did you do?!
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  1. I'm half Canuck, so I knew #1-7, and was 5 years off on #9. Kinda lose track of the PMs, though Harper sounded right once I read the answer!

  2. I love the canadian vs american words. Me and my fiance fight over these words and more all the time keeps it entertaining.

  3. Love it! I am also 1/2 Canadian (my Mom's from Montreal) so I knew most too. Great post!

  4. Okay so I am Canadian and yep got them all.

    The was total fun, there are some I didnt know were only us, like garburator. And Canadians came up with Cougar? Proud, folks, so proud.

    Please do not write on Don Cherry, or his bizarre fashion choices....

    First time here, will be back!

  5. Way to go ya'll! :) I knew I would find some superstars out there

    @ Yenta - awesome, yeah, I don't know if I would have gotten them all, if it weren't for me making the test! hah
    @Munoz - Glad you enjoyed!
    @Brahm - way to go you Canadian, and you're too funny. But, I might have to disregard what you are saying about Don Cherry. Have to remember I have a hockey playing husband, so DC is pretty cherished in our household. So glad you stopped by!

  6. woo hoo, I got 7 out of 9, plus the entire bonus... not sure if I'm proud about that though. ha! what a fun idea for a post :)

  7. @ CMD - way to go, and the anthem, pretty impressive! I bet it sounded beautiful!
    @SG - too funny that ya'll fight about those words too. If you have any other good ones, you'll have to let me know! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. What a fun quiz--I got the first several right but then after that, not so much :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today--I think that stir fry would go great with a shrimp bisque!

    As far as Canadian words, I bet you and your hubby could have a whole conversation (he with Canadian words and you with Texan ones)!

  9. @KT - haha, I don't know why I thought that sounded good, it just does. I have been craving a good stir fry, so maybe that was it :)
    Thanks to you for stopping by too! And don't worry, I wouldn't have done well either :) You're right though, we could have a whole conversation with each other words, and we would not understand one another, lol

  10. This.was.awesome!!! Too freaking funny. I love it. I especially love the words u & the hubs argue over. I agree with HIM on every single one!!Lol! Donut hole, ppppplease!haha!!

    I have never ever called a cop a mountie. I always thought it was ubber weird. I refer to them as 'coppers' or the 'po-po', cuz I'm cool like that:)!!lol(although I respect all people in uniform...my hubby made me wright that, in case I offend any mounties!lol!)

    Someday, I will blog about one of my lifes funniest moments, which involved my bff & I trying to be "picked up" by a couple guys from TEXAS. Seriously dude, the things that they thought about Canadians... some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard!!!

    I would looooooooove to read a DON CHERRY post. Seriously, do it!!lol!!!

  11. Canada has one of the best national anthems ever. I get excited when the St. Louis Blues are playing a Canadian team because they sing their national anthem beforehand. My husband and I know all of the words and kind of sing along and we have started teaching Kanin (7 year old). I know, kind of weird but just love that song!

    april@Party of Five

  12. hahaha...okidoki u got me:) Im going back to "school" too:)))

  13. @ Sherri - I just knew you would love this :) I can't wait to hear about those Texas boys trying to pick ya'll up, I can only imagine! And yes, be on the look out for a Don Cherry post ;)
    @April - that's awesome, and I have a feeling you are one of the few Americans that know all the words. I think it is a really great anthem too!
    @ Mrs. K - well, I would just embarrass myself if you had a Finish or Swedish quiz on your site. haha

  14. You are so gorgeous, lady! That last picture is super cute!

    I will admit, I didn't do too hot on the quiz...even though we learned alot about Canada in school being since we were so close (I lived in Vancouver, Wa)

    Still, so fun to learn! I WILL try those fries one day!

  15. I am SO THANKFUL that Canada produced Ryan Reynolds, how about you?! ha ha

    I actually knew three province names (Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia)! I didn't do to great though!

  16. I did really, really well on this quiz. I'm shocked.

    Loved your mountee costume ... Terese's flamingo was hilarious too!

  17. I actually got quite a few of those correct. I'm very sensitive to the Canadians! I try to learn about their culture and their different way of life. I mean, Molson... crazy... just crazy.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I got 4.5 - .5 being I knew the first two lines of the Canadian Anthem. I also knew Canada Day was on the 1st but I couldn't remember what month so not counting that. Not too bad eh?!

  20. I definitely got 1-5. I couldn't remember how many were territories and how many her provinces. I could only name five of them anyway. Also, I only knew "Oh Canada" shows up in their anthem like a million times.
    In Taiwan most of the other teachers were Canadian and my roommate was from B.C. We often argued over Kraft Dinner and all my Canadian friends talk about Tim Horton's as much as I dream about Torchy's Tacos. :)
    Great Quiz.

  21. @ Shalyn - well thanks girl! And yes, those fries really do look great. I am afraid to try them, I think I would be hooked!
    @Mallori - ohhhh me too!!! Haha, thank you Canada, glad you enjoyed Mal!
    @HW - well good for you, girl! And thanks, we had fun with costumes last year. I went German this year and was a gnome :)
    @Texas Type - not too bad for a Texas girl :) You did better than I would have years ago!
    @Jimmie - hey girl! haha, you should just sing "oh canada" over and and over, no one would notice, lol. And I can't lie, I LOVE TimmyHo's. Uh-oh, I think I am converting!

  22. oops! @ Johnny - haha, well maybe there is a Canadian suffrage movement or something you can join. Thanks for being sympathetic to those crazy Canucks.

