January 3, 2011

Dear Resolutioners

Dear German New Year's Resolutioners,

I commend you for getting out there and trying to better yourself or others. Just like in America, I see that a lot of you are taking the first step to getting back into shape and have suddenly bum rushed the gym the first day it was re-opened for the holidays.

It is however, a little annoying that I must deal with you these next few weeks - or lets be honest, the next few days - while you hog machines, refuse to wipe down cardio equipment, and are just generally in the way of my work out. If you are here to stay, great...now please follow the rules.

And, let's be honest with ourselves. For some of you, your first New Year's resolution should have been to wear more deodorant in 2011. The already mustiness of German gyms, combined with the fumes you are bellowing out with each pump on the Elliptical, is making me woozy.

And for the other 99.9% of you who retire to your couch after over-doing it the first day back in 10 years, it was nice knowing you. Good luck trying to tie your own shoes after busting out monster cling squats and skull crushers, sans warm up. And BTW, you can still make good on what your first New Year's resolution should have been. 

When in doubt, just remember this handy little saying: 
"If you think you might Schwitz, go ahead and spray those pits".


Yeah, sorry about that :)
Even Tony Little believes, that with deodorant "You Can Do Iiiitttttt!"
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  1. hahaha...spot on! Free deodorant for everyone!!

  2. "And, let's be honest with ourselves. For some of you, your first New Year's resolution should have been to wear more deodorant in 2011." I AM DYING RIGHT NOW! Lindsey you are hilarious! I went to the gym with Cindy and Kim one day, I almost fell off the elliptical because I was laughing so hard at the way the Germans starred at Cindy as she kicked ass. You would have thought she had three heads or something.

  3. Just like I want to import Kaufmann's to America, maybe I should import stick deodorant (which is nowhere to be found here) to Germany. Like you said Mrs. K, I could give it out for free at the gym entrance.
    And HW, thanks for another great blog entry idea. The staring, my gosh the staring. It is totally appropriate and I think even expected over here! And I am laughing at the image of Cindy just staring them back down. I miss her sassy-ness!
    KY - I held back big time, didn't want to be too rude. But next time, for you, I'll give it more! lol


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