March 2, 2011

I Can't Help But Think...

Does anyone else see the resemblance?!

I'm not a political person, this isn't exactly a political statement. But I have been thinking this for a while and it needs to be said. I can't stop thinking about Animal, my favorite Muppet character, when I see Gaddafi (Gadhafi?! It said both spellings were right) on T.V.!

Don't they look alike??

I do know that things are out of control in Libya and I hope that justice and protection is brought to the innocent people in that country.

Well, have a great Hump Day! Hey, I kinda did a somewhat-wordless Wednesday post!!

(original photo sources: 1, 2)

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  1. One picture...worth a zillion words! Great post!

    Gadhafi looks like he's saying..."More LSD in my coffee, please!"

    Thanks for the smiles!


  2. They do look similar! Also when you said Gadhafi, I lol-ed because.. In Hindi Gadha means Donkey :P So that makes him DOnkeyfi :P hahaha

  3. Apfel's donkeyism is perfect.

    But so is "more LSD in my coffee!"

    Your commenters are kick ass. I should have had coffee first.

    I love Animal. Gaddafi, not as cuddly. But definitely a bastard cousin. Eerie.

  4. You're right on girl. I only hope this uprising against oppressors give the people the voice they deserve.
    "Inspiration to lead healthier and more financially prosperous lives."

  5. Okay I have to admit, I'm stealing this photo and putting it on my fb haha. Too funny, and yes- very alike!

  6. @Slidecutter - haha he for SURE takes lsd in his coffee. Too funny!
    @Apfel - haha, that is funny it means that. Half the news outlets have it spelled one way, but I went with the Wikipedia way :)
    @Nicole - I do have some great commenters, don't I. And glad you are a part of them too!
    @Real Life - thanks for stopping by :)
    @Angela - awesome, do it! I am glad you see it too!
    @Desi - I just couldn't get it out of my head, lol

  7. Booty ass-uglay! Does sputtering laughter connect words? No but you summed up a whole issue in a single sentence! Happy hump day to you.

  8. animal is much cuter! he's a barfaroni sandwich! bahahah:)

  9. Hahahaha! Also, I read that as crazy librarian. He is definitely not a librarian.

    xo, grown up rachel

  10. @Morgan - no joke, thanks I tried to do that, so glad the point got across!
    @Vic - I know right, I love Animal :)
    @Rachel - haha whaaa?!? so weird

  11. Wow, I have to agree!! Have a great day and thanks for the laugh!

  12. Never thought of that before but I definitely see the resemblance :) Have a great Wednesday, wordless or otherwise!

  13. or a short haired Carlos Santana.

  14. Pretty cool post !
    Enjoyed my visit today !
    Visit me and follow back ! i am your 300 follower ! YAY!

  15. Ummm....the resemblance is a bit creepy - poor animal looking like that guy! haha...the Libyan is CREEPY..that's all I have to say. Creepy. This photo match up is worth so many words and if you ask me...sometimes wordless is just not possible! haaha Happy Wednesday!

  16. That's a crazy comparison, but it's really "spot-on!" Wish he'd go away--soon!

  17. Hahahaha, that is so funny! I agree, there is a lot of resemblance!

  18. Hilarious! Scary how close they look alike! Thanks so much for the comment today! I didn't realize that I wasn't following your blog, I like it, and enjoy it when I'm over here, but I'm following now. So I won't miss all your great stuff! I look forward to a long bloggy friendship together! ♥ BJ

  19. Very insightful. I'm thinking they should have a prison meeting in the near future. Happy to be following you back. Janae

  20. Hahaha- that's hilarious. Unfortunately, I always liked Animal! Too bad he has to look so much like Gaddafi.
    You bring some humor into a scary situation :)

  21. I always knew I liked you. Animal is MY favorite muppet too. I even have him on a sweatshirt that I wear frequently. You're never too old right? : ) Those pictures are too freaking similar too, kinda creepy, lol.

  22. Animal is really cute and adorable but yeah...they do have a huge resemblance...big LOL! I just hope things would get better in Libya as there are a lot of innocent lives in danger...God Bless us all!


  23. @Wendy - haha, I am glad you do
    @KT - thanks KT!
    @Mollie -ummm, maybe if santana and animal had a baby, for sure! I totally see it!
    @lighttraveler - thanks for stopping by
    @Frenchy - thanks to you too for stopping by!
    @Shanimal - haha, seriously
    @MsKanorado - is it bad I feel bad for animal too?! thanks, hope you had a great Wednesday too!
    A Tale - "spot on" you are getting ready for London :)

  24. @Rebecca - I think it is the eyebrows
    @Bobbi - thanks so much bobbi. I am glad you stopped by, you are too funny :)
    @Grumpy - no joke! They should.
    @Meri - ugg, I didn't want to make 'light' of the situation, but I thought this was ok. Plus it was too funny.
    @An Irish - haha, yes!! His crazy drummer was always my fave too. I would love an Animal sweatshirt, too cute :)
    @Chinadoll - hear, hear :) Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Ha! That's awesome!! But Animal is much, much cuter & smater:) Such scary/sad situation

  26. I think he looks like he's wearing a rubber mask or is in the movie White Girls.

  27. @Sherri - no joke, love me some Animal. It really is
    @Copyboy - glad you like!
    @Johnny - hahaha, sooooo true. Wow, that one is really good.

  28. LMFAO!!!! Great resemblance too!!

  29. OMGosh that is quite the resemblance!!! Too funny!!

  30. OMG, that is TOO funny!!! I never noticed it before, but there is a striking resemblance ... :)

  31. Haha, very good! And that's about as 'Wordless' as I'd ever get too!!

    Have a great day!!

  32. my favourite character was Elmo, lol. And yes, they really look alike.

  33. lol... yes... very big resemblance.. haha

  34. @Kristine - thanks! Haha, glad you likey
    @Crystal - had to share :)
    @Yenta - lol, glad you like it too
    @Red Nomad - no joke, I just can't cut it down any further!
    @Patti D - Hmmm, I like Elmo too, but Gaddafi just doesn't look like him. Sorry, haha, jk. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Laura - both in appearance and in actions

  35. Holy 300 followers Batman!!!!!!!!

  36. Oh mine! This is sooo funny! What a hearty laugh to a fabulous Friday! Have fun.


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