January 21, 2011

No Clever Title Today

Happy Friday bloggyland! I hope everyone had a good week and you are looking forward to a kick ass/lazy ass weekend.

I feel like my most recent posts have been quite lengthy, so I'll spare you this Friday and make it short and sweet. Well, as short and sweet as I can manage :)

If you have a look up top, you will see that my pages have changed around a bit, and will hopefully be fully finished and all nice and shiny looking by the end of the day.

I wanted to add a section on TexaGermaNadian that included helpful links and tips for everyday life in Germany. It is listed as "Surviving in Germany". Nothing profound, just a few things that I have stumbled across in the years we've been here. At least those that I deemed good enough to share with my ExPat audience. It will be a constantly growing project, with updates coming here and there. And I am always open to new suggestions for the page. If you are interested, have a look, and I hope it can be of some assistance to those of us living the foreign life. I know it won't be too terribly intriguing for anyone back in North America, but bear with me ya'll :)

Also, I was thinking about some 'theme' days I wanted to do in the near future. My idea was to have a reoccurring blog post titled
"Awkward Things I Did as a Kid". Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of those weirdo kids that picked their scabs in the back of class (you are welcome for that image!), but once I had my mind set on doing something one way, there was no changing it. And thank goodness my parents didn't try to stop me, they were great letting me be myself and find my own style in life. So, I think this 'theme' would be even better with accompanying pictures, so either it will be a long distance project with my mom, or will have to wait until we are back in Texas in a few months. 

What do ya'll think, would anyone else be interested in this themed day as well? Come on, aren't you dying to show the world how awkward you were as child/preteen?! Maybe I could even feature the best 'entries' on a monthly blog post. Ok, just thinking out loud now. Moving right along...

Last but not least, I thought this was too funny not to share. I have been on a graphic designing frenzy lately. I am no artist, but for some reason, in photoshop/gimp I can at least pretend like I know what I am doing. I designed the little TexaGermaNadian buddies above last year and am still pretty proud of my work. But, knowing me, I will be hard on this kick for a week or two, focusing 100%, and then not open the program for another year. Its pretty typical, I get like that with little side projects. Hey, the hubs' should just be glad that I haven't gotten 'bored' of him yet and put him away on the shelf :) haha, just kidding.

So, I was looking for a line drawing of a hockey player, something I could reference to in my own computerized creation. I googled 'hockey player' and of course this was one of the results I got:


I am pretty sure there are NO hockey players (yes, I see its field hockey, but I don't care) who would A. ever dress like that, B. be rocking the hip out, thumb tucked into the waistband pose and C. hold their stick in such a provocative and 'come hither' manner. I mean, I guess this guy is pretty hunky for an 80's lad. But let's just say that he might want to stay off the ice and stick to Fire Island. Something tells me that I won't be using this picture.

OH! And one more thing, I almost forgot, I will have a bit of a different post up here tomorrow. You'll have to keep an eye out for it. I am linked up to this blogging lady's hilarious and great site for a something special she is hosting on Saturday. I know I am being vague, but aren't you intrigued?!? Have a good weekend!
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  1. Want to know how I know how much older I am than you? The boys in my high school USED to dress that way...I believe they were known as 'preppy' haha

  2. LOVE the new addition of surviving in Germany!!! Maybe add a part of what you CAN'T get (or I am just too dumb to find) like packed brown sugar etc etc. Teej and I are already starting our list of necessities that are coming in our suitcases next year (99% food) instead of all the dumb shoes I packed. Oops.

  3. @THW - haha, whatever. Wait, does that mean your husband dressed like that when you met him. Maybe he even modeled for that picture, haha :) JK!
    @KY - great idea! We always have a running list of things to bring back over. I have given up on brown sugar though, I just make my own now. And I wear one pair of uggs everyday, no joke, but I have 3 pairs of peep toe heels that never get taken out! Oh Germany, so joyful at times!

