November 18, 2011

Because there aren't enough instances to use 'Capricious'

 Settle in for some random thoughts.

I guess Riga is close enough to Russia for Babushka Dolls (also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, or  Matryoshka Dolls) to be a popular souvenir. Booths lining the streets displayed mass amounts of the wooden keepsakes in every possible shape, size and decor. The hubs thought I was really weird because I was fascinated with the Michael Jackson dolls. Among other random celebrities, like Madonna, Lionel Messi, Bono and The Beatles, MJ's face was quite popular on many of the figurines. Not that I am a huge fan of his or anything, but I just couldn't believe that people would buy this crap.

I wouldn't kid around with something as serious as this. For reals. (source)
Although, I was curious to open one up. I have a theory that the smallest, most inner doll was a tiny little boy. OH! That is so wrong. I went there, I sure did.

Sticking with the cheestastic theme in Riga, the hubs and I went to the corniest/awesomist (a word) Burlesque show in the history of Burlesque shows. Now, I can assure you that this venue, which was more 'cabaret' style than anything, was completely PG. There were dancing girls, some of which were most likely trannies. A magician whose tricks kept going wrong. And not on purpose. A creepster singer, male, who kept eyeing the hubs. I was dying. And this guy, the host for the evening, was by far the most enthusiastic person in the entire Baltic States that evening.

I'm not going to lie, it was one of the more fun nights we've had in a long time. Talk about having the giggles throughout the entire show! If ever in Riga, and down for a different night out, I suggest you check out the newly opened Burlesque. Even if just for a good laugh.

On another note, are 40 year old women serious when they say they can't wait for the new Twilight movie to come out? Is anyone serious when they say this?? Gulp, just felt my followers box get a tad lighter. HA! I ALREADY LOST A TWIHARD TODAY, hahaha. Sorry guys, it's true, I don't get what anyone sees in these movies or books. Sure, Robert Pattinson is a good looking guy, but George Clooney is also a sex symbol, and by no means would I be excited to see the oh-so-horrible Batman and Robin again. Different strokes for different folks, right?! But even if you are a TwiHard, please do yourself a favor and try to refrain from what this granny did to herself. You are not going to believe the picture below.

I really like how the cellulite accents Edwards bone structure. WHO DOES THIS! (source)

And just remembered I had mentioned something about Storytellers this weekend....but I guess that's not going to happen. Next weekend will be crazy with the holiday, so why not say the first weekend in December!? I promise this time!

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my all time favorite videos. My goal in life is to wake every morning and feel half as good as this guy. I cannot get enough of this, and it is so worth the quick one minute watch.

If your Friday didn't start off great, I don't see how you are feeling down after that video!
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  1. i am laughing out loud... that show you attended must have been the craziest thing you have seen... gosh and the talent everywhere... eyeballing the hubs, that should be a t-shirt for the strong married woman in riga.


  2. hahaha...I wish I had just half of the energy that he has:)))

  3. HAHAHAHAHA that video, seriously made my day. And that tattoo... I wish wish wish wish that was photoshopped. I tried to read Twilight at camp one summer because of course it was the huge craze and I seriously felt like I was reading at 3rd grade reading level. Actually painful.

  4. Michael Jackson nesting dolls? Oh my...

  5. M.J. Babushkas and tranny burlesque? *jealous*

    P.S. That YouTube video made my day!

  6. ROFLMBO...I was laughing at the blonde ladie in the background of the video...I wonder if she peed her pants?? Thanks I am sitting here with a big grin on my face!!
    Hey now I am 40 something but I am NOT into the twilight saga and laughed at all the people that froze their butts off last night waiting for the opening night, sheesh! What's the world coming too, seriously? But then I can imagine my grandparents probably thought the same thing about the beatles craze too? There is always something.
    I won't even comment on the M.J. nesting dolls except for ewwww...why?
    ~ Wendy

  7. I laughed the entire posting.
    Little boy inside the smallest babushka. Dying here!

    Trannie show in Riga. Hanging out with you!

    Twilight. My hairdresser told me she saw the first movie, I had to break up with her. I miss her but really what could I do.

    Banana. Perfect ending to a crappy day of non-funny events.

