April 21, 2011

I'm Freakin' Out Man

"You are freakin' out...maaan"

Lots of fun things to tell ya'll. Of course none of them coming at you today.

No, not just yet anyways. But man, has the material for good blog posts been rolling in!

Let's just say I have a knot on my head to go with the story. Intriguing, no?!

In due time, in due time.

Today, my time online has been put to better use. I started looking up relaxation and stress-relieving techniques. Something to calm the anxiety during the games. 

Yeah right.

So I thought I'd share some of techniques that I came across online
(and also why I think they are bullshit :))

Tips to Relieve Stress:

- Meditation: Adopting meditating techniques like yoga and tai-chi have proved to be very beneficial to people. Meditating for some time, everyday, leads to general peace and helps to curb anxiety and panic.

Um, I'm sorry. I think I might get more pissed at myself if I took even 30 minutes every day to hum on the carpet. I could be doing more important things...like making margaritas to help curb the stress. 

Get off your bum and make me a drink! (source)

- Focus on deep, rhythmic breath: Altering your breathing instantly alters your mental, physical and emotional state!

Again, no. Trust me, it feels way better to hold your breath. You may even feel a little light headed after a while. You'll be thankful for this free high.

- Limit the intake of beverages and strong stimulants: Cut out anything containing alcohol and caffeine, as these substances can worsen anxiety symptoms.

Ha, you're joking, right?!

- Talk to others: Connecting with a friend or family member and sharing your anxieties can be a great way to get insight, advice and to alleviate some of your stress.
I am not sure that they want to hear all the thoughts in my mind at that moment. Best keep it to myself.

- De-stress with a soothing bath: Take a hot bath with essential oils and water. Or go in for aromatherapy.

Yeah, that is what I need. To be nervous and smelling like some hippie. 

Someone might want to check on this lady, I think she died. (source)
- Count to 10: Sometimes anxiety can take over and make you feel out of control. Take back control by counting to ten.

In German or English?? Either way, I don't think it will help. Except for maybe in Japanese. Their numbers sound fun!

"ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, ku, juu"

So yeah, don't know if these are going to do anything for me. So I made up my own.

Lindsey's simple and easy solutions to dealing with anxiety and stress!

I think all of these are waaay more helpful:

- Drink: ...lots. Caffine, alcohol, Nyquil. whatever floats your boat. The larger the quantity, the better off you will feel. 

- Rock back and forth in your seat: hey, it is less crazy looking than talking and yelling at yourself. Maybe.

Hey, it helped this lady, and it can help YOU! (source)

- After giving it some thought, do count to 10....in Japanese. The louder the better.

- Use those fun 'Noise Sticks': They are great way to let out some of that built up anger by whacking those visiting fans that sit behind you at the game. They'll understand.

I think I can inflict some minor damage with these bad boys (source)

- Skip the soothing music and jam out: I like to pump it up to none other than Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. You feeling those "Good Vibrations". You better believe I am!

Peace out bloggyland, and have a good Thursday. Oh, and if you could pick one of these good luck gestures for me and do them around 8pm Central European Time, that would be great. You rock!

Frackin' Friday tomorrow, and let's hope it is a good one :)
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  1. Hahaha...cut out alcohol? They know nothing!! I have to laugh because I teach my kids at school to do the count to ten and also a bubble technique where they pretenf they are in their own bubble to think about their actions. Do I model those techniques?! NO!! At hockey games I like to go with the alcohol, hunched over in seat with hand in front of mouth ready to shout haha!!

    Anyway, my opinion is that in the long run letting it out is better than holding the stress in. Shout, rock and drink is my advice :-) Hope the games are going well!
    (I stayed up till 4 this morning only to see Rangers squander a 3 goal lead and lose in 2nd overtime...not a happy bunny!)

  2. Maybe the problem is they're just assuming you'll choose ONE of these de-stressors. But why not multitask? How much fun would it be to rock in your seat while pumping it up and marking time with the noise sticks? You'd probably need a straw for your drink and you won't have time to count to 10 ...

    Have a great day!!

  3. Clearly anyone who tells you to do yoga but to skip the drugs and alcohol knows nothing about hippies. Nothing!

    Marky Mark is my celebrity boyfriend #3 (after Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon, of course). He'd better not be two-timing me!

  4. uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci!

    Mista su un cocktail Jack & NyQuil in tuo onore ... "Ecco a momenti vincente!"


  5. LOVE the super troopers quote :)

  6. I have a meditation that I listen to that's about 20 mins. I've tried sitting with my legs crossed and tuning out the world...doesnt work for me :)

  7. I think that you should make a whole program with your tips and sell it for lots of money. I would rather follow your tips and tricks than the others.