  23. Your northern brethren would be proud..can they be called brethren? I had no idea the Shat was Canadian?? WTH. Okay, and you know the only reason many (eek I'm totally part of this) know the anthem is because of hockey games : )

  24. Love it!!!!!!! New follower right here!


  25. @ Morgan - brethren sounds good to me, although a bit cult-ish. They have a lot of those up there, so that is ok though! I know, I love the Shat. So many cool kids from up North. Glad you enjoyed!
    @Canadianbloggergirl - i am so glad you stopped by. I saw your site, and refrained from just saying, 'come take my canadian quiz' so it means a lot that a true Canadian as yourself approves :)

  26. Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I didn't really know that much about Canada and now know a little bit more. :)

  27. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    My dad went to his first year of school in Germany (years ago of course), and my uncle was born there. As for myself...have never left the borders of the U.S. Boo!!!

  28. @ Lisa - well I was glad to stop by! And thanks for coming by and learning a little about our friendly northern neighbors :)
    @Jeri - well you are welcome, thanks to you for stopping by as well! Too cool that you have family that lived here. You gotta come visit one day :)

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  30. Yeah...I totally failed that quiz. Bu hey, I tried! Awesome blog!


  31. @Tammilee - thanks for stopping by, I will have to have a look at yours too :)
    @Chunky (lol, that made me laugh) - well thanks for trying, I am glad you enjoyed. And don't be too hard on yourself, if I wasn't married to this Canadian boy, I would have been lucky to get one right! haha

  32. glad I could make you smile! and I also probably would have shot myself for saying that as well, but it's so much easier than saying "you meet some great people via reading little snippets of their lives on their blogs." so. much. easier.

    I really have enjoyed reading everything, so when I played with the option of featuring friends I've never met, I definitely wanted to feature you! You've gotten 2 other good responses on that post too! People love you!


  33. Haha! Love it Tex! It this like those Cracker Barrel peg puzzles?

    Miss only one answer one your a genius
    Miss two and you're purty smart
    Miss three and you're just plain dumb
    Miss four or more you're just plain "eg-no-ra-moose"

    If so then I'm just plain dumb... HA! I got them all except 6,8 & 9 & I've never even been to Canada! :) I AM a hockey fan though and as a Coyotes season ticket holder - I guess you could say I learned the Canadian National Anthem more by default than desire... But it brings tears to my eyes now just like the good ol' USofA Anthem.

  34. I lived in Canada for almost 4 years for my studies, so no points for guessing that I got all of them correct! I LOVE Poutine and TimBits :P

    New follower, lovin' your blog!

  35. @Yotes - I forgot all about those! That is a great analogy. No, not dumb, you got a lot right :) Thanks for playing along and stopping by!
    @Apfel - Way to go! I have yet to have Poutine, but I share your love for TimBits (and TimmyHo's coffee as well!). Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  36. lol.. loved this post! the only thing i got wrong on the quiz was #3, i guessed RCMP. dang it! i'll have to use the term mountie more often i guess. impressive on the national anthem.. but can you sing it in french?? ;)

    when roadtripping in the US once, we stopped to use the toilet.. i asked where the washroom was and the guy behind the counter looked at me so funny and said.. 'you want to wash your clothes?' we were both so confused, it was a wonder i didn't pee my pants! also in thailand i asked where the garbage was, they were clueless! i guess they have so many more american and british tourists they only knew it as trash or rubbish, weird! duotang! love it! my spell check is even flashing, i think we made that one up.. but trapper keeper, what?! lol

    did you know that canada also spells many english words differently... favourite, centre, cheque, colour, defence, offence, neighbour - am i boring you yet?

    and to answer your question... yes! poutine is the perfect hangover meal!

    great post girlie :)

  37. Hahahah loved AJ's comment. I had a hard time with the spellings!! Licence and License! Centre and Center, It's mostly British English I guess?

    You have to try Poutine, it's one of the best things in Canada, and they were serving it in KFC till a couple of years ago, don't know about now.

    I love your blog :) You have a new follower!

  38. Hi! I hopped over from FTLOB--your name drew me in: I'm Canadian and lived in Austin for 6 years :)

    This was such a fun post to read!! (I was kinda hoping with all the hockey games you go to that you would have written O Canada in French too! (totally kidding ;D )

  39. @ AJ - haha, "to wash your clothes??" too funny. And yes, all that silly spelling, you Canadians really like the British English. I guess I'll let it slide :) Glad you liked it!
    @Apfel - ok, I guess I will have to try Poutine next summer then. Ya'll have me convinced!
    @TriGirl - Too funny! Glad you stopped by. I'll have to do a more hockey orientated post soon!

  40. I'm Canadian and decided I should try poutine a few years ago - it was revolting. But butter tarts are the best thing ever. Apparently they're a Canadian thing too. It's funny how we assume everyone in North America has the same culture since we're so close. And then you tell an American you drank too much pop and need to use the washroom, and you get the deer in headlights.

    When my husband and I were dating, we went to a music festival in Illinois and actually convinced some guys that we went to school in dogsleds and lived in igloos HAHA!! Maybe 100 years ago in the far North where no one goes. Why would you? It's freezing up there!

  41. I had to laugh about the two of you disagreeing over words. We do the same thing here. Growing up so close to Canada I have a MN/Canada accent. My big words are out, boat, and so on. The Mr. actually sat me down one day, like Eliza Doolittle and tried to get me to say the words, "the right way" Ya, whatever. *lol*

  42. I'm across the pacific ocean so you can't blame me for not knowing almost all the answers to the questions (except for the maple leaf and olympics ones of course) =)

  43. I loved this. Thank you for a canadian lesson!


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