  8. Can I just say that ya'll are making my day by agreeing with the Twilight stuff! If you like it, no biggie, you can have it. But loving that there are so many closer Twilight haters out there, haha.
    @iZombie - It was so funny, and crazy. Worth the price for sure! Great idea, maybe I can move there and sell them. If all else fails, I can work in the show, haha.
    @Mrs K - No joke, love his enthusiasm!!
    @Alex - love love love it :) I do too, that poor lady's leg. So bad. I have only seen samples of the writing, 'cause that's as close as I'll get. It was bad. But the movies were laughable.
    @Joshua - So many of them too, so they must be selling!
    @Leigh Anne - can the post get any more random?! Haha. Glad you liked the video!
    @Wendy - It just doesn't get old. I have watched it about 5 times, just today, and I am still laughing. I don't get it either. You are right, there is always something. So creepy, right?!
    @A Happy - Well thanks! So wrong, right?! I always bring the tranny fun....wait, that didn't come out right, haha. You are hilarious, I would have done the same.
    @Lisa - it is a pretty great video!

  9. Hah! That cottage cheese mural ought to be on the new movie poster. Meh, screw the Twihards. I think half the reason we rip on Twilight so often over on our site is to weed out the tasteless morons. HALF the reason...


  10. Random is right. You are just all over the place. I was sensing a theme till the tattooed ham showed up. I had to un-follow you for 30 minutes to recover but I'm back now. You know I can't make it a whole week without your random humor.

  11. Oh, you are drawn to some of the more disturbing elements of human culture! I want to look away, but I can't resist peeking! ;-)

  12. I love this post, its full of the good stuff. The burlesque place sounds fun to me!

  13. Twihards scare me. There has got to be something wrong with those people and I don't want to be around when their heads explode and they become zombies running around in circles looking for shiny people. My face is too oily for that shit.

  14. OMG this is perfect, you had me at the mini MJ doll but the Twilight tat is pretty badass oh and the Burlesque show sounds like so fun, glad u guys are enjoying it!

  15. OK MJ Nesting dolls with small boy inside - How Yechy is that?
    Olde Doll with large tattoos - So Gross, (must remind myself NEVER to do that)
    Twihards - no time for that
    Burlesque show gone wrong. haha I would have laughed along with you
    Video terrific and still smiling
    Thanks ltl Tex for a most interesting post. You have a nice weekend - we are off to Christmas Parade shortly. Take care
    Fast Strides to the Hub :)

  16. Wow, that was random! Okay, so I love those nesting dolls! Maybe MJ would not be my first choice though...however, your joke about the boy? Pretty darn funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    As for the tattoo..all I can say is...EW.

  17. Love that video!!! I just went to my first Nuremberg ice hockey game and thought of your blog. Hope you are loving Finland.

  18. LOL LOVE This!
    And those MJ nesting dolls... the definite example of "TOO MUCH" :-)

  19. unreal video. the hubs and i watched it over and over!

  20. @A beer - haha, awesome. Thanks for the back up guys!
    @SFlaGuy - Sorry about that, how ridiculous is that lady?! Haha, you are too funny. Hope the shock has worn off
    @Paul - I know, I'm sick, I admit it! Haha, too funny.
    @Meri - it was a hoot and a half. And there really aren't enough places to use that expression!
    @Jordan - Hahahaha, I died when I first read this comment Jordan, you are too funny!
    @An Irish - so many random things, huh?! Thanks girl! We really are :)
    @Saucy - Haha, you know that was you in the picture, Lilly! haha, just kidding. And your 'swift blades' comments are helping. They have been winning lately! (knock on wood :))
    @Kyria - I mean, what if there is a little boy in there?? THen I would have for sure bought it, lol. Ew is right!
    @Sara - Oh how fun! They have a great team and arena there, hope you liked it!
    @Kelli - Waaay Too much. Can you imagine walking into someone's house and seeing those. I would just walk right out.
    @Erin - Yes! Spreading the love for the video. Glad ya'll liked it. It really doesn't ever get old!

  21. Do not get Twilight. Love many who do, so I keep my mouth shut. Thank you for the outlet.

  22. I saw 'Breaking Dawn' yesterday, with my 50-sumpthin' mom. Loved it. Not ashamed.

    Your cabaret photo reminded me of a dream I had last night, I which I was looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean up some spilled cocaine when two guys came in in drag. I paid them $10 each to do my makeup. These are the kinds of dreams you have after you've been watching Twilight.


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