  4. i personally love themed days, so the more the merrier! i had to come over and laugh with you about the leaving 'follows back' under their pics on the linky....hahaha...so annoying! some people just don't get it! really! i usually play on photoshop until i get tired and then give up~ can't wait to see what funny is in store for tomorrow:) i'm heading up top to scope out those pages! have a good weekend!

  5. *WILL FOLLOW BACK* ROFL!!!! I couldn't resist!!!!!! hee hee

    I LOVE the idea of the theme posts... I like the Awkward things..." them... totally fun!!!!
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!
    ps... I do the same thing.. I hit something full throtle for like a month, and then I total burn out on it... Good thing the things I Really love stick around longer ;)

  6. The things I learn everyday or every week from your blog... hehehe


  7. @ Vic - I am glad you appreciated that, I thought it was appropriate for Friday :)
    @Kandy - thanks for stopping by! Holy cow, those people always amaze me. Ok, then if I decide to do the Awkward theme post soon, I'll have to let everyone know. I can just see it now, a day full of blog posts littered with pimples and braces. It will be great!
    @Brownbugz - hey, you are welcome, haha :)
    @Meri - aren't they the best. I feel like I have too many of them. Hopefully I can make this come to fruition soon, and I'll let ya know!

  8. One of my best friends lived on an army base in Germany for a few years. She loved it!

    I am now following you thanks to FTLOB :)
    Happy Friday!

  9. haha..whats up with tht pic? What kind of Hockeyplayer outfit is that..It looks like something taken from 1940´s or something:)))

  10. Thats cool that you designed the texagermanadian buddies but how did you do it! I cant draw for nothing and photoshop is sooo confusing!

  11. Uh, about the Awkward Kid posts? Yes. Yes with bounding leaps and rainbows and Lisa Frank trapper keepers yes!

    Also, have to share the captcha or 'word verification' with you because this is just too dang good... 'jewnwca'

    Like Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, Jew and Wicca's Religious Repartee'll keep you in stitches. j

    Wow, this comment is long.

  12. I love the awkward moments idea. I have one in mind right now, it includes sleep walking, opening a fridge, and peeing- maybe in that order, maybe not! haha

  13. Cute blog!! I'm following ya back!! I love hockey, that picture made me laugh so hard!

    Hope you have a great weekend! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!!


  14. @lindsey - did you post this before or after my post on your wall? Still think your name rocks :)

    @Mrs. K - oh you know it is styling!

    @Divas - lots of hard work...and swearing :) Really took me a long time, I am not very fast

    @Mollie - awwww, I think I am still that awkward kid. My heard skipped a beat when you mentioned Lisa Franks. I heart her and her trapper keepers! Great, I want to do this soon, I'll keep you up to date with details.

    @Becca - hey girl, you can totally include that one:)

    @Rachel - thanks girl! Not your typical hockey player, nope haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Thanks for the sweet comment! You have lived quite the exciting life. And that picture of the hockey player cracked me up! Ha! Have a great weekend!


  16. Love the "hockey player" drawing. The short-shorts really seal the deal for me.

  17. You mean hockey players don't look like that? I'm going to need a new fantasy now.

    Haha. Umm...

    Awkward kid posts will be fabulous!

    Happy weekend ♥

  18. Love the idea of themed days... and your new section on Surviving in Germany is awesome!! The life of an expat is rarely boring!

    joy & blessings,

  19. Did u just call me a "band aid"?!?!?! Lol,Lol!! Too funny. Especially coming from a "puck bunny";)
    (lame i know, i tried to think of something more creative, but then what is more creative then puck bunny?!) I think u & your blog are hilarious:) Happy weekend!!!

  20. @ Elizabeth - well you are welcome :) Thanks for stopping by!

    @Eat, Live.. - they did it for me too, I love a little man-thigh!

    @thefancyflea - haha, sorry to burst your bubble!

    @Alida - so true, rarely boring. And thanks for the compliment on the new page. Have to keep telling myself it is a BIG work in progress

    @Sherri - haha, you crack me up. At least you didn't call me a 'hockey ho' which yes, I HAVE seen on T-Shirts at games before. Can you say classy!


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