  8. @Missy - haha, do as I say, not as I do, lol. Yeah, i can see how they would be helpful for maybe some people, but just not rocking it for me. I take your approach way more often. Sorry about the loss! Didn't they know you stayed up to watch?!
    @Red Nomaz - haha, I think I can handle them all at once. You are so right though, will deffo need that straw, lol.
    @Dweej - haha. Oh, there is enough Marky Mark to go around :) Too funny!
    @Patty - best Italian (I think!?) comment I have ever had. Thanks Patty :) Your comments always make me smile!
    @Jessica - ummm, well you rock for getting it!! Haha.
    @Tanya - yeah, I think the people doing that are already calm enough where they don't need the relaxation techniques. Is that a catch 22?

  9. @Bernie - well you were the inspiration for some of the tips! Always coming up with some way to keep my calm and medicated. Haha. If I do go big time with the tips, I'll cut you a percentage! :)

  10. Haha.. always love your posts! I gave you an award, check it out when you can

  11. I find driving out into the middle of a unpopulated area, and screaming as loud as I can, while doing an agaitated or also called discombobulated dance. When I'm all done I always feel better.Then I calmly get back in my car and go home. LOL

  12. HAHAHA! Love your tips!!! I'd like to be the person that meditates, but I'm more likely to have a few glasses of wine. :)

  13. Haaaa, totally agree with you. If you ever take a birthing class you will have a lot more crap stress relievers to add to your list. Sure, I'll breathe slowly while I'm in the worst pain of my life and imagine the beauty in the blue sky and red on a robins chest (no lie, that's what they told us to do) I of course, took their instruction and burst into a fit of laughter because it was such crap and I just got an epidural. Everything was beautiful after that : )

  14. I sure wish I'd had some of those fun sticks at the game last night. There were a few Red Wings fans in attendance that needed a good whacking!

  15. I once sat through an entire Biography episode about Marky Mark. I'm not really sure why, everyone knows the Marky Mark story. Also, for a health class in college we had to listen to these tapes of "relaxation techniques". It was all about breathing slowly and squeezing your hand into a really tight fist and then slowly letting it back out. I just took a nap during that time period and woke up refreshed.

  16. right what i need the next days

  17. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Procrastination, I just put off the stress, indefinitely.

  18. You're so hilarious!!! Relaxation techniques? Hmmmmm????? Drinking...yep. Chewing out hubby for no reason...guilty. treadmill...usually helps. Drinkig...oh, already said that. Eating something not good for me...absolutely!! Hope some of those help! love ya girl!

  19. Hmm, I've found that rocking back and forth in fetal position while blasting the Dead Kennedys helps.

  20. @Carpe - well thanks lady! You are too sweet :)
    @Marjory - that sounds awesome! haha. Next time for sure. And I should include that on my list above for sure!
    @ANdrea - haha, glad you liked. no kidding. Meditation would be no fun without glasses, ha
    @An Irish - Oh, I can only imagine the techniques there!!! YEAH right, like that is going to happen. Epidural sounds the way to go, haha. Thanks for the tip!
    @A Belle - serious...next time :)
    @Jordan - because he is awesome?!?! :) Haha, that sounds way better than taking the time to breath, lol.
    @Mac - well good for you! Me and you both!
    @Ifs - hahaha, seriously. Great way to think about it
    @Crystal - Haha, never hurts to say it more than once. Sure didn't tonight!!! Thanks girl, I think it did help :)
    @Meri - sounds like I need to try that!!

  21. I love your tips. Especially the drinking and rocking back and forth ones. I was thinking I may even try both of these at the same time, then I remembered that the rocking motion would probably cause me to spill my drink and thought better of it. I wonder if a cocktail of all three of your drink options would taste good...hmmm...

    I'm sending lots of good, positive thoughts your way! Plus lots of those gestures, too. :)

  22. Wine night with girlfriends, I'd like to add :)

  23. What can I say.... I meditate almost everyday! But I do not hum :P

  24. @Katie - haha, well thanks. Ohhh, didn't think of hat. Maybe it would taste better. Always forward thinking :)
    @Happy - YES! Perfect add and stress reliever for sure!
    @Apfel - well good for you!! I don't think I have the patients for that, so I am jealous you do!

  25. I love this post. I often need to destress! Listening to music, reading and a night in/out with friends help me too!
    I bloghopped my way here hope you're having a great day!

  26. Nyquil-sweet jay-sus-but you know it would hilarious to see just how many people DO turn to the blue minty gold! Don't hate the tardiness!

  27. You could also get your hubby to hum on the carpet, though he might find the 30 minutes every day to be overkill.

    (Yeah, sorry.)


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