January 9, 2011

Zombie Sunday: 1/9

Welcome back again for another non-thrilling episode of Zombie Sundays (don't ya like the accompanying graphic?!). One more day of extreme couching, one more full day road trip for the hubs.

I really happy and looking forward to starting back teaching tomorrow. The language school went on a Winter Break these last few weeks. Yeah right, like that's what I needed after 6 weeks of teaching; a 3 week break. But, I have made the most of my time off and ready for the boredom to come to an end.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been getting all these random packages from home in the mail. First of all, who doesn't love getting mail, REAL snail mail! It doesn't matter where you live, when you open your mailbox and see something other than bills and sweepstakes forms it's pretty exciting. I always feel like such a little kid ripping open packages, not even waiting to bring them inside to see what they hold.

And secondly, these little treats from Texas are the best things ever when you are over here. Nothing says lovin' from home like the wholesome - although highly unnutritional -American combination of Oreos, Smart Pop, Reeces, Mac and Cheese, and gossip magazines.

Never mind that is costs around $17 to mail two magazines and a handful of candy. It really is the the thought that counts. Thanks mom!

But, I don't really know how to react when I realize my mom has picked out magazines for my husband that feature front cover topics such as "How to score with Your Ex", "Become a God in Bed", and "Your Hottest Sex of the Year". A little mortifying, really.

In the hubs' defense though, the most recent People magazine came fully loaded with ridiculously shopped Bret Michaels pictures. Whose oil painted body did they use and then copy his head onto? He could totally be on the cover of one of those adult romance novel covers with this airbrushed job.

Fabio would be proud

Hope everyone else out in bloggyland had a much more exciting weekend than I did. A big shout out to everyone that has visited from 20sb.net, ya'll have been great! And thanks to everyone for the comments and support for TexaGermaNadian. I've updated my 'About Me' page, which can be found under "MY STORY: The Whirlwind". Have a look, get a better glimpse into my world. Thanks for reading :)

Oh, I promise to be wittier in the week :) Cut me some slack, it's Zombie Sunday!
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  1. I was JUST talking about the snail mail phenomenon with my roommate. It is the best thing ever getting mail when you're living abroad. Totally helps keep the homesick at bay.

    Also, check out those heels!

  2. Your header is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! :) And the idea of "zombie sunday" is sooo true haha


  3. Snail mail is THE BEST! Well, except when my Nana's ashes had to be delivered to me by the USPO.

    As for the junk food, I say SPLURGE on! I don't mind myself and the kids having Oreos and other goodies that are nowhere near healthy once in a while.

    Have a happy Zombie Sunday!

  4. Happy Zombie Sunday. I hope that you have a nice day filled of couch surfing. Oh and I love snail mail its so much fun opening up an package or envelope from a friend or loved one.

  5. @Jimmie - don't lie, you brought a pair of those heels over with you, haha, they are ridiculous
    @Whitney - thanks girl!
    @proudmom - after that comment, I can't wait to visit your blog to see what you are all about! lol
    @posidanielle - Thanks for the visit! You better believe I am doing enough couch surfing for a month full of Zombie Sundays :)

  6. I love snail mail! When I was in college, I joined International Pen Friends Club (IPF) of Ireland. I got over a hundred penpals writing me snail mails sending me stamps, postcards, photos and coins for my collection. It was quite an expensive hobby then. It wouldn't hurt to have one like it now, but maybe not over a hundred pals. LOL


  7. You have such a great story!!! That's amazing to me (small town girl...never left her home state of SD!) I love getting packages..unexpected packages are even better. I just wrote a post on one I got from my mama! Those mamas are the best!!! Enjoy your rock-star experiences!! Have a great weekend (whats left of it).

  8. @Brownbugz - how fun does that idea sound (well, you're right, maybe not 100, but a few would be neat). I had a pen pal...in the next town over. Boring!
    @Crystal - Thanks so much! And I totally agree. Snail mail packages are great, unexpected ones are even better!!

  9. haha..Mr Rock Of Love has done some serious workout in the computer:)

  10. I used to have an app on my phone. "Run, Zombies, Run!" It was supercoolhardrad. Because I like zombies, no homo.

    Thanks for the whirlwind insight. srsly.

  11. Your site is great! Look forward to stopping by again.

  12. @ Mrs. K - too funny! I think I might start working out like that too, haha.
    @ Mollie - you are a funny lady, thanks for the comment :)
    @Ross - Hey Ross, thanks for stopping! I am glad you enjoy!

  13. Excuse me Mrs. Texa --- Was your hubby in Hannover tonight???

  14. Hi there- I've linked you with a Stylish Blogger award! Come check out my blog for details :)

  15. @ KY - does that mean we have to be arch enemies now :( lol I should have tagged along for a Thirsty Sunday! haha

    @ Meri - WOW! What an honor! Thank you so much for even thinking of me :) I think I might just have to give ya a shout out today, lol

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