August 22, 2008

The Apartment

I thought I might give a little online tour of our apartment and the area that we live in. Not too sure if anyone will make it out to see us this year, but this is the exciting life that you get to look forward to if you ever find yourself in Germany :)

So, here is the apartments that we live in and the street that they stand on. I thought at first we were driving into a college dorm area when I first arrived, but this is just the style. Half expected someone in a toga costume, or a "Tennis Pros and Hoes" costume to come out the front door, but (sadly) college is over and that didn't happen. Hey, who knows, maybe these crazy Germans are down for some themed parties! 80s anyone??

(and for those of you who know what I am talking about, does it not remind you of the Brothel?!?!)

The apartments are in a nice enough area and are fairly close to the city. The ice rink is only 13 minutes away by train (yes, exactly 13 minutes, I timed it yesterday). Downtown is only 25 min. And there is a grocery store two stops down the line and a small mall about 5 more stops further into town. Thought at first that we might be living a bit too outside the main part of the city, but the more we are here, the more I think we live perfect distance between the city center and the outskirts.

We live on the third floor, look for the two top windows on the building. No neighbors to the side, just a common indoor drying room for clothes. No, not what you're thinking, no electric dryers in there, just clothes lines and a good breeze.

At first glance into the apartment (the walls are not green and I have no idea why they photographed like that) I couldn't help but think that we would literally be living on top of each other. But once you walk in, rooms just start popping out of nowhere!

The first stop in our palatial mansion is the bathroom, or as they all call it here, the toilet (sick, that word just conjures up bad images in my mind). I guess in times of 'emergencies' its nice that the bathroom is the first thing you see when walking in...note to self, always pee with the door securely closed.

Move to the right into our living room, the room with the only TV and internet connection, so we hardly ever leave this space. I like our red shaggy rugs throughout the place, they make it funky and cozy at the same time. There is lots of storage everywhere, too, but its not like we have much to put in the drawers.

The living room feeds into our spare bedroom, which is huge for a spare bedroom. Look at all the space our visitors could have (wink wink...come visit!).

But, there is a catch, you must share this room with our state-of-the-art clothes dryer...and my husband's undies drying on the line. Sorry hon!

Back out to the hall, up a bit and to the left is our kitchen. Not a lot of counter space (or a microwave, dammit) but its just right for the two of us.
By the kitchen is our dinning/storage room, which has more chairs than people that we could ever fit in the apartment. At least we have lots of windows everywhere. We hardly have to turn on the lights during the daytime and we can always get a good breeze blowing through.

And finally, in the back of place, is our bedroom. Big, comfy king bed. Two large standing wardrobes. And plenty of room to spare. What more could we ask for!

Oh, and one more neat thing. The Germans love their gardens and they are very meticulous about keeping them well maintained. We are on the third floor, so we don't have the luxury of having a garden just yet (thinking about starting a little indoor herb garden...but I don't have the best record of keeping plants alive, lol).
At least we get to enjoy the view of the landscaping 3 floors down. Love that they have gnomes in them!
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