December 16, 2011

2011 Wrap Up

Aw, poor little TGFN, falling on the wayside like you are. I'm sorry, bloggy-boo. On the eve of your one year blogiversary - well, at least the anniversary of starting the blog back up. The first measly posts 3 years ago don't count - you are have put on the back burner these last couple of weeks.

While I should be blogging about why the heck I have one of these....

It is a dish dryer installed in the cabinet. You're supposed to hang your wet dishes on the rack in the cabinet above the kitchen sink. The water drips down and should go into the sink. But to me it looks like it would half go in the sink, half on the counter. I don't know why, but it seriously grosses me out for some reason!

I feel like I would just be asking for mold if I used it at all. Kinda clever, in a way, I guess.


Maybe I should be writing about why I secretly giggle every time they ask me if I want a bag* at the grocery store in Finnish. Or when the Finns were talking about Santa and his big ol' sack* full of toys.

But I'm not. I'm being lazy with the blog, and busy with other projects that actually do make a little bit of money. It is what it is. And maybe, just maybe, I am a little preoccupied by this...

Swimsuit weather!??! ;) Nah
This is the weather forecast for Barcelona next week and I am one happy camper!! I told the hubs that he got me the best Christmas present ever....sunshine and 'warm' weather. Cannot wait for it!

But other than that, everything here is going good as usual. All the snow that fell last week has melted (I did a very nice evil laugh when it did) and the people here say that a non-snowy Christmas happens like once every 10 year. Lucky us!!! No really, unless I'm skiing or snowboarding, I'm not a snow fan. 

Anyways, I thought that instead of half-assing it up for the remainder of 2011, I will say Adios (or in Finnish: Moi Moi) to bloggyland and return in 2012. Dry your eyes, I know you won't miss me that much.

I wish you a great holiday season - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, whatever you celebrate - and a very nice New Year's Eve!
Yes! (source)
AND, one last thing, 'cause I know you are all big suckers for a 
Enjoy this one and share the love!

*Oh yeah, that thing. The Finnish word for bag/sack is 'pussi'. Go back and read those sentences again. I couldn't make this stuff up!

**and just now realizing I will have that word on my blog for 2 weeks. Winner!
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  1. we all love you and your wacky adventures... and i don't mean wacky i mean wonderful. your drip rack is awesome, i mean for your sink. keeping that clear. i hope you have the best holiday and breaking into the new year. all the best to your family... i am sitting around the fireplace to hear more stories from you. how about a zombie girl in the snow?

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  2. Yep, that drip rack is not on my list of things to have. I wash n air dry my dishes and chuck em in dishwasher when we have a crowd. Same weather here as you, little snow all gone and more rain and high temps. HEY, DEC 21, we gain more sunshine every day, so that's not so bad.
    Have a great adventure in Barcelona and looking forward to hearing from you in 2012 :)
    Merry Christmas Ltl Tex n Hub - Happy New Year !

  3. When I first saw the weather picture I thought that was the weather in Finland and was blown away! CAn't wait to hear about your trip - have a great time!

  4. I wish you a sunny & warm Christmas in Spain and a marvelous New Year and look forward to some awesome posts in 2012:)))

  5. Holy cow, Barcelona is my favorite city in the whole wide world! You guys are gonna have a great time.

    And enjoy your bloggy break sweet lady. Merry Christmas!

  6. It's always fun to blog about the absurdities one finds about the house in a foreign land. I may never get the memory of the "how to use the toilet" blog out of my mind no matter how much I drink this New Years thanks to you. I look forward to being amused even more this coming year. Here's hoping everyone gets or give a little bag/sack to ring out the old year and ring in the new.

  7. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your Holiday and thanks for the laugh regarding the word "bag" in finnish, ekk!! I'd be giggling too!

  8. I was excited. I thought you were going to talk about another kind of rack.

    Regardless, Merry ChrismaHanaKwanzakuh.

  9. 2 weeks sans TGFN is not the Christmas present I was hoping from you BUT....I guess I Understand :( Happy Holidays friend! ENjoy Barcelona

  10. Oh. My. Fricken. Lord!!!!!!


    Enjoy Spain ya little brat! Can't wait to see photos!!!!

    LIEBE! xoxo

  11. Hi there, I found you via the mommy chronicles Blog Hop
    Hope you can check out my blog
    I'm fairly new and would LOVE a new
    We're also hosting a weekend BlogHop !!

  12. This is an idea I might could get behind. Imagine not having to see dishes that are drying. Imagine a place where there's plenty of counter space. Imagine all the people living life in peace. I may be a dreamer, but I dream big.

  13. Heh heh heh. Pussi. Have a good trip, & see you in 2012!!

  14. Considering the amount of crap you seem to be storing in and under it, it's no wonder you find the drying cupboard cumbersome.
    AFAIK the standard(tm) method of doing it is to leave the drainboard under the drying cupboard empty with the dish cloth hanging on the tap and place the dishwashing liquid e.g. in the cabinet under the sink. There's often a separate work area in the kitchen where you can store stuff if you feel the need to keep it on a table top. Leave the drainboard for the dishes.

    BTW, it's stainless steel. Even if you try, you may find it difficult to grow anything on it that you simply can't wipe away.

    Sorry, for ruining your cathartic tirade.

  15. Ok that dish dryer thing sounds like a really lazy invention! :-)
    And I agree...a little bit unsanitary.

    Enjoy Barcelona!!!!!!!
    And alllll that sunshine!

  16. They had those dish-drainers-in cabinet deals at my apartment home in Madrid, too, and I always wondered about mold/ water build up. I never figured out how it stayed clean! Maybe my Senora cleaned it regularly?

  17. That dish dryer is terrifying. As someone who drinks a lot of water, I can only imagine going to get a glass of water from the sink, and having old dish water drip down into my cup. Ick.

  18. Happy belated blog birthday!!

  19. I DO miss you. Have fun in Barcelona, I freaking hate you. Okay, I can't hate you, but I'm ridiculously jealous. I hope you have an amazing time!

  20. "They had those dish-drainers-in cabinet deals at my apartment home in Madrid, too, and I always wondered about mold/ water build up. I never figured out how it stayed clean! Maybe my Senora cleaned it regularly?"

    It's metal and you put clean dishes there. There's nothing that grows mold (or anything) there. Life requires nutrients. There's none there.

  21. There maaaay also be (antibacterial) plastic around the metal wire but that is the exact same thing functionally.

  22. We are having a green Christmas here in Canada too (at least where I live). As I spend last Christmas in the Caribbean, I was looking forward to the snow :(

    Have fun in Barcelona!

  23. Ah yes, 60 degrees the week of Christmas- gotta love it! Enjoy!

  24. Wishing you a Happy Christmas

  25. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas in Barcelona! Even with all the awesome things you're doing instead of blogging (I don't blame all) I hope you give us a teeny update on how the trip turns out!

  26. I'm with you. That installed dish-drying cabinet would be tricky to clean, at the very best.

  27. Haaaaaaaahahahahaaaa! You should always ask for a bag now. Have a wonderful trip